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“We were never fond of talking about our childhood, and it wasn’t something we were asked about.” Ren shrugged. Nora has started shaking a bit at the question and was now holding Ren’s hand - this was not being watched jealously and longingly by anyone named Pyrrha at all.

Nora took a deep breath. You can practically hear her thoughts - “I need to be strong.” “It did come up one day. Jaune asked us about our parents, and we told him and Pyrrha we were orphans. That was about all there was to it. We did end up telling them the whole story one night, and they know some parts of it from anecdotes. They’ve been very comforting. It’s just not…” She shrugged, Ren squeezing her hand softly and watching her with concern.

Pyrrha and Jaune, in the background, felt themselves slipping, drowning. They were helpless; they didn’t know how to comfort the people they loved more than anyone.

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“Dating?” The two echoed together. Pyrrha looked down, hiding her face, and Nora fidgeted in place, rubbing the back of her neck.

“We’re not… together-together.” Nora answered. If she’s blushing, it’s hard to tell; the pink on her cheeks seems to be one of her permanent features.

“But we are together, and I couldn’t be more grateful for that.” Pyrrha finally looked up from where she seemed fascinated by the grass, giving Nora’s hand a gentle squeeze.

Nora leaned her cheek into Pyrrha’s shoulder and closed her eyes, smiling. “Yeah.”

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Nora squealed, flapping her hands. They were covered in a pair of pink gloves her mother had given her, but with half the length of the fingers shoddily cut off, an odd but endearing contrast to her sundress which reminded one of a cloud of strawberry frosting. “Oh my gosh! That is such a cute idea! We could pick flowers together and I could arrange them in her hair…” Her eyes and heart were sparkling. “I had also been thinking of asking her to go to the festival with me once it’s opened… we’ll buy flowers and chocolate and strawberries and rose water and I’ll try on silly clothing to make her laugh.” A cloud shaded her face, and her shoulders dropped slightly. “I don’t think I’ve ever seen her laugh. Well, something to work for, I guess.”

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So this post will be a rather long one because of all the theories and the level of detail I want to go into. So buckle up kids!! It’s starting time!

Theory 1: TEAM JN_R is gonna die. So let me start with the most likely death: Nora! Why? Well we saw in a trailer that she used herself to conduct electricity through Amity, and she’s CLEARLY in pain. In the opening of the show, we see Penny’s fathers working on Amity (presumably) and it flashes Watts on the other side of the glass. So it’s likely they’ll try to recruit him and he’ll play along. He’s still a villain. It would be the perfect opportunity to take out someone. It would deal a moral and actual blow to the group. Now, Ren’s death relies on Nora. Call it cliche, but I think if Nora dies, he’ll take his own life. He still carries the dagger, it’s clear they have feeling for eachother and they’ve been together for a long time. So that’s where it comes from. Jaune will probably meet his end the same way Pyrrha did. Not necessarily by Cinder’s hand. But all the same. And if my theory of Pyrrha being sent to the same realm that Ozma was when he met the God of light, then the two lovers can rest eternally at last. You’ll learn that a bunch of my theories rely on this main theory.

Theory 2: Salem will obtain the maiden powers through more…malicious means. I’m not sure if it was confirmed or not, but if Salem is able to corrupt people as she was, she can offer to ressurect Nora (following theory 1) in return. Of course, if this wasn’t the case, perhaps she could offer to ressurect Pyrrha. Or even….Summer Rose.

Theory 3: Neo is going to die. See, we know that Salem controls the Grimm. Neo is seeking revenge against RWBY for Roman’s death. What if..AND HEAR ME OUT…she knows Ruby wasn’t at fault. She pretends to hate Ruby to get close to Cinder, by extent, Salem. She’ll try to take her revenge, but between Salem, cinder, and everyone else on board? She won’t even make it in touching distance. A futile attempt, but one she risked her life for.

Theory 4: Neo’s evolved semblance. It was hinted that Semblances can actually evolve to some degree, back in volume 7. This theory comes from my partner!! What if she has the ability to project illusions, similar to Emeralds, but it’s not a mental task. And I spun it off into a sad bit where I said she uses that semblance to project a clone of Roman and sleep next to him crying herself to sleep. ;-; ITS SO SAD AND IM SORRY.

Theory 5: RWBY Corruption. Similar to the theory of using dead people as bargaining chips, this one is more..just to torture them. Salem would corrupt the corpse of Adam and make it undying, sending it after Blake/Yang. They would be facing a foe that can’t stay down from thier past. Adam has caused so much damage (mental and physical) to the pair. It would probably continue to scar them seeing his corpse try to fight them mindlessly. Salem offers to put the man to rest for good by taking one of Team RWBY. After the trade is done, she corrupts the girl to replace Adam.

Theory 6: Sad Summer Times. Somehow, Team RWBY/JNR make thier way into the whale ship. Somehow, Salem is about to fall and perish. As Ruby swings her sythe to strike her down, the black goop from the Grimm pools slides off, revealing a still alive Summer Rose. By the time Ruby sees this, she can’t stop. A head goes rolling on the floor. The goop reassembles itself into Salem. She used a Vessel to sacrifice in the event she was in Danger. (You can think of this one as a substitution Jutsu from NARUTO, but with an actual sacrifice to use).

Theory 7: Salem is trying to start over. She’s suffered so much, she’s already cost thousands of people thier lives when she was human. What if she’s trying to gather the relics to create a new, better world where she and Ozma and live happily without fear of death or age?

Theory 8: Salem’s goal is bigger than any of us can imagine. She already has magic. She’s growing stronger, she’s taken down most of the Kingdoms. There’s nothing to stop her. What does killing the Gods possibly get her? She can already rule over the world as she is. There has to be an even bigger picture

Theory 9: Emerald will defect from Salem’s troops. She came with Cinder because she thought she cared. She’s being neglected SO. HEAVILY. She must hate it. If you look back to the opening, we see a hall of villains that lead up to Salem. If you noticed, Emerald wasn’t there. But MERCURY WAS. It seems odd to only show off one of the low-level henchmen?

Theory 10: Winter will kill James Ironwood. The man…he’s become Salem but for the good guys(? Is he even still?). It was clear NONE of the ace Ops openly approved of the murder James committed. Winter is recovering. The military has been Winter’s entire life, running away from her family problems instead. If James threatens her military career, she probably wouldn’t hesitate to strike. Even if Winter doesn’t murder James, we know she wouldn’t hesitate to Usurp his position. We know that Winter and Weiss will clash this season from the opening.

Theory 11: Ozma will die for good. Or at least by separated from Ozcar. This one doesn’t really have a reason behind it other than the fact that Ozma keeps getting weaker and we saw Salem looming over Ozcar in the opening. I think this would be a great opportunity to allow Ozcar to better expand his own legacy, not the shadow of Oz’s. He would take up Oz’s legacy, but forge his own path the right way. His way. One more theory to go!!

Theory 12: We are reaching the Natural end of RWBY. At least the first generation. As far as I recall, Monty was able to write up about 10 volumes worth of lore and plot. We are going into volume 8. No one said the entire thing is about the VICTORY of Team RWBY. rather, it’s a story about the world of Remnant in its most interesting days. What if the story (from our perspective) is actually about the victory of Salem, accomplishing her goals and seeing the world struggle to fight against her in their final days? Strange theory, but I have such a weird draw to this one. I genuinely feel like Team RWBY won’t succeed in thier goal to stop Salem. I don’t want to see them suffer, but I can’t see them winning. Not unless some magical miracle happens. Which I’m not saying CANT happen….just that I don’t believe it will.

Theory 13: Raven saves the day. I’ve been thinking about a character redemption for Raven since her run away in Volume 5. It would be perfect. She agreed to turn herself over to Salem in exchange for leaving Atlas. I don’t think Salem would agree to it, or even honor the agreement if she did, but it would be amazing if Raven showed up to try and make amends.

I know this was a VERY long one, but I really needed to just let out a giant theory blast. Even if none of these make sense, I like them. Or at the very least, I think they make interesting story bits to share or think about “what if X happened”. Thanks for reading!

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Jaune: mom, dad, girls, this is pyrrha nikos, my partner at beacon

Pyrrha: *waves nervously* hello.

Jaune: *pink* and…she’s my girlfriend too.

Irina: *shocked gasp*

Alexander: *shocked gasp*

Saphron: *shocked gasp*

Arc sisters: *shocked gasp*

Jaune: *shocked gasp*

Pyrrha: wait, why are you shocked too?

Jaune: honestly? It’s because i still can’t understand how a loser like me got you to be my girlfriend.

Arc family: same.

Pyrrha: *hugging jaune* don’t say that! you’re not helping him!

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