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#rwby theories

jaune can use his aura to amplify his own aura or another persons aura 

what if jaunes semblance grows to be able to use his aura to manipulate his aura into constructs

and given all the shield related things jaune has given the v8 sneak peek what if jaune can repel the effects of certain semblances on him  a shield from semblances like emeralds or pyrrha ( if she uses it on the metal that he is infusing with his aura.

as well as jaune being able to repair the damage marcus blacks semblance does when he steals someones semblance

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I’d actually like to believe that some of them already do anon-chan. Like for example—the RNJR gang. Speaking for myself here, this is why I often refer to Ruby, Nora, Jaune and Ren as Oscar’s Golden Circle since, similar to Ozpin’s former inner circle of peers; I consider these four to be Oscar’s closest friends and confidantes.

Since Ruby was the first person to truly reach out to Oscar and was the one who started looking out for him from the moment he joined the group, I consider her to be the closest thing to a best friend to Oscar. Not to mention that I also see Ruby as a potential love interest for Oscar giving how much he cares for her and vice versa.

Then there are the JNR trio who, from my perspective, are Oscar’s surrogate huntsmen team and basically act as older siblings to him. Jaune in particular. Despite their relationship starting off a bit rocky giving Jaune’s own mixed feelings towards Oz which leant to his altercation with Oscar in Argus—nevertheless, we’ve seen Oscar and Jaune move past this event and from there had moments where Jaune has joined Ruby in being another character who looks out for Oscar’s wellbeing alongside Ren and Nora. The way how I see it, Ruby is Oscar’s best friend/prospective lover (granted that romance is a direction the show wishes to take this dynamic), Jaune is Oscar’s right hand man and surrogate big brother while Ren and Nora also act as siblings to Oscar and provide him support just as much as Jaune does.

As for the other characters—well little by little we’ve seen other characters slowly begin to trust Oscar. Like for example, V7 showed one or two moments of Yang chumming up to Oscar and even asking about how he felt on certain matters. And as we also saw from the V8 trailer, Oscar will spend some time down in Mantle with Yang as her, Ren and Jaune work to aid the People of Mantle. I’m not sure how that will be for in terms of episode.

I have to remind myself that the events of V8 take place within 24-48 hours. So…chances are we might spend half the season with the group separated for one day before reuniting for the second half of the season? I’m not sure. Either way, it’s a chance for Yang and Oscar to bond and I dunno about you anon-chan, but I’m curious to see how these two would interact especially now that Oz is back in the picture. So it should be interesting but we shall see for V8.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Hmmm…that would be an interesting team dynamic. I’d give you that. Any particular reason for these four? For me, it’d be interesting to see Oscar interact more with Blake and Weiss.

I was kind of hoping that Oscar bonding with Weiss could’ve lent to her opening up about her strained relationship with her younger brother Whitley since Whit and Oscar appear to be around the same age. But, as we saw, we don’t get much interactions between Oscar and Weiss.

Outside of Weiss kind of coming to Oscar’s defence back in Argus with Jaune and her commenting about being worried about him like Ruby was after he went missing, not much is done for the Snowcone or the White Garden (as some as calling it now) budding friendship which is kind of disappointing.

Since both Oscar and Weiss share close bonds with Ruby, it’d be nice if they could bond over their shared support of Ruby and even get to know each other outside of Ruby, y’know what I mean?

As for Blake—I just wanted to see the Barn Cat pair of Oscar and Blake bond over books particularly the Man with Two Souls tale. But…alas, that is an interaction I have yet to see ;w; The closest thing we got was in V6CH6 on Brunswick Farms when Oscar asked Blake if she wanted to be the one to make breakfast when they were all being affected by the Apathy.

It’d be nice to have more Barn Cat moments too. As a matter of fact, just give me more moments of Oscar bonding with everyone on the hero team outside of Ruby and Jaune who are his main two. I’d actually love to see Oscar bond with Ren for once. It’d be nice if those two talked more. I know that  Jaune and Nora care a lot about Oscar since the show has highlighted this a few times. But what about Ren? Given what he’s going through now emotionally, it’d be pretty great to see Oscar try and talk to Ren—maybe even get him to finally open up about his true feelings over everything similar to how he did it with Ruby back in Mistral.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Hmm…I’m not too sure about the time-skip anon-chan. Don’t get me wrong. Like you, I’d also love that. For me, what I would love to see was the group figuring out a way to defeat Salem—not necessarily killing her since as said in the series, that’s impossible. But I liked the idea of Ruby defeating Salem by using her Silver Eyes to purify Salem of the darkness that corrupted in her after she dove into the Grimm Pools of Darkness. So basically Salem reverts back to her original self from the Lost Fable however she loses her control over the Creatures of Grimm since she no longer shared the power from the God of Darkness.

