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#rwby ships

Here is a list of my Fair Game/Team Karma, Qrow, and Clover Headcanons! Enjoy!

  1. Twins are a sign of bad luck in the Branwen Tribe. So him being born second instantly branded him with his current aesthetic.
  2. Qrow isn’t fond of crows, but tolerates their presence since they seem to be wherever he is.
  3. Qrow & Clover love to read.
  4. Qrow reads Historical Fiction and Non-Fiction given his extensive knowledge of the world around him and the history of each kingdom. (Yes, he travels but traveling doesn’t necessarily teach history.)
  5. Clover prefers Mystery and Crime Novels.
  6. Qrow has vascular arms and dark freckles sparsely scattered across his body.
  7. Clover is heavily freckled on his shoulders and lightly on his face.
  8. Clover enjoys when Qrow’s bangs are pushed back because it means he can see more of his face, but adores him all the same whether they’re back or not. However, Qrow does go out of his way to push them back when he dresses up ;)
  9. Qrow likes Autumn and has a partial distaste for Winter.
  10. Clover likes Summer, in part because of the sleeveless, possibly shirtless, aesthetic and also he appreciates the warmth and ability to tan.
  11. Both can agree that Spring has a certain charm to it.
  12. Clover admits that he enjoys Winter a tad because it means he gets to have a certain Birb in his arms desperate to stay warm.
  13. Qrow calls Clovey “sunbeam” or “sunshine” from time to time.

Might add onto this as time passes, but you’ll likely see these and more in fics I’ll be writing in the future ;)

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Oh shit, my first anon ask! So exciting 👀😂

Anyway 😅 honestly, super similar answer to the Snowpines one! It’s cute, tons of potential, I totally understand why people enjoy it so much. I’ve stumbled upon some awesome art for it but I don’t personally invest time in it (meaning I won’t actively search for content for it. But if it shows up on my dash that’s cool).


Thank you for the ask! 🤗


Do I Ship It?

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okay so i was trying to show friends who don’t watch rwby all the rwby ships and found some of the insanely dedicated blogs/spreadsheets. I realized though like all of them stopped around season six? The ship names in this fandom are so creative, does anyone havr the updated list?

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[Smut! Also I’m aware of the canon, and? Read my tags]

Nice guys finish last, a common phrase tossed around to any dude with dipshit friends that clearly fumble their way into relationships. At least that’s what Ilia thought. She also wondered why it was just guys? It’s not like they’re the only ones striking out or being told to act rude. She should know. Unfortunately, she’s been both the worry wart, and the dipshit. You would think romance had clear instructions by now. After all, love comes for everyone given enough time. Even her, but there lies the problem. Ilia couldn’t admit it. Not to the only person that it matters to. Ilia could fight grimm, be a terrorist, a good person, and stand outside a hotel room an entire kingdom away with luggage held tight like she is now, but for the love of everything not annoying, Ilia couldn’t tell one nice guy that he makes her feel like she’s walking on air.

It had been several months since her and Sun got a little more serious. The emotional soul searching definitely took time, and every choice felt like do or die for her, but Ilia was finally in a place emotionally that truly felt good. Most of that was thanks to Kali. The woman was always there to lend an ear. All that searching though put several things temporarily on a back burner. One of those things was visiting Sun. Expenses to Vacou was one thing, but Ilia didn’t want to visit him while feeling completely out of sorts. It wouldn’t be fair to him. That didn’t stop Sun from blowing up her scroll with facetime messages. That dork worked out a time zone schedule and everything. It was sweet; the kind Ilia wasn’t used to but definitely wanted more of. It had been far too long since she saw that cheeky monkey boy in person.

Ilia stared down the door as she psyched herself up. “Don’t be nervous. Dooooon’t be nervous.” She muttered to herself. She finally knocked on the door and waited in brief suspense as the door swung open aggressively. Ilia was effortlessly pulled into the room and more importantly, into a hug. It took her a moment to realize she was less than an inch away from pecks and wrapped in warm arms. She tilted her head up to see shiny white teeth smiling at her.

