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#rwby pyrrha
soldieroflandb · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
RWBY Justice League Chapter Seven Cover
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punk-63 · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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ryuto12 · 4 hours ago
Random RWBY 1:
Only Yatsu, Arslan, Ren, Pyrrha, Nadir, and Sage’s close friends and family can use their first names. Everyone else is restricted to their last names, a traditional Mistralian custom. 
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rwbybutincorrect · 7 hours ago
[Team JNPR gorup chat]
Ren: jgklkfdlkkfsghk
Pyrrha: What is that?
Jaune: It’s a keyboard smash.
Pyrrha: How do I do it?
Nora: Just press anything.
Pyrrha: 7
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smh0217 · 10 hours ago
Pyrrha: Do you think we could ever be more than friends?
Jaune: IM SO GLAD YOU ASKED I can TOTALLY see us as dragons, hang on I drew a picture-
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aravas-writing · 12 hours ago
no au) nora has stolen jaune's clothes when he was in the shower. turns out that jaune's pretty built under that hoodie. also his hands do nothing to hide his dick. this was the final straw for pyrrha! she was gonna have that dick inside her! all she needed to do was get the now naked jaune back to thier room not an easy thing when the entire female population of remnant was trying to get a piece of HER MAN
Pyrrha was crushing on Jaune for a while now. At first, it was innocent, but then came the fantasies...
It was fate, the moment she had walked in on Jaune in the communal showers. The champion had been dreaming of this, even dared to touch herself to the fantasy.
Now? Jaune was there, in all of his wet and naked splendour, the shower spray raining down on him.
His massive dick swaying between his legs.
Propriety fell out the proverbial window.
She just had to get him to the dorms, all alone, on the bed they would break soon. There was just a teeny tiny flaw in that plan.
Jaune was still naked.
His schlong was still flipping about.
People stared.
And certain sluts thought the blonde was "in danger" and tried to rescue him!
They were all thrown to the side. No one would stand between her and that dick!
"Help me..."
No one.
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punk-63 · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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idrownfishes0 · 14 hours ago
Jaune X JNPR Fight/Spar Interactions
(Mortal Kombat/Injustice style)
Mirror Match
Jaune: "I bet you're one of those girls with illusions."
Jaune: "No way, that's my line!"
Jaune: "She couldn't have picked an easier target."
Jaune: "I now regret my high stamina."
Jaune: "Think of it as endurance training, for the team."
Jaune: "I don't have all day for this."
Jaune: "Do you deal with losing her any better than I do?"
Jaune: "What do you mean? Losing who?"
Jaune: "Oh boy..."
Ren: "I know it's been hard Jaune."
Jaune: "Don't do this, man."
Ren: "I don't know what I would do if I lost Nora."
Jaune: "So you wanna test my strength?"
Ren: "You gotta be kept on your toes, leader."
Jaune: "Fine by me, let's go."
Ren: "You have a lot of pent-up rage."
Jaune: "Why don't we blow off some steam then?"
Ren: "Always happy to assist."
Nora: "Why won't you let me go out more?"
Jaune: "There aren't many I trust to look after you."
Nora: "I take that as a compliment!"
Jaune: "We need to have a chat, Nora."
Nora: "What do you mean, Fearless Leader?"
Jaune: "I mean that I'm the coach now."
Jaune: "I've officially lost my mind."
Pyrrha: "But it's really me! Please listen."
Jaune: "Pyrrha is gone!"
Jaune: "Someone's trying to break me for good."
Pyrrha: "No, this is real! Please, Jaune."
Jaune: "I'll tear apart whoever's doing this!"
Pyrrha: "I'm here, and I wanna help."
Jaune: "I can't go through this again."
Pyrrha: "I'll beat some sense into you if I have to!"
Grimm Pyrrha: "Hello again."
Jaune: "My worst nightmare is haunting me..."
Grimm Pyrrha: "Won't you give me a kiss?"
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pilot-boi · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commission of these four for the LOVELY @wobblyjellyfish based on the Moldova 2018 Eurovision entry. Now if only the videos would stop being blocked in my country >:|
[Buy Me A Ko-Fi]
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gigawatt-conduit · 17 hours ago
Your last chance,
Tumblr media
Last summer.
Tumblr media
Your last dance.
Tumblr media
Beat to your own drummer.
Tumblr media
Go out fighting.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Go out young.
Tumblr media
A flash of lightning.
