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#rwby spoilers

As much as I’m worried about Yang and Ren and Jaune, I have to say I’m looking forward to finding out where Ruby’s group will be hiding out, (Schnee Manor? Fingers crossed for more Willow content) and I’m especially looking forward to seeing the Villains again, especially if it means even a glimpse of more Emerald and Neo. Also hopefully we get to see more of the Whale’s interior areas, I’m morbidly curious about what it’s like in there…

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me: *thinks about how “unforseen complications” almost definitely refers to RYJ being unable to fly to retrieve Oscar, who is currently in midair and headed into a massive flying army*

also me: *realizes that this means in that thumbnail Ren is probably directing his anger and frustration at Jaune, much to Yang’s distress*

me, still: *knows that the episode title, “fault”, likely refers to RYJ debating who is at fault for Oscar’s kidnapping, with Yang blaming herself, Ren blaming Jaune (but really himself), and Jaune just trying to hold it together*

me: *ignores all of this and chooses to think about grimm!oscar theories and how he could eventually be cleansed of the grimm goo instead*

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