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Hey guys! Welcome back! This is the fifth chapter of Beacon’s Fragile Light. This chapter marks the beginning of part 2 (which takes place during Vol. 2) of this fic and takes during Best Day Ever.

As usual, please enjoy and give constructive criticism.

ALSO, Arktis will be Willow’s MIDDLE NAME and will prefer to be called by said name until I share Separated Union. And since this is a canon divergent AU, she will be a Weapon Spirit, even when we get to Vol. 7.

Disclaimer: I don’t own RWBY or it’s characters.


To say that a battle between the Weapon Spirits was inevitable was quite the understatement. Though, unlike their wielders, who were currently in the process of having a food fight against Team JNPR, the Weapon Spirits were having a battle royal as a part of training. Though, they did establish some rules, like not using weapons. That meant they would be fighting bare-handed…and obviously Ember was psyched about it.

Though…she wasn’t too pleased with getting her ass handed to her. “Your semblances are fucking O.P.!” She shouted, only for Summer and Gambol to shrug with their own smirks. Gambol just curled her index finger at Ember, as if telling her to attack the faunus. The blonde just cracked her knuckles, “You’re gonna regret that.” As the two fought, Arktis and Summer just watched, almost as if they were taking bets on the winner.

“Calling it. Gambol’s got this.” The white haired woman said, earning a nod in agreement. “Same.” Summer said, only to laugh as Ember flipped the two mothers off. “Glad to know you two are good teammates, assholes.” The blonde said, though not entirely serious. The red clad woman rubbed her eyepatch in deep thought. She wasn’t sure why the patch was there, though she knew that she felt much stronger when she removed it.

….Though, if it were dangerous, should she risk removing it in battle….?

Biting her lip, Summer hesitantly removed the patch on her right eye. Behind it, there was a black-sclera, silver-iris eye in her right eye socket. Taking a couple deep breaths, the red clad woman walked towards Ember, catching her fist as the blonde swung to punch Gambol. However, it was when she saw the other Weapon Spirits’ shocked reactions that Summer noticed that her speed felt almost instant. “How the hell did you do that?” Ember asked.

“I…just removed my eyepatch?” Summer said, a bit sheepishly as she had no idea that such a minimal action would cause a dramatic change. Though, it did feel…REALLY good. Summer  gave the blonde a confident smirk, “You wanna spar a bit?” Ember returned the expression, “You’re on.” As the two collided their fists together, Gambol went over to where Arktis was standing and asked, “Any idea why she feels much more confident now?” The white haired woman shrugged, “Hard to say. All she did was remove her patch.”

The Schnee paused, before saying, “Though…her right eye is definitely that of a Beowulf Grimm.” Gambol’s jaw almost dropped, before looking at the two sparing women in a bit of panic, “Shit, this could be bad.” Arktis raised an eyebrow, before coming to the same realization, “Should we interfere?” The faunus shook her head, “Not yet. As paranoid as we should be, I want to believe Summer can control her instincts.”

“And if it gets out of hand?” Arktis asked. Gambol then nodded, “Then we’ll break it up. Though we should make sure we get that eyepatch back on Summer when we do.” Nodding, the Schnee summoned her weapon form and waited. As expected, Summer and Ember’s fight was getting more and more aggressive, mainly because the blonde was getting excited and the Grimm instincts were influencing the red clad woman.

The fists and legs of the two women clashed very violently, each of them countering blow for blow as the fight went on. After only a couple minutes, Summer and Ember had a few bruises on them. After a few more minutes, they had bloodied knuckles and noses and after noticing this, Gambol nodded. “Stop them.” She said as both her and Arktis went towards the duel that was further escalating.

The Schnee immediately used her glyphes to summon an Arma Gigas, which immediately restrained the red clad woman. Gambol then put her arms around Ember, restricting her as Arktis put the eyepatch on Summer. In an instant, the Rose calmed down, before blinking and looking around. “Um, stupid question, but…. Did I…do something wrong?” She asked, completely confused as to why she was being restrained.

Arktis and Gambol’s jaws dropped. “ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?” The Schnee shouted, causing the other three women to jump. “You mean to tell me that you DON’T remember what you DID!?” Summer jumped and just nodded, “Kinda….? I…know I removed my eyepatch willingly. Then decided to train with Ember….” The three women waited for the elder Rose to continue, until she said, “And…that’s it.”

