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Raven: Is about to leave the house on a snowy day

Taiyang: Runs over to the door and places a hand on the door to stop Raven from leaving

Taiyang: B A B Y I T ‘ S C O L D O U T S I D E !

Raven: I’m sorry, what?


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RWBY AMV - Devil In Disguise (Raven 2020)

Dropped another RWBY AMV… This one is about Raven… Yang’s mom who abandoned her when she was a baby…  Explains the anger issues she suffers with… Underneath those eyes of fire is a beautiful soul that wears
her heart on her sleeve… and will risk life and limb (literally) to protect the people she loves… Everyone on the “Yang Protection Squad"  would love to strangle that deadbeat of a mom… but since Raven is the Spring Maiden…  Yang could possibly inherit those powers if something happens to Raven and she dies… Well enough with the back story… Keep a look out for the next creation… I am working on it… Hope you enjoy my RWBY AMVs… I enjoy making them… Thanks for watching!!!  

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Back in JUNE I was gonna draw a lil pride comic ft. Trans Qrow, Pan Tai, Ace Rae, and Bi Summer but then I completely forgot about it and today I found the very little bit I had done and figured I’d post it, so have tired baby and his teammates

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Taiyang: Raven, do you know what today is?

Raven: Valentines Day?

Taiyang: Yup, I got you something as well!

Taiyang: pulls a flower bouquet out for Raven

Raven: Right… I got you something as well.

Taiyang: Really??

Raven: gives him the corpse of a dead squirrel 

Taiyang: Raven what the fuck is this? I mean, I-I love it! T-t-thank you so much Raven! 

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Just A Thought

Just because you’re on one side doesn’t immediately mean you’re the “good guy” or the “bad guy”.

Just because Ozma has gone through less destructive means doesn’t make him the good guy. We don’t know anything about Salem’s objectives, only that she does whatever it takes to accomplish them.

Ozma has done NOTHING aside from hide the truth, hurt everyone around him, and play people for his little cause. A cause that we know is dedicated to merely hiding Salem from Remnant. When the truth came out, he didn’t even own up to it. He ran and hid like a scared little girl.

Think of Raven and Qrow. They didn’t ASK to be involved in this, as it actually is. They bought into the lies Ozma told them and now they’re paying the price. Summer is dead, as far as we know. Qrow has suffered. Raven is something she probably didn’t even want to become. Raven just wanted to protect her tribe. Now look at her. Ozpin is less destructive, but he is far from good.

If you ask me, as evil as Salem’s actions are, Ozma is the evil one. Not intentionally, but by doing the wrong thing lifetime after lifetime. Imagine how many people had to suffer and lose their lives before we came to see Team RWBY. And Ozma probably thinks no more of these girls than the ones fallen before them.

This thought just came to be in the spur of the moment. I haven’t actually thought this through, but just blurting out what comes to me. I’ll probably take a look back at this in a few days with a more thoughtful process.

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Ravens semblance

Ever since I got the ask, I keep thinking about it. Raven’s semblance is very weird considering who and how she is and I’ve written a theory about how I think it manifested but I’m trying to think about how exactly does her semblance work.

So thank you @mightyjensblog for putting this in my head and distracting me from the “Cinder stuffs her bras” theory I was about to make instead lmao.

Raven can create portals to the ones she has a bond with, simple enough. She only uses it for teleportation rather than offensively during combat. She only has 4 known bonds so far and one of them is currently dead (Vernal).

But the only thing that’s been floating in my mind is, how does she know when her bond is in danger?

This was only shown with Yang and no one else but Raven knew TWICE (presumably more) that Yang had been in danger, one she acted on and the other she ignored. Qrow said that it’s her rule to only interfere once but how exactly does she know when to give that favour?

Yang has been in many hairy situations, a lot of them dangerous and had put her in moral peril so why choose that one time in the train to save her daughter instead of any other time?

Yang could have defintly died in that forest along with Ruby had Qrow not intervened so why not save her then and pretend she was someone else? A stranger? Yang would’ve also died when Adam had cut her arm off if not for Blake carrying her away, why not intervene then? Yang was unconscious and she wouldn’t know.

Raven stubbornly chooses to only help her daughter once despite literally begging her 3 times not to join Ozpin and Qrow against Salem. Could it be that her semblance tells her when bonds are about to die?

Qrow asked her a rhetorical question, did she know that her daughter lost an arm? Yes, yes she did. But she still chose not to save her, because she didn’t need her then.

Yang had no one around to save her on the train, she had Qrow as a child, Blake in Beacon and her team in every other situation. Could Raven have sensed that this might have really been the end of the line for her daughter?

How I imagine it in my mind is, Raven can feel a literal link. Like a string of fate type of link. When in danger, that link or string will stretch like a rubber band, Raven could feel when its close to snapping and when its not. Yang’s link was literally about to snap that one time on the train and Raven hastened to help. She was literally running out of her portal when she appeared.

If that’s the case, then it would make sense if she didn’t feel a need to interfere any other time, She knows that Yang wouldn’t really die.

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Raven and Qrow’s semblances always struck me as odd. It always felt as if they had the opposite type of semblance to their personality, Raven was distant and cold yet she got the semblance to make and be there for her bonds while Qrow was the one who had many people to care about yet he had a semblance that essentially forced him to distant himself from them. So why?

Semblances have nothing to do with who they are or what family they come from (excluding the schnees), semblances manifest at a time when they’re needed most.

So what incident forced Qrow to manifest a curse of bad luck while Raven had opened herself a portal to her bonds?

I think that in a tribe, life is most likely tough. Raven says they’d been engaged in the tribe since a young age and the only thing they couldn’t have fought were huntsmen.

Qrow could have gotten himself in a situation with a huntsmen where he’s desperate enough to wish that a bit of bad luck would be enough to save himself. Raven would be separated from her brother, presumably her first bond and in her own desperation she opened a portal leading straight to him.

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