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#rwby rosebird

Rosebird as a ship really is peak gay culture. I’m not hating or anything, I think it’s great, but the amount of content it gets is so fucking funny to me because. Like. We made up a dozen possible dynamics and infinite content for a ship with absolutely zero screentime and with a bare minimum of information about the characters.

Do we know anything about what kinds of people people they were when they were most likely to have been in a relationship? No.

Are we going to ship it and create content for it anyway? FUCK yes.

Summer having the bisexual haircutTM caused a lot of things.

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Rosebird Week - A Makeshift Tribe

Day 6 was Meet the Tribe.

Qrow checks in on his sister, meets the makeshift family that Raven has carved out.


Qrow had expected his trip to Sunspear to be…less crowded. He’d brought Ser James with him, for protection on the road. This trip was mostly to reunite with his sister and meet his niece. He hadn’t expected there to be two. Or for Taiyang to be visiting. And he had zero idea who this Sienna person was that was sitting on Tai’s lap.

“Please explain,” Qrow looked at Raven expectantly as The blonde blur that was Yang started pulling on Jimmy’s arm.

“You have to meet my little sister!” She squawked, jumping up and down as she led the knight away.

Raven watched it all with a twinkle in her eye, “I took the long way round.” Qrow rolled his eyes. “Tai and I have never been romantic, you know that.”

“I believe the words you used in your letter were ‘a means to an end’ and 'unofficial alliance.’” Qrow drawled, rolling his neck as he took in the room.

Summer was the only one absent from Summer’s solar. Tai and Sienna were 'supervising’ as Yang 'defended’ Ruby’s bassinet. Jimmy was currently splayed out on the floor with a tiny sword held at his neck. Qrow hoped Summer hadn’t let Raven give Yang a real blade…

“It worked out in his favor. Sienna’s the Lady of Lemonwood and controls the port of Planky Town.” Raven shrugged and nodded towards the canoodling couple, “He can see the girls whenever he wants and still sail.”

“And Summer gets two heirs,” Qrow raised a brow, “No one’s giving you any trouble about that?”

Raven’s lips curled up in a near manic grin, “Not any more.”

Qrow chuckled, nodded his assent, “As long as you’re happy.”


Despite Raven’s assurances, Qrow stuck around a couple days. Tai returned to the Yellow Dragin and Sienna to Sunspear’s sister city across the river. This gave Qrow exactly the information he was looking for.

“You’re beautiful,” Summer’s voice was cast low. Her fingers were laced with Raven’s as they spun around the water gardens.

It was night. The gardens were empty, the water rippling under the moonlight the only music. Qrow was perched carefully atop a tower, able to see, but not be seen.

“Are you happy here?” Summer’s voice shook as Raven twirled her out and back in. Raven wrapped her arms around Summer’s waist from behind and swayed. “Qrow came to check and…”

Raven silenced her with a kiss. When they broke apart Raven kissed her cheek, “If I wasn’t happy, I would leave.” Summer nodded, her head leaning back onto Raven’s shoulder.

“I missed you,” Summer admitted, eyes on the moon. “I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much.” Raven turned her lover once more, dipping her low before kissing her once more.

Qrow left as swift as his wings could take him and he still heard the echo of Summer’s moan.

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Rosebird Week - A Dornish Sunset

Day 5 was Beacon Ball.


The Lords and Ladies of Dorne are generally more progressive than the rest of Westeros. It’s something Summer takes great pride in. But even they start to drop hints when their Princess goes unmarried and heirless for two years.

Summer tries not to let it bother her - her sister had died trying to give Sunspear an heir. Everyone was understandably skittish about a succession crisis. Summer included even.

A damn suitor market was not what she had in mind for a solution.

“It’s a ball, my lady, nothing nearly so nefarious.” Lady Sienna rolled her eyes openly as Summer huffed. “The time of mourning has passed, your people need something joyful, something to celebrate.”

“The anniversary of Queen’s Salem’s coronation is good enough reason to drink and be merry then?” Summer raised a brow. The other woman’s ears quirked, but she remained silent. “Alright then.”

