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#rwby ships
constant-ships · 2 days ago
Resident Evil x RWBY
Tumblr media
Pyrrah and Jaune in their awesome Claire and Leon costumes!
Art by: @MRK50
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grisoleil · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
O how this loving warmth exudes— not just from me, but from us Two. . . 🤎
[commission for dear @loveshroom]
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hadesisqueer · 6 months ago
Here are some of my ships (N&D, Crosshares, Schneewood Forest, SK, Emercury and more are missing but hey I got tired)
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Before anyone comes and tells me “not trans!” “they're straight!” “they-” these are just my headcanons shut the fuck up
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neale-47-rwby · 4 months ago
RWBY ship game:
Reblog with your top three favorite ships
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anika-art · 4 months ago
I´m back with my favorite Rwby ship because why not?!! >u<
I really hope you like this pic I made with love, I love it! If you like it please reblog and give them a ❤️
Follow me for more yuri drawings
White Rose for the wiiin \>u</
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Estoy de vuelta con mi ship favorito de Rwby porque pues por qué no?!! >u<
De verdad espero les guste este dibujito que hice con cariño, a mí me encanta!! Si te gusta por favor dale ❤️ y rebloguear
Síganme para más dibujitos yuri ❤️
White Rose is looooveeee \>u</
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gotham-arts · a month ago
🍁🎃A Halloween/Fall Dragonslayer🎃🍁
Tumblr media
@jagged-arc @soldieroflandb
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schneekosweek · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
The prompt list is here! Thank you to every one who voted!
Before we start, I would like to say I am aware of the over lap with Parhelion Week, but I really wanted to have it end on my birthday (26th), so you'll have to indulge me <3.
Day 1 (20th) - Greek Mythology
Day 2 (21st) - Height Difference
Day 3 (22nd) - Injuries
Day 4 (23rd) - If You Weren't the One That Died/Together in Atlas (Post Fall of Beacon)
Day 5 (24th) - Soulmates
Day 6 (25th) - Same Team
Day 7 (26th) - Angel/Demon
(Optional) Day 8 - Crossover/Free day
You know the gist of ship weeks by now, no NSFW. (e.g. sex/nudity. keep the girls fully clothed guys)
Blood/gore is ok, but please be aware of others and add any necessary trigger warnings.
No bulling of any kind. Any negative comments will result in a permanent ban of any ship weeks I ever host in the future.
Please try not to post early, as I find it really annoying. I don’t mean to be harsh but I won’t reblog anything posted early.
Posing late is absolutely fine.
Always use #schneekosweek2021 and tag me @schneekosweek. (i won’t see it otherwise)
Any format is ok. Art, edits, fics, text posts, cosplay, etc., as long as it’s not literal p0rn, I'll reblog.
If you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer!
I'll look forward to see what you all come up with!
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razorblade180 · a month ago
Mercury:Hey, here. *holds up necklace*
Emerald:Where did you get this?
Mercury:Jewelry store.
Emerald*takes it* Thanks but could you invite me next time? It gets boring doing nothing so I’ll do any heist.
Mercury:…I bought that.
Mercury:The necklace, I bought it, like a regular person.
Emerald:But….why? Mercury this looks like a princess should have this in a vault!
Mercury:I know. It’s just…*scratches head* with stealing, I can get you a bunch of stuff easily. If I bought something expensive with my own money, then I could show you that I’m willing to put in real time and effort for us.
Emerald:*blushing* Oh….o guess you have a point. That is…pretty damn sweet actually. Well then, message received. Here. *gives it back* Get your money back. I can’t in good faith let you spend a small fortune on me like this.
Emerald:I’m serious. Money is important and I don’t want you shelling out on me randomly. You’re too good for that, and I rather you stick with saying how much you love me. *red* it’s priceless.
Mercury:*kisses cheek* Aight, you win. Well it’s a good thing I can get every cent back. I’ll just take you out to eat.
Emerald:I’ll never say no to that! I can kill for a good steak at that one spot tomorrow night.
Mercury:Should we eat before or after we steal this back after I return it?
Emerald:*grinning* Before, I got a good dress that can match it.
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grisoleil · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
In you, I’ll find my sanctuary 🌙
[COMMISSION] for @canute !!
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spiritwaker95 · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
It finally arrived :D Art commission I had ordered from @elleleh as a late birthday present for myself came in today and got the okay to share it here.
As always, it came out beautifully and was well worth every dollar paid, so if you want some well done art, I highly suggest commissioning her when she has comms open. Hell, even just throw love and support her way anyways since she’s an amazing and wonderful woman.
And now, I return to screaming in elation over how soft and wonderful this piece is and how perfect it is as my phone’s wallpaper
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razorblade180 · 18 days ago
A good nap
Ilia:*laying on couch*Zzzz
Sun:Hey Ilia I’m-oh. Ummm *pokes her* Pssst! Ilia? Hey, can-ah! *pulled into arms*
Sun:…..(I can’t move) …….
[20 minutes pass]
Ilia:*slowly opens eyes* Mgh, that was a good na-
Ilia:*pink*…….*closes eyes*Zzzzz (Warm…)
[40 minutes pass]
Ilia:*opens eyes* Hmmm~
Sun:*opens eyes* Ug, guess I fell a-
Sun:Ummm I can explain all of this if you just give me a-
Ilia:Whatever…*pulls him close* just don’t move too much. *shuts eyes*
Sun:Oh umm, okay. *puts arm around her*
Ilia:Did you come here to tell me something?
Sun:It can wait. Rest up.
Ilia:Don’t…have to tell me twice~Zzzzz
Sun:(I guess good sleep is hard to come by? She’ll probably be upset about this later. Heh, oh well.) *closes eyes*
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keeeywiii · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Well this took longer than expected but I finally finished it!
Requested by @dark-chocolate-fudge-sweetracer
based on their cute incorrect white rose quote
Hope you like it! ^^ 
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