My theory is that the reason Salem is able to control the Grimm is because she baptised herself in the Grimm Pools of Darkness. Therefore to the Creatures of Grimm, Salem must have the same aura as their very creator so my understanding is that the Grimm view Salem as their new God of Darkness, to say the least.

Therefore, if Salem is cleansed of her darkness, she wouldn’t be able to control the Grimm anymore. And without a leader—the Grimm just resort to their natural instinct of preying on the fearful. My theory is that the current storyline with Salem is only the first part of an arc. I liked the idea of the show wrapping up the Salem storyline only for our heroes to realize that while they’ve been focused on stopping Salem, they’ve neglected a problem that’s been brewing in the background since the Fall of Beacon. While the heroes may have stopped Salem and won that fight, they’ve been oblivious to the oncoming war between the kingdoms that was sparked by all the events that date back to the Vytal Festival.

I think it would be cool to watch a storyline where our heroes were forced to survive Remnant during the time of a Second Great War.

This is where a time jump would actually be relevant. Picture if…after Salem is defeated (and goes into hiding yet again), our heroes get wind that one of the kingdoms—perhaps Mistral— has declared war against the other kingdoms and plans to conquer them with its leaders ruling over all four kingdoms. Then the story fast forwards two—maybe even ten years into the future where our heroes are all now adults in their early to late twenties (between 24-29)

Ozpin once told Ironwood that he hoped that his students would never have to experience fighting in a war. At first I considered it just being the war against Salem but this could just as easily extend into the our heroes fighting in a Second Great War to stop one kingdom from ruling them all. That could be an interesting story to follow. But that’s just me.

But yeah, I would love to see our heroes aged up. Particularly Oscar. Currently Oscar is rocking a young teenaged boy character model base. At some point, as Oscar ages, the show will probably need to switch out his current base and update him to the one similar to Jaune and Ren’s. And personally, I am very curious to see how Oscar would look with an updated older model. That’s my main incentive for wanting a time skip. Just to see how Oscar would look with an older character model base.

As for the group returning to Beacon and reuniting with their old friends, I’d like to see that too. However, I’m not sure whether or not that’ll be the case; at least not now. I know we’ll ultimately have to go back to Beacon but the time being, we’ll have to see how the main story progresses to know if it will accommodate for those unfinished part of the PLOT.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Who knows anon-chan? Perhaps you might just get your wish. If not for V8 then perhaps a later volume although I’m not sure about RWBY Volumes 11 or 12 since we haven’t received confirmation that RWBY has been renewed for those seasons as yet along with V10. But we shall see. I do recall Eddy Rivas teasing us seeing Vacuo at some point confirming that we will get some semblance of a Vacuo Arc, albeit a bit brief like Atlas. But for all I know we could potentially see Vacuo in V9 considering that it was teased since V6 that the key to turning the tides against Salem and her forces was for Atlas to call upon aid from Vacuo. Then again, like I said earlier, we shall see soon anon-chan.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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…Uhh I’m not so sure about the jet pack anon-chan ^^); While a jet pack powered by gravity dust does sound like an awesome concept for a type of battle equipment, I’m not so sure about it suiting Oscar. At least in my opinion. However I do dig the concept of Oscar upgrading the Long Memory and incorporating gravity dust (and perhaps other types of dust) into its upgraded design.

I think it could actually be really fitting if the Long Memory went through another transformation with Oscar

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That actually makes perfect sense anon-chan and it wouldn’t surprise me if you’re correct. At the RWBY RTX At Home Panel, it was eluded that we will be seeing more tricks from the cane—something that was also teased back in V5.

