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#rwby soundtrack

Your favorite amateur musician is back and rather than doing a remake of something, I decided to make a little bit of a remix of SSSN vs. NDGO.

I made this with the idea of Team SSSN just chilling out and having a conversation about stuff in Vacuo. I wanted to give it that Vacuoan feel and all of that and yeah.

This was a fun experiment.

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Okay, just had to put my random thoughts and wishes out there, but what I really really want from V8 or at some point in the future RWBY volumes is to get deeper backstory and flashbacks/memories for Winter. As much as I know it may never happen, I can dream right lol. Or a song in one of the soundtracks that is from her perspective because we all know that RWBY songs can really tell a lot about a character. I feel like Winter is going down a similar, yet different path as she did with Jacques with Ironwood right now. And I know, I just know for sure that there is way more to what she’s suffered than we are seeing. We saw small pieces of what might be underneath. Especially when she was talking with Penny and said that the Schnee manor held a lot of memories for her (not necessarily good memories). I hope that as the volumes progress she breaks away from Ironwood and those who might hold her back and try to tie her down. I want to see her character arc allow her to fully make her own decisions and become the person she truly wants to be. I think there’s a lot more fire in Winter than she is letting on and I am HERE for it. Also, PLEASE FOR ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THIS WORLD ALLOW HER TO LIVE.  

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No offense but back to the fairy tale back to the show back to the wall and there’s nowhere to go hopeless and desperate all paths adverse things looking bleak yeah and they’re about to get worse helpless and doomed and there’s no way to win goals unachievable faith running thin lost and forlorn impossible odds that’s when you’ll learn you’ve been messing with gods send in your grimm tear off my limb strike me with bolts of lightning I won’t die the battle seems unwinnable but all we need’s a miracle we’re going up, we’ll never be denied can’t wish away the dismal days can’t bring back what is gone won’t waste more tears on yesteryears instead we’ll carry on we’ll win for sure we will endure and though our goal is far we’ll be the ones to touch the sun triumph will be ours

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OK but when Bumbleby finally becomes canon do you realise how badly we *need* a song about it? Like, imagine a world where you could listen to All That Matters and then immediately heal the psychic damage by dancing and just screaming along to this pull-out-all-the-stops, uplifting, euphoric song about how much they love each other and how happy they are to finally be a couple? Like, there’s Nevermore and Celebrate, but neither of them quite fit that niche and BMBLB’s not canon so it’s not quite enough.

And yes, yes I am crying to All That Matters right now.

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Watch “RWBY AMV - Look Down, You’re Talking To Your Highness RETAKE (Weiss 2020)” on YouTube

Did a RETAKE on my girl Weiss Schnee RWBY AMV… I was watching and realized the video was a little out of sync with the music… I went back and fixed the issue… Can’t have The Best Girl with anything but the best… If you seen this AMV… Take another look… Also check out the AMVs featuring the rest of Team RWBY… Let me know what you think… Thanks For Watching!!! Enjoy!!!

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Watch “RWBY AMV - Bring On The Thunder (Ruby 2020)” on YouTube

Finished the 4th RWBY AMV… Featuring Yang’s “first love”… Her baby sister… Ruby Rose!!! Ruby slays monsters like it’s a walk in the park… Skilled with her weapon “Crescent Rose”… Yang call Ruby her hero… She’s not a little girl anymore… This completes my Tribute RWBY AMV SET to each of the girls in TEAM RUBY!!! (Ruby - Weiss - Blake - Yang). Now I will make more general RWBY AMVs… Volume 8 of the series will be starting soon… Can’t wait!!! Keep a look out for new RWBY AMVs soon… Hope you enjoy the video!!!

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No offense but never thought that you would stay forever never asked you to commit your life but I can tell you in my heart I never thought you’d up and leave me without a trace to lead me and now you’re standing here with that look in your eyes the look that makes me hope I’ll just believe your lies you’re lost you’re found you’re hard to pin down I never know if you’ll come through then you appear together we’re here and that’s all that matters somehow.

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