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#rwby moodboard

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I remembered that I made a Whitley mood board a while back

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Moodboard - RWBY Chibi Roman Torchwick

(He makes such great faces in Chibi it was hard to choose which ones to slap on here; I’m sure I missed a bunch of good ones heheh)

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Hi! Can i ask for a Sunflakes board? (Sun x Weiss) 💙💛

Absolutely! Admittedly im not super familiar with the ship, but this was way too much fun- theyre really cute. sorry it took me so long to get back to ya!


I take rwby moodboard requests! any character or ship platonic or otherwise!

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rwby moodboard to shitley

here ya go! sorry it took me forever and trying to find images took me longer than it should have honestly. also bottom text reads: you carried a black heart, passed down from your dad


You left him alone. With us.

I take RWBY moodboard requests, any character/ship! 

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[I made this a few hours ago and then dissociated really hard and had a breakdown, I meant to post it right away, I swear-]

Angry Yang Xiao Long moodboard with themes of destruction.

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