I do think you’re right in the orb part of the current Long Memory possibly harbouring the emerald gemstone from its original form. It wouldn’t surprise me if parts of the old Memory was used to craft the new one. As a matter of fact, I’m actually very curious about the gemstone used to craft the Long Memory. As I’ve noticed, Ozma is the only magi from First Remnant to use his magic through a conduit like a staff whereas others, such as Salem, used theirs freehand.

It makes me wonder why Ozma decided to channel his power through a staff. Is it because Ozma was secretly so powerful in his magic that channelling it through a staff was his method of controlling it—y’know like a pair of training wheels.

That being said, I also noted that when falling from Atlas, while Oscar may have used the Long Memory to destroy the flooring at the bottom of the Vault of the Winter Maiden, before he performed his landing strategy to cushion his fall to Mantle, he placed the Long Memory behind his back and instead conjured his magic bubble shield of his own. He didn’t use the cane.

This makes me wonder if there’s a chance we’ll be seeing Oscar perform magic both with the cane and without it. Personally, I’d love to see more examples of Oscar using magic freehand, only switching to the cane when he’s required to have better control.

I really dig the idea of Ozma’s magic previously being so powerful that he wasn’t able to control it in his younger years. Hence the forgery of the Long Memory. I really love the thought of the staff representing Ozma’s method of properly disciplining himself in the art of focusing and controlling his powers in the right way or at least one that feels just to him. Perhaps in this past, Ozma was a self-taught wizard and had no master to teach him how to control his powers so he basically taught himself and became a strong magic user of his own hard work and dedication. That would be cool.

I hope we’ll get more context into the Long Memory and how and why it was originally forged. It’d be intriguing to see Oscar gain more knowledge of Ozma’s life through his memories—possibly seeing more of his own struggles outside of his shared story with Salem and even the Gods.

It’d be really nice if Oscar learnt more about the man whose legacy and responsibility he shares. I hope that Oz sharing more memories of the past isn’t just used for combat. I think it could be a nice way of helping Oscar to understand Ozma and by extension Ozpin too since at some point, he also had to go through what he’s going through now.

And this could provide an excellent avenue for these two differing souls to bond. That could be really, really nice especially for us Pineheads and Ozpinheads who’ve been itching for this for ages. But, as always, we shall see what’s in store for our wizarding boys in V8.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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I’d like to believe that Oscar is on the cusp of turning 15 years old. So I’m looking at it as Oscar currently being 14 ¾ years old, as ridiculous as that might sound XD Since the showrunners still haven’t revealed Oscar’s official birthday and haven’t really given us much clarification on the Remnant timeline in terms of months, I can only go off the info that I do know which is that Oscar is meant to be two years younger than Ruby.

Since Ruby is stated to be 17 years old as of V7, my assumption is that Oscar will probably turn 15 very soon—probably not during the events of V8 considering that the timeline for that is only 24-48 hours (1 to 2 days since the events of V7 and Oscar is still 14 as of then). So perhaps in V9, Oscar will finally be classified as 15.

Beyond that, that’s how I see it. Oscar will be 15 (soon-ish) to line up with Ruby turning 17 and according to CRWBY Writer Miles Luna, the age difference between the rosebuds will always be two years.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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I was under the impression that the Wizards don’t have a semblance anon-chan. Or at least their equivalent of a semblance is magic. I know the series highlighted Oscar mentioning not unlocking his semblance yet, however at this point, I think Oscar’s unique power should be either magic (since it’s already unique. Outside of Salem, the Ozma lineage are only other magi in New Remnant) or something that could strengthen the magic he already possesses, making it more powerful than before. That’s my take.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Repost: Cinder is an extension of Salem…sorta

My original post doesn’t show in the tags again, thanks tumblr, so I decided I’ll try to repost this while leaving the original one up, cause some already shared their own thoughts there. If you’re interested you can find it on my blog ^^

Heyo, so it has been a while and of course, seeing as the trailer dropped just today I just couldn’t contain myself to make another Cinder…theorie? Not sure on that front XD

Anyways, what do I mean when I say that Cinder is an extension of Salem?

Well, maybe some of you remember my old theories where I babbled about Cinder and Salem’s connection and what it could be outside of the Grimm arm and stuff. One idea it was about magic and the other was splitting a part of her soul and giving it to Cinder, but this time it’s a more…tamed approach.

With the new trailer we got a little bit of something that could be a conversation between Salem and Cinder.