She could be merry. She could be joyful.

Or she could fake it. Summer stared down at the gardens, watched the children splashing and laughing.

“Is there anything else you wish to discuss today, Sienna?” Summer looked back at her friend over her shoulder. Sienna had not stood or made even a single move towards the door.

“You received a letter, my lady.” Sienna held a beat up envelope with Summer’s name scrawled on the front.

Summer’s face scrunched up, “Why would the Maester bring that to-”

“It was delivered by hand, Summer.” Sienna did not offer it forward. “A woman with red eyes refused to give it to anyone without a title so the guards came to me.”


The name escaped her lips unbridled and Sienna pursed her lips.

“She didn’t tell me her name, but…yes.”

Summer stepped forward and snatched the letter from Sienna’s hand. She drank in Raven’s short message like a drowning woman.

“I need you to do something for me, Sienna.”


Tai watched Raven pace their small room at the inn in Sunspear with waning amusement. Yang was on the floor at her feet, a couple of toys in hand.

“You don’t have to go.” Tai reminded her for the third time. Raven scowled just as she had the twice before.

“I’m not going to cowar from these pompous lords!”

Tai chuckled, “Now how do you know they’re pompous?” Raven stopped pacing to glare at him. “You haven’t met them yet.” He sat up on the bed, “And if you and Summer get back together, you’d sort of be their liege lady.”

Raven’s nose wrinkled and she continued to pace.


Summer noticed her as soon as she stepped into the hall. And not just because her seat was elevated above the floor.

Raven drew the eyes of the whole room with her beauty and her leather armor. It was black and red, dyed specially years before. It was the last gift Summer had given her before…

“You gonna drool at her all night or actually go talk to her?” Sienna leaned over to drawl, not unkindly, in her ear. Summer flushed and her back straightened.

Across the room, Raven’s eyes lifted to meet Summer’s gaze. A flutter rose up Summer’s chest as the red held her in place. She felt herself rise from her seat, but did not remember deciding to do that.

“It’s nice to see you again, Raven.” Summer breathed when she found herself standing before the taller woman. Raven’s lips quirked at the softness of her words.

Raven made a show of looking around the room, “Dorne’s not so bad as I imagined.” Summer’s smile split her face. “You wouldn’t mind if I hung around a while, would you?”

“I’d be offended if you didn’t.” Summer took Raven’s hand in hers. The crowds of people disappeared from her mind. All she saw were eyes the same color as a Dornish sunset.

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Rosebird Week - The Silence and The Storm

Day 4 was confession. I interpreted that as an emotional confession rather than a romantic one. Also, plot.

I know I’m behind a few days, but we should still finish on schedule!


Sunspear is different than Summer remembered it. It was still sunny, still breezy, still full of people from all over Dorne and Essos and the Summer Isles. It was still beautiful.

It was just too quiet.

“My lady,” a maid set her food and wine on the desk. Summer forced a smile, nodding her thanks as the woman departed.

This was her mother’s solar. Her sister’s desk. There were unfinished letters and sheets of sums in the curly handwriting.

Everly’s words jumped off the pages just as Everly use to jump from windows. Vibrant and joyful and…

Summer brushed tears from her eyes before they could fall. She dipped her quill in ink and pulled the proposed trade agreements with Highgarden close. She finished each of her sister’s letters. Marked them closed with her ring.

The Dornish Rose. She traced the symbol in the wax.

Another servant appeared. Summer handed them the letters, “For the Maester to send out.” The servant disappeared just as quickly as they’d come, sinking back into the silence.

Summer stood. With a roll of her shoulders she walked towards the window. There was no glass here as there was in Storm’s End. Just a long rectangle cut from the stone. Summer settled a hand on either side of it.

There was nothing below her. By design, this side of the castle looked out of the desert. It was a straight drop from every window into the sand. This solar was at the top of a tower, far from the ground.

Summer drew in a breath, pushed at her diagram, and then screamed out the window. The sand swallowed it up. When Summer slid to the floor on her knees, breathing heavily, she could still feel the scream ringing around her head.