After a couple minutes of silence and letting go of the two Weapon Spirits, the elder Belladonna finally asked, “So, what now?” “Might want to make sure that I don’t remove my eyepatch….” The red clad woman started. “Or make sure I only do it under worst case scenario situations.” The other three women nodded, before leaving the room and hitting the showers. If they were lucky, then they’d be the only ones there.

Of course, it wasn’t that simple.

As soon as the four started to undress, their wielders and friends entered the female shower room, talking before their attention turned to the Weapon Spirits. “What the hell did you four get into?” Yang asked, only for Ember to smirk. The short haired blonde raised an eyebrow as she said, “Could ask the same thing, given your clothes covered in food and juice.”

“Ah, food fighting, right?” Summer asked, earning a slow nod from the six teens. The red clad woman then asked, “Was it epic?” Ruby and Nora grinned, with silver-eyed girl saying, “You better believe it was.” While it was faint, Arktis did notice Weiss’ smile and whispered to Summer, “I might tell Weiss the truth about me soon.” The red clad woman nodded with a smile.

“How do you plan on telling her?” The taller woman asked, as Ember and Gambol started explaining what the Weapon Spirits were up to. The former heiress shrugged, “No clue. I do want to do it when we’re alone, so it won’t be too awkward.” Nodding, the two women turned, only to jump in surprise when they noticed their respective masters were right in their faces. “WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!?” Weiss practically shouted.

Arktis and Summer looked at each other as they each raised and eyebrow, before the former STRQ leader asked, “What do you mean?” The younger Schnee pointed at Gambol and Ember, saying, “Those two told us that you willingly removed your eyepatch and somehow went berserk!” The red clad woman’s jaw dropped, followed by Arktis sighing and her other fellow Weapon Spirits laughing when she shouted, “YOU FUCKING SNITCHES!”

Gambol just shrugged, “Consider it punishment for doing something as stupid as that.” Summer’s eyebrow twitched, before Rudy got her attention as she asked excitedly, “Can you please show us it next time?” Everyone turned to the younger Rose, followed by Yang, Summer, and the rest of Team RWBY and the Weapon Spirits paling. Summer cleared her throat, “Um, hun? Don’t you…think that might be too dangerous?”

The two mothers, along with Blake and Yang snorted and tried not laugh as Ruby pouted, “I didn’t mean now! Just when we go back into the field.” Summer nodded, only to laugh as the younger Rose punched her in the arm, “Don’t laugh! I was being serious!” Summer coughed through her fits of laughter, before finally calming down, “Alright. Alright.”

As the four Weapon Spirits, their wielders, and Pyrrha and Nora got washed and got into clean attire, Arktis continued thinking about when she should tell Weiss about her. She had been dead for a long time and now that she was back, she was honestly not sure of how her youngest daughter would react. Would she be happy or emotional like Winter and Klein were? Or would she be angry and hate her for leaving?

As the four women and six teenagers left the showers, Summer and Arktis left the group to see Ozpin, while Gambol and Ember decided to help out with the clean up in the cafeteria as the girls went to their classes. “You alright?” The elder Rose asked, receiving a shrug. Arktis sighed, “Are you worried about how your daughter might react to who you really are?” Summer went silent, before giving a slow nod, “Most of the time, yeah.”

“What should we do? I don’t want my youngest daughter to hate me.” The elder Schnee said, biting her lip and gripping her right sleeve. Summer wrapped her left arm around Arktis, giving her a small hug, “I don’t know…and I don’t want my daughter to hate me either. But I think we should worry about it when they start piecing the puzzle together.” While it wasn’t the answer she had hoped for, Arktis still felt comforted by the red clad woman’s words. It was like Summer was a sister she never had.

As the two reached Ozpin, they were greeted by a very unexpected surprise and guest. “Ironwood?” Arktis asked, only for said man to raise and eyebrow, before his jaw dropped. “A-Arktis Schnee….?” He stuttered, almost like he was seeing a ghost. To be fair, he…technically was. The two women sighed as they entered, before both each shook Ironwood’s right hand. “I’m sorry Ozpin has not told you that I was here.” The former heiress said.

“To be fair, none of us were expecting you.” The headmaster said, receiving a smile from Summer. Judging from the tone of voice, she assumed Evergreen was currently in control. “You are very observant, Summer.” The silver haired man chuckled. The former STRQ leader smirked, “I have to. I remember that I was very skilled in archery back in the day. Arktis needs some advice.“ Arktis just looked at the taller woman, almost to ask “What the fuck”.