This game is not yours to win.

It’s mine.

All you need concern yourself with is your ability to act when I tell you to.


Without you I’m nothing.

Now, what is so telling about this?

It’s two things, the first one is more obvious. Cinder’s words. Ultimately, they sparked all of this, because, you see, Cinder actually means them. She doesn’t just list off what Salem wants to hear her say, she truly believes that without Salem, she is nothing.

That on itself wouldn’t be so momentous, but I live for every small interaction Cinder had with Salem and every scene she talks about her. So let’s get this rolling.

In vol 3 episode 7 we get our first glimpse of Cinder in a flashback talking to Salem about the maiden powers she had managed to secure…well the half of them XD

What did she say there?

Yes…I will claim what is ours.

Thank you.

Ours…OURS. Yep, Cinder and Salem are all buddy buddy now.

No but seriously, this isn’t the only instance Cinder has some trouble to differentiate between herself and Salem.

Remember her talk with Neo in vol 6 episode 7?

Now you understand.

I’ve got to get the relic before it can be secured in Atlas. It’s the only way that Salem…


It’s the only way we can accomplish our goal.

Now we know that for Cinder Salem is her concept of power, but apparently there is something even deeper going on. Cinder could have said anything, she could have said she knows she needs to be greatful, that she wouldn’t be where she was today without Salem, yada yada, but she said she would be NOTHING without her…which makes me think.

Is it only pure grooming and conditioning? If we turn this on its head, Emerald did use a totally different line to describe why she is following Cinder. She owes everything to her, that’s what she said. And yet Cinder chooses to say she would be nothing, not even a nobody, just nothing. Still, she doesn’t regard Salem as her goddess and divine savior, not that we have been made aware of at least.

So back on track I propose the possibility that Cinder’s line of… individuality is blurred. She doesn’t know what or who she is outside of Salem, only what she wants to be…and that is Salem as well.

This is why isolation is used as Cinder’s punishment. Cinder doesn’t know who to be without Salem, she is what she wants her to be, even if it’s not a conscious effort. Whatever Cinder’s backstory winds up to be, if she is a normal child having had a horrible childhood, was saved by Salem from the brink of dead with magic, was experimented on or even created by her, she doesn’t think of herself outside of Salem. It’s why emulating her comes so easy to her.

But then Ruby threw a wrench in her thoughts. Ruby made her desire outside of Salem, made her think of herself as an individuum instead of an extension of Salem and that is new territory. Something she is even afraid of. But because of this we finally see Cinder dealing with her own emotions and her own sense of self.

This is why Neo is such an important and interesting factor. Cinder and Neo were joined by their mutual desire to get revenge on Ruby. They share a room, Neo let’s Cinder get close and even seems to have fun goofing and teasing in her own way and Cinder gets to be a little drama queen, she almost seemed like she had fun.

They both were comfortable enough with each other to lean close and watching on Neo’s scroll when Watts and Tyrian were called out and remember what happened after?

Cinder switched their objective. Salem’s desires won out and she needed to act.

Even when Neo brought her the lamp it was about what Salem wanted and Cinder just failed a second time to obtain the maiden powers. And both times she wasn’t truly fighting as Salem’s extension, but herself and that cost her.

Neo seeing and maybe even questioning Cinder’s behavior in vol 8 might be an important part later on if she is to find her own individuality some day.

Oh yeah, I said there was a second thing I noticed in the trailer, right?

Well, it’s about Salem’s tone. We have heard her get angry before. In a loud way, in a dangerously soft way, in a frustrated way, but…this time… it’s almost comforting, warm…nice?

Of course this could be taken out of context and she might not talk to Cinder…but if she is then it shows us an integral part of how she molds her.

It’s not harsh, it’s almost gentle, like a soft reminder that this is about her and Cinder is an extension of herself and only has to do what she tells her to, while ultimately also trying to teach her how to strategize.

As someone else pointed out in a post before Cinder’s weapons fluctuate, as if she is unsure of who she is supposed to be after the events of vol 3 and that is exactly it.

