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#rwby headcanons

team RWBY as band kids

Ruby: Ruby is very much a French horn or clarinet. In my experience, they tend to be kindhearted yet natural leaders, and it feels fitting for her.

Weiss: Weiss, even though she canonically sings, is a flute player. I don’t know how to elaborate on this.

Blake: god this one is so hard…… I can’t really see Blake as any band instrument other than the supportive friend.

Yang: Baritone. Very much a baritone girl. Or maybe saxophone. Who knows

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SO arthur was part of the polendina project right???? when everything started crashing down on top of him, his negativity and anger attracted salem. she struck a deal with him: make a new body and serve at her side for eternity, and she’ll help him destroy atlas and everyone who wronged him

so he agrees, and spends a little over a year building a perfect replica of his body. when he’s satisfied, he uses the aura transfer machine to shove his soul into the new body and uses his semblance to walk his corpse into a paladin and blow it up, giving him a perfect escape

how else do you think he’s able to talk back to salem without fear? or land on his spine from at least 100 feet with a broken aura and still be standing? or take a direct hit from james’ metal arm without even flinching? and those rings are too small to do what they do without some kind of neural transmitter, which would be super dangerous on a living subject. but not one without a heartbeat. that’s just a hardware upgrade.

and how do you think he knows how to hack penny? surely pietro put into place enough firewalls and safety to keep her protected from hackers, he isn’t an idiot.

but one of her own would be able to do it no problem.

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Ok so I’ve thought of something (I’m not sure if anyone else has thought of this but idk)


It’s the end of Vol 8, Ruby is mentally broken (it could be for many reasons) and who comes to hug her? Yang. Ruby starts to talk about how she and Yang were arguing before and that she should still be arguing with her. Yang simply says something like she did in the manga (“Sisters fight” if I remember correctly). Oh, and there’s an acoustic version of “All Our Days” playing, mainly the chorus. Then there’s a team RWBY group hug, because why not. 🤷‍♀️

(Basically the RWBY manga short story but in the actual show and songs, bc who doesn’t like songs) :)