“Hey Ilia. Have a safe trip?”

Her freckles turned a little pink and she pouted. “We’re skipping over the fact that you just surprised me? How’d you know it was at the door?”

“Ummm you were mumbling out there for a few minutes.”

“Oh…” Ilia lost the nerve to look at him and choose to hide her face in his chest. How much did he possibly hear!? It was too embarrassing to think about. “How’ve ya been?”

“Oh ya know, missions. Scarlet had a party yesterday, obviously things got out of hand.”


“No it was actually bandits. He didn’t help fight. Him and Neptune song Toxic while Sage and I handled everything.”

Ilia looked back up at Sun. “That sounds awesome! Man, I should’ve booked an overnight flight!”

“Yeah we could’ve used another fighter.”

“We both know I would’ve been drunk onstage with them.”

“Listen, you could’ve let me dream.” Sun said, laughing gently. It was criminal to be this endearing. Ilia wasn’t sure how Neptune or anybody could deal with this brightness so easily. However, Ilia would love to learn.

“Uhh, Sun? You’re still hugging me.” Ilia stammered.

The boy’s face turned a little red and he quickly let go. “Whoops! Hehe, my bad. Got a little carried away.”

“That’s nothing new.” She jabbed at him. “Wearing your heart on your sleeve is what you do best.” Ilia stepped further into the room. “Or maybe it’s picking rooms…”

The hotel room had a glass door on the other side that led to a balcony to look out at Vacou’s desert beauty. A huge couch was smack dab in the middle of the room that faced a wide screen. Sun clearly brought his own things. Wires from the bottom went down the wall and connected to a game system with tons of things to play and watch. Ilia walked to the back of the room to a door that led to another big room. This one had dressers, a door that most likely led to the bathroom, and a massive bed that looked softer than a cloud and covered in pillows.

The thought of sleeping in it was both heavenly l, and a little too much to deal with. It was a big bed, and the only bed. Ilia jumped a little as she felt Sun poke her back to get her attention.

“You alright?”

“How much did this all cost!? This is Atlas grade stuff right here.”

Sun folded his arms and smiled with confidence. “Funny you say that. This is the room Weiss gets when she’s here. I asked very nicely for her to let me use it. The missions I went on for the company definitely helped with a discount.”


“Yeah Weiss said she isn’t paying for room service.” Sun let out a sad sigh. “Weiss said it’s the only way we wouldn’t order nothing but lobster.”

Ilia was soul crushed. Weiss was right but that didn’t make it better. Lobster is great. “I don’t blame her, but I’m offended. I was gonna go all out.”

“Well now you can do that, but on a budget.” Sun walked back to grab Ilia’s bags. “Feel free to take a shower. I still have things I wanna set up.”

“Alright, thanks.” She grabbed her things from him and went to the bathroom. It was much bigger than she expected. Ilia was used to a bathroom the size of a closet. Not another room! It was half the size of the bedroom and magnificent. The entire thing was tile and the tub was deep. With a removal shower head and other things Ilia couldn’t begin to know what they were for.

“Really glad he didn’t pay full price for anything.” A heat rose to her cheeks. Sun totally would’ve paid full price if it came down to it. Nobody is worth this much effort. Then again, Kali would beg to differ. She would think going all out would be just enough. How Ghira surpassed all expectations is beyond her.


Sun finally finished his set up of movies and games and was ready for the hard part. Not screwing things up. Hanging out came naturally to him but it was much harder when he could tell Ilia had a lot on her mind. Maybe he was trying too hard. Should he ask her about it, or give her space. Months to think about this and he let it slip through his fingers. “I wonder if she’s reading me as much as I am her? Huh, maybe I should stick to being straight forward?”

“How’s the set up going?” Ilia called from behind him.

Sun started to turn around. “I’m finish-fin…umm.” He had lost his train of thought. Ilia had derailed it completely by walking around in a white bathrobe with her hair down. Sun’s eyes drifted to her toned legs and didn’t leave them.