Cinder doesn’t know who she is when she is not tied to Salem. Not a failure, dirt, trash, even a street rat…she is nothing. Whatever Salem did with her she’s done a terrifying job ^^’

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“…Without you, I am NOTHING…”

Out of all the things that stood out to me from the V8 trailer, Salem’s line was one of them. One of the reasons is due to the parallel. Cinder commenting that she is nothing without Salem makes me think back to Emerald Sustrai who made a similar remark about Cinder when Ruby asked her about her motive for being on the side of evil back in V5.

“…Why are you doing this?! Salem’s—“
“I don’t care about Salem but I owe Cinder EVERYTHING!”

The same level of unyielding devotion that Emerald displayed towards Cinder is mirrored in the Fall Maiden’s relationship with her own mentor—Salem. This makes me very curious about Cinder’s origins. What I’d like to know is exactly how old Cinder was when Salem took her under her tutelage.

Given Cinder’s age presently in the series, I still like the idea of Salem grooming Cinder to be her apprentice from since she was an adolescent child—probably between the age of 14-17—no older than Ruby or the other young heroes when she was taken in by the Wicked Witch.

I’m assuming that much like Emerald, Cinder owes her life to Salem for saving her from damnation at the plight of whatever hard-luck life she lived prior to the main story.

I dunno—since RWBY Chibi parodied that Emerald viewed Cinder as a sort of parental/mother figure to make up for her lack of a family in her own life, I’m assuming it might’ve been the same for Cinder. It’d be interesting if, in a strange way, both Cinder and Salem see themselves as the embodiment of a relationship that was either stripped away from them prematurely or lacked from the start while simultaneously using each other for their own selfish goals.

Salem never got the chance to be a mother since her own children were killed during her dual with Ozma so in a sense, Cinder fills that role of daughter to this former parent.

And on the other hand, Cinder probably never had anyone to think highly of her. If her story is anything like her fairytale counterpart, Cinder was probably treated poorly by a female figure or figures in her life-–like for example, a stepmother and step sisters—in her past. Thus this made her the perfect target for Salem to come in as her “fairy godmother” to some degree—being that ‘positive’ or better female relationship.

Buuuuuuut…then again, this is just me spurring out thoughts. Just wanted to take a small break from work to talk about Cinder Fall of all the characters since that trailer really got me thinking about her and what’s next for her story. All in all, I hope it’s an intriguing one and doesn’t turn out to be a bummer.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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The Maidens Are Tied to the Relics

So I’ve been doing a rewatch of RWBY while we wait for v8 to come out and one scene that always used to confuse me was Pyrrha’s final words. I liked the scene and thought her words were powerful, but I never really understood why she asked Cinder “Do you believe in destiny?” But now that we have better explainations of the relics, I’ve come to understand that scene better and have a bit of a theory.

The character who gets the maiden powers will be tied to what the relic represents. Like their character arc or what they are about. This is why I think Pyrrha was meant to become the Fall Maiden and why Cinder has been on a losing streak ever since gaining the powers. Fall is paired with the Crown of Choice. When Pyrrha asks Cinder if she believes in destiny and Cinder says yes, that’s where Cinder makes her mistake. Destiny is the opposite of choice. Destiny is something predeterimined, it’s going to happen no matter what you chose. Since Cinder believes it’s her destiny to be the Fall Maiden, to become powerful, to do whatever it is she wants to do since we still have no idea, this means she is rejecting the very nature of the relic she is tied to. However, Pyrrha was all about choices. Her whole arc was about choices. Choose to live a normal life and stay with Jaune or become the Fall Maiden and try to save the world. Choose to run away or fight Cinder. She doesn’t believe in destiny, she believes in people making choices and that leads to whatever outcome it may give you. This is why Pyrrha was going to become the Fall Maiden if Cinder had not interferred.

Cinder has been losing ever since she got the maiden powers. And I wonder if this is because she rejects what she is meant to represent. She cannot reach her full potential until she stops putting her faith in destiny. She believes that it’s her destiny to win, but that’s why she fails. Because she cannot grasp that destiny isn’t real, it’s her choices that will lead her to the win if she makes the right ones. She’s always in shock when she loses because she can’t fathom the idea that she isn’t destined to win. Once Cinder stops putting her faith in destiny and starts making choices of her own and not guided by Salem, she will start to win. And we have seen a small bit of this already. She technically has a half win as she recovered the lamp with Neo’s help. Something she chose to do on her own. However, she loses when she goes after Fria trying to fight 2 ppl at once and losing to an old lady, because she thinks it’s her destiny to gain all the power. She never thought of Penny or Winter or Fria as a threat because she had already thought she was meant for the Winter maiden powers.