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  • favorite thing about them: She has so much HEART and SOUL and LOVE in her body and I want to see her hold onto that. I love her so much and she’s so sweet. She is a protagonist that hangs onto her ideals no matter what. I mean, people always say she’s “too innocent” but she’s not. She’s kind and caring and she sees the cruelty of the world and she decides to be better than it and decide that people can be better.
  • least favorite thing about them: RUBY. PLEASE. TALK ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS AND TRAUMA. OH MY GOD.
  • favorite line: “Well that’s why we’re here, to make it better.” Fucking. Episode three and it remains one of my favourite lines in the show. It’s such a perfect way to explain her character.
  • brOTP: Ruby and Blake have a great bro thing going on, and Ruby and Yang are such good bash sisters. Also Ruby and Qrow’s uncle-niece by choice thing is so lovely. Basically, anyone and Ruby is brotp material.
  • OTP: I love my some Nuts and Dolts, but I’m also fond of Ladybug, of Emerald/Ruby, of Ruby/Neo, which just strikes me as fun, and of Pyrrha/Ruby, Nora/Ruby, and even Weiss/Ruby if I’m in the right mood. It depends on the AU. I’m not picky with Ruby, even if the Dolts are my fave. Also I’m really getting into Ruby/Penny/Weiss? (Too bad the blog is mean to James)
  • nOTP: Sun/Ruby. Not for canon, but for a specific person. Can’t do it because of association.
  • random headcanon: She fucking loves puzzles holy shit she loves puzzles so much. Also ADHD baby.
  • unpopular opinion: Despite the fact that it is wildly out of character and horrible, and despite what I said above, I want to see Ruby Rose kill a man. I want to see what that would do to her. I want to see how that would tear her down and rebuild her. I want to see her hit a point where she can and I want to see where she goes from there. I have an entire AU that starts with “Ruby Rose is in the Tyrian fight in V7 and kills him before he can kill Clover” and I just. I know it’s not her. But sometimes you just wanna see some dark shit, y’know?
  • Oh also I don’t think she’s asexual. And I think most of the non-aces who HC her as ace only do it because “she’s a kid” and it makes me annoyed, as someone on the ace spectrum, because it’s such a call to stereotypes. When aces do it, it’s fine, but when the non-ace community gets in on it? Y’all are on thin ice.
  • song i associate with them: Okay so actually I really like Miracle for her? like I know it’s a RWBY song but it feels so Ruby in a way other songs don’t.
  • favorite picture of them: I’m too tired to grab a picture but the bit in V7E3 where she goes “You have a speed semblance, just like me.” That face she makes is so good.
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  • favorite thing about them: The fact that he is everything a Dude Bro GrimDark favourite character should be, but then he’s also empathetic, emotional, passionate, loving, and a complete dweeb. He completely turns his archetype on its head and is a soft badass.
  • least favorite thing about them: Can I pick a ship fandom? God, probably the fact that he never really… does his own thing? Like he has all these things where he just goes along with whatever everybody wants and now he has a spine but the spine is not good. You know? Like you don’t have to be a leader to be in control of your own life.
  • favorite line: Sometimes bad things just happen. That line fucking ends me.
  • brOTP: Him and Tai are an amazing bro-ship. And I adore his connection with his nieces. Also he and Ren were chill for a while? That was cool.
  • OTP: Ironqrow. Fucking. End me that ship is my life. 
  • nOTP: Fa/ir Ga/me. Hands down. Slap it on the roof of a car this can fit so much bullshit. It is my notp of RWBY, of fandom, and probably of all time. And it’s entirely because of the fuckheads who continue to vague about and harass me to this day, despite the fact that I do absolutely nothing to them. Jackasses.
  • random headcanon: Qrow doesn’t like labels. He’s queer. He’s not huge into gender roles, but he does like pants.
  • unpopular opinion: The constant, overt, feminization of Qrow in some fan art makes me very uncomfortable, specifically due to the connotations of the smaller, softer man in an MM ship being feminized. Also: he didn’t have a thing for Clover. Mostly, he was just happy to have a friend.
  • song i associate with them: The Wolf by SIAMES and The Mystic by Adam Jensen. Those two songs, particularly the latter, just scream Qrow to me.
  • favorite picture of them: Oh god. Uhh… 

This is my favourite shot of Qrow in the entire show. It’s so good and soft. And I love it so much.

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Probably not, since it takes a while to cultivate pure rage. It could be days, possibly weeks before they get mildly inconvenienced and the urge to demolish all in their path awakens.

Needless to say, zookeepers on Remnant are both respected and feared, because yes that is very impressive but also why the hell would you do this?

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Hey so that was fucking amazing. Let’s talk.

Emerald, Mercury, and Hazel all got new outfits and I hate Hazel’s so much. Oh my god. But I adore the other two, especially Emerald’s. Who made their clothes? Did Hazel? That’d be cute.

Neo is not sure about this and she’s scared. We started getting Cinder backstory, which is fascinating, and I can’t help but wonder if this season won’t be the breaking point for all the villains. The episode is called Divide, after all.

The kids arguing and how it was portrayed in the flash forward was brilliant and I wanna know who storyboarded that because you deserve a raise, good fellow. It’s interesting to me that the canon ships are split apart, and also interesting to me that Oscar went where he did, all things considered. Yang is really jaded and that’s worrisome, and I can’t help but wonder how that’s going to play out. We never see Yang and Ruby fight, and this is bad. Also way to go Yang, blaming Ruby for all of you keeping secrets. Good to know I’m still writing you correctly.

This really is going to be a more Nora focused season, isn’t it? That’s going to be fascinating. Not “Nora focused” but more focus on Nora.

Penny’s whole thing with her powers, and she’s going, but the argument to trade with Salem, combined with the opening, makes me think something bad is going to happen to her this season. Either she’s going to be taken, hacked, or go to Salem of her own volition and bad stuff will happen.

Winter has permanent nerve damage, which makes me think that her fighting style is going to have to change.