Ilia noticed the distraction and blushed. “Ahem!” Sun snapped out of the daze, embarrassed and rubbing his head in embarrassment.

“Sorry, caught me by surprise.” Not that he was complaining. By any means, and his tone made that very clear to her.

Ilia sat down on the couch and carefully kept her legs crossed. “Don’t get used to this. My hair always ruins my clothes when it’s wet so I’m letting it dry is all.

“You know I never noticed, but your hair and size is kinda like Weiss. It’s kinda fortunate. Don’t think that bathrobe would work for me.

“You’re shirtless all the time. All you need is a towel.” She looked passed him to see his setup. “Games or movies first?”

“Choice is all yours. I’m perfectly fine owning you in all of these games.” He boasted. Ilia wasn’t gonna take that at all.

“Famous last words, banana breath. I’m about to be eating lobster and kicking you but for the rest of the evening! Pass me a controller.”

Sun laughed confidently and tossed her one. She seemed to be in a better mood than before. Deep conversation can wait. Now was the time to enjoy each other’s reunion. “Winner decides the movie.”

Ilia grinned. “You’re on!”


“Rematch!” Ilia declared, for the tenth time. She was not about to admit defeat and watch Speed Racer. Though at this point the amount of food she ate would probably knock her out before the halfway point.

“I think you gotta accept the loss here. I don’t know why you thought you’d beat me in a fighting game finally. Should’ve chosen racing.”

“Whatever. It’s no fun if a bet is one sided. I totally would have won though.” Ilia let out a sigh and handed her controller over, shooting him an evil look at his victory. Sun could only smile. “That’s a weird response to a glare.”

“Can’t help it. I’m just really glad you’re having a good time with me.”

That was sudden. Ilia blinked twice then began to play with her hands. “Why wouldn’t I…?”

He shrugged. “Earlier you looked a bit spaced out. Like your mind was somewhere else. Couldn’t tell why. I almost asked why but you know, trying to be better at letting things go at their own pace. Being a leader doesn’t mean I have the most tact hehe.”

That was an understatement. It never mattered what was happening, if Sun was a part of it then he was all in. Helping, fighting, everything. True, it made things feel a little overwhelming at times; but it was a pleasant change for people like Ilia. Having a person that was always in your corner was a stark contrast from her time before the White Fang and during it. Blake wasn’t even always around. Not that it was a problem. But Ilia would be lying if she said she didn’t used to wish that would be the case between her and Blake. Oh well. Life goes on.

Ilia leaned closely to Sun, then flicked his forehead hard.

“Ow!” He flinched.

“Blame yourself. Your brain needed a jumpstart apparently. I could’ve sworn I told you not to hold back around me once upon a time. Be greedy, stay outspoken. Even if I seem sensitive about it.” Ilia knew she had a bad habit of putting up walls. That’s why she was thankful for her friends. The only tactful person was Blake. Everybody else would just try crashing right through any wall. A crude approach, but Ilia knew herself well enough to admit she doesn’t leave people many other options. “What did you wanna ask me?” Being caught up in lecturing Sun, Ilia had legitimately forgotten her little crisis outside the door. Knots in her stomach hit hard the moment she remembered. “Me and my big mouth!” Ilia screamed, internally.

“You were outside my door for a good while. Then it took you some time to process the hug. I wasn’t sure if you were worried about seeing me or if there’s something in general that had you distracted. Heh, I guess you can say I got worried about you worrying. So, what was on your mind.”

“Oh you know, things…” her voice trailed off and it was hard to look at him again. Why was this so hard! Ilia hated this. Confessions weren’t anything new to her, and yet Ilia genuinely felt scared to even work up to it. Her skin changed between gray and pink constantly as the room went painfully silent. Sun was waiting for an answer and Ilia was left with her throat feeling dry. She came all the way here to get this off her chest in earnest and now it felt like she was being crushed flat by it.

