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#rwby theory

hey guys so remember how people have pointed out that over the past volumes, Cinder’s Grimm arm has kinda been…growing? It’s gone all the way up her shoulder almost. I saw someone comparing how her Grimm arm looks similar to The Hound’s arms? At first I didn’t think much but then…what if, like many people are speculating, The Hound was a human but given a Grimm body part, which slowly took over their body…and the same happens to Cinder.

Oh and sorry, I would include images but I still don’t understand tumblr and it won’t let me do that :)

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-A few days ago-

Me: Sees a rwby post

Me: Thinks of a theory related to that post and goes to do some episode research to give my theory some sort of support

Me: Forgot I was doing that

-Right at this very moment-

Me: Sees a different rwby post that relates to the one I initially saw a few days ago

Me: Finally remembers I was doing a thing for that


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So there is this interesting through-line I’ve noticed about Oscar’s character running through the last couple volumes:

Whenever Oscar tries to be ‘The Hero’, ie: tries to do some big important thing to save the day or take control of a bad situation, it doesn’t work for him.


Look at all the times Oscar tries to talk Ironwood down in Volume 7: During their first talk at the Vault, Oscar tries to convey to Ironwood the importance of not abandoning their humanity, but all Ironwood can think about is how helpless Salem made him feel. And after Jaqcues is exposed, Watts’ cyberwarfare attacks begin, and everything is one the verge of falling apart and Oscar is trying to convince Ironwood to work with Robyn to save Mantle, it is only with Ruby’s assistance that Ironwood is brought around to finally work with others and save the people of Mantle.


And later on when things really are falling apart, Oscar runs off on his own to confront Ironwood and talk him down. To pull him back from the dark path he’s headed down. This is Oscar’s big Heroic moment. The moment where he can truly be the Hero and save the day.


And he fails.


Completely and utterly.


And now in the latest episode Oscar is confronted with Salem, and we see that he is entirely helpless before her. Not just physically, but psychologically as well. We see Oscar try to bluff about being Ozma and lying about Lamp being out of questions.


But Salem sees right through all of them. It is clear that from start to finish, Salem is one-hundred percent in control of this scene, and that Oscar has no power or influence whatsoever.

I get the sense from all of this that Oscar’s character arc, much like Jaune’s before him, is supposed to show that he’s not meant to be ‘The Hero’ or even one of ‘The Heroes’ who get the big important moments to save the day. It’s Ruby, Weiss, Blake and Yang who get those.

Again, much like Jaune before him, I feel Oscar is meant for something different…

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so 8x03 of rwby had everyone thinking that once ren sees nora hes going to have a complete breakdown but after seeing episode 4, im not entirely sure that will happen, at least not in the way i thought before. hear me out. 

episode 4 we finally get to see a little bit of what ren has been thinking these last 2 seasons, that they are all in over theyre heads, that these life and death situations shouldnt be in the hands of literal kids like them, that the adults should be incharge not them. and while he has some very good points the one thing he didnt say but was laced in everything he said was this: hes scared. hes scared and he feels like he cant show any weakness. jaune even addresses this later telling ren that he doesnt have to force himself to be strong, and ren walks away from him, but jaune is right, ren is pretending he isnt scared because he thinks he has too. 

so when he finally does see nora, its going to be a confirmation of everything hes been saying. but just like how he lashed out at nora before after almost attacking a  nora disguised neo made him cry, i think the start of the renora reunion is going to be ren lashing out at nora, but unlike before i think it will end with ren finally admitting hes scared. because yes theres a lot about the situation they are in that scares him, but nothing more then losing nora and thats what almost happened. 

so i think were going to get a renora fight reunion similar to that scene in the incredibles when bob finally admits hes scared of losing his family. that hes not strong enough

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So, one thing I’ve been hearing the RWBY fandom clamoring for is for Emerald to leave Cinder and Salem’s crew behind because it isn’t a good place for her, and to be honest I definitely think she will and I also think there’s never been nor will there ever be again a better time for it. Know why? Because Emerald is based on the character of Aladdin. And what is Aladdin most famous for?


Stealing a magic lamp from under the nose of an evil sorcerer

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Crack theory for Ren and Neo

The more I think about it, the more I can see Ren leaving on his own to get Oscar, encounters Neo in the process, recognizing each other from Atlas. They reluctantly form a temporary alliance like Qrow did with Tyrian (although it wouldn’t end as badly because Neo is pretty neutral at this point and isn’t batshit like Tyrian). Both would have something to gain: Ren saving Oscar + relic, and proving himself, and this being Neo’s best chance of escaping Salem’s little cult (with Em and Merc pls).

Definitely reaching at straws but they both have a similar color scheme: black, white, mainly green for Ren with more hints of pink (cause of Nora) and mainly pink for Neo with a little bit of green (cause of Roman). Personality wise, the obvious quietness aside, Neo has gone rogue and Ren is in the midst of an emotional breakdown, isolating himself.

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Vol8 Spoilers

“For the first time in a while, I thought ‘maybe I can be around somebody, anybody, without my semblance making it…. complicated’.”

-Qrow “:(“ Branwen

We have to be getting closer to learning more about STRQ, I can feel it. “In a while” has to mean “since STRQ” unless we’re going to get thrown for a loop with Events In Qrow’s Past We Haven’t Heard About Yet. But with so much going on, I doubt we’ll get anything new that hasn’t already been hinted at already. We have all the edge pieces of the puzzle now we just need *gestures vaguely* literally everything else.

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Nov 28

Everyone has been comparing V8 to V3 with the loss of Pyrrha to us losing Nora…but how about this

In volume 3 we saw

  • Nora get hurt pretty badly
  • Then Ren
  • Then Blake
  • Then Yang
  • Then Pyrrha died

My theory is that its gonna be the same play. 4 people hurt and then the death. So far

  • Nora has been hurt
  • Oscar has been hurt

Those two are safe, but 2 more can get hurt before the death.

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“Bill” isn’t a color name, but it can be short for “William”. According to Before the Dawn, Velvet’s dad’s name is “Dr. William Scarletina” and he’s a high-ranking Atlesian Scientist who’s on a first-name basis with General Ironwood. Combine that with his less-than-ideal relationship with his daughter, and the fact that he’s carrying a “World’s Best Dad” mug that’s been vandalized to read “World’s Best Dud”…. Is Velvet’s dad officially THAT guy? You know what I mean, that one unpleasant person you know very personally in spite of your best efforts and wish you didn’t? Is that Velvet’s dad?

Is that the real reason she’s such a doormat? She doesn’t want to be like her embarassment of a father? And does he use his friendship with Ironwood and role in the invention of Hard-Light Dust to avoid getting in trouble?

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What if Salem isn’t a fighter? We’ve been left to speculate what combat capabilities she has because all her appearances have been disproportionately tame compared to her underlings’. The only times we’ve seen her in combat have been to intimidate others through sheer magical power and to try to overpower Ozma. It could be that she wields large sums of strength but hasn’t shaped it into a way suited for fighting.

Remember the chessboard analogy from the new opener? She’s the king piece. She’s powerful and capable, but her combat ability is minuscule compared to her servants’. Instead of leading the fight from the front lines, she commands those more suited to fighting from the rear. Salem is a very patient schemer who plays to win using any strategy that will work, violent or not.

It’d fit the theme of the show that victory doesn’t come through strength, something Salem herself seems to realize. Trying to overpower Ozma with sheer strength cost her her family, so she’s settled into the role of a mastermind instead. The heroes won’t win by defeating