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Theories for the upcoming episodes

possible spoilers for ch10


Originally posted by lampsandclovers

  • Emerald will use her semblance to disguise someone as Penny
  • Ren will go to Nora and use his semblance and either see pink petals around both of them and a cute scene happens, or much to his surprise she will be feeling off and he will feel responsible and sorry and finally talk about his feelings
  • Multiple things for Winter: she will either be imprisoned (tho I doubt it), be given orders and maybe “blackmailed” with Weiss, she’ll join Qrow and Robyn
  • Robyn/Qrow/Winter will be the one to defeat Ironwood
  • If they leave Atlas/the Atlas arc is Finished, Winter will either be in power and replace Ironwood or join team rwby, I mostly think she will do stuff with Qrow and Robyn since she’s been teased to bond with them
  • -> Qrow either follows Team rwby to vacuo or stays in Atlas, similar to Winter
  • Not really sure how exactly, but a scene between Marrow and Jaune, Ren, Yang
  • Emerald will hope that Cinder gets her from team rwby and will finally realize that Cinder doesn’t care about her
  • Whitley and Willow will probably stay at the mansion with Klein
  • Scene between Winter and Weiss or Weiss will at least jear about her and worry (I’d love for Winter to be with her family for a moment but I doubt it’ll happen)
  • Ruby and Weiss might think about a plan on ‘saving’ Winter and Qrow since they don’t really know what’s with them
  • Yang/Jaune/Ren will tell Weiss that Winter let them go (if not I’ll be mad) and Weiss is reassured that Winters heart is at the right place
  • Robyn and Qrow could potentially part ways as Qrow goes to Ironwood and Robyn to the Happy Huntresses or they fight Ironwood together tho I prefer a fight between James and Qrow much more because of their build up
  • I think there was a lot of focus on Nora in the intro so I’m sure there’s a lot of stuff going to happen with her in the aksz episodes or at least 1 good character moment
  • Ozcar will fuse with Ozpin at the end of the volume
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Wait, so next episode might feature Ren’s reaction to Nora’s condition? Yessss

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that’s it!

no one will ever be able to hide something from ren now

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SO MY DEAR BFF @moinstar​  Is spoiling my renora heart so much this february!!




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Nora: What if instead of drops, rain fell all at once? Like, a two-inch thick sheet of water just goes thwap, and then it’s sunny again.

Ren: Fun fact: That is what would happen if there was no Air resistance, and it would actually come down so fast that it would kill us.

Nora: Oh.

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Ruby: I dare you to-

Ren: Nora isn’t allowed to accept dares.

Nora: Apperantly I have “no regard for my personal safety”.

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Hello, Timeline! 👋

Just me here with another shit post to remind you that I, yes I, am in love with Lie Ren.

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Jaune: Ren! Quick! Get the leader!

Ren: You are the leader.


Jaune: Ren! Quick! Get another leader!

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Ruby: It’s crazy how Leonardo could paint and invent all those things and still find the time to be a crime-fighting turtle.

Yang: He was amazing in titanic.

Nora: A real Renaissance man.

Ren: What?

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Ruby: What if mayonnaise came in cans?

Nora: That would suck cause you can’t microwave metal.

Ren: Good morning to everyone except you two.

Ren: You don’t appreciate the laws of cooking.

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23. what’s your dream wedding like?

Nora: Just a simple wedding. Preferably outdoor.

Ren: With flowers of course.

Nora: Flowers as the main theme.

Ren: Especially orchids and roses and lilies…

Nora: Yeah, a pretty big variety of flowers, but still very simple. Just hope no one’s allergic to any of the flowers…

Ren: Good point.

Nora: Oh, I’d also wear a simple white wedding gown.

Ren: And I a typical tuxedo.

Nora: Though you’d look prettier in the dress than I would :3

Ren: That would make for an interesting wedding… plus, you’d look downright gorgeous in a suit…

Nora: Awwwh, shaddap…

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