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#rwby penny

I tried something new today and I’m very happy with the results so have another Penny drawing


I think oil brushes are my new favorite thing

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Day 17 - Missing Scene , Nuts and Dolts

Sadly today’s is only a unfinished sketch due to me still being sick but hopefully I’ll finish it over this week


I just think we should’ve gotten N&D cuddling and Bumbleby fawning over how cute they are

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Hey CRWBY, while we’re on hiatus lets play a game!

Its called “Leave my Redheads the fuck alone!”

Just wanted to manifest that into the universe.

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Week two (Days 8 - 14 ) of janurwby

Day 8 - Time Period (vampire au)

Day 9 - Apocalypse (Weiss Schnee)

Day 11 - Fantasy (Penny Polendina, Vampire au)

Day 12 - Sci-Fi (Penny Polendina)

Day 13 - Mythology (Nuts and Dolts)

Day 14 - Crossover (Ruby Rose and Gen:Lock)


I enjoyed this week’s prompts, (except day 8 ಠ~ಠ) If I’m being honest I think I enjoyed it so much because I mostly only drew Penny and I only skipped one day this week!!

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Janurwby day 12! Sci fi! Weiss is an intern at an Atlas research facility where she stumbles apon Penny, an project being worked on by the generals team of scientists

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I’ve never drawn Broken Machines FanArt until now


I just think they would be cute together 👉👈

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JANURWBY Day 12 - Sci-Fi: Penny Polendina.

Because what could be more sci-fi in RWBY than a robot with a soul?

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Can we go back to happier times and headcanons in which Ironwood would practice and rehearse his speeches and presentations in front of Penny and Winter?

And Penny would be all jittery and full-on enthusiastically “computer-brain-mode” recording and analyzing the entire speech – that includes every single word, his speech patterns, intonation, phrasing, the voice volume, speed and tone, the intro and outro, even his posture, movements and body language in general.

And then she would crosslink everything with other popular and successful speeches and reference books over the past years, so she could give him a 20 minutes speech of her own about everything he did in comparison?

And then she would print out and also mail him the entire 30 page analysis with additional notes and tips on how to engage the audience and grab its attention, make eye contact, improve his breathing technique and on how to take care of his voice and not strain it especially during longer speeches.

And Winter would just be standing there with her hands folded behind her back and a stoic poker-face while every so often squirming on the inside sort of like “Please don’t make that joke in public, Dad…”

She’d be like somebody who is watching their dad dancing awkwardly at a party, but she also doesn’t have the heart to stop him, because he’s trying so hard and he’s so happy and enthusiastic about it?

But in the end she’ll still be honestly like “Well, sir…about that one thing…with all due respect…maybe…please don’t do that…ever again…”

And then Ironwood would just look at her and Penny his brow all furrowed like “Was it really that bad? You didn’t fall asleep…right?”

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Day 12 of Janurwby - Prompt Sci-Fi , Penny Polendina

Sorry for only drawing Penny for the past few days, I just miss her ;-; and thought floating limbs made out of gravity dust would be cool


I had alot of fun with the glowy bits on this one, I may refine this design in the future and use it in a au

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Penny Polendina Icons!
Icon Base Credited to @alice-in-idol-land
Penny Renders Credited to @rwbyrenders

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Stronk girlfriends who pick the other up stay together <3

As you can see, my only braincell is on a RWBY kick. More importantly on a Penny Polendina and Ruby Rose kick

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Day 11 of janurwby

Prompt - Fantasy , I drew my vampire au of Penny but in a pretty dress because I can and I haven’t actually followed a prompt fully in like a week but-

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