“Well then, you came at a good time. How may I help you?” Evergreen asked, offering the former heiress tea. Sitting down and taking the tea, Arktis reluctantly began talking to the headmaster, while Summer began talking to Ironwood. “You’re…Summer? As in Summer Rose?” He whispered, earning a nod. “Yeah…. Brought back to life…somehow…..” She said. “I…need to talk to Qrow about it.”

Ironwood nodded, “Knowing that Ozpin said that you were very close to the Branwen twins…. That might be a good idea. He’ll be here sometime soon.” Nodding, Summer went over to the small fridge and pulled out to water bottles, before giving the general one. After a small cheers, the two drank from the bottles as they watched Arktis and Evergreen’s conversation.

Summer took note that Ironwood seemed unaware that Evergreen was currently in control…and that Arktis seemed glad with Evergreen’s advice.


And that’s that for now. I leave you to speculate on what Ember and Gambol are going to do after they help with the clean up.


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At this point, I’m fine with the major consequence of this volume being used the team taking too long to rescue Oscar because of fighting, and by the time they try rescuing him, Oscar made the judgment call to have Oz take over to escape; resulting in Oz permanently staying in control. Icing on the cake? Oz lays into everyone out of anger and frustration because he didn’t want to do it.

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I call this scene, “The Witch and the Wizard”

This scene is now my favorite scene. Not only with how Salem and Oscar interact with each other. But the way she uses mental warfare to scare and intimidate the boy. Also showing the daughters in that smoke mirage really must have tugged on Ozma’s guilt there. Man… this scene is just… wow.

Edit: Full disclosure no I don’t like this scene because Oscar is getting hurt. This is a child. I mean from a writer’s standpoint I found this scene to be very well executed. It makes the viewer uncomfortable. And there is nothing wrong with that it served it’s purpose.

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Hey guys! Welcome back! This is the fourth chapter of Beacon’s Fragile Light. This chapter marks the end of part 1 (which takes place during Vol. 1) of this fic and takes after The Stray. As usual, please enjoy and give constructive criticism.

Disclaimer: I don’t own RWBY or it’s characters.


Needless to say, no one was expecting Summer to walk into the Headmaster’s Office with no warning. “May I speak to you real quick? It’s urgent.” She said, looking at Ozpin intensely, as if she just witnessed a murder. Raising an eyebrow, Ozpin nodded, “Sure. Please have a seat.” Summer did so without question, before taking a deep breath and saying, “I’m regaining my memories…as Summer Rose.”

Nodding, Ozpin smiled, “I see. Firstly, welcome back, Summer.” Summer gave a small smile and nodded, before Ozpin continued, “Secondly, that’s great! Are there some things that you need some clarification on?” “Yes, please.” The red clad woman said. “Firstly, who were the members of my team?” The headmaster sat back and tapped his chin, “That would be Taiyang Xiao Long, Qrow Branwen, and…Raven Branwen.”

The Weapon Spirit raised an eyebrow. Maybe this Raven person was the woman she was seeing in her flashbacks. “Could you tell me more about Raven, please?” Summer asked. Ozpin nodded, “Well, she’s Qrow’s twin older sister. She was Taiyang’s first wife and was your partner.” He took a sip of his coffee before continuing, “You and her had a…unofficial romance, I guess you could call it.”

“Unofficial?” The red clad woman asked. The white haired man nodded, “At your request, from what I remember being told by you. You were worried that if you got too attached, you’d lose her…which is very understandable.” Summer nodded, “I assume she’s not here?” “Sadly, no. She left to parts unknown from what I remember. I’m sure Qrow knows where she is, but would rather keep it private, which is reasonable.” Ozpin said.

“Is there a picture of her that I could take a look at?” The former STRQ leader asked. Ozpin began looking through the Academy archives, “There should be at least one picture when you officially formed your team.” Summer nodded and went over to look over the headmaster’s shoulder. After a couple minutes of searching, Ozpin moved to the side for Summer, pulling up a picture.

There were four people; two black haired people, one blonde, and a white cloaked woman. She immediately recognized Taiyang, Qrow, and herself. However, she felt something…different when she looked at the black haired woman, whom she assumed to be Raven. She felt her heart twist and ache, as if the feelings she had for the woman were still there and felt herself longing to see her again.

“Ozpin didn’t help you, by the way.” The white haired man said with a smile. Summer perked up with a raised eyebrow, “What are you talking about?” The white haired man chuckled, “Two souls inhabit this body. The ancient Ozma…and this body’s original owner, Evergreen Ozpin Brown.” The red clad woman looked at the man…and felt herself smiling. “I don’t remember you, but your voice feels reassuring.” She said.

