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#rwby theories

RWBY Theories: Acid Grimm and The Hound


So we’re all rather freaked out by the new grimm in the rwby mid season trailer. But I had a thought, what if this isn’t a new grim but just a new form of the hound grim?

  • We know that the hound can transform and is very Adaptable.
  • It looked like the Schnee manor in the trailer that he was at and we know the hound and Cinder are coming for Penny who is at the Schnee manor.
  • And it would make the hound more terrifying.

That’s it those are my arguments for this theory. I myself am not entirely sure about it but I’ve been thinking about it, and I would like to know what you guys think? Is it possible or likely?

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So I could probably predicted the outcome of this poll, but still this doses not bode well for the rest of volume 8! 😨


Personally I think the first option is more likely, as I think Penny will actually be able to fight the control to a degree. But I can’t see the second option isn’t very interesting as well.

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You know what I just realized? Winter doesn’t know that Salem can’t be killed. Ironwood never told her. She wasn’t in the room with the Ace Ops when Salem arrived and talked to them. Of all the major players in Atlas, she’s the only one who hasn’t seen her face to face, and has the least idea of how overwhelmingly dangerous Salem is. 

And if they meet, which is growing increasingly likely, Salem is going to use that knowledge to break her.

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It seems like something got cut off there ^^’

The thing with words and lyrics in general is the wide range of interpretation.

You do propose a rather intriguing one and yet it can read totally different under certain aspects.

“Some roses will never bloom” - Roses = Rhodes and forshadows his death and failed attempt to help Cinder. It can also mean, as you already mentioned, her childhood being stripped away from her before she could bloom and grow as a person. Or maybe it’s a direct callback to Ruby herself and the similarities Cinder and her possessed when they were still young. Both wanting to become Huntresses and being innocent little beans as well as prodigies in their own rights.

As you see just one verse can have multiple interpretations, some even overlap and some can even coexist without canceling each other out.

“Some dreams will rot on the vine” - Cinder’s Dreams of becoming a Huntress, of freedom, of love and family. That someone might care about her. That she is indeed lovable and worth to someone. Freedom is only one aspect of people in abusive situations. Yes, getting out is the thing they desire above all else, but being loved, having someone to be there for you is so much more fulfilling in the end. This can mean Cinder’s wish for freedom being nullified and her shackling herself to someone else in quest for power to give her the illusion of gaining her freedom at the end. Or it could also run deeper and mean her utter acceptance of being unlovable and irredeemable and making sure to collect power to never get into such a situation again where she has to depend and care for people that may instill that wish inside her.

“Some lives will end much too soon” - I’ll be honest…I don’t get why some people think this forshadows Cinder’s death in the show. It can symbolize her innocence dying, or her killing Rhodes, but she herself? That would kinda defeat the point, especially if you look at the last phrase

“Some evil will never ever die”

For all purposes, Cinder is still an antagonist, so evil in the fandoms and heroes eyes. Heck people have been crying for her death since volume 3. Why would her live end much too soon when evil will never ever die?

Of course I don’t see Cinder as irredeemable and I am convinced she’ll get her redemption at one point in the show, but right now, nothing points to her dying. She is our main antagonist and needs to complete her whole character arc first. And believe me, we don’t have her whole backstory yet. There are still a lot of things missing from the child who freed herself to the girl that wants power above all else.

While we’re at the topic, the last two phrases could also stand for Remnant’s system. Some lives definitely end much too soon, as we can see with young Cinder, with people loosing their loved ones, even Clover, all because the evil that will never ever die makes it possible. And it’s not Salem, it’s Remnant, the corruption of certain individuals. People wanting more and not caring about others. A system protecting them from harm which they can inflict on others freely. Our best example for that is Jacques Schnee.

Salem is only dangerous because she is able to harness the victims’ hatred and misery, she herself is one as well. And as long as that evil won’t be realized and be dealt with… that’s how long it will remain immortal and cause humanity to stay divided.

