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  • Ruby was born in a cave
  • Summer was the one who named Yang.
  • Yang like her hair long is because Summer told her she had beautiful long hair
  • Summer and Tai were childhood friends who reconnected after attending Beacon
  • Summer was from Mantle
  • The Brawnwen clan was more of a cult when Qrow and Raven grew up
  • Raven never graduated from Beacon
  • Qrow’s mother died giving birth to him.
  • The Shallow Sea was made up or was heavily changed by human scholars for anti-faunus during the Faunus Revolution.
  • The dragon landmass to the left of remnant is a Bermuda triangle of Remnant. Every Settlement that goes out there never returns
    • Its so dangerous that people are banned from entering
  • While Vale outlawed slavery a century before Mantle and Mistral, they had a rigid caste system.
  • Modifying aura of any kind is illegal, which is why Ironwood kept Penny a secret for so long.
  • Ozpin does his best to have his children/decedents become Maidens/get his powers, as they are the only ones who can handle his magic the best
    • This is my roundabout way of saying that Pyrrha was selected because she was his daughter/grand daughter
  • Ozpin became headmaster at the age of 15
    • Same time that STRQ joined the academy
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Raven: Is about to leave the house on a snowy day

Taiyang: Runs over to the door and places a hand on the door to stop Raven from leaving

Taiyang: B A B Y I T ‘ S C O L D O U T S I D E !

Raven: I’m sorry, what?


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Taiyang: How is the babysitting going?
Qrow: Ruby wanted ice cream for breakfast and when I said no she said I wasn't her friend anymore, so we made a compromise.
Taiyang: Which is?
Qrow: She's on her second bowl of ice cream and I'm her best friend in the whole universe
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Back in JUNE I was gonna draw a lil pride comic ft. Trans Qrow, Pan Tai, Ace Rae, and Bi Summer but then I completely forgot about it and today I found the very little bit I had done and figured I’d post it, so have tired baby and his teammates

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So, I’ve been thinking about this part of the Qrow vs Tyrian scene recently and a question popped into my head “Who is Qrow imitating?” because it’s clear he’s no brawler and the look on his face before he goes to hit Tyrian is ‘It’s worth a shot’ so I watched his fighting pattern:


He goes right, left, and right all aming at Tyrian’s head to disorent him, then picks up his right foot to give him particulary hard kick(that looks more like a stomp) to the gut. 

So, subjectively speaking it would make since that he picked this up from Taiyang at some point along the way and that’s where I started. We only have him fighting Yang in their spar, but even then I think that’s enough to determine Qrow didn’t pick this up from him.


Tai tends to move around on the battlefeild a lot, he swings wide and uses sweeping kicks as well, which doesn’t match up to Qrow’s closed off hooks. I took Yang off the list as well because not only did Tai teach her but she tends to fly around the battlefield far more than her father.

Immediatly, the first brawler I thought of that Qrow could’ve picked this up from was James. Yes, he uses his guns before he goes fisticuffs, but he’s cirtainly no amateur. So I took a look at his fighting style that RWBY 7 provided us: 


James blocks Watts’ attack, then swings right, left, right, left all at his head, then after Watts lands a hit to him he takes a heavy left swing into his gut.

It’s far rougher than Taiyang’s hits and lines up very well with the style Qrow is using. (The exeption being on Qrow’s final swing he upercuts while James sticks to his straight on tactic.) 

I, in all honesty, had a point here but It’s been like a week since I started this post because the gifs werent working so I took a break and forgot about it, and no longer remember what else I was going to say. I can, however, tell you that I am very intrested in the idea that James showed Qrow some moves/Qrow picked them up from watching James.

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Taiyang: Raven, do you know what today is?

Raven: Valentines Day?

Taiyang: Yup, I got you something as well!

Taiyang: pulls a flower bouquet out for Raven

Raven: Right… I got you something as well.

Taiyang: Really??

Raven: gives him the corpse of a dead squirrel 

Taiyang: Raven what the fuck is this? I mean, I-I love it! T-t-thank you so much Raven! 

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Hehehhehehe Time to expand on my Elf x Adventurer AU

Day 6 - Supernatural / Sci-fi

Tai takes James into the woods to prove he’s not crazy and oop James gets to see Ozpin and Qrow

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