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There's almost an equal split between the sexes on Tumblr - 51% male, 49% female.
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#rwby shitpost

none Fox with left CCT

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Yang: Ladies and Gentlemen, Yang Xiao Long is single and ready to mingle~

Jaune: *Walks into the room*

Yang: Ladies and Gentlemen, Yang Xiao Long is no longer single and ready to mingle.

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What I’m getting from these asks is that I’m either married to Neo, she’s some kind of cryptid, or both. My hope is for that last one to be the case.

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for $8000 a month I will stop throwing students off a cliff

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me talking about myself:
▶ 🔘────────00:00:02

me talking about Mistral:
▶ 🔘────────56:42:05

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turning into a bird is gay culture

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me, correct: no media villains are irredeemable because everyone can choose to become a better person! 🥰💖🌸

ironwood and adam taurus:

me: but sometimes,,, i don’t want them to

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due to personal reasons, I am believing in destiny

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hello naughty children it’s huntress time

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