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#rwby freezerburn

SB!Weiss: *cooking with Ren* Really think we’ll need all of this food?

SB!Ren: Qrow did say he was going to look around for help today.

SB!Weiss: He should he resting…

SB!Ren: He’s got Coco and Yatsu with him.

SB!Weiss: *sighing* I know. I just… worry he’s going to hurt himself again. Or go drinking.

SB!Ren: Coco will keep him in line.

SB!Weiss: *nodding* Right…

SB!Coco: *walking into the apartment* Weiss! There’s someone here you need to see.

SB!Weiss: I’ll be there in a minute!

SB!Coco: It’s ummm… important.

SB!Ren: Go ahead and see what Coco wants.

SB!Weiss: *sighing and walking out of the kitchen* What could possibly be so important-

SB!Ruby: *smiling at Weiss* Hey sis.

SB!Weiss: Ruby.

SB!Ruby: *walking a little closer* Im sorry for how I was before. I didn’t mean for you to think-

SB!Weiss: *pulling Ruby into a hug*

SB!Ruby: *hugging back* I missed you.

SB!Yang: *shuffling nervously* Hey… Weiss…

SB!Weiss: *pulling away from Ruby and looking at Yang* Yang…

SB!Yang: *looking away* I-

SB!Weiss: *practically tackling Yang in a hug* Im glad you’re okay.

SB!Yang: *smiling and hugging back* Im sure we have a lot to talk about.

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Yang vs Weiss part 9 (RWBY/among us au crossover again… Yaay!)

*body reported*

Ruby: oh no, Weiss is the first to go!

Blake: don’t worry Ruby, we’ll find out who did it

Ruby: but we have no evidence! It could be anyone…


Ruby: …it was yang

Blake: it was yang

Jaune: yeah it’s yang

Nora: no doubt

Rin: absolutely

Coco: totally yang

Velvet: yep

Sun: I’m voting yang

Yang (holding a knife): yep it was me

*Yang was the imposter*

Yang (drifting in space): out with a Yang!

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Yang vs Weiss part 7

Ruby: I’m telling you Blake, bigfoot IS real!

Blake: sorry my love, but I seriously doubt it

Ruby: how bout you Weiss, do you think bigfoot is real?

Weiss: of course, I have proof (pulls out a picture) look at… THIS!

Blake: uhhh Weiss…

Ruby: that’s a picture of Yang…

Weiss: oh is it? It’s hard to tell the difference

Yang: I heard that frosty!

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