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#rwby lie ren

I just realized that Ren and Yang’s only real interactions with each other are really just hugging and fighting, outside that cute convo in v5. So uhhh I hope they talk more soon ;-;

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Okay I just thought about this. When did everyone, except Jaune and Oscar, unlocked their auras? Because Jaune had to get his unlocked by Pyrrha while everyone somehow unlock their do to stress situations, casually living life or as a show keep demonstrating, by just being born? 

Like Ren used his semblance when he was a kid. But when did he unlock his aura? Even Cinder used her semblance as a kid. Even though both had no training or needed somebodies help to unlock it. So how did everyone else get their aura’s unlocked? Natural talent? Hard work? Death experience? How!? More importantly, why does Jaune have a lot of aura compared to his friends?

I am hoping Salem may be able to answer that, considering she is main villian. And since she is immortal she at least gathered information about the outside world and some its properties. So her having something to do with the decrease of aura users might be the reason why Jaune was unable to be hunter. And I hope Jaune’s backstory, supports what Salem reason, as well as justify his character.   

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uh oh it’s angst redraw time

also i have no idea of what the events leading up to these images were so dont ask lol

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team jnpr + dresses


loves wearing dresses. he was nervous about it for the longest time, but his team reassured him he looked lovely in dresses and they would break the legs of anyone who didn’t agree. generally likes simple skater-style sun dresses, like this one



she adores dresses and skirts, and wears them far more often than pants. she loves poofy, elaborate dresses - her favorite style is sweet lolita - but since those are eggs pensive and a bit inconvenient to wear out, you’ll usually find her wearing sweet sundresses in pastel colors when she’s not in combat gear. she greatly prefers shorter dresses - she’s very short so it’s hard to find a long one she can walk in. her favorite dress looks something like this



he likes dresses, soft, simple, and comfortable dresses, like the mori girl style. he wears pants more often - they’re more practical - but jaune and nora melt whenever they see him in a dress or skirt. his usual “dress” outfit looks something like this



doesn’t really like dresses. she finds them uncomfortable and inconvenient, and she will almost always be found in joggers or athletic shorts. she does have a red skort with a gold buckle she wears every now and then, for “light formal” events. she has worn dresses before - like the long, high-necked, soft red dress she wore for the dance, but over time, she decided she prefers suits and tuxedos for formal events, like these

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You guys, there SO SO much I love about this single moment, I don’t even know where to begin:

a) the GUTS Winter has to step in between that punch with her shattered body (although I don’t think that there was ever really doubt about how ballsy she is in fights)

b) the way she used her entire arm to stop Elm and she moved her hand down to make sure she doesn’t touch her chest with her fingers at all - it’s a detail that makes me happy xD

c) the fact that it was not only Winter to step in between them to begin with but the fact that she was the only one to move immediately and stop things from escalating while none of the other Ace Ops even flinched when Elm lunged out (at least we couldn’t see anyone else other than Vine, not moving)  

d) the short angry glance Winter gave Elm and the longer worried look at Ren

e) the fact that she immediately turned her back towards Ren but kept an eye on and her arm extended towards Elm to make sure she wasn’t going to try and still hit Ren after all

f) the fact that you can slightly see Ren absolutely seizing up Winter when she stepped in front of him and while she was giving him that worried look. Worried about how he would read her now that she was in front of him and call her out

g) the fact that Ren was respectful enough (maybe because Winter stepped in to prevent Elm from punching him) to NOT call her out in front of everybody else but to wait until nobody else was next to them to be like “and I know you don’t [like this] either.” - he waited until not only the Ace Ops weren’t near but he also even had Yang and Jaune jump out first even though he was the most eager about saving Oscar or rather he was the most upset about it and you’d think that he would be the first out of that airship

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I’ve seen like a 10 second spoiler of vol 8 and guys

I need to know…

Please, with no spoilers…


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