“That’s a good sign. It means that while you may have lost some memories, your heart seems to remember some things on its own.” Evergreen said. “Would you like some coffee?” The red clad woman chuckled and shook her head, “Sorry, but no thanks. Though if you have tea or water, I would like some, please.” Evergreen nodded and went to the small fridge in his office, pulling out a water bottle and handing it to Summer.

Afterwards, the two began talking about what Summer had missed during the last 10 or so years. While the headmaster wasn’t able to answer some of her questions, he did manage to provide her enough info to give the Weapon Spirit a basic idea of the events since her death.  “So…what happens now?” Summer asked. The white haired man tapped his chin, “Well, my best suggestion is to continue doing what you’re doing right now.”

“I’ll inform some of the other teachers, but it’ll be a secret until you are ready to tell your family.” He said. The former STRQ leader nodded, “Thank you. Also, Myrtenaster is Weiss’ mother, Arktis. Though she has her memories.” Evergreen nodded, “I’m aware. She told me earlier. No one else, besides the teachers, will know of your…well, new existence.” Summer nodded again, “Thank you. When we decide to tell Ruby and Weiss, we’ll let you know.” 

The headmaster smiled, “I understand.” After that, the red clad woman bid goodbye to Evergreen with a smile, taking the bottle with her. Evergreen did the same, sipping his coffee as the door closed. He then turned to his reflection in the screen in front of him, glaring at it. “You may think you’re heroic, Ozpin. However, you lying to these kids makes you just as much of a threat as Salem is.” He said. “Neither of you will rob these kids of their future. I’ll make damn sure of it.”


I’m really sorry that this is really short, but I couldn’t find anything else to write for this chapter. I do hope you enjoyed the introduction of my interpretation of Ozpin, Evergreen Ozpin Brown.

Anyway, this is the end of part 1 (which takes place during Vol. 1) of this fic. Next chapter will be the beginning of part 2 (which takes place during Vol. 2). I’ll see you all then.

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((This chat features @alphabeowolf-ism@ask-stjerne-a-fallende@killua-and-company@firebluevixen@the-last-ice-elf and @doctoroobleck​.))

*Everyone was sitting at the table of a Pineforest family home. There were over thirty people at the table while the younger kids were sitting at their own table with Golian in another room.*

Oobleck: Thank you all for inviting us. I am curious about this, though. Is there a reason why you didn’t get a turkey?

Denny (One of Cins Uncles): We don’t serve turkey anymore because someone ruined that for us a few years back. So, now we fix lamb and roasted pork. *He looks at his younger brother, Link.*

Link: Hey, don’t blame me! It’s not my fault that stupid bird didn’t cook right!

Emerald (One of Cins Aunts): You tried to cook it while it was still frozen! It gave all of us food poisoning!

Link: Maybe you should get a better oven! The one you have stinks!

*Emerald threw a bowl of green beans at him, hitting him in the face. He threw the bowl off and leaped across the table, tackling her.

Ava: *Grinning.* Yeah! Fight! Fight! Fight! This family rocks!

Killua: *He looks at Cin with a knowing smile.* Looks like we’re in for another interesting get together.

Cinnamon: *She smiled back at him.* Seems so. Nobody can say our family is boring.

Stjerne: *She looks at Ozpin and Richard.* Are all these dinners like this?

Richard: *He shakes his head.* Not all of them. One time the whole family got into a food fight. We spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning up the kitchen after that.

Ozpin: I believe I remember that. Compared to past get togethers, this one is fairly tame. *Something breaking in the living room sounded.* Ah, spoke too soon. Looks like this dinner is one of the milder ones.

Red: *Looks at Oobleck.* What did we get ourselves into, Bart?

Oobleck: *Looks at her.* No idea. But, keep in mind they’re our family too. This is something we’re going to have to get used to.

*Meanwhile, with Golian and the kids.*

Golian: So, I took my sword and plunged it into the beasts belly. It began thrashing, trying to get me out from under it. But, I continued to drive my blade deeper into it until it began dissolving away like the foul Grimm it was. I was victorious! I grabbed the ore and made my way back to my shop.

*All the kids did was stare at her.* 

Little girl: What’s ore? Can you eat it?

Golian: *Stares at her with a confused look.* ……What?

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my canon divergent RWBY AU, Grimm Guardians.