This idea that the maidens are tied to the relics is not only seen in Cinder, but in Raven and Penny. Raven is tied to the Lamp of Knowledge. Raven’s whole thing is about knowing things. She needs to know everything that’s going on. Her whole spiel about getting the truth from Ozpin is part of a desire for knowledge. How she comes to Qrow just to know what’s happening on Oz’s side is to gain knowledge on everyone’s movements in the game Salem is playing. Hell, both Raven and Qrow were given their bird powers to be spies for Oz. And what do spies do? Gather knowledge about the enemy.

Then there’s Penny and the Staff of Creation. Penny literally is a creation. She was built not born. And this is something she thinks about often. She’s been created to protect and save people. Penny’s arc is about dealing with the fact that she’s a robot. She was created. But she has a soul, she feels things, she can die. So what is she? Is she just a creation, doing whatever she’s made to do? Or is she a real person? Although we have no idea what Fria was like as a maiden, we know she liked to paint. Which is creation. She made art. So Fria is also tied to the notion of creation.

Thus all the maidens are connected to their relic, but Cinder is rejecting hers which is why she is almost downgraded by getting the powers. Since she rejects the relic’s purpose, she cannot reach her full potential as a maiden. So potentially, the Summer maiden is going to go to someone tied to destruction.

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Hello Fictional Dreamer. That’s actually what this squiggle meister is banking on. As I described in a previous response post, since Oscar’s magical powers tend to give off a sort of electrifying effect, I’m hoping that Oscar would use his newly awaken abilities to possible startle the Grimm that took him captive. If Oscar is able to project his magic around him to form something like a shield or protective barrier, then I’m assuming that he’d be able to do the same for using it as a sort of energy wave. Like imagine Oscar projecting his magic to kind of shock the Grimm that took him away. This then causes the Grimm to let go of Oscar only for our little prince to perform the same landing strategy that we saw him do in the V7 finale.

For me, I want to see Oscar take on a powerful Grimm on his own. Since the V7 finale teased him unlocking one of the many tricks to the Long Memory and considering that it was mentioned in an interview with the cast and showrunners that there are more tricks to the cane to be revealed, I’m really itching to see a demonstration of said tricks involving Oscar fighting on his own—not necessarily needing Oz to take over for him but more or less channelling more memories into Oscar so that he’d be able to defend himself as a culmination of aid from Oz and all the training Oscar has done on his own in Oz’s absence.

I really want to see a kickass fight with Oscar—possibly leading into him finally having his own battle theme. But this is just wishful thinking on my part. We’ll have to see how things go for V8. But either way, I’m itching to see how the season will kick off for Oscar since his part of the story is what I’m looking forward to the most for V8.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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“…Do you think Oscar Pine will finally get an episode to himself for V8?”

 …Uhmm…well given the sneak peek footage that was shown prior to the trailer and given the fact that we know that Oscar will meet up with Ren, Yang and Jaune down in Mantle, my assumption is we probably might only see Oscar on his own briefly during the start of the first episode before he reunites with his peers. That’s my best guess here.

“…We never get to see Oscar do anything. It’s really starting to upset me…”

…Well……I can’t really say that Oscar doesn’t get to do much, anon-chan.  

Personally I was hoping that us Pineheads would’ve gotten to see Oscar go on his own journey back to Atlas, during which he and Oz reconcile and learn to live in harmony with one another before reuniting with the others. Unfortunately, the CRWBY Writers felt it best to have Oscar reunite the others immediately despite where last volume left him off out in far Mantle without the slightest clue where he was or where the others will be for that matter.

…Look, I’m going to be frank with you here anon-chan. This squiggle meister can’t really speak for the CRWBY Writers and their writing decisions regarding particular characters. I don’t wish to knock you for your own issues with the show in respect to Oscar’s treatment. I don’t want to sound like one of those RWBY fans who like to kiss up to the CRWBY Writers and think that everything they do is absolutely perfect while ignoring the legit glaring issues with the writing of the show and roping anyone who says anything negative about the series in with the HTDM; even if it’s constructive.