Ilia continued to be mad at herself for saying nothing as she felt Sun take her hand and rub his thumb across it. Amazing how simple touches like this could change the atmosphere. Against his, Ilia hadn’t realized she had been shaking. She looked up to see Sun staring at her, concerned while remaining patient. It wasn’t fair, those eyes. The way they built her up and disarmed her all at once. Ilia never wanted them off her.

“Take your time with it.” Sun said with reassurance. It was easy to see he was anxious as well from the way his tail couldn’t keep still behind him.

“I…it’s….” she gripped his hand tighter. “I’m scared.”

“Of what?”

“Of this. Us. I’m scared that if I tell you exactly what this means to me, it’ll end. I don’t know how or why but I know no matter how badly I wanna say the words I want you to hear…” she holds her head down and clenches her robe. “I probably sound so stupid right now huh?”

“I wouldn’t say so. Listen, I know that no matter what I say you’re gonna beat yourself up about this. Me being understanding or not, wasn’t gonna change that fact; and you know that I was going to understand.”

Ilia let out a small pity chuckle. Sun tilted her head up gently. Even with misty eyes, Ilia remained completely beautiful. “I don’t hear the words, but I’m smart enough to know they’re there. I haven’t said them, but do you think for a second you don’t know how you make me feel?” He placed her hand on his heart. Even he couldn’t escape the uneasiness of this situation. Sun could feel the heat go to his face and could do nothing but gently place his forehead against Ilia’s. “You know how I feel, right?”

The gray from her skin went away inch by inch, only leaving pink and red freckles. “Of course I do.” Her voice trembled. Their eyes didn’t remain sad, but switched to something equally intense. Pleading. Ilia’s expression softened. Her hand let go of her robe and found its way to Sun’s face. His own hands rested on her hips and he began leaning forward because of Ilia until she was on her back. The trembling didn’t stop from earlier but it was okay. She was okay.

“How many times have we’ve found ourselves like this?” She asked, rubbing his face.

“Not enough.” Sun whispered. “I missed you.”

“I missed you too, so much. You…are beyond word to me.” Ilia couldn’t wait a moment longer. She closed her eyes and was met with Sun’s lips, tenderly pressing on her own. Ilia carefully bit his bottom lip as he pulled away, aiming for her exposed neck. Ilia let out a gasp at the contact. Her hands began rubbing up and down his back from the inside of his shirt. Her own legs instinctively parted in order to draw him in closer. Each nip and kiss was brutally slowly and methodical. As if he was letting her know the depth of his feelings.

Ilia kept exploring his back torso. Every groove felt like magic. Muscles were never something she was into on anybody. What really had her was the honest fact the body on top of hers belonged to the person that had completely captured her feelings. His hands slipped into her robe and made her body shiver. He never stopped being gentle but somehow was firm enough to let Ilia know how badly he wanted her. She was absolutely defenseless against the way his left hand groped her chest. As for the right, it wasted no time drifting to her wet folds, continuing the trend of slowly rubbing Ilia’s body; before she felt his middle finger open her up.

“Mmmph~” her nails dug into him a little. She could feel him curl his finger as he pumped in and out.

Sun could feel Ilia squeeze tightly around the digit. Her chest started to rise higher, her breath becoming sharper by sucking in air through her teeth. Sun finally let her neck free and kissed her, adding another finger in the process. His movements became faster and hid her face the crook of his neck the moment the kiss ended. She couldn’t stop her legs from fidgeting and the girl tried her best to repress her whimpers by any means. She even bit down on his neck briefly. All the while, Sun kissed and breathed on her very red ear.

“Let me hear your voice Ilia…”

He made it sound so easy. Ilia couldn’t stand sounding so needy, even with him. It just wasn’t her to give in and he knew that. “You’re the worst.” She whined. Her eyes shut themselves and her body clung to him as if she was falling. His fingers split from each other. Ilia could feel them press down as they went in, before sliding up to the top and pulling out to the entrance, connecting and splitting apart to touch everywhere.

