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#rwby ruby rose

Jaune: *pacing nervously* What if she doesnt like me? O-or if she sees right through all of this? 

Saphron: *over Jaune’s scroll* You’ll be fine. You said that you’ve chatted before a few times, right?

Jaune: It was all online and she seems nice but… I dont know… maybe this was all a mistake…

Saphron: Jaune, breathe. It’ll be okay. Just be yourself.

Jaune: *taking a few deep breaths* R-right. Just be myself.

Saphron: Besides, you look handsome today. She’ll never figure out your secret.

Jaune: I hope she doesnt-

Ruby: *walking over to Jaune* Jaune?

Jaune: *quickly hanging up on the call* R-Ruby. 

Ruby: *smiling* It’s nice to finally meet you in person. 

Jaune: *adjusting his hoodie a bit to hide his chest* Thank you for agreeing. I was worried you’d stand me up.

Ruby: Why would I do that?

Jaune: Its.. what everyone else does.

Ruby: Well, I always keep my promises. So, what’s the plan?

Jaune: *getting slightly more nervous* W-well, there’s a new cafe that opened up. Has some video games we can play while we eat.

Ruby: That sounds amazing.

Jaune: *relaxing a bit* Y-you really think so?

Ruby: *nodding* I do. It’ll be an easy way for us to get to know each other. And I can totally beat you at anything we play.

Jaune: Is that a challenge? 

Ruby: *smirking* Yes, yes it is.

Jaune: *smiling and walking with Ruby* Then challenge accepted. 

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Ruby:Hey there Jaune. I have two present for you, first is a shotgun!

With a big smile she handed the gun to him.

Jaune:…..Ruby, why are you naked?

Ruby:I said two gifts. The other one is me.

She puts a finger to her chin and give him a seductive look.

Jaune:I really want to… but it’s November.

Ruby:Jaune, please! It’s been too long!


Ruby:I gave you a shotgun!

Jaune:…. I’m sorry Ruby, but December is almost here. Then it’s destroy dick December.

Ruby:Destroy Dick December? If it’s what I think it………

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Cinder: *grunting as she helped move a few boulders* When you said… start a new life… I didnt think you meant like this…

Weiss: *using a glyph to help move some rocks* You’re the one who decided to come to Vale. 

Blake: *slicing through another grimm* And it’s only fair you help rebuild what you destroyed. 

Cinder: Yeah but… all of it?

Weiss: No one said this was going to be easy.

Goodwitch: *walking over to the group* Once you’re finished here, there’s more grimm to get rid of on the western side of the school. A few seem to have made nests here. 

Cinder: Yeah, we’ll take care of it.

Goodwitch: *frowning* Miss Schnee and Miss Belladonna will be more than capable. You though, we will need to have words, Miss Fall.

Cinder: *sighing* Right…

Goodwitch: *walking off* Meet me over by the courtyard when you’re done. 

Cinder: *watching Goodwitch walk off and sitting down* She’s going to kill me…

Blake: Or give you detention for the rest of your life.

Cinder: I dont even go here!

Weiss: Lighten up. It wont be that bad. I’m sure she just needs to make sure of a few things. 

Cinder: Cant be any worse than Ruby…

Blake: Just… give her time. She took things the hardest.


Ruby: *slicing through a few grimm, her strokes starting to get a bit sloppy from anger*

Grimm: *inside Ruby’s head* There you go. Let the hate flow through you. Just imagine what you want to do to Cinder.

Ruby: *slamming the blade of her scythe into a tree* Just shut up already!

Yang: *taking a step back* I think you should take a break.

Ruby: *glaring at Yang* I dont need a break!

Yang: *putting her hands up* Take it easy sis. I’m not sure what’s going on, but… you’ve been getting angry lately. And honestly, it’s starting to affect your fighting.

Ruby: *hesitating for a moment and seeing all the slash marks on rocks and in the ground* R-right…

Yang: Is there anything you want to talk about? This isnt like you.

Ruby: There’s nothing to talk about.

Yang: Are you sure?

Ruby: *grabbing her scythe and walking off* I’m sure. I’m… going to take a walk. Try to clear my head. 

