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#rwby rose

They deserve to sleep for a month after this season. Did a couple different lighting options, since who knows what time it even is in Atlas at this point. 

Let’s be real they’re not all getting out without injuries…

Part two with team JNOR coming  eventually soon 

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on one hand tho is episode was horrifyingly angsty and very heavy and painful, but on the other hand, it was amazing for shippers, especially multishippers

we got:

1. weiss placing her hand on crying ruby’s shoulder

2. blake and ruby having a rlly sweet heart-to-heart

3. ruby roasting the grimm with her laser eyeballs for hurting penny

4. nora comforting hacked penny

5. uhh probably more but i have the memory of a sock

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so we all know and love rwby’s complimentary color thinf right? i put a slice of ruby into a color-inverter and we got


hmmm… you know who has a white/blue color scheme? ;3

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alright lads i’m trying to get more into nuts and dolts so this is ur chance to spam me with art and infodumps and anything else about Them. go wild

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i can’t really explain my thoughts rn but. ruby is the moon and summer is the sun

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team rwby + homework

ruby: chaotic 4.0. lives off caffeine, sugar, and spite. always waits until the last second, 99% of what she’s assigned is never turned in, somehow still gets amazing grades on tests and straight a’s at the end of every quarter.

weiss: immaculate grades and she works hard for them. stays up late studying obscure concepts that won’t be on the test “just in case.” needs cuddles from ruby to calm down and take a break.

blake: does her homework as assigned, no more, no less. misses an assignment every now and then, but never anything too bad. never goes the extra mile for work unless the subject interests her. grades are always nice and neat.

yang: inventor of the phrase “c’s get fucken degrees.” she’s very intelligent, of course, but you wouldn’t think that from her grades. passes neatly every quarter, though, to the bewilderment of everyone who’s seen her grades.

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(I can’t @ you for some reason??)

Absolutely tbh, and I was thinking like–what if Kokichi was a wind glider junkie and just loved to glide everywhere he could? Wind god plus wind boy, good shit.

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Team RWBY designs for my vampire hunter au from october.


Ruby Rose - Halfling (unknowingly) and Vampire hunter

Blake Belladonna - Vampire and Vampire hunter

Yang Xiao Long - Vampire hunter

Weiss Schnee - Vampire Hunter

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She wore pants bruh. Also i just ate like a dozen cupcakes. Strawberry flavor.

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Ruby: *trying and failing to fend off a beowolf* Oh this is not good…

Yang: *rushing out of the bushings and slamming her fist into the beowolf’s muzzle* 

Ruby: *watching in awe*

Yang: *smiling* There we go. You okay?

Ruby: *nodding* That was amazing. 

Yang: Thanks. So, you dont know how to actually fight grimm, do you?

Ruby: Not… really. I only know how to fight people…

Yang: Dont worry, not everyone learns to fight grimm before coming around. *looking closer at Ruby* Did your aura break already?

Ruby: *hesitating* My… aura?

Yang: …you dont know what aura is, do you?

Ruby: *shaking her head* Not really…

Yang: *sighing* You’re going to get yourself killed out here.

Ruby: *walking off in the direction of the ruins* Then Miss Schnee would punish me.

Yang: Miss Schnee?

Ruby: She’s my master. Well… mistress I guess. 

Yang: *confused* This is a weird roleplaying thing, isnt it?

Ruby: No, I work for her. 

Yang: And you’re here because….?

Ruby: She wanted me to be. I’m… not entirely sure either. But, anything’s better than being back in Atlas. 

Yang: *catching up to Ruby* Cant be that bad.

Ruby: *hesitating* Its… pretty bad.

Yang: If you’re going to survive, then you’re going to need to learn how to fight.

Ruby: I know how to fight!

Yang: *smirking* Didnt look like it to me.

Ruby: I just know how to fight people. 

Yang: *shaking her head and gently pushing Ruby* 

Ruby: *immediately pulling out her weapon, aimed right at Yang’s throat* 

Yang: *hesitating* S-sorry. I didnt mean to-

Ruby: *slowly lowering her weapon* I… I’m sorry… I just… dont like being touched. 

Yang: *noticing the brand on Ruby’s neck* I understand. I’ll keep that in mind. 

Ruby: *sighing* We should go find those relics. 

Yang: Sure thing, partner.

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