Hey let’s talk ABOUT JAMES. So uh, honestly? He’s now my favourite character. He’s so complex, and his morals are strong, but he’s twisting the world to fit his image and that fascinates me. Do I think he can come back? Absolutely. But the way he’s doing this is totally understandable, if awful, in my head, and I can see the why and the how even if I disagree, you know? I am so excited to see where he goes.

Also shoutout to CRWBY for learning and not killing the woman of colour to prove a point.

Something tells me the breaking point for the Ace Ops is coming. Harriet is going to take over (HEAV maybe? HAVE?) and she doesn’t seem okay with what James is doing.

So the opening parallels V3 in a lot of ways and in V3 you know what happened?

A sympathetic villain, an icon who didn’t yet know the horrors of the world, and a heroine jaded by the truth all died.

You know what that sounds like to me? James (sympathetic and fallen), Penny (wants to stop Salem with a trade), and Yang (doesn’t see the point in trying beyond today).

So if I’m right about that, y’all get to yell at me.

Also dark Penny. Also Ruby on her own a lot.

They said this season was dark and they were not kidding.

I’m excited. I loved this episode. Hell yeah.

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hey i am going to post my headcanons on rwby characters :smirk: here I go

ruby - demigirl, bisexual, she/them
weiss - nb, lesbian, she/them/fae/xem
blake - girlflux, bisexual, she/kits
yang - genderfae, lesbian, she/her
jaune - demiboy, bisexual, he/them
nora - trans girl, pansexual, she/her
pyrrha - genderfluid, pansexual, any pronouns
ren - trans guy, bisexual, he/him
cinder - nb, lesbian, she/them/it
oscar - agender, ace bi, he/any

my brain is void of any other characters if youd like me to do my head canon on any other character just ask :>!!

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Weiss has Raynaud’s, which makes her hands incredibly sensitive to the cold and always tries to wear gloves when she’s outside in Atlas. The Vale climate almost made her forget it existed… until she was dragged back after the Fall of Beacon. Knowing what it felt like for her hands to NOT be in constant numbness or pain (along with literally everything else), she resolved to get out of there as fast as possible.

Among the other traumas associated with Kuroyuri, it also gave Ren moderate equinophobia. Someone in RNJR suggested renting horses to cross Anima and Ren just NOPE’d so hard out of that conversation.

Tyrian is an unironic fan of whatever Remnant’s-equivalent-of-Shakespeare-is.

Ozma was whatever Remnant’s-equivalent-of-Shakespeare-is in a past life.

Pyrrha explicitly chose Beacon over Haven because everyone knew her in Mistral, and she wanted some space to figure out what she wants for herself without all the external pressure.

Ozma’s reincarnation of the Hermit (of the Four Seasons story) was the end of his major depressive episode following the fallout with Salem, restoring his faith in the good of humanity. (I also subscribe to the theory that the Four Women who become the first maidens reminded him of his daughters, not necessarily that they were also a reincarnation.)

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fair game thoughts for those of us who aren’t completely insane:

clover is such a perfect foil to qrow. can you imagine how hard he’s had to fight for recognition? sure, his semblance helps him but where does his actual skill end and his powers begin? i bet you people have doubted this man his entire life and he’s hated his semblance for years. good luck is subjective too! it can be not dropping a volatile dust crystal or it can be the officer in the position above you getting in an accident and being discharged from the military. do you think he’s ever done something bad like that before? do you think it haunts him? the only difference between qrow and clover is coping. qrow turned to alcohol, which made him spiral down a path of terrible decisions that made him hate himself. clover had friends, a support system, maybe even therapy. it wasn’t love at first sight, qrow probably hated clover. but clover sees himself in qrow. sees all that self hatred and doubt. not knowing where your good deeds meet the semblance you can’t turn off. and instead of being bitter or fighting with him, clover befriends qrow and shows him that he can exist beyond this curse. and they spend their days off together, playing cards and trading stories and laughing. clover makes qrow feel better about the simple act of breathing, qrow makes clover feel like his existence isn’t selfish. it’s good. they hold hands one day in private. it’s nice.