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RWBY theories: Oscar volume 8

… What if Oscar doesn’t get away from Salem. I mean what if he stays her captive tell volume 9. And we have to suffer the summer not knowing he is safe with his friends? … just some thoughts running around my head.

Let me know what you think! ☺️😱😱😱😱😱

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Why hello conspicuous shot of Emerald combined with absolutely no shots of her in the actual trailer. I’m sure you’re not gonna do anything spoiler-y in the future.

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So RWBY comes back in 2 weeks.


Originally posted by sirianhewigxiii

Some theories.

What if one of team JYRO dies?

Oscar: *the others reach him in time just to see him die. They fights on his behalf against the others, barely escaping from Monstra.*


Originally posted by kris-chic

Jaune: *dies saving one of the others from a fatal blow. He wakes up in a bright light and sees Pyhrra. They smile*


Originally posted by sirianhewigxiii

Ren: *taken down while the others are off fighting other members of the Salem group. Jaune races to his side, trying to do anything to stop the bleeding. Ren reaches up and whispers in a weak voice* tell Nora I…I…“


Originally posted by lil-red-reaper

Yang: *she takes out loads grim but is ultimately cut down by Salem. Her hair still burns as the life leaves her eyes. She doesn’t have anytime to say goodbyes. Her last thoughts are about her Blake*


Originally posted by suckerforbumbleby

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While Tyrian and Qrow are going to have a personal face off eventually because they’re foils and Qrow needs it to grow, RWBY is a show about teamwork, not individual 1v1s. It is 100% significant that Qrow’s character development is leading him towards trusting others to be by his side while he fights, while Tyrian’s back-up is Mercury, who he bullies and belittles.

There is a non-zero chance that Tyrian is gonna die in the exact same way Clover did. Aura broken by Qrow, focusing on what he thinks is his real opponent, and then stabbed in the back by the person he overlooked. 

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For those keeping count, that’s three potential Will Scarlets for the Happy Huntresses allusion:

1) Will Scarlatina, Velvet’s father, who has the name.

2) Crimson, the unnamed Huntsman Fiona is talking to on the radio in “Refuge”, who has the color and an association with the Happy Huntresses.

3) Qrow Branwen, who has Will’s backstory of fleeing from a murder towards Robin (albeit a framed one), and as this very cool post by @irregularjohnnywiggins notes, has a scene in a jail cell that’s near beat for beat how Will Scarlet was introduced in Robin of Sherwood. He’s a swordsman, and in the myths Will was the greatest swordsman of the Merry Men. And lastly he’s notably older than the Huntresses, which would be an inversion of their typical dynamic in the ballads with Will being the young man among the middle aged Merry Men.

I’m leaning towards Qrow, but I find it pretty strange that all three of the Scarlets we have are men, so I’m not gonna make any decisions until a female Scarlet shows up or Robyn nicknames Qrow “Red” or something.

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Me, awake at 3am: 
What if Amber wasn’t the Fall Maiden? What if Ozpin spread the rummer Amber (The Summer Maiden) was actually the Fall Maiden in order to protect the Beacon Relic further? What if Glynda, the woman whose emblem matches the Crown of Choice, is really the Fall Maiden instead?

That’s why Cinder never accessed the Beacon Vault. Salem believed there was one more failsafe, but Ozpin just switched his maidens around just in case. 

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So y’all telling me y’all ain’t never heard of Princess ozma from the wizard of Oz universe… bc,, Oscar

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I’m sure others have suggested this before but I”m pretty sure Qrow and Clover actually have the same semblance.

I don’t think it’s a case that one has a “Bad Luck” semblance and one has a “Good Luck” semblance.

I think both have the semblance “Luck”, but one was raised in an environment where he had no real support system, no parents, just hard times and struggles, and the other was likely raised in a more welcoming and supportive (if somewhat strict) surrounding.

If Qrow had be raised to believe in himself, or Clover raised to doubt himself, it’s likely their semblances would have been reversed.

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