Yang: Alright then, I’ll set up camp and start dinner. Dont take too long.

Ruby: *messing with the bandages on her arm* I wont be.

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Ruby can basically turn herself and anyone she takes with her into a consistency similar to air in order to travel at super fast speeds and even temporarily divide herself to an extent but still remain solid enough to get hit or hit someone else. Ergo, the mass of herself and whoever she’s carrying doesn’t matter because they literally become a gust of wind making all of them light as a feather and really fast…. and this could potentially be very powerful with enough momentum which would explain how she was able to smash through a door.

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Ruby as Kimball

Just a rwby/rvb idea i’ve had for a while. Am working on a fic for it. Not wanting to say much more b/c it would spoil some things I don’t want spoiled.

Also, i would like it to be known that i very much hate drawing halo 4 armor. none of the lines make sense! Halo 3 at least makes sense!

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Ruby stood over Cinder, hesitating for a moment. “I… I cant do this to you. W-we can try to save you.”

Cinder chuckled a bit and looked at her grimm arm as it slowly consumed more of her body. “You really think you have much of a choice? Just look at me! The grimm inside me is starting to consume me faster. Soon enough, I’ll just be a husk of my former self. This… this is your chance to end it. With Salem gone, I’m all that’s left.”

“But that doesnt mean we have to go through with this! W-we can find another way! We can separate you-”

“It’s too late for that, Ruby.” Cinder sighed and slowly stood up. “I… I can feel it inside of me, slowly changing me. No matter what we do, I have to die to be rid of it. Please Ruby, do this for me. Give me one last chance at freedom.”

Ruby took a deep breath before hugging Cinder tightly. “I… I’ll never forget you.”

“I know you wont.” Cinder hugged Ruby back, gently caressing her hair. “And thank you, for everything you’ve given me.”

Ruby nodded and pulled away, looking up at Cinder. Tears in her eyes as she aimed Crescent Rose at her lover, pulling the trigger one last time.

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Cinder: *traveling around Remnant, sighing* What am I going to do now?

Blake: *sitting down next to Cinder* Anything you want. You’re not tied down to anything anymore.

Cinder: *looking at her new prosthetic* I… never imagined it would be like this…

Weiss: Now you have your own life. 

Blake: *nodding* You can choose to do anything you wish now. 

Cinder: Why are you both doing this? I thought you hated me…

Weiss: It’s true we arent fond of you.

Blake: And we’ll never forgive you about Pyrrha.

Weiss: But… we do believe in second chances. And the only way we can show that is by helping you start a new life.

Cinder: *tearing up and smiling* Thank you, both of you.


Ruby: *sighing and taking off the bandages on her arm, the flesh starting to look blackened* I cant believe this is happening…

???: *inside of Ruby’s head* You can quit pretending.

Ruby: *looking around* Who said that?

???: Just a friend. But you can quit pretending everything is okay.

Ruby: I… I’m not pretending anything is okay.

???: She killed your friend. You still resent her for that. 

Ruby: *going silent*

???: You still want to make her pay, dont you?

Ruby: I’m giving her a second chance. 

???: To take away another one that you love?

Ruby: She wouldn’t-

???: She will.

Ruby: *watching the dark patches of skin starting to grow slightly* What do you want?

???: Our queen may be gone, but her work still must be done. 

Ruby: I refuse.

???: You wont for long.

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Emerald: *walking into a tent* Alright, time for you to-

Weiss: *bound up, still havent moved an inch* About time you get back here.

Emerald: *sighing and pinching the bridge of her nose* This… isnt how a prisoner is supposed to act…

Weiss: You really think this is the first time I’ve been captured? I know the drill. You keep me tied up, offer me up for ransom, daddy pays it, then I’m off like nothing happened.

Emerald: You really seem sure of that, dont you?

Weiss: *moving slightly* Although, I’ve had better restraints.

Emerald: *grabbing her knife and pushing the blade against Weiss’s throat* And what makes you certain I’m going to ransom you off?

Weiss: *hesitating* B-because that’s what you all do.