“Mmmmm aaaahhaaa~ Sun!” Ilia couldn’t hold that one back at all. The first of many, until she had no will left but moan as her face turned beat red. He really was the worst. “Suuuun~ aaha!”

“I knew you could do it.” He managed to make her free himself enough to be able to kiss her face and neck again. His labor bore the fruit he wanted as Ilia kept moaning freely. Her body finally caved from his touch when she arched her back and Sun felt both fingers being squeezed tightly. Ilia’s entire body was tense and she couldn’t even make a noise until her body went limp on the couch. The breath hit heavily against his body as she tried catching it.

It didn’t take too long because she quickly went back to kissing him passionately, even moaning into it. If there was anything she loved most, it was kissing. It didn’t matter how skilled a person could be in anything else, a kiss had a way of showing exactly how much the other person really cared. There was no dying a spark when it was there. She learned that the hard way.

Sun could feel Ilia’s tongue all but dominate his own as he tried to do the same. He couldn’t help but groan from the pleasure. Ilia’s leg presses against his erection, stoking the flames further, but it was still only second compared to their lip locking. A subtle warmth hit his cheeks. Sun reluctantly pulled back to see why and witnessed Ilia panting,tears falling down her face. Sun put his hand against her face and Ilia pressed into it. He traced over the tear track and kissed the path of the other one away. “You okay?” He said quietly, earning a nod.

“Yeah. I’m just…you’re so warm, safe. I can’t remember feeling this…happy.” Her own words threatened to make herself shed more tears. He was looking at her again. That same gaze that never failed to make her heart jump and want to continue growing if it meant being even closer to him. “Please,touch me deeper.”

Sun’s face went redder. He sat up briefly and officially took off his shirt. His pants came next. Ilia tried removing her bathrobe but Sun quickly took her hand. “Wait, I uhh really like you in it.” He confessed, embarrassed. “It suits you.”

Ilia felt her heart flutter again. Sun’s infatuation with her legs and hips was flattering for sure, but Ilia never imagined how much. “Well, if we’re doing things that excite us.” She reached for his red boxers and slipped her hand between the seams, fishing out Sun’s hard six inch shaft. A simple grab had him throbbing and breathing deeper. “Having you like this is more my style.” Keeping underwear one while having sex just felt more intense and made Ilia ache. “Need me to get you slick enough.

“You tell me?” Sun pressed the tip of cock past her entrance and was welcomed with Ilia’s body dripping at the touch. He pressed further in to be guided with ease. She more than wet enough on her own. He was already halfway in and still felt no real resistance. Only Ilia spreading around him before clamping down. “Gods, your pussy is so wet.”

He really knew how to push her buttons just right. Her body betrayed her mind by gripping him even tighter for his choice of words. “I hate that word so much. It’s-mmmmph! Ahhh! S-Sun!?” He couldn’t wait any longer and hilted himself inside her completely. His hips began thrusting on their own and Sun found his way into Ilia’s arms yet again. Unlike her, Sun had no shame in letting her hear just how good she made him feel. His groans and grunts invaded her ear willingly, and passionately.

“Mmmmgh ahhh~ fuck. Ilia…” Sun couldn’t keep his thoughts straight anymore. All he wanted was to feel her and let Ilia feel him. He panted roughly and did his best to satisfy the woman beneath him.

Ilia was more than being satisfied. There wasn’t a moment she wasn’t feeling full by how wide his cock spread her apart. Her moans came back in full force to sing with his own. Ilia’s legs felt their strength drain from them and could only react to Sun’s hips. They once again kissed deeply and Ilia’s right hand was pressed against the sofa by Sun’s left, interlocking tightly with each finger around one another. It wasn’t long before Sun held the other one as well. The stimulation made Ilia feel alive with energy that was dead set at reaching its peak. They hadn’t been going any longer than nine minutes by her guess, but yet they were near their limits already. Neither could help it. Today, it was nothing short of what they wanted. There wasn’t one touch or look that didn’t shout “ I love you with everything I have.”