This is the second arc of the AU, Beacon’s Fragile Light. This arc will focus on the Weapon Spirits’ experience with Team RWBY and their friends while at Beacon (in other words, this takes place during the first three seasons).

I’ll explain what the pacing will be for each chapter, but this might make them pretty long. As usual, please enjoy and please give constructive criticism. Thank you!


(After Ruby is brought in for interrogation by Glynda Goodwitch)

“So what if our actions were reckless?” Crescent asked. She and her wielder Ruby had been brought into an interrogation room by the huntress, Glynda Goodwitch after the duo had stopped a robbery in progress. Unfortunately, the huntress didn’t seem too appreciatory of the girls’ methods. “We had to stop a robbery in progress. What more do you want?” Crescent asked.

“It’s not about what I want….” Glynda said, before turning behind her. “Someone else wants to meet you two.” A man with white hair and in green clothing approached them, holding a mug and plate of cookies. “Ruby Rose…and Crescent Rose…” He said and immediately the latter of the two felt something tugging at her. The tugging got stronger when the man said, “You have silver eyes.”

Crescent cleared her throat, while her wielder struggled to find words to explain. The man seemed to notice this and decided to change the subject, thankfully. “So, where did you learn how to do this?” He asked, gesturing at their combat prowess. “S-Signal Academy.” Ruby answered. The man raised an eyebrow, “They taught you how to wield one of the most dangerous weapons ever designed? No offense.”

That last part Crescent knew was directed at her, so she just nodded, “None taken.” Ruby felt Crescent squeeze her hand as she answered the man’s question, “One teacher in particular.” The man nodded as he placed the plate of cookies on the table. Ruby hesitantly took one and bit into it, only to shove the rest in her mouth after noticing no rebuttal. “Easy. Slow down now.” Crescent chuckled.

“I see…. It’s just that I’ve only seen one other scythe-wielder of that skill before.” The man said. “A dusty, old crow…” “That would be Ruby’s uncle.” Crescent chuckled. “You’re referring to Qrow Branwen, correct?” The man smiled and nodded. “Yap! Hesh a tesher at Shig-…” Ruby said with her mouth full, before swallowing and wiping her mouth, embarrassed. Crescent and the man looked rather amused.

“Sorry.” Ruby said. “He’s a teacher at Signal. I was complete garbage before he took me under his wing. And now, I’m all like—” The young girl then proceeded to make martial art movements and sounds. The man nodded, amused, “So I’ve noticed.” He then sat down opposite of the pair and placed his mug on the table. “May I ask why people as cute as you two are going to a school designed to train warriors?” He asked.

“Well….” Ruby started, hesitantly. “I want to be a huntress.” “You want to slay monsters?” The man asked. The girl nodded, eagerly, “Yeah! I only have two more years of training left at Signal! And then I’m going to apply to Beacon!” Ruby began to talk faster as her enthusiasm grew. “You see, my sister’s starting there this year and she’s trying to become a Huntress. And I’m trying to become a Huntress ‘cause I wanna help people. My parents always taught us to help others, so I thought, ‘Hey, I might as well make a career out of it’!”

“I mean, the police are alright, but Huntsmen and Huntresses are just so much more romantic and exciting and cool and really, gosh, you know!” Ruby said, giving Glynda and the man a wide smile. The two studied the young girl, while Crescent just sighed and shrugged. “Do you know who I am?” The man asked. The young girl nodded, “Professor Ozpin. Headmaster at Beacon.” Ozpin smiled, “Hello.”

“It’s nice to meet you.” Ruby said. She could tell that Crescent was tightening her grip on Ruby’s hand, though she decided that she would talk about it with her later privately. “You want to come to my school?” Ozpin asked, receiving a nod from Ruby. “More than anything.” She said. The older man and Glynda look at each other, only for the older woman to humph in disapproval. Ozpin nodded, “Okay then.” Crescent had never seen Ruby so excited before.


(On the airship)

Unfortunately, Ruby was able to get her Weapon Spirit partner to talk about what she seemed worried about, so they both agreed to discuss it later. Before Crescent knew it, later had become now as she witnessed Yang bear hug her little half-sister. “I can’t believe my baby sister’s going to Beacon with me!” The blonde girl shouted with a big smile on her face. “This is the best day ever!” Ember chuckled as Ruby, as much as she loved her sister, begged Yang to stop bear hugging her.

