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#rwby reaction

Okay, so

Fellow RWBY-watchers that are in need for more content and way to much time on their hands!

Maybe some of you want to look back at the previous volumes without having to suffer alone from the more.. mediocre moments. Maybe some of you are like me and need something in the background while you do your stuff. Maybe you’re just bored.

I created a way for us to catch up with the past volumes in an entertaining way AND it takes a tiny bit of time to get through, so you will have something to watch for a while.

I present to you The entire chronological collection of Murder Of Birds’ reactions, discussions and shitposts in one playlist

I also made a handy little menu, so you will know how much time it takes to get through certain volumes. I spent too much time on it send help


Note: discussions include the soundtrack livestreams;

I will update the playlist as soon as new reactions will come out

Merry RWBY and until volume 8

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RWBY vol7 ch12 spoilers without context

-Fisherman, Scarecrow and Robin Hood dook it out, Scorpion drops the ship (oh, irony, you cruel bitch)

-Pinocchio tells Ice Queen she’s an idiot

-Hare runs after Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White kicks Doggo, Belle and Goldilocks chop some wood

-Scarecrow unvolenterly teams up with Scorpion to take down Fisherman

-Trees, Doggo and Hare are out

-Little Prince(ss) Ozma punches Marry Poppins in the face

-Thor, Mulan and Jeanne d’Arc are ready to protecc His Highness and his magic lämp

-Pinocchio and Cinderella are about to kame-hame-ha this shit

-Fisherman tragically dies in Scarecrows arms at sunrise


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RWBY Volume 7 Chapter 7 Reaction!

I’m sorry for the delay, folks. Life happens, mental health happens, but we are back on track!

I’m hoping I can edit and upload all the 4 videos I have left, to be on time for next Saturday’s episode being edited as soon as I watch it (which should be at night time, probably 😭)


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Look who’s back again with RWBY reviews!

That’s right!



Originally posted by hanmua

So I’ll start with more recent chapters (7-9) and then might go back to chapters 5&6, which is unlikely, though, because they were literally analyzed so well by the people in fandom that I have nothing left to add. Let’s see how far we will go!

RWBY Volume 7 Chapter 7 Review 

1. Mantle looks devastating again and I cannot stress enough how much I do not understand prioritizing the Amity project over the Mantle wall. In general. Yes, I understand that they have to prepare for Salem’s plans and attacks and realization of the Amity project but there is no way they can protect Mantle in case of panic then. I refuse to believe that they would leave all the job to Penny alone. I mean fixing the wall would not take that long, would it? That would also make the general atmosphere in the city more stable. And right after they could just “alright we’re out of here” and go for Amity.

Excuse me for starting the post with such a complain, I just lost too many times in mobile games when I had practically the same issues with outer defence that seemed like “oh I can fix this later” problems but then actually became the reasons for the failed levels and this just makes me really worried. 

2. We have 3 out of 4 Happy Huntresses’ semblances revealed (glances at Johanna👀👀👀). Just saying.

3. Can I just declare how much I love the voice acting in the scene with Ironwood???? It was gorgeous!! Also, I am surprised how the general is on the edge and about to snap like 99% of the time, but at the same time he tries to keep the head cool and not rushing into complete “if you are not with us you are against us” thing? He keeps listening to people around them even though he does not completely agree with them? Like? Wow? 

All the respect to Ironwood, honestly.

Also, Nora was incredible. She gets more and more depth to her character and this is fantastic.

4. Ok, so, many people were talking about how Ren is on Ironwood’s side and not on Mantle’s and etc., but I believe there might be another context to it. He shows that even though people in his group - on his team in particular - are not completely on the same side with Ironwood, they still will work together besides the disputes to protect the people in Mantle and Atlas in all possible ways. 

It’s, like, a general protection thing.

It’s, like, uniting different people thing, you know?

5. I will shout out to Maria each and every time because she is loved in this house. 

6. I like how the lighting works in the scene with Yang, Blake and Robyn. Poetic cinema. Also, I think there might be a bit of foreshadowing that goes just beyond situation with Robyn: “But next time I want to make sure we don’t have to”. Will there be anyone else soon on the edge of death?… 👀

Also, I will keep on screaming about how I like Blake this volume and her interactions with teammates. Good, good food.

7. THANK LORD THEY HAVE THE RECORDED DATA. This was my instant thought when I saw ep. 6. For sure the damage has been done, but at least they have a valid counterpoint to what people think and say. They will not believe, though, because they are scared and angry, but still.

8. Weiss is trying to connect the dots and it’s incredibly cool.

9. With Pietro sharing his aura with Penny, the anger of people in Mantle, recent posts of CRWBY on Twitter and some posts about “the Penny song” and the “dangerous light” behind her in the opening I suddenly feel really bad for her. Red flags red flags red flags-

10. COLLECTIVE VOL 3 PTSD AWAKENS- no really this was a really well done moment, it had so much feelings and memories in it. 

Oscar being a very wise boy analyzing the situation the flashbacks and Ironwood’s mood. He and Ironwood had a very significant conversation, and I hope Ironwood starts feeling a bit better after it. I also just in general like their interactions, even though Ironwood keeps bringing up Ozpin in conversations practically all the time. It kinda… sounds a bit impolite (yes I am talking about “you will get used to it” even though Ironwood definitely did not want to offend anybody, even cheer up probably).


Originally posted by gypsyastronaut

Whew, that was suddenly a very long post! Thanks for sticking to the end of my TEDx Talk, hope you had some good time! Have fun stay safe be happy✨❤️✨

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