“Ilia! I’m-“ he couldn’t contain himself long enough to speak. Ilia wrapped a leg around him as he came inside her. The feeling of it all knocked her past the point of no return and Ilia came as well; her body squeezed all it could as she cried out in pleasure. Sun’s hips rocked slowly to draw out the ecstasy of it all until they were left tired. Both found themselves staring yet again, smiles plain to see.

“Am I still the worst?” Sun chuckled.

“Without a doubt.” Ilia jabbed. “Kiss me again already will ya?”

Sun playfully rolled his eyes. “So needy.” He gave her what they both wanted and more. After all, he had a lot of love to give.


They must’ve gone at it at least three times. The sun had set, food was ordered once again, and Speed Racer played for Sun’s viewing pleasure while Ilia slept peacefully. The boy was on his side while his girlfriend’s arms remained around him, her head resting on his chest. Sun couldn’t help but brush her hair out of her dreaming face and remain connected to her. Every so often she’d laugh quietly in her sleep.

“Always up to something. Even in your sleep.” Sun was only proven right by her body holding him closer.

“Mmmmmm love you.” Those words stopped Sun in his tracks. He had no choice but to look down at her once again and kiss her head. “I love you too.” A confession neither of them would officially remember, unburdened by the fear or memory. When it was right, they’d both say it. And what a day that would be. Until then, there was no rush.

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Vista and Callebaut (aka Shadow Hunting) - a ship I don’t draw nearly as much as I want to

(Remember ask box is OPEN for questions and requests around the Next Gen AU!)

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Bella Izzy Amin (Based on Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen from Marvel Comics)

Nicknames: ‘Bell’ or ‘Bells’ by family, ‘Isabelle’ by Kairi, ‘Bee’ by friends

Age: 22

Gender: Female (Cis)

Siblings: Lark Ebi (Fraternal twin brother)

Parents: Clover Ebi (Dad), Marrow Amin (Mom)

Orientation: Homosexual

School/Year/Team: Atlas Academy/Graduated/BLCR (Black Clover)

Aura: Belladonna purple

Semblance: Equilibrium, this Semblance allows Bella to have a perfect sense of equilibrium. This allows her to balance perfectly, run faster, not suffer from dizziness, and bend slightly further than other people. As a constantly active Semblance, it is always affecting her life.

Weapon: A ribbon baton that can be imbued with gravity Dust to control the ribbon. Called Rose Moon.

Emblem: None

VA: Esme Bianco (Eclipsa Butterfly - Star vs The Forces of Evil)


  • Bella knows full well what happened concerning her Dad during the War on Salem and how it affected the people closest to him at that time. Instead of keeping to herself about it, Bella chooses to ask about the situation as often as possible. She doesn’t think it matters anymore, and that gives her a free pass to ask as many questions as she wants.
  • Bella is more like Clover in her mannerisms, calmer and regarded as the ‘smoother sibling’ by Cyan. She’s distracted by cute creatures and bright screens though.
  • Thanks to her Semblance always being in effect, she is highly flexible and has been taking sports related to this since she was 3. She was a gymnast until entering Atlas Academy, and she took cheerleading until her last year at combat school.
  • Bella is the subject of a lot of teasing amongst the other kids. While most of this is in jest and she is aware of that, more than a few comments have been made from the socialites (Luna, Rowan, Yuki, etc.) about her needing to “get out more and stop fussing over video games that much”. If she wanted to, she would listen.
  • Lark, her twin brother, is her main rival. His constant attempts to one-up her have led her into competing fiercely whenever she can, no matter what it is. Jealous of his ability to connect with people emotionally, however, Bella has drawn herself into recluse more and more.
  • As a picky eater, she is sensitive to certain textures like ‘soundless’ foods. If something doesn’t crunch or rip, she won’t eat it. She likes sriracha and maple syrup crackers as a snack.
  • Bella adores her Dad. Marrow is great and was around a little more, but Clover is her idol. Growing up he would play games with her and help her center her Semblance in specific parts of her life. She texts him reguarly.
  • Kairi and Bella meet through an annual visit to Atlas by the Vacuo, Mistral and Vale kids. They start to bond over Kairi’s sudden interest in her techniques and soon they begin to share interests as Kairi picks up her own. Kairi’s the closest Bella has ever grown to a person outside of her own family.
  • She played soccer, baseball, volleyball and tennis as a kid.
  • Her birthday is March 4th.
  • She is 5′6″, shorter than her parents.
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I would genuinely want to know some people’s fav ships. Like who do you want to see together and why. There is no such thing as an OTP. That’s just a silly reason to flame a person’s interests

