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uh oh it’s angst redraw time

also i have no idea of what the events leading up to these images were so dont ask lol

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Nora: Yeah I’m Bi

Nora: (B)oobies?

Nora: (I) Love them

Nora: (B)oys?

Nora: (I) peg them

Nora: (B)itches

Nora: (I) get them

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Jaune:We live in the sewers so not much.

Cinder:We do steal, I mean buy gifts for each other.

Mercury: Plus we got each other so that’s a plus right?

Nora:Yeah. And isn’t that what Christmas about? Family?

Splinter:What this i heard about stealing?


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Sometimes I have to tell myself 'it's just not worth the jail time'.
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Nora: Ok! Starting off the night right! Honestly it depends on the circumstances, usually whenever Ren and I are intimate we would try to be quiet and not to wake Liena up. But when she’s out of the house or at either one of the girl’s place? That’s when we can take the kiddie gloves off, and let me tell you… Ren is a excellent lover~

Ren: -///- I will admit it is nice to have the house to ourselves whenever possible.

Nora: Yup. Ren can pillage my castle any day of the week. Which might be happening more often now since we’re planning on having another baby.

Ruby: Wait you are?! That’s great!

Yang: Nice! Maybe you can try to make it a jackpot?

Ren: I think we’ve answered enough, moving on.

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Ren: Hmm… usually she would eat something in pairs. Nutella and Twizzlers, Pickles and Ice Cream, Chocolate covered Bacon, Potatoe chips and Toasted Marshmallows, and whatever that mess of pasta was from the movie Elf.

Nora: Yeahhh. *blushes* But thankfully there’s no black lashes of pregnancy eating… well except maybe the post baby weight but I worked that off quick. Besides I gave birth to a healthy beautiful girl! Ain’t that right Princess.

Liena is busy sipping from a bottle of maple syrup but noticed her parents looking at her, then fumbles to putting the bottle away.

Liena: *typing* [Y-Yes! Perfectly fine.]

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Nora: Oh life’s been great! I mean, it’s had its ups and downs but we’ve been able to manage, thanks for asking box man.

Ren: Aftet Salem was defeated, each of us began trying to rebuild what had been destroyed. For awhile we stayed in New Mantle and we were content, but then I was asked by the Mistral council if I wanted to lead the endeavor of rebuilding village that had been devastated in the past, including my old home Kuroyuri.

Nora: At first Ren wanted to decline, but I knew how much it would have meant to him if he could rebuild his old home so I told him that he should go for it. Besides, i already knew I wanted to be with him wherever he went.

Ren: Which is why I’m blessed to have a partner and wife that’s as loyal and supportive as Nora.

Nora: Awww.

Ren: Eventually when Kuroyuri was finally rebuilt, I decided to ask Nora to be my wife.

Nora: Like you needed to ask, you already knew my answer. Convenient enough a couple months later I learned I was pregnant with my beautiful princess here! *hugs Liena*

Liena: ☺️

Ren: Yes, it was a happy time for us. *looks down, his voice becoming low* I only wish that all of us could be here to experience it.

Nora: Yeah… *turns around*

On top of their fireplace was set of photographs of a young JNPR in Beacon, RNJR, ALPN, then everyone in the gang after the Dark War.

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Atlas TV Ad: Real Women Vote for Jaques

Nora: Aw shit

Nora: Guys, I think I just lost my pussy privileges

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Here is a sketch of Nora Valkyrie! She is definitely my second favourite character! (my first being Weiss) Please don’t kill her CRWBY!!!!!!

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Nora is trans send tweet

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I am being deprived of my renora fluff! (fandom why are you sleeping!) So I wanted to make some of my own with a little bit of the bees. I would love for them to go to another party so I decided to draw it! :)

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Nora:There one above that thing Jaune.

Jaune: Oh yeah. Im thinking of prime 2 when- Yo.

Mercury had tapped Jaune on the shoulder to shows that Oscar had fallen alseep again with the recliner down. Jaune’s face went blank. He paused the game and walk into front of Oscar, Staring at him still he opens his eyes


Nora:Hi. Good morning.

Oscar:No. But like I’m still up.

Jaune:No your not.

Nora:Nope. Nope.

Mercury:Your not.

Oscar:I actually am. Believe me.

Mercury:You are now! (He begans to laugh a bit.)

Jaune:Put the seat Oscar.

Oscar:Okay Okay.

Jaune:We’re almost done. But put the seat up.

Mercury:Oh my goodness! You lost your comfort privileges mister!

Nora began to giggle a bit while Jaune just stared at his little brother.

Jaune:That’s twice in one year.

Mercury :That’s selfish Oscar!

Jaune:Twice in one year.

Nora: Jaune at least when you did it you were Drunk.

Everyone laughed at that.

Jaune:You what? Your goddamn right. Fucking alseep on the job. I should fire your ass right now Oscar.

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