Emerald: *smirking* You’ll make much more selling you off to someone.

Weiss: You cant do that!

Emerald: *straddling Weiss and using the knife to start cutting Weiss’s clothes a bit* Someone like you will fetch a fort-

Weiss: *spitting into Emerald’s face*

Emerald: *sighing and getting up* Dont worry, you’ll get used to the idea.


Jacques: My daughter is missing. I need you to retrieve her. There will be a hefty reward for her safe return.

Ruby: *kneeling in front of Jacques* Of course. I’ll find her and bring her back.

Jacques: Be aware, there are no second chances. If you cannot bring her back, I’ll find someone else who can.

Ruby: *standing up and nodding* I understand, sir.

Jacques: *motioning Ruby out* You’ll get the rest of the information later.

Ruby: *heading off to get her bow* I wont disappoint.

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Blake: *taking a walk around Menagerie* Why do you keep dragging me around like this?

Weiss: Because you need fresh air. I get it, we havent seen Ruby in a couple of weeks, but… she’s gotta be alive.

Blake: There hasnt been any sign of her and if she’s alone on the island, she’s more than likely gone by now.

Weiss: We’ll find her. I know it.

Blake: I hope so…

Faunus kid: *walking a dog* Come on Coco, lets go to the river.

Ruby: *slowly walking in front and stopping when she notices Blake*

Faunus kid: *tugging the leash to get Ruby to move* Come on, we need to get going.

Ruby: *pulling at her leash, straining to get to Blake and barking*

Blake: *watching the dog closely, hesitating*

Faunus kid: *sighing* S-sorry about that, she’s just really excitable.

Weiss: *getting between the dog and Blake* It’s okay, she’s just nervous around dogs.

Faunus kid: She’s really friendly though.

Weiss: *getting down to pet the dog* Such a lovely puppy, arent you?

Ruby: *going silent, fearing Weiss and Blake no longer recognized her*

Faunus kid: *tugging the leash again*

Ruby: *slowly moving away from Weiss, whining*

Weiss: *watching the kid walk away with his dog* That couldnt be…

Blake: Think it’s Ruby?

Weiss: *nodding* I do. But, only one way we can find out.

Blake: Then lets follow them.

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Ruby: *slowly walking into Yang’s room* Yang?

Yang: *sighing* Go away…

Ruby: I was hoping that maybe you’d like to come with me-

Yang: Come with you to do what, exactly? Find out who did this and make them pay?

Ruby: *nodding*

Yang: *scoffing* It’s not going to make a difference.

Ruby: If we find out who and why, then maybe we can keep others safe-

Yang: This isnt one of your fairytales! The real world doesnt work that way!

Ruby: *going quiet*

Yang: *looking out the window of her bedroom* I know you want a happy ending but, we’re not going to get it by rushing out and trying to be heroes right now. We’re barely trained. Sure, we can take on grimm, but people? And besides, there will be others after us. We need to keep training.

Ruby: We can train as we go. And maybe, when we get to Haven-

Yang: Haven? You want to go all the way to Mistral for answers? Why? What could you possibly find there?

Ruby: That’s where Cinder said she was from. We can go there and find out why she attacked Beacon-

Yang: And get revenge on her for killing your girlfriend?

Ruby: *hesitating* That… may have crossed my mind…

Yang: I get it, you’re hurt. But you’re not going to get closure on this. We both lost a lot of friends. Blake even ran off from me. But getting revenge isnt going to get Nora back. Just drop it. We’ll go somewhere else, train hard, become huntresses and then help others.

Ruby: But if we go soon we can stop whatever might be coming! You cant tell me that Beacon being attacked like that isnt going to happen to other places!

Yang: Who cares if it does?

Ruby: I do!

Yang: And so you’re going to spend months travelling by foot to Mistral in hopes that you’ll what, exactly? Save the world? Become a hero of legend? Get your head out of the books and realize for one moment that this isnt a game! You dont know what’s out there!

Ruby: *sighing and slumping* I just… wanted to help others…

Yang: Go help others the real way.

Ruby: *walking out of Yang’s room, feeling dejected* Fine…

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