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Tenjin Ren Valkyrie (Based on Scholarship Goddess Tenjin)

Nicknames: ‘Ten’ by everyone, ‘Tenten’ by family, ‘Know-It-All’ by Calomel and Radley, ‘Spitfire’ by Nora

Age: 20

Gender: Female (Cis)

Siblings: Raijin Valkyrie (Older brother)

Parents: Lie Ren (Otochan), Nora Valkyrie (Okachan)

Orientation: Pansexual

School/Year/Team: Haven Academy/4th Year/TMBR (Timber)

Aura: Wren brown

Semblance: Learn, this Semblance allows Tenjin to have a photographic memory. She remembers anything she learns from the get-go and, as a constantly active Semblance, she is always remembering everything.

Weapon: A pair of daggers shaped like her Otochan’s blades and a hard light Dust staff that can take the shape of any weapon it touches. Daggers called Falling Petals. Staff called Shinka Suru.

Emblem: An iris flower

VA: Lucy Christian (Mitsukuni Haninozuka - Ouran High School Host Club)


  • Tenjin is her father’s child, often calm and easily one of the most level-headed of the group. She takes great delight in fighting however and loves sparring, but most importantly she likes winning. Thanks to her Semblance, she is able to fulfil this more times than not.
  • Despite her usually busy schedule at Haven after enrolling, she loves taking time to have tea with her Otochan. Ren tries his best to embed some occasional wisdom from his youth onto her and being the curious young woman she is, she’s always listening. She’d probably have less of a scar if she listened to his stories as a toddler.
  • She spent quite a bit of time with Yang, pitted against Cyan when they were kids. She’s not up to Luna or Falcyn hand-to-hand, but she’s good in a pinch.
  • As a child, Tenjin had a near-death experience. Liberty and she ran had an incident with a Creep one afternoon on Kuroyuri’s outskirts and while defending her friend, Tenjin was wounded. She was ripped apart nearly entirely and is only around thanks to Liberty’s sudden Semblance awakening that could heal her before Tenjin lost her life. Today she has a scar that takes up most of her torso, going from the top of her neck across her chest to cover her left hip and then back across to the middle of her right thigh.
  • Tenjin models her hair after her Aunt Pyrrha’s.
  • Like her Okachan Nora, Tenjin is somewhat of a romantic. She’s had crushes on a lot of her friends, but she’s very good at keeping them hidden for the sake of friendship.
  • Tenjin can’t stand the brash and angry way Radley carries himself. Not only that, but one of her best friends is trying to “help” him, which irks her to no end. She will, however, encourage the hell out of his destructive habits. It results in him breaking glass and her getting a good fight!
  • Tenjin and Raijin are very close siblings, him being a role model for her. She describes him as being “a sparky, energized brother who has bought more rain to the village than the clouds themselves”. When he goes off to Shade, Tenjin becomes reckless as she starts to get attention-starved at home for the year before she goes to Haven.
  • Tenjin and Rosie are close friends and spent a lot of time together as young teenagers. They were each other’s go-to people for anything. She doesn’t exactly like the fact that Rosie got a boyfriend before she got so much as a partner for more than a month, but as long as Rosie is happy, Tenjin’s not saying anything against them.
  • Her birthday is April 23rd.
  • At 5′6″, she is taller than her mother.
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