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#rwby ost

No offense but back to the fairy tale back to the show back to the wall and there’s nowhere to go hopeless and desperate all paths adverse things looking bleak yeah and they’re about to get worse helpless and doomed and there’s no way to win goals unachievable faith running thin lost and forlorn impossible odds that’s when you’ll learn you’ve been messing with gods send in your grimm tear off my limb strike me with bolts of lightning I won’t die the battle seems unwinnable but all we need’s a miracle we’re going up, we’ll never be denied can’t wish away the dismal days can’t bring back what is gone won’t waste more tears on yesteryears instead we’ll carry on we’ll win for sure we will endure and though our goal is far we’ll be the ones to touch the sun triumph will be ours

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No offense but never thought that you would stay forever never asked you to commit your life but I can tell you in my heart I never thought you’d up and leave me without a trace to lead me and now you’re standing here with that look in your eyes the look that makes me hope I’ll just believe your lies you’re lost you’re found you’re hard to pin down I never know if you’ll come through then you appear together we’re here and that’s all that matters somehow.

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the rwby 7 ost makes me giddy

like i’ll be shuffle playing it and i’ll hear “keep dreaming bout a better woooorrlldd” and ill just be so damn happy i’ll just start laughing for no apparent reason

it just brings so many happy memories of sitting in my bed watching rwby for the 8th time bdbdbsbdbssbsb

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Yo guess who’s *still* getting mad soundtrack feels


Anyway uhhh.. Penny’s motif coming back into the V7 score still makes my heart feel impossibly light and suffocatingly heavy all at once… it’s just so bright and triumphant im?? i missed my girl y’all…

i uh,, i love her so much,, she really does just shine huh 💚

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So uhhh after listening some more I can confirm Hero is my fave song (as expected)

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im not listening to the ost in any particular order and uhhh NEVERMORE REMIX

the original goes so fucking hard tho, hard for this to match up

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