maybe they get a week off. a treat from the general. and strangely enough, it’s qrow who confesses and makes the first move, and clover’s the reason why he was brave enough to do it. i figured bad luck is just about perspective. i want somethin good in my life. i want you. and clover was scared to say anything. he’s always scared to be selfish. if someone says yes to him, he’s never sure if they really wanted it or if his semblance tipped the scales. but he never has to worry about that with qrow. and he says yes and they kiss and it’s so good. they don’t make a spectacle of it. qrow tells ruby and yang so things aren’t awkward, and clover tells james, but beyond that it’s just between them.

and then tyrian notices how they make a point in a fight to pull the other out of harm’s way. he’s not that stupid, he can tell.

maybe that’s why tyrian killed clover. to prove that qrow’s semblance ruins everything. that he’s forever cursed to destroy what he loves and ruin his own happiness. the only thing qrow could have without feeling guilty dies in his arms at the hands of an enemy of his own making. but even in a world where clover doesn’t die, or he survives, or whatever, there’s always this little tragedy. clover said yes to james over qrow. even in the best case scenario, they’re still at odds, still enemies. because clover is more loyal to atlas than to himself.

anyway, thanks for coming to my ted talk.

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Faunus Oscar Headcanons

I love faunus Oscar so ye

- I’ve seen a lot of great art of Oscar with antlers so that’s the type of Faunus I’m headcanoning him as.

- Ozpin’s first thought when he saw the antlers was “the gods are testing me.”

- Since Oscar lived on the farm in Mistral for most of his life, he barely interacted with other people. This means he didn’t experience racism.

- Once he started hanging out with QRWBYJNR, he had to explore a lot which meant he bumped into all sorts of trouble, including racists. Hurrah.

- He started feeling self conscious because of it.

- Ozpin is extremely tempted to take control and beat the ass of whichever racist tries to mess with his son.

- Blake is basically the sister Oscar never had. She teaches him more about Faunus history, and they talk about their experiences as Faunus.

- Yang has tried ruffling up Oscar’s hair but her arm got stuck in between the antlers.

Yang rested her metal hand on Oscar’s head. It was a bit heavy, but Oscar had been used to large amounts of weight being on his head. She ruffled up his messy hair, a grin on her face.

She suddenly froze. Oscar could hear her gulp nervously.

He looked up at her, a blank expression on his face. He asked calmly, “Is your hand stuck?”

“No?” Yang replied as confidently as she could. News flash; she didn’t sound confident at all. She forced on a smile.

Oscar sighed. “Detach it. I’ll get it out.”

- His aunt had gotten her hand stuck in the antlers all the time so Oscar had learned how to get it out without hurting himself or the hand.

- When Oscar entered the Schnee Manor with QRWBYJNR and the Ace-Ops, he was spotted by Whitley Schnee. Whitley wanted to think that this boy was just another violent Faunus— just like the ones his father talked about after a long day with a drink of scotch in his hand— but he couldn’t. The only thoughts running through his head were ones about how cute and pretty he was.

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Ruby as The Next Oz Headcanons

- Ozpin knew Ruby liked Weiss for awhile— since, like, volume 2.

- Now that Ozpin was in her head, he knew what she was feeling and thinking every time she passed by Weiss.

- Ozpin taught Ruby about what asexual and aromantic is.

- Because Ruby is aroace, she wasn’t sure why she felt what she felt for Weiss. Oz explained that aroace people can indeed be in relationships and love people, it’s just not romantic or sexual. It’s just more than platonic.

- Ruby decides to pursue a relationship with Weiss.

- Of course, the whole “Ozpin is in my head” thing makes it a bit complicated. However Ruby and Ozpin came to an agreement; he would keep his distance whenever she and Weiss had a date night, and he would tell Weiss first if he was in control so she didn’t get confused.

- Ruby had always known Qrow and Oz were together since she was a baby. That also made the whole thing a bit weirder.

- She knew Oz missed Qrow more than anything. She knew he loved him. She knew Qrow loved him back.