Tumblr media
Glimpse the sun.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aravas-writing · a day ago
mama's boy au) mama and papa arc weren't the only one's who visited, Jaune's childhood friend Joan D'Arc (a branch family of the Main Arc house, so they have common ancestor like ten generations back) came to visit. Jaune is shocked to find out she was actually girl all this time. Pyrrha finds out that Joan is a "mood kindred" and has also been after the noodle just like her.
The Arc clan was fairly extensive, as it turned out. Many branches existed, strewn all across Remnant.
One of them had come with the Arc parents. Pyrrha and Jaune went to the landing docks to greet them.
"It's been ages since I've last seen Joan. He was a bit of a crybaby and clung to me at all times, but you don't know that from me, Pyr!" He laughed merrily, clearly looking forward to meeting hid childhood friend again.
His partner felt some jealousy at his anticipation, though Pyrrha squashed the feeling. It was a guy friend, one who her partner hasn't seen in ages.
She should feel happy for him.
So why did she only feel dread?
Regardless, the craft docked easily and opened its hatch with a mechanical hiss.
"Jaune!" The person that darted out of the bullhead and headed for Jaune in a b-line only looked like a boy at first glance. Pyrrha found her dread justified as a blonde tomboy tackled her partner in a hug.
Apart from the glance, this girl was quite attractive, with healthy thighs, a cute face and boobs bigger than Yang's.
What? She felt like she had competition, so she scoped it out.
Joan let go of her bewildered cousin - the only thing Pyrrha cling on to as hope. "It so good to see you again!"
"Joan," he got out numbly, looking both confused and overwhelmed. "You, uh...changed."
"I know, right?" The tomboy twirled around. "Puberty hit me like a bullhead, so now no one can say that I'm a boy!"
From boy to tomboy. Damn.
"Ah." Apparently he was reeling internally, but the young knight had the sense to keep shut about his own presumption.
"So come on, show me around! Wait, who is She?" Joan turned to Pyrrha, who immediately realized that her jealousy was showing and steeled her expression into a polite smile.
Too late. The tomboy saw and replied with a strained smile. In that moment, Pyrrha knew everything.
One: Joan also had a crush on Jaune.
Two: Joan knew that Pyrrha had a crush.
Three: neither of them could spit it out.
They were kindred, pining after the same guy, too shy to spit it out.
"This is my partner here at Beacon, Pyrrha. Pyrrha, this is Joan, my cousin and childhood friend."
The two shook hands with polite smiles, wondering how to solve their problem...
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aravas-writing · a day ago
How is Pyrrha taking Yang getting all touchy and close to Jaune?
Oh, she was beyond jealous at first, but then she recognized that this was just a sad situation for yang.
So she let it happen; not like the blonde will fall for her noodle, right?
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punk-63 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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punk-63 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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aravas-writing · a day ago
Arkos, walking in or her fearless leader naked the young amazon doesn't apologize as she sees the prize she has truly been wanting more then any other. Without saying a word she tackles Jaunes lap face first and mouth wide open into her prize, she has finally seen it she will not stand down on her desires
Tumblr media
Something like this, then.
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aravas-writing · a day ago
Jaunes teamates reaction to his secret nicknames of them. Pyrrah (The apologetic Amazon) Nora and Ren ( Queen and king of pink) oscar (The countryside shota)
Pyrrha: "I really apologize a lot, don't I?"
Nora: "You know it! Doesn't he, Renny? See, he agrees."
Oscar: *flashbacks of getting ara ara'd*
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empress-s · a day ago
Tumblr media
Pyrrha and Nora! :)
Reference was from Swing Dance: Fashion, music, culture and key moves by Scott Cupit. Can’t find the image online but the book credits the photographer as Sin Bozkurt
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hadesisqueer · a day ago
Thinking about Pyrrha and that if Jaune had died and she had lived, it would have been even crueler to her than her death was to Jaune.
Pyrrha would blame herself for everything. She failed to become the Fall Maiden, and Beacon fell for it, and a lot of people died. She also killed Penny (indirectly). And not only would she have to deal with all that guilt: on top of that, the boy she loved would have died. Probably trying to save her, because she's Pyrrha. She would still have tried to fight Cinder. She would have tried. But if Jaune would have followed and put himself between the arrow and her and... well.
I like how the show went. First, because as much as I love Pyrrha, I love Jaune too, and I love his arc and how much he's grown to be a kind, supportive leader, and how much he subverts all anime tropes. And second, because her arc would have probably been even tougher to watch than Jaune's, and Jaune's arc (his grief, his self-destructive tendencies) was already tough to watch for me.
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