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Pyrrha: I tried to go to bed early last night but couldn’t get a lick of sleep for some reason.

Jaune: Maybe someone was thinking about you?

Pyrrha: Who do you think would be thinking about me at 9 o clock at night?

*EARLIER, at 8:55 at night*

Weiss: *waking up in a sweat*

Weiss: *panting*

Yang: You alright, ice queen?

Weiss, blushing: Y-yeah, I—I uhm…..had a dream.

Yang: About what?

Weiss: Uh……

Weiss’ mind: *briefly flashes a tall naked smiling redhead*

Weiss, shaking her head while blushing: Nothing! Nothing at all!*Clears throat* A-anyway, I-I gotta go take a shower. A very long shower.

Yang: You already took one tonight though.

Weiss, walking into their bathroom: I sure did.

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Weiss: I just don’t know what to do with Pyrrha. None of my hints are getting through to her.

Yang: What kinda hints are you throwing at her?

Weiss: Obvious ones.


Pyrrha: *peacefully reading*

Weiss:……..fuck me against the wall.

Pyrrha: What?

Weiss, panicking: Huck Ming has a ball!

Pyrrha: Uh…..

Weiss, scurrying away: A-anyway, catch you around gorgeo— P-pyrrha!

Pyrrha, awkwardly:…….okay?

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Hello all! I’m Max, and I’m currently interested in hosting a Schneekos week scheduled for February 2021 (tentatively for the week of Feb 8th-14th).

If you’re at all interested or intrigued by this pairing (Weiss x Pyrrha), it’d be great if you could take a few seconds to go to the shipweek blog ( @schneekosweek ) and fill out the interest check form!

For some reason the posts from that blog aren’t showing up in the tags so, fingers crossed this works!

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Weiss: *walking into the front room* Are you sure we have everything?

Pyrrha: Weiss, dont worry, we’ve gone over the list a hundred times.

Yang: *nodding* There’s no need to be this worried over a single trip.

Weiss: But it’s an important trip and I want to make sure everything is right and-

Pyrrha: *putting a hand on Weiss’s shoulder* It’s okay. I know you havent seen your family in a while and now you have the opportunity.

Weiss: I’m still nervous. What if they dont like what’s going on? What if they think this is all super weird?

Yang: Weiss, it’s your mom and sister. They’ll understand and love you no matter what.

Weiss: *taking a deep breath* You dont know them that well…

Pyrrha: I’m sure they’ll still be thrilled to meet your girlfriends.

Weiss: Yeah but-

Yang: *kissing Weiss’s cheek* No buts. We have everything packed. Your mom will understand and be happy for you.

Pyrrha: *nodding and taking Weiss’s hand* Now, lets go meet your family and tell them that you now have two wonderful girlfriends that are taking care of you.

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Pyrrha: *watching Weiss train* Is everything going okay?

Weiss: *sighing* N-no… I cant quite get this one move right…

Pyrrha: Would you like some help?

Weiss: Sure.

Pyrrha: *walking to the training ring* So what exactly are you trying to do?

Weiss: *pulling up a video that Winter had sent her* I’m trying to do this.

Pyrrha: *nodding and using her hands to adjust Weiss’s form* Try moving your hips like this and put your leg out like this.

Weiss :*feeling a shiver go through her body as Pyrrha moved her* R-right.

Pyrrha: *smiling once Weiss got into position* There you go. This should help.

Weiss: *blushing a bit* T-thanks. That definitely helps now that I know how it feels.

Pyrrha: Is something wrong?

Weiss: W-what? N-no, of course not. 

Pyrrha: Your face is a bit red.

Weiss: *starting to put away her training gear* Y-you know what? I forgot I needed to go study for a test. Thanks for helping though!

Pyrrha: *watching Weiss rush off* Well, that was a bit odd.

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I’m always down to dish about Schneekos.

Honestly, imagine these two actually getting to interact. I feel like these two can relate to each other, with being put atop these high pedestals. Then imagine Weiss learning that Pyrrha is more than just a brilliant fighter. Also, Pyrrha learning that there’s more to Weiss than just being a Schnee.

I think their relationship, whether it be romantic or platonic was a missed opportunity for sure. Having these two interact with one another just would’ve been great. They could’ve gotten to know each other better and become close. I just think that their possible dynamic and the development that we could’ve gotten for them would’ve been neat!

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Weiss: Father day means nothing to me really, since my dad is a piece of shit. Kinda makes me sad though. Like whenever I see Ruby, Yang and their father bond together like a family. I can never have that.

Pyrrha, jokingly: You know what, I’ll be your father then to make up for it. How about that?

Weiss, blushing: R-really?

Pyrrha, smiling: Yep.

Weiss, blushing: Can I call you daddy then?

Pyrrha, awkwardly: *chokes on her spit*

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Weiss, grimacing: Gah, I think I sprained my ankle. Can someone carry me back to my dorm?

Pyrrha: I ca—

Weiss: *visibly gets excited*

Jaune, cutting Pyrrha off: I got it, I guess. Comm'ere— whoa!

Weiss, pulling Jaune down by his collar: *deadly serious* Listen here, you off brand noodle, if you take away the chance of me getting carried by a tall hot amazon queen, then I swear to the gods you are going to regret it. Don’t fucking test me. I am probably going walk with a limp for the rest of the afternoon from my ankle, but you will be walking crooked for the rest of your miserable life if you don’t step the fuck away from me this instant. Do I make myself clear?

Jaune, wide eyed:……..*back up* A-actually, you know what? M-my stomach is kinda feeling queasy to be honest. I’m gonna sit this one out. Pyrrha can you help her instead?

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Pyrrha: Im honestly a terrible flirt. I just have no idea how to do it.

Weiss: Oh please. That never stopped you from flirting with me all year.

Pyrrha, visible confused:…..what? I didn’t flirt with you this year.

Weiss: Of course you did. What else would you call your actions? Asking how my day was, smiling at me, telling me I matter in life?

Pyrrha: Being nice?


Weiss:……y-you were just being nice to me?

Pyrrha: Y-yeah.

Weiss: B-but, I-I thought you were flirting. W-why else would you do all that stuff?

Pyrrha: Because it’s a nice thing to— wait….are…..are you not used to people being nice to you?

Weiss, feeling as if her life got flipped upside down:…….

Pyrrha: Am I one of the only few people who are nice to you or something?


Pyrrha: Answer my question please. Are you not used to people just being friendly?


Pyrrha: Weiss, please, for the love of gosh, answer my question!


Pyrrha, hugging Weiss: Oh my gosh, Weiss! Do you have things you wanna talk about?!

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Glynda: Miss Schnee, I have a question about the medical survey you finished.

Weiss: What about it?

Glynda: Well, everything is normal on it. Something I would expect from an upstanding student such as yourself, except for one thing. For your sexuality you scribbled off all the other options and wrote down “That one time when Pyrrha worn that flannel shirt with one button unbuttoned and her sleeves rolled up”……


Glynda: Y-you… don’t have anything to say about this at all? Like, any explaining, or corrections?

Weiss: No, I wrote what I wrote. Meant what I meant.


Weiss:………are we done here?

Glynda:….Yeah, I guess we are. I just wanted to inform you about this. Have a nice day.

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