- So she placed boundaries whenever Ozpin was in control. He could hug and be close to Qrow, but nothing romantic and, obviously, nothing sexual. Qrow and Oz give each other the most loving looks.

- In volume 7, now that Ozpin has hidden himself away in the back of Ruby’s head, her and Weiss’ relationship has become a bit easier. They didn’t need to worry about a third party anymore. They hold hands, lean on each other, kiss each other on the cheek.

- In volume 8, Ozpin hopes to fix the broken relationship between him and Qrow.

- In the future, if he comes back in his old body (Ozpin or Ozma), then he and Qrow will try to get back together and get through it.

- Now that Oz and Ruby are separated, she and Weiss will get married.

- At the wedding, Qrow takes the role of Ruby’s maid of honor. Ozpin is one of Ruby’s bridesmaids.

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Snowpine + Modern AU Headcanons

I am so sorry this was late! School has been a pain and motivation is hard to come by nowadays!

- Oscar and Whitely met through school. At first, Oscar thought of Whitely as a total asshole. After getting to know him, he learned everything he said and did was influenced by what happened at home.

- Whitely was physically and emotionally abused. He refused to admit it, but after talking more with Oscar, he realized it was true.

- Oscar doesn’t like his freckles, but Whitely absolutely adores them.

- Whitely still dresses fancy in this AU and Oscar thinks he’s such a handsome, classy gentleman.

- Whitely listens to classic, older music, but he was introduced to rock and metal because of Oscar. Oscar had previously been exposed to it when he met RWBY.

- Ozpin was skeptical at first when Oscar introduced him to Whitely. He was aware of who Whitely was, he knew his father after all.

- Ozpin had met Jacques before at a few events the high-class attended. Long story short; worst experience of Oz’s life.

- Though Oz saw how much different Whitely was trying to be with his son’s guidance. And so, he approved of it.

- Basically Oz went “ok fine you can date him because he seems very polite”

- Ozpin also makes food for these two idiots everytime Whitely stays over. Whitely has recently found out that he loves hot chocolate.

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Thinking about aro and ace rep and fanfiction and pair the spares and I thought I’d… write down my current/off the top of my head RWBY headcanons in the aroace spectrum? To see how I feel about myself and my tendencies.

Aro/Ace Spectrum RWBY Headcanons:
Coco is a grey-aro lesbian (either no relationship or Velvet)
Ciel is aro-ace (no relationship)
Neon is aro but not ace (Casual sex with teammates and/or QPP with Flynt)
Scarlet is aro/ace (no relationship)
Ren is ace (typically Nora/Jaune/Ren)
Harriet is grey-aro (either no relationship or Winter)
James is demiromantic, demisexual, and gay (usually Ironqrow)
Clover is demiromantic (usually Wishbone)
Port is ace (usually Portbleck)
Ruby is demiromantic (usually Nuts and Dolts but lots of options)
Raven is grey-aro (usually Poly STR)
Neptune is grey-ace (usually Seamonkeys)

I think, as a person who runs on the aroace spectrum in both categories (demi-romantic, not talking about the other because it’s my business, and such), I should think more about this. I don’t need to ship everyone and I think it’s important to include more rep in my fics. While I have a very strong tendency toward romance, everyone deserves to be represented. I’m gonna think more on this.

Thank you dashboard for the introspection.

Feel free to share your thoughts.

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while i’m thinking about it, i’ve decided that robyn and clover were definitely in the same class at school. they led different teams, but they were always friendly enough. 

while robyn found him frustrating because of how sure of himself and atlas and like, everything clover was because he is Rich White Privilege, The Man, she didn’t hate him enough to form some kind of stupid feud either. she was polite friendly. clover was friendly friendly because he liked her. 

clover assumed that she was his friend because he assumes that EVERYONE is his friend. clover assumes that everyone likes him not because he likes everyone but because he can’t fathom people not liking him, but since he likes robyn he assumes this double. 

so when he’s, like, pleading with robyn not to make him arrest her he’s like “don’t make me arrest you, you’re my friend” and robyn’s like dude we sat beside each other in hunter algebra and we worked on a few group projects together we are not bffs 5ever

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