After the girls broke the hug and had a private supportive discussion, Yang looked towards Crescent. “You had something you wanted to share?” She said, receiving a sigh from the taller Weapon Spirit. She then walked over to the window and looked at the city of Vale below, “I….think I know him.” The three girls raised and eyebrow as Crescent explained, “Ozpin…and Glynda. From my past life.” “I…also think I went to….Beacon at one point.” While Ruby looked happy, Yang and Ember shared a surprised look at each other.

The “Crescent Rose is Summer Rose” theory had earned itself a point. Though the worrying part was the fact Crescent seemed…unsettled by remembering Beacon. “This is great!” Ruby shouted as she hugged her Weapon Spirit partner. “We should celebrate on you recovering a memory!” “Y-Yeah.” Crescent said, trying her best to smile and be happy about this, but it was quite easy to tell that the taller woman was worried. Understandably so, as she didn’t remember what she was like at Beacon.


(After landing at Beacon)

After getting off the ship, Crescent felt even MORE uncomfortable. It was as if the entire sight of Beacon was giving her a constant reminder of something or even taunting her for her lack of memories. Needless to say, while she did notice that Yang and Ruby went off in their separate directions, she didn’t realize that she was lost. Though it seemed that she wasn’t the only one, as Ember was with her. “You going to be alright?” She asked.

It took a few seconds for the taller Weapon Spirit to respond, “I don’t know. Though what can we do that this point?” “Good point.” The blonde said, sighing. As walked towards the campus, there were two other women talking. Judging from their appearance, they seemed to be Weapon Spirits as well. Arktis looked in Crescent’s direction and waved, “Hello. You must be the Weapon Spirit of the red cloaked girl, correct?”

“Yes, I am.” Crescent nodded with a comfortable smile. “Crescent Rose.” “Arktis Schnee, also known as Myrtenaster.” Arktis smiled, as the two women shook hands. “I’m Ember Celica!” The blonde grinned. Gambol went up to them and gave a small smile, “Gambol Shroud.” “Since we’re waiting for Ozpin’s speech to get done, shall we talk about ourselves?” The other three women nodded as the group sat down. “I’ll go first if you’d like.” The Schnee offered. Everyone just nodded.

With no objections, Arktis began her story. She explained how she was part Demigod Grimm, how she died, how she became a Weapon Spirit, how she was the mother of Weiss and her siblings, and that she was a former heir to the Schnee Dust Company. “Does your family know that you’re back?” Ember asked. The white-haired woman sighed, “Only my eldest and family butler. Honestly, I’d rather not have my son and husband know.” “What about Weiss?” Gambol asked. “She’ll find out in time.” Arktis replied. Everyone agreed to leave it at that.

“So, who’s next?” The Schnee asked. Gambol raised her hand, drawing the groups attention. “So, I’m a Demonic Grimm and Weapon Spirit created by Kali Belladonna to protect and watch over her daughter, Blake.” The faunus said. “Blake’s the daughter of Ghira, the White Fang founder.” She then explained Blake left the White Fang and is trying escape the past. The group nodded in understanding. “Realized that the White Fang wasn’t all that righteous anymore?” Arktis asked, receiving a nod from Gambol.

“I’m proud that she left.” The faunus said. “Because I can’t imagine what she would become if she didn’t.” “Anyway, that’s my story. Who wants to go?” The black-clad woman asked. The blonde raised her hand, “Well, I was made by Ruby and Yang’s father, Taiyang. Much like Gambol, I was made in order watch over them.” “While I’m based off of Taiyang, I retain some features from Yang’s mother. Like her eye color and gender.” She said.

Ember then explained how she was a Demigod Grimm bonded with Taiyang, but decided to become a Weapon Spirit in order to protect Taiyang’s daughters. Needless to say, Gambol and Ember’s storied were the shortest. Everyone’s gaze turned to face Crescent, who went pale. After clearing her throat, she stuttered and began her tale. “S-So, I’m a Demonic Grimm and Weapon Spirit.” She started. “I am Ruby’s Weapon Spirit and like Arktis, I was resurrected as a Weapon Spirit.”

“What were you like?” Arktis asked. There was the dreading silence again and immediately, Crescent looked at the ground in a tone that was similar to melancholy. “You don’t remember, do you?” Gambol asked, receiving a nod. “It’s….frustrating. Currently, all I know is that I went to Beacon and know Ozpin in my past life, but nothing else.” The red-cloaked woman said, sighing. “It’s…so damn aggravating!” Ember began rubbing her back, which the taller woman was thankful for.

