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This one’s for @theonceoverthinker who wanted a drabble about Yang getting trapped somehow.

“SURPRISE HUG!” was the last thing Yang heard before she was tackled to the ground by her over energetic sister.

Yang rolled her eyes from her spot on the ground. “Oh noooo, I’m trapped.”

Ruby giggled, hugging Yang tighter, “That’s right! Trapped by the hug monster! And I’ll never let you go!”

“Unless I do this!” she grinned, rolling over on top of Ruby.

Ruby wiggled under her, “Nooo! Get off!”

Yang simply grinned and stayed put, “Nah. I’m comfey.”

“Not for long.” A gravelly voice said before Uncle Qrow was suddenly sprawled atop them, making them both protest loudly.

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This scene…. Now that I think more and more about it… It shows how sad I am. This is a reflection of how Qrow and I seem to have many things in common.


Qrow has the semblance of Misfortune. It’s a bad luck semblance that always follows him and causes, you guessed it, bad things to happen around him. It’s taunted him his whole life. How does this correlate to me? I seem to be a bad omen for people around me. I stay silent a lot as to not upset people or cause them to feel horrible. I also seem to walk into a room with people and something bad will happen

Depression and Loss

(I do not know if I have depression. I’m just saying this in the context of I feel depressed all the time. Don’t self diagnose) Qrow has clearly suffered many losses. Summer, Clover, and probably a few close friends. I’ve experienced the loss of a close brother and many losses of friends. They left and never came back. In result, we both have seemed to grow further from friends and family because we’re scared to loose them too. Another way this seems to make sense, is when my ex broke up with me. In the context of the line,

“Now it just feels like a childish dream. Gone. Like everybody else”.

Qrow lost his best friend who made him feel safe around others and even himself, while my ex made me feel more loved and cherished than I actually was. By him at least. Then when Clover died, that feeling slipped away, pushing Qrow into that space of hopelessness, and also he felt like he was back to the sad man he once was. Back in drunk loser Hall of fame. When my ex left me, it made me slip into a state of depression and guilt. Because I knew I wasn’t good enough for him. Me and Qrow were both in a state of hopelessness before, only wanting a friend who would either understand us more, or make us feel safe. But when that was taken away, we were pushed back to that state of tiredness.


Okay. We’re both edgy children. Well… Kinda- He’s a fictional man and I’m a hormonal teenage girl. But he’s emo at heart I swear. We both seem to have a taste in black and red clothing. We also have dark hair and a skinny appearance. But I could never be as good looking as Qrow.

Thanks for listening to my Ted talk

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Qrow: Who has four toothbrushes, like Jacques Schnee or something?

Store Employee: No, that’s like, for a family.

Qrow: Family? Like, a whole family and their toothbrushes all together? Two slots for the parent toothbrushes and two slots for their kids?

Store Employee: Yup.

Qrow: So the parent toothbrushes can be close to the kid toothbrushes and watch over them and they can talk about their toothbrush feelings and they can hold their little toothbrush hands when they’re sad and make sure no harm comes to their little bristles?

Store Employee: Sure..?

Qrow: *crying into plunger*

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