Despite having my own grievances with the writing of RWBY, I will give the writers credit where it’s due. While I haven’t enjoyed everything they’ve done with Oscar over the course of the show, I will admit that they have done things with him. Some actually really good. Like for example, I still hold the Dojo scene from V5 as one of my favourite Oscar-worthy moments since, apart from helping Ruby to confess her true feelings regarding her repressed pains from the Fall of Beacon, that scene also did a lot to reveal more about Oscar as a person, at least for me.

Like I said, Oscar does get to do some things but… only things that I realized either services the PLOT and/or the development of other characters while his own growth is quite sparing ^^);

Needless to say, all I can do as fan of Oscar Pine is hope that the story uses him less as a plot device and do more to develop him as a character; particularly his supposed shared story with Oz.

Oscar represents one half of the Man with Two Souls archetype. Based on what we learnt in the Lost Fable, part of Oscar’s development is supposed to be him learning to coexist with Oz as a part of him since it will help in the ole soul’s transition to merging with Oscar completely in the end.

However, the show hasn’t done much to really develop Oscar and Oz’s relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, Oz was absent for nearly two whole volumes, during which we barely heard Oscar even mention Oz unless encouraged by another character who was closest to Oz before; like Ironwood.

I was honestly hoping that V8 would’ve involved Oscar bonding with Oz during their separation from the team. It really would’ve been the best time for the two souls to truly connect with one another while allowing the audience to see the development of this relationship. I don’t know how much of Oscar reconciling with Oz we’ll get to see next season if he re-joins the group so soon. However, I’m willing to give the Writers a shot at seeing what they actually do with Oscar for next season before giving my opinions on his development.

One thing I’m actually hoping for is that Salem will be successful in taking Oscar prisoner leading to the poor little prince being locked away inside his own lonely tower similar to how Salem was in First Remnant. I really like this concept since, as I said, the solitude would definitely provide a great avenue to bond Oscar to Oz as all they would have is each other while in captivity.

Seeing that the V8 Trailer teased Oscar becoming a target for Salem, I want Salem to succeed and for V8 to conclude with Oscar becoming Salem’s prisoner while our heroes are left to lick their wounds from a humiliating defeat that costed them the life of one of their comrades.

In the Wizard of Oz story, Dorothy Gale was captured and taken to the Wicked Witch’s Castle by her flying monkeys. During her imprisonment, Dorothy Gale was made into an unwilling slave to the Wicked Witch of the West while she plotted to steal her ruby/silver slippers.

Since it has been said before that Oscar bares inspiration from Dorothy Gale of Oz as well as Princess Ozma (who also had a book where she was captured leading to Dorothy leading the charge to rescue her), I’m hoping this is paralleled in RWBY. As strange as this may sound, this squiggle meister WANTS Oscar to become Salem’s prisoner. I WANT our heroes to lose Oscar to Salem. Perhaps then Oscar will finally get to grow from his experience as Salem’s slave. 

This is yet another opportunity for the CRWBY Writers to develop Oscar; both as his own character and as the successor to Ozpin in the Ozma Lineage. Whether or not they will actually do it this time, I don’t know. Not going to lie to you anon-chan. As a fellow Pinehead, I’m also getting fed up of the Writers setting up chances for Oscar to receive great character development only to do absolutely nothing with it.

V8 will mark the fifth season where Oscar has been in the series as part of the main cast. And it honestly hurts my heart as a fan of his character when other RWBY fans still comment that Oscar isn’t really a character after all these seasons based on how the showrunners continue to treat him and his writing.

What’s even sadder is that Oscar isn’t even the only RWBY character who suffers from their writing! I would go as far as to say that our four main girls—Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang also suffered their own fair share of shortcomings when it came down to how the CRWBY Writers progressed their respective storylines and developments. Yet they’re still considered to be ‘characters’ compared to Oscar.

Basically what I’m trying to say here bottom-line anon-chan is that I feel your pain on wanting the show to do more for Oscar. But as of now, we can’t really know what’s in store for sure. All we can do is wait and hope that the show does better for our boy. While I doubt Oscar will get his own focus episode (since the showrunners don’t really like to give those out), what we can at least hope for is that Oscar has more great Oscar-worthy moments next season.

