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just as there are many parallels between jaune and salem (like how there are parallels between ozma and pyrrha)

megashadowdragon . tumblr . com/post/152357996242/salem-is-jaunes-evil-counterpart/embed

alexkablob .  tumblr . com/post/179967541409/i-just-cannot-believe-for-years-now-ive-been

I just cannot believe

for years now I’ve been saying Arkos was classic heroic romance tropes with Pyrrha in the classical male role and Jaune in the classical female role

and this is actually true in-universe, because Pyrrha parallels Oz and Jaune parallels Salem.

Arkos is paralleling Ozpin and Salem but better and not screwing up the way they did, with Pyrrha as Ozpin and Jaune as Salem

(the multiple scenes where ozma disintegrating in the exact same fashion that pyrrha nikos had disintegrated in at the end of v3


There’s also the part where Jaune was unable to save Pyrrha  and had to struggle with a death wish (seriously jaune was borderline suicidal and some may say that was until his fight with cinder  but I think its still there )

alexkablob . tumblr . com/post/179997954479/ozmas-pyrrha-parallels-are-making-jaunes-current?is_liked_post=1

Ozma’s Pyrrha parallels are making Jaune’s current suicidal tendencies even more painful tbh


I mean seriously Ozma is destroyed by the God of Light  and darkness in the same manner that Cinder destroyed Pyrrhas body

and I forgot to add about how salem was suicidal

fandomsallaroundme . tumblr . com/post/180795589689/today-on-persephone-over-analyzes-everything-on

thuskindlyshescatters . tumblr . com/post/179981879313/thats-an-uh-interesting-effect-to-use-rt


interesting effect to use rt


and here is a post on the ozma and pyrrha parallels :

alexkablob . tumblr . com/post/179974884724/rw-bee-legends-and-fairy-tales-scattered-in


legends and fairy tales scattered in time

maidens and kingdoms wrapped up in a lie

aspiringwarriorlibrarian . tumblr . com/post/179972347584/edelblume-righteousness-n-the-quality-of#notes


  n. the quality of being morally right or justifiable.

fandomsallaroundme . tumblr . com/post/180623532289/so-a-thought-occurred-to-me-ozma-x-salem-parallels#notes

Ozma x Salem parallels Pyrrha x Jaune

Ozma = Pyrrha: the dead hero

Salem = Jaune: the lover left behind that would do anything to get their lover back

knightofbalance-13 . tumblr . com/post/180089477145/sunder-the-gold-alexkablob-so-ozpin/embed


and then he proceeded to give her time to think about it

.”  basically he saw the parallels between himself and pyrrha how  they said yes before they fully understood what was being asked of them and told her to think it over and explained what it could do to her and the way he described it sounded just  the way he described what was happening to oscar and him .

dustypotion . tumblr . com/post/179999477247/i-got-an-interesting-ask-from-an-anon-and-wanted

“ wanted to delve deeper into the idea that jaune and pyrrha are also mirrors of ozpin and salem. but here, jaune is the reflection of salem, while pyrrha is the reflection of ozpin. pyrrha was the righteous, moral, talented soldier while jaune is the grieving person that was saved, and sought vengeance for their lost love. pyrrha also stuck to a moral code, like ozpin did, while jaune and salem both used alternative, immoral methods to reach their goals. there’s also the fact that salem’s emblem looked like jaune’s AND jaune’s semblance has the same visual look of the magic that made salem immortal “

and salem went to the god of light  ( who can take the form of a golden eastern dragon and taiyang xiao long and yang xiao long are  eastern names for supreme sun dragon and little sun dragon ) and asked him to bring oz back to life (who was the only person she had in life the god of light refused which caused salem to scream its not fair. its quite possible that when someone or multiple people who jaune cares about dies he will end up having a scene with either yang or tai  

like for yang if he gets pissed about her keeping raven being the spring maiden a secret (and deciding to have raven give her the relic to get salems ire in ravens place ) not to mention   raven has a useful semblance (what if he thinks about how they could have suggested to ironwood putting up amity and contacting raven sending a message for her and she could have quickly come and teleport people out  ( if she was paid ) ( and its quite likely he finds out raven was the spring maiden due to cinder ) 

 and jaunes inspiration joan of arc has a hatred for bandits 


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So anyone else remember in volume 5 when Jaune said “I don’t think it’s my semblance” whilst healing Weiss’ aura?

Because I do.

Well he’s right in a sense. We’ve seen aura manipulation before that, when Pyrrah unlocks his aura for him with her own.

So what if Jaune and Tyrian’s “semblances” are just abilities of aura. That highly trained or very lucky people have when it comes to aura.

I’m having thoughts over Jaune having a really taxing semblance so that’s why he has so much aura. I’m really just imagining him with a mimicry semblance. Where he can mimic other people’s semblances.

Like just imagine how he finds out.

Jaune has been pinned down, his sword and shield far away from him and he’s losing. In a last ditch effort he reaches for his shield, in what seems like a futile attempt… But it actually comes back to him. It reminds him of Pyrrah, how her shield and spear would always come back to her. The person leering over him tries to strike again but he defends himself with his shield.

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I’m craving for Lancaster moments so I’ll make one!


Look how they’re worried about their friends 😭 
I want them to be happy together 🥺

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Ruby - you have written a 20 page analysis about how she is NOT a bland protagonist and meticulously analyze every expression she makes as a sign of her inevitable breakdown.

Weiss - You were either on board since day 1, or joined the Weiss stans during volume 4. either way, you have a soft spot for tsunderes.

Blake - you ship bumblebee

Yang - you also ship bumblebee.

