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#rwby jnpr
shana340artblog · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
For a while I was wondering where she keeps her grenade ammo...
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incorrect-correct-nora · 2 months ago
Jaune: how many shrimps do you have to eat
Ren: huh?
Nora: Before you make your skin turn pink
Oscar: What is a lethal dose of shrimp
Jaune: Eat too much and you'll get sick
Oscar: The only condition upon which I will willingly eat shrimp
Nora: Shrimps are pretty rich
Oscar: Is that it is a lethal dose
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cosmosrebellion · 8 months ago
I completely understand why the highlights of this fight were the bits with Winter - they were incredible after all - but I do love to no end that after all of Ren's insecurities over him and his team becoming licensed Huntsmen, here they are now, taking on one of the strongest and most renowned Huntman on the world without a second of hesitation.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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noneatnonedotcom · 11 months ago
jaune: **is sitting eating breakfast in his sisters house when he hears ren and nora coming down stairs arguing** nora: **clearly mad** “YEAH WELL I WAS THINKING ABOUT JAUNE WHILE WE WERE IN BED LAST NIGHT!” jaune: **starts choking** ren: **laughs** “so was I.”
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greenbeany · 8 months ago
I was not satisfied with the JNPR hug in chapter 11 because that was not fucking JNPR.
This is JNPR:
Tumblr media
Jaune adopts traumatised kids as a job. It's just what he does.
In other news, I completely forgot what Pyrrha looked like? Whoops
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mcmystery · 5 months ago
Simple Question Deer Man again:
If Cerise knew of what happened to Pyrrha, and how that Impacted Team JNR.
Would she go, “I can’t beat the shit out of you without coming closer.”
Ooh you mean like this??
Tumblr media
I believe once Cerise learns about everything that happened at the Fall of Beacon, she would want to take action on the ones responsible and there's a character confliction she goes through because of this.
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shana340artblog · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
Aggh Pyrrha.. I'll make an alternate outfit for you someday...
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hopefully-helpful-daemon · 2 months ago
*Seeing an add for a superheated knife*
Janue: Imagine stabbing someone with that knife.
Ren: It would instantly cauterize the wound, so the person wouldn't bleed, so it's not very useful.
Nora: If you want information it is
Pyrrha: Why would you STAB a person when you can have TOAST?
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incorrectjnprberries · a year ago
Nora: hey Jaune I got a joke for you!
Jaune: what is it?
Nora: what do you call a selfie taken by an orphan?
Jaune: Nora nO-
Nora: *finger guns* a family photo
Jaune: you need to stop using humor to cover up your trauma Nora
Nora: all I'm hearing is that you think I'm funny
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7stripedsweaters7 · 2 months ago
Jaune: You okay?
Oscar: Yeah, No, I’m great, just being possessed.
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nemomo · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fall maiden Pyrrha would have been so cool 🍁
I made two versions and even tho I like the second one better, have both (plus the flat colors version) ;)
She's so satisfying to draw I love her even more now 💚
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gearbear2 · 8 months ago
"All V8 Jaune Speaking Scenes" avaliable on Youtube now! 🗡🛡
Relive all the incredible moments Jaune has had all volume long 🥳💛 I compiled all his scenes this morning in an enjoyable format with timestamps! There is a TW timestamp for what happened in CH14, so please look in the description of the video to know what specific time frames to avoid if you'd like.
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greenbeany · 3 months ago
Pyrrha in her ace badass suit!
Tumblr media
Another inspired by @x-branwen, I love you bran 💖
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