Since Ozpin is back and there is still tension between him and the group, I’m hoping this will be Oscar’s chance to step up and be the mediator within his team. I want to see Oscar mend the broken bonds within the heroes. Since he showed a willingness to do so last season I hope to see more of that next season; hopefully.

I’m also hoping that since the show highlighted Oscar using magic at the end of V7, this means we’ll FINALLY get to see Oscar in a real fight where he gets to showcase everything he’s learnt over the seasons in respect to combat. He might even get his own battle team finally.

A part of me is eager to see if that scene where Oscar is taken by a Grimm leads into him making a daring escape and then defeating the Grimm on his own with his newly awakened powers.

That’s what I want to see. But who knows? We’ll see how things go when V8 drops next month.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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Hello again anon-chan. In all honesty, I hope revealing that Ozpin is back is the first thing Oscar does when meeting up with Yang, Ren and Jaune. While I understand that things may still be tense between the ole soul and the group—particularly Yang and Jaune as you mentioned—given the events of V6 and V7 and all the issues that lying and keeping secrets amongst themselves caused the team, it would be the wiser thing for Oscar to at least let the others know that Oz came back and actually assisted in saving him again just like how he helped him to land the airship back in Argus.

Even if it’s an awkward scenario where Oscar has to play the middleman between communicating Oz’s intentions to the others, I would rather spend the season watching Oscar attempt to mend the tethered trust within his team than have him lie to the others. I actually don’t expect Oscar to do this since lying pretty much nearly got him killed. While I understand that the team still don’t trust Ozpin, one thing to note is their trust and belief in Oscar. We spent the past two seasons highlighting how much the group have grown to put their fate in Oscar. As a matter of fact, I’d like to think that Ruby wouldn’t have entrusted the lamp back to Oscar if it wasn’t to be used a symbol of trust between them.

In the beginning, Oscar was the one who carried the lamp due to Oz. But after Jinn was first summoned, the lamp was taken from Oscar and instead Ruby had it for the majority of V6. Then once the group arrived in Atlas, the lamp was confiscated by the Ace Ops only for Ironwood to return it to Ruby in the next episode as a sign that she and the others could trust him (which made their mistrust of him all the more sad to watch all season). We then had Ruby returning the lamp to Oscar in the episode after that before the mission to the mines with the Aces.

Oscar hasn’t been entrusted with the lamp since Jinn was summoned so I saw Ruby returning the lamp to him again as a sign of her faith in him, DESPITE his connection to Oz.

To me, on a positive note, that moment told me that Ruby Rose trusts Oscar Pine.

Y’know…despite how poor of a move it was for Ruby to entrust their most important artifact to Oscar—their most inexperienced fighter—who is rarely seen in the company of his so-called group despite, according to Jaune back in V6CH9, being a part of the TEAM.

Even though Oscar is a part of the team, he is constantly left alone by everyone including the General. And mind you, this is AFTER the sheer brilliance which was Ironwood—one of the smartest men in Atlas Kingdom— giving the group the lamp back in the first place…after the group damn well committed a felony out of their desperation to just to get the lamp to him in the first place.

After all that, Ironwood’s best call was to give the lamp back to our heroes… as opposed to placing it in a heavily guarded secured vault…rather than letting it be handled by a 14 year old farm boy who then carries said important artifact on a keychain with him…to a party….out in the open…where the villains who coincidentally happened to be there, could easily spot him and make him an easy obvious target….

…. That’s it. That’s the PLOT folks. But I digress XD

Throughout V7, we saw a couple moments that highlighted how much the others have come to trust Oscar too.

All the more reason why I’m expecting Oscar to not break that trust. I want Oscar to play the mediator. I’ve been waiting to see Oscar mend the broken bonds in his team and now is his chance to do so in the coming season. Problem is, whether or not that is what the Writers intend to do. I sincerely hope the Writers don’t have Oscar keep the fact that Oz is back a secret from the others after everything they’ve been through. I really hope Oscar comes clean about that first thing since he has no reason to lie to the others. Even if Oz begs him to keep his existence to himself…I really hope Oscar doesn’t do that since keeping things to himself is what got Oz in trouble with everyone in the first place and I don’t want Oscar to repeat that cycle.

But then again, this is just my opinion. We’ll see how things go for next season.

~LittleMissSquiggles (2020)

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