Jaune - either you love his character arc about overcoming Pyrrha’s death and becoming a competent support fighter to help his friends, or you ship him with every female that moves and think he’s a harem protag who gets all the ladies.

Ren - you took one look at the silent stoic but kind teammate and instantly said; “yeah, i want this one.” if you watch my hero acadamia, your favorite character is todoroki.

Nora - you have been frothing at the mouth for more Nora content since v4, and are super happy with how v8 is shaping up so far. if you watch my hero acadamia, your favorite character is mina

Pyrrha - you’re still not over it

Oscar - you either want nothing bad to happen to this kid, or everything bad to happen to this kid. either way, you have a strong parental instinct.

Penny - see the above, only you probably ship nuts and dolts.

Qrow - volume 7 is your favorite volume. You also probably ship fairgame

Ozpin - volume 6 is your favorite volume. You also probably ship ozglyn

Raven - volume 5 is your favorite volume. you probably ship raven x couples therapy

Taiyang - volume 4 is your favorite volume. you also like dads.

Ironwood - you either think he did nothing wrong, or everything wrong. either way, you still think he’s hot.

Winter - either you shipped snowbyrd back in v3, or you jumped on board the winter hype train in v7. either way, you still think she’s hot.

Whitley - you have at least 10 headcanons for how he acts. you also probably ship richfarmers.

Cinder - i dunno what to say here, there are only like 9 of you. sorry.

Emerald - you want a redemption arc SO BAD that if it happens you are going to burst a blood vessel. you probably ship emercury.

Mercury - see the above, but your favorite character from infinity train was probably simon.

Neo - you have been so satisfied with the last few volumes. all you want is to see your fave kick ass and take names, and that’s it. 

Hazel - you lost it at his v8 outfit.

Watts - you’re probably the one behind all the waluigi watts memes

Tyrian - you aren’t here for the plot, or his development - you just want to see this crazy bastard wax poetry and then stab someone. 

Salem - your favorite episode was v6 c3 and you want a big tiddy goth gf

Roman - I’m sorry.

Robyn - you heard christina vee was going to be playing a vigilante woman and you were like: “hot”

Clover - you have bought into the ‘staff of creation theory’ and when you’re inevitably disproven you will be so upset.

Sun - you ship blacksun.

Neptune - you either ship icebergs or seamonkeys.

Coco - you were either FURIOUS about the reveal that she’s a lesbian, or absolutely delighted.

Velvet - you lost it when her weapon was revealed. no hype from the show has ever matched the sheer amount of dopamine you got from that moment.

Yatsuhashi - you like the BFG type characters.

Fox - i have never met a fox stan once in my life but he looks cool so im gonna guess and say his stans also think so too

Ilia - you just want good things for her. And really, who doesn’t?

Adam - you are probably a redditor that thinks his character was assassinated, and by character, I mean the headcannon personality you came up for him in your head. You probably watch hero hei and adel aka.

Summer - you 100% believe she’s the Hound.

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“We were never fond of talking about our childhood, and it wasn’t something we were asked about.” Ren shrugged. Nora has started shaking a bit at the question and was now holding Ren’s hand - this was not being watched jealously and longingly by anyone named Pyrrha at all.

Nora took a deep breath. You can practically hear her thoughts - “I need to be strong.” “It did come up one day. Jaune asked us about our parents, and we told him and Pyrrha we were orphans. That was about all there was to it. We did end up telling them the whole story one night, and they know some parts of it from anecdotes. They’ve been very comforting. It’s just not…” She shrugged, Ren squeezing her hand softly and watching her with concern.

Pyrrha and Jaune, in the background, felt themselves slipping, drowning. They were helpless; they didn’t know how to comfort the people they loved more than anyone.

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Back when the trailers came out, I was a massive fan of the ship…

What’s it called?

I’m going to call it pinecone. Mainly because that’s what Jaune’s hair reminds me of. This was art I drew for the first teaser. Now, I prefer icy avocados and rose garden like a cultured person, but there will always be a place in my heart for the sibling dynamic these two have. I do hope Jaune isn’t too traumatized from yesterday…

In other news finished a different drawing today. You probably won’t see it for a while but turns out yesterday’s episode was the motivation I needed.

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Head canon: When a hunters aura breaks their Scroll automatically records audio for a minute so the hunter can say some final words. It also sends the audio to every hunter on that huntsman’s team and anyone the hunter likes.

So imagine right when Oscar’s Aura broke a bunch of people just hear fighting, Yang yelling that the Grimm is using Oscar as a shield, Jaune musing how Grimm aren’t that smart and when Ren says “give him back” a Grimm cracking and a deep “No”

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Ruby and friends are just chillin’ taking rides in jet tubes… joking about social statuses… talking out their problems… etc.

Yang and the band just got yeeted into brick walls… cute boi Oscar got kidnapped… and a giant talking Grimm just told them to fuck off…

I’m sitting here dumbfounded that I’m left hanging off a cliff for another week… Dam u RT!!!

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Jaune:So the game says avoid the scorpion nests.

Oscar:Well I’m just gonna destroy them

Mercury:Good idea. You wanna not deal with the scorpion, destroy the nest. It’s the Stalin approach.


Mercury:Yeah. If there a person causing problem , you kill person and their no problem.

Oscar looks deep and thought before he speaks.

Oscar:He’s had a point….

Mercury whips his head towards his little with a look horror.

Mercury: OH MY GO-

He buries his face into his hands as Oscar and Jaune laugh at his reaction.

Jaune:And Mercs thinking about his life choices.

Mercury:I’m sorry for leading you to the path of Stalinism Oscar. Now …. Let’s just drop it…..

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