Gambol and Arktis sat closer as the faunus placed a hand on Crescent’s shoulder. “It’s understandable that you’re angry by this.” Arktis said. “It’s….literally a 50/50 chance that one maintains their memories after becoming a Weapon Spirit.” The Schnee then put her hand on the taller woman’s, “If you’d like, we can try to help you regain what you lost.” The red-cloaked woman blinked, before asked, “You two would really do that?” Gambol nodded, “We’re fellow Weapon Spirits. Is there a reason why we shouldn’t?”

Crescent stayed silent for a bit, before softly saying, “Thank you…” After a few moments of silence, Ember said, “So, we’re all Soul Grimm, huh?” “Talk about a crazy coincidence.” Gambol said, earning and nod from Ember. “Are you sure about that?” Arktis asked. Gambol raised an eyebrow, while Ember smirked. “Don’t tell me you think that this is fate.” The blonde said. The Schnee shrugged with a smile, “Who knows? But I can say that I don’t believe in coincidences.”

“I don’t care.” Crescent said, gaining attention. “So long as it’s beneficial to us, I’m okay with whatever.” “I guess that’s a good point.” Ember said. After some silence, Gambol asked, “Shall we join our wielders now?” “And suffer through a long ass speech?” The blonde asked, causing everyone to chuckle. “Good point.” Arktis said. “How about we wait here until the speech is done?” The group looked at each other and nodded. “Sounds good.” Crescent said as the four Weapon Spirits began to talk about each other some more.


(Later at night)

“Something on your mind, Ruby?” Crescent asked as she watched Ruby write on a piece of paper. The young Rose perked up and sighed, “Just writing to my friends, Dad, and Uncle Qrow.” “Aw, that’s cute!” Ember cooed, only to earn a hit to the face by a pillow thrown by Crescent. “Stop teasing her. You know better.” Crescent said, receiving a pout from Ember. “You are no fun.” The blonde said, sighing. Crescent rolled her eyes and sat on the edge of Ruby’s bed.

“How are you feeling?” The red clad woman asked. Her wielder sighed, “Honestly, kinda worried.” The Weapon Spirit nodded and rubbed the girl’s back in reassurance. “You’re going to do good.” She said. “Believe me. You will.” Ruby looked at her and smiled, before the four’s attention was drawn by something….or someone behind them. Behind the sisters and their Weapon Spirits, there stood Gambol with a not-too-pleased Blake. “Hey.” The blake clad woman said with a smile, waving.

“Hey.” Crescent replied with a smile and looked towards Blake. “Is this your wielder?” “Yep! This is Blake.” Gambol said, chuckling at her wielder as she looked at her in shock. “Trust me, this will help you.” Gambol whispered, earning a sigh from the younger girl. Blake then introduced herself to Yang and Ruby, “Hi. My name’s Blake.” albeit in a bit of indifferent tone of voice. Ruby shyly waved, “H-Hi.” “You’re the girl that…exploded, right?” Blake asked, which caught Crescent’s attention.

“I’m sorry. She what now?” The red clad woman asked. “It was an accident! I swear!” Ruby shouted, earning an amused look from Gambol and Blake. Crescent looked at her wielder, in both shock and concern, “What did you do?” “For your sake, maybe you shouldn’t know.” Gambol said and turned to Blake. “This is Crescent Rose and Ember Celica.” The young girl nodded as Ember gave her a warm smile and waved, “Hey. The one next to me is Yang, my wielder.”

“The girl who exploded is my sister, Ruby!” Yang said with a smile. The faunus girl nodded, sharing a laugh with her Weapon Spirit. “Well, Yang, Ruby, it’s a pleasure to meet and have you two here.” She said with a smile. “As well as you, Ember and Crescent.” The said women smiled and nodded, with Crescent saying, “It’s nice to meet you too, Blake.” “Same! It’s nice to meet ya!” Yang smiled and stretched her arm out, which prompted Blake to shake her hand.

The two smiled at each other, only to notice that the three Weapon Spirits were looking at them directly. “What’s going on through your heads?” Blake asked, only to receive innocent smiles. “Nothing!” Gambol said. Yang just looked at her, “It’s definitely something and it worries me.” “Don’t worry about it!” Ember grinned. Ruby opened her mouth to say something, which prompted Crescent to whisper, “Don’t tell them yet. Let them figure it out on their own, please.”

“What is going on here!?”

Yang and Blake abruptly let go of each other’s hands due to the outburst. The Weapon Spirits and the girls then looked to find Weiss storming into the scene…with Arktis behind her. “Don’t you realize some of us are trying to sleep?” Weiss asked, annoyed. She and Yang took one look at each other, before nearly shouting, “Oh, not you again!” Ruby shushed them, “She’s right! There are people trying to sleep.” The white-haired girl looked at the young Rose, “Oh, NOW you’re on my side!”

“I was always on your side!” Ruby said. As the sisters and Weiss continued to bicker, Arktis went up to Blake and the Weapon Spirits, sighing, “I apologize for her attitude.” “Not your fault.” Gambol said, putting a hand on the elder Schnee’s shoulder reassuringly. Arktis sighed, before looking at Blake and asking, “Is this Blake?” Gambol nodded, “Yep.” “I see. Arktis Schnee, though I would appreciate it if you called me Myrtenaster until Weiss finds out who I really am.” The white-haired woman said.

Blake nodded, albeit hesitantly, “Blake Belladonna. And I understand.” The four women and Blake looked at the three girls still bickering and sighed. Crescent, Ember, and Arktis went to break the three up, while Blake took the candle she was using and blew it out.

To be continued…


And that is the first chapter of the Beacon Arc! HOLY SHIT, did this take forever to do! While I don’t like how long it took me, I’m still satisfied with the result.

Feel free to tell me your thoughts and give some advice, because I REALLY need it. Anyway, thanks for reading and I see you when chapter 2 is uploaded.

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This is purely speculation based on the popular Summer theory, experience with how RWBY episodes are structured and certain moments/conflicts I expect in V8. I am absolutely positive that Chapter 4 will turn out completely different.

  • Begins with the chase between Yang, Ren & Jaune and the Hound
  • The group manages to stall/stop the Hound -> Confrontation ensues
  • Group gets separated/incapacitated -> Yang and the Hound confront each other
  • They talk to each other; Yang tries to reason with it
  • The Hound reveals its nature to distract Yang -> Talks with Summer’s voice about how Yang was as a kid
  • Yang is completely shocked; the Hound escapes with Oscar
  • Cinder looks over Atlas (Trailer shot) and sees the arrival of the Hound
  • She tries to ask what kind of Grimm that is; Salem shuts her down
  • The Hound is shown in a little montage where it returns to its living space (hint about Summer still in there?)
  • Salem confronts Oscar, has civilized talk with him
  • Ozpin takes over, talk turns more hostile (talk reminiscent to the one during V1-3)
  • Ozpin asks about the Hound; Salem explains what she did
  • This is intercut with Yang’s shocked state as everyone returns to the crater
  • The reunion between Ruby and Yang ends the episode (“Ruby, I think I know what happened to Summer”)
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Ruby: *following Willow* So… where are we going?
Willow: *walking into a shady part of Mantle* To find you a way back to Beacon.
Ruby: Right…
Willow: You want to avoid Jacques, right?
Ruby: *sighing* Right…
Willow: Just make sure to keep quiet while we’re here. I dont need you making anyone upset.
Ruby: And what could I possibly do to make someone upset?
Willow: *rolling her eyes* Beacon student, remember?
Ruby: I still dont understand what that has-
Willow: *putting her hand on Ruby’s mouth* Shut up. Just stay quiet and I’ll get you home. Got it?
Ruby: *nodding quietly*
Willow: Good. *walking up to a bar* Now, we’re going inside and you need to stay quiet. They can figure out you’re a huntress by the way you talk.
Ruby: And how do you know you can trust these guys?
Willow: *smirking* Because I’m not from Atlas.
Ozpin: *watching the video from the scroll* And where did you find this?
Summer: From my dad’s house.
Ozpin: *nodding and slowly putting the scroll away* I’ll keep an eye on this.
Yang: Are you at least going to look for her?
Ozpin: In time. But for now, you three need to get to class.
Yang: *eyes going red* I need you to find her-
Blake: *pulling Yang back* D-dont worry, we’ll get to class. Right, Yang?
Yang: *grumbling and walking off*
Summer: *sighing* Is there anything you can tell us about what happened to her? She seemed to know you and someone named Jinn.
Ozpin: It’s nothing you need to concern yourself with. Now, you really should be getting to class.
Summer: *nodding and walking off* Alright, Professor.
Ozpin: *hesitating for a moment* Oh, and Summer.
Summer: *stopping for a moment* Yeah?
Ozpin: I… truly am sorry for your loss. I know your father would be proud of you.
Summer: Oh… ummm thanks.
Ozpin: *pulling out a picture of Summer and her father, watching the visage of Summer change into Ruby* What have the gods done?
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