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#rwby hummingbird

Summer: So, explain how you two met, beginning, middle, and end! *she said happily putting down a plate of cookies*

Ruby: Uhhhh well, after Yang and I got off the ship we had split up at the courtyard, then I bumped into my soon-to-be-partner-and-best-friend Weiss Schnee.

Summer: Schnee…why does that sound familiar?

Ruby: Richest family on Remnant, heads of the Schnee Dust Company?

Summer: I did not pay attention to anyone when graduation happened…

Ruby: After her and me setting off a Dust explosion, I met him. He helped me out of the crater I made-

Summer: Oh my god Yang was right, you actually exploded…..

Ruby: Ugh, not my finest moment, but after that, we said hi, showed off our weapons, and we’re basically friends!

Summer: *giddy squealing* And then came your journey to Haven right?!

Ruby: Uh-huh, we grew pretty close during those few months, nothing too serious but we had our moments. Then came Atlas and that’s kinda…where we tied the knot…???

Summer: …young lady I hope you two wore protection.

Ruby: *red* MOM!

Summer: I’m just saying, Stilts and I almost made that same mistake years after we graduated!

Ruby: *puts hood over her face* Lalalalala, I’m not listening, gonna stay like this forever!

Summer: You two planning on grandkids yet??? *she smiled*

Ruby: *grabs a pillow and screams bloody murder into it*


The two reapers looked to the direction of the noise, both of their significant others crossing swords in the backyard as a test of sorts.

Ruby: Mom, does dad have to do this?

Summer: Sorry sweety, but it was one of our wedding vows before we had you, “if we have a daughter and she brings home a boy, they must pass the Father’ Approval.”

Ruby: Greeeaaat…..


Jaune: WOAH!!! Can we please talk about this in a normal conversation like a normal family would?!

Qrow: Can’t, one of my wedding vows I made with Shortstack, and now I’m having a LOT of fun making sure you’re good enough for my little girl.


Qrow: Hmmmmm, doesn’t ring a bell to me! *smirks then swings Harbinger in its scythe mode*

Jaune: *screams in terror*

On the porch, Yang, Tai, and Raven watched on in either anticipation, worry, or general disinterest.

Yang: Should we stop them?

Tai: Honey, it’s one thing to get in-between a father and their soon to be son-in-law in a friendly discussion.

Yang: But they’re fighting…

Tai: And I’d do the same for you!

Yang: H-…fair point.

Raven: Not in our wedding vows but he’d do it anyways.

Tai: Actually do you have your eyes set on anyone?

Yang: Nope, and if I did I ain’t telling you!

Raven: What about that Schnee kid?

Tai: The one on her team?

Yang: Oh no not Weiss, we’re friends, or y’know, sisters from other misters!

Raven: Not her, the other Schnee kid, the bratty one!

Yang: …

Tai: ???

Raven: Was his name Whitley, by any chance.

Yang: ……… *whistling*

Raven: Your silence says a thousand words.

Tai: We are going to have a chat later…

Yang: *red, whistling falters*

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Ah, an OG anon! <3 That was actually one of my all time favorite scenes to write in O-Yoroi. I think that’s a side of Qrow that we don’t get to see, and it makes me sad. The only time we saw his anger start to slip was in the battle with Tyrian, and I’m sorry, but you can’t tell me that he doesn’t have a temper. Especially about those he loves.

I have plans, anon, I really do. And I will finish O-Yoroi to make them happen. This won’t be the last time you see a pissed Qrow. Or maybe even a pissed Qrow who’s going once more toe-to-toe with his idiot of a sister? Or maybe with his darling brother-in-law who, too, knows just the right buttons to push?

Oof. You’re making me want to pull that back out and finish it up asap… <.<

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Ruby is taken from her family and raised as a servant of the Grimm Queen: Salem. Once Ruby reaches the age 17, Salem enacts a plan to destroy Beacon Academy: the home of her greatest enemy: Ozpin. But once Ruby begins her part in Salem’s plan, she has to ask herself if she’s willing to sacrifice the friends she’s made for the sake of pleasing the Queen.

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Hi Laser! I’m hoping it’s okay that I submit to you this: my before-last piece of RWBY fanart. I don’t want to post it on my blog, but I didn’t have the heart to get rid of this fluff, so it’s yours. I hope you enjoy this wholesomeness, my friend!

My Hummingbird heart has been fed. TvT

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Day 6: @hummingbirdweek


Be Gentle With Me

Link Here


The crisp air chilled exposed skin, despite the heaters working beyond capacity to push back the cold. A shiver rose bumps across her skin, and tentatively an eye cracked open. The faint scent of fire and smoke lingered in the air, and the remaining embers flared slightly as the breeze slipped down the leaky fireplace chimney. 

Her cheeks ached against the cold, and she squeezed silver eyes shut again. Turning them down into the plush rug and pillow, she tried to pull in a deep breath only to gather a lung-full of musty, damp air. Instantly, her lungs rebelled, curling into a ball into the crimson cloak draped across her form as a coughing jag racked her body.  A fresh breath, this time through the cloak, filled her senses with the scent of pine and new earth. Instantly, her eyes popped open with a start. Shooting up, silver eyes searched the room for another person. Instead, she found her drying clothes slung over a rack near the fireplace, her boots leaned against the hearth. The room itself was empty.

The cloak and then blanket draped across it held the rest of her modesty intact, and she rapidly moved to redress herself. Stiff from the drying process, the smell of smoke clung to them, but she was grateful for the lingering warmth and lack of moisture. Fully garbed, save for her cloak which was still slightly damp she looked about. The small dingy suite rented out for their mission was dark. Another cold breeze slipped through an unseen crack. Flicking a light switch, nothing lit up, and the young women sighed. 

No power. 

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For today’s prompt its more explicit than my other stories I’ve done so I’m only going to be posting it to Ao3. I’ve provided a link in the description below and I’ll put down the first paragraph here so people can see if their interested, see you all tomorrow!

Ao3 link here!

“Be gentle with me” Summer nearly laughed at Qrow’s teasing tone, delight taking over as she stared at him. She’d pushed him onto the bed, as she’d kissed him, breathing heavily and taking him in. Qrow sat with his legs splayed open, hair wild, lips red and swollen. From her position she could see the outline of his erection in his tight pants. Qrow gave her a teasing smirk, and Summer was grabbing the edge of her shirt, to throw it off, when she saw something in his eyes. Uncertainty, fear, and embarrassment? She stopped.

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Ao3 Link Here!

“I never want to see you here again”

These words echoed in his head as sat in his home, misery radiating off of him as the full reality of the last few days events unfolded. She was gone. They’d promised to stay, both of them and she’d just up and left. Tai was inconsolable, and Qrow… he tried he really had, but… the look of hatred on his face the words he’d thrown at Qrow, he wasn’t about to have a repeat session. He had just wanted to check on the both of them, and instead he left to Yang crying and Tai swearing he’d never be allowed in the house again. Never allowed to see his niece again. It just added to the growing ache in his chest.

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@hummingbirdweek Day 5 Entry!!


The crisp dry air made the night sky gleam like crystals sewn into a fabric of blue-black velvet. At the late hour, the small village sat silent, the only sounds being the soft shuffle of sand blown, that gently pelted the sides of all of the buildings. A rattle of ice in a glass echoed strangely in the courtyard. 

Qrow Branwen sat at the edge of the courtyard, contemplating the day that lay ahead of them, the events of the past 24 hours and the past that colored all the events that led to this moment. He couldn’t stop the sigh that escaped him. 

“What are you doing up?" 

Turning to the voice’s source, he threw a contented smile. 

"Hey kiddo.”

With a thud, Ruby flopped down beside him, both now seated cross-legged on the floor. 

“Hey, Qrow.” She gave him a significant look. “You didn’t answer my question." 

"Just thinking over…” he gestured vaguely, glass in hand, “everything.”

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The Hummingbird Week Rules

Any and all forms of artistic and creative outlets welcome, including but not limited to: Illustration, Graphic Design, Sculpture, Painting, Photoshoot, Cosplay, GIFs, Fan Fiction, Poetry, Photo Editing, Playlists, etc.

To be added to the blog, please tag #HummingbirdWeek2020 in the first five tags, and @  the blog in your description so we don’t miss anyone.

All works featured must not exceed PG-13. Should you choose to display any nudity, please make it tasteful and show no genitalia or breasts. They must be covered in some way to be featured on this blog.

Should the content contain any triggering material please be sure to tag it properly so as to keep others safe.

You may feature a secondary pairing if you wish, but the focus must remain on Hummingbird/Flown North to be featured.

If there are any questions you’d like to ask, or you need any clarification, please message us through this blog. We will not be answering any anonymous mail, so please keep that in mind.

Any abusive behavior or harassment will result in blocking.

Above all else, please have fun and enjoy yourselves!

Your Admins,

@elleleh and @rideboldlyride

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*Ruby and Qrow have a talk about Summer in V7*

Me: Aww he held her in high regard, what great friends.

Qrow: Bit of a brat though, but hey, I like brats.

Me and the one part of my heart that ships Hummingbird:

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Hummingbird Week 2020 Prompts List

  • Day 1- Red Rose: Passion, Romance
  • Day 2- Bird’s Foot Trefoil: Revenge
  • Day 3- Marigold: Death, Cruelty, Jealousy (also, African: Vulgar Minds)
  • Day 4- Heather: Good Luck
  • Day 5- Harebell: Grief, Humility
  • Day 6- Cornflower: “Be gentle with me”
  • Day 7- Lily of the Valley: Return of Happiness

And that’s this year’s prompts! Time to get excited; I know we are! If you have any questions, please feel free to message us, your admins!

Looking forward to what you guys come up with! Your admins,

@rideboldlyride and @elleleh

(we’ll repost the rules sometime tomorrow)

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Hey everyone! I’m contributing to the @shipwreckedfanzine project! Just going to add a little nectar to the hummingbird feeder….

Title: Paper Plates

Pairing: Hummingbird/Flown North

Summary: It’s taken Qrow a long time to learn how to be loved, and he’s still not perfect at it.


The vacuum stopped, and Summer’s keys rattled.

Qrow leapt to his feet, knocking over half the folded piles as he raced for the kitchen door. Her coat was already on, purse on her arm and keys in hand. His lungs seemed to shrivel in his chest, suddenly far too small to draw air. “W-where are you going?”

“I am sick of cleaning up broken glass,” she snapped, checking inside her wallet.

Qrow had been stabbed before, plenty of times. This was worse. His lungs seared, he couldn’t breathe, but he managed to whisper. “I’m—I’m sorry.”

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