Two Years Later

The storm waged heavily outside. Waves crashed on the hull in rapid succession. Raven was curled up in her bunk with Yang resting on her chest. There were sailors snoozing in bunks beside her. Raven would give almost anything for the crackling of a fire oland the humming of a…

Yang squirmed, tiny and fussy with her face scrunched up as she burrowed against Raven’s chest. Raven slid her fingers through the baby’s thin hair as she stood to leave the room. Yang continued to fuss even as Raven sat down on the deck.

The waves tossed and turned and Yang let out a scream. She didn’t calm until Tai approached. A single touch from her father and Yang was soothed. Raven scowled at him, “It must be nice to be her favorite.”

“It is,” Tai’s grin split his face. He bent down to kiss Yang’s forehead. “But baby’s are also just intuitive, Rae.” Raven raised a brow. “She can tell you’re not happy and responds.”

Raven turned her head to watch the waves cresting over the hull. Water spilled across the deck.

“I’ve never been to Dorne.” Raven’s head snapped back to look at Tai. He looked at Raven through his eye lashes, “You got on this boat to run away with a lover, Rae. I’m not an idiot.”

“Could’ve fooled me,” Raven teased. There was no bite to her words though and Tai lay a hand on her cheek. “You’d really go to Dorne with me?”

Tai smiled, leaned forward to kiss her forehead, “Someone’s gotta watch out for you while you woo your Princess.” He stood back and nodded towards the stairs, “You should get back inside, we’re about to enter the bay.”

“Thank you,” Raven called out as she did as he suggested. The snoring was less annoying as she lay back in her bunk. She found herself humming a familiar tune. Yang sighed in her sleep.

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- Hey everyone! I’m excited to announce the prompts for rose bird week! I’m also excited to be hosting the very first rose bird week event! I hope you all are too! Thank you for your votes y'all are amazing uwu

-Date of the event: August 12th - 18th

(plus free day)


-Day 1: First Encounter

-Day 2: First date/Kiss

-Day 3: Mother Au

-Day 4: Confession

-Day 5: Beacon Ball

-Day 6: Meeting the Tribe

-Day 7: Pregnancy/Kids

-Day 8: Free Day!

I am so sorry if your suggested prompts didn’t make it but I will save them for next voting prompt survey! Thanks to everyone who is participating and can’t wait to see what lovely stuff you gays have created!

Please be kind to everyone! Again if you have any more questions feel free to ask in the inbox or message me directly! Special thanks to @sassydragon631 for helping me out with the header! Feel free to message her too for questions! People can still post if it’s late! Rules will be posted shortly!

Have a great day everyone! UwU

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It's your local rosebud trash again. Just wondering if you had anything where Raven is a nervous wreck while Summer is super calm. Like maybe Raven meeting Summer's parents, and she's nervous about the whole "Bandit tribe" thing.

I think I did this before. Also sorry for taking so long, bmblbweek and me using all my posts yesterday. Anyway, Since we have no nothing about Summer of her family I’m going to with something different.

Raven: OKAY! Just take deep breaths! Deeeeeeeep Breaths! 

Summer: Raven.


Summer: Raaaaaveeeen.


Summer: Raven! Anything is okay. You can stop panicking.


Summer: Sweetie. I’m fine. Just calm down.

Raven: HOW ARE YOU SO CALM WHEN YOU JUST WENT INTO LABOR!? *Raven freaks out holding her wife’s hand as said pregnant wife lays comfortably in the hospital bed just as a doctor walks in*

Doctor: Okay. Mrs Rose. Let’s-

Raven: IS THE BABY OKAY!? IS SUMMER ALRIGHT!? DO YOU NEED TO DO A C SECTION!?! ARE THEY GOING TO DIE!? *Raven shouts at the doctor lifting them up off the ground.*

Summer: Uh, Pumpkin? The doctor can’t answers those question.

Raven: WHY NOT!?

Summer: We just get here.

Raven: …

Summer: Doctor I think my wife need something to calm her down before she has a heart attack.

Doctor: N-noted.

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