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#rwby incorrect quotes

Blake: Do you ever regret marrying Ruby?

Weiss: Lately she’s decided the best way to let me know she wants a kiss is to t-pose in front of me until I kiss her, so that’s the closest I’ve come.

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Raven: Is about to leave the house on a snowy day

Taiyang: Runs over to the door and places a hand on the door to stop Raven from leaving

Taiyang: B A B Y I T ‘ S C O L D O U T S I D E !

Raven: I’m sorry, what?


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Ruby : Anything else before we defeat Salem?

Blake : Uh yes. Something I’d like to say. I’m a pretty private person so this is kind hard for me, but… here we go. I’m bisexual. Alright, I will now field one minute and zero seconds of question pertening to this. Go. Ren.

Ren : How long have you known ?

Blake : Since a couple of month. When Sun comes at my home and we fought the White Fang. I thought Sun is hot. And then I thought Ilia also hot.

Weiss : What make you decided to tell us now ?

Blake : Jaune found out on road trip and I was positive that he was not gonna be able to keep the secret for much longer.

~Past scene between Blake and Jaune~

Jaune : Bye Blake! …. I mean not “bi” but bye! I mean see ya! I mean have fun only having sex with men. Just bagin’ dudes left and right.

Blake looking at Jaune angry

~Today scene~

Jaune: I just stopped saying bye together *smiles awkardly*

Ruby: So are you seeing anyone right now?

Blake: Yeah. Her name is Tiffany

Weiss : Are you lying about their name so we won’t look them up. *glances at Yang*

Blake : Yes I am. Next.

Oscar : Ozpin want to know if you know Anne Heche?

Blake: Yes I do.

Ruby : I must say this is going considerably better then when I came out to you guys

Yang: Because you were in love with the Ice Queen?

Weiss: Hey!

Ruby:  It’s grammatically incorect, I still am.

Blake: Ok, we have time for one more question

Nora, raising her hand: OH OOOH OHHH!

Blake: No. Absolutely not. We’re done.

Nora: Smart. It was not tasteful.

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proceeds to kick every little child one by one

checks clock

Watts: Tyrian, are you done yet? It’s been at least 10 minutes.

Tyrian: kicking every kid for the fifth time

Tyrian: N E V E R

based on this– :,)

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Yang: Just be casual. Try some light, subtle flirting.

Weiss: Okay, I can do that.


Nora: That was a fantastic spar!, high five!

Nora: *high fives Weiss*

Weiss: *intertwines their fingers*

Nora: Wh-

Weiss: I’m in love with you.

Yang: *watching this from sidelines* What the fuck.

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