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6/8, I’m bored so I’ll post twice for you lot today


Nora deserves all our love she has done nothing wrong and also if she dies I will rage.

Admittedly this draw is a lil messy but I do love me a Nora. Enjoy!

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Oh my God, it… it happened. Nora actually got really good character development. Not to mention easily her most badass moment that looked absolutely incredible, some genuinely funny comedic moment and she got a serious injury that I’m sure is going to snap some sense into Ren.

I hope she gets to keep some version of her scars. My guess is either they fade a ton but are still slightly visible or they fade completely but get inflamed every time Nora uses her semblance from here on out.

Nora talking about how she doesn’t know who she is without Ren would almost feel too meta if it wasn’t absolutely correct. Nora has very little characterization and zero backstory outside of Ren, hell the first time they weren’t in a scene together was Volume 7 Chapter 10. Conversely, this also means Ren has to figure out who he is without Nora.

This is everything I ever wanted for the past four years.

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Elm and Harriet blaming Penny for what happened…

Me: Hold up! Hold up! Don’t pin this on Penny! Don’t put the blame on her young lady!

Ps: Even if Winter becomes the Winter maiden and with Ironwood’s state of mind, it won’t do good for her either. I want to slap Harriet in the face.

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Nerdy workout

Is about


Pain i feel

In time I’ll heal

I need a meal

Yang is brutal

Makes you crumble

Fire is my muscle

Nora is crushing

You feel the sting

Vision glazing

Won’t talk about

Valkyrie’s route

Or Black Widow’s fallout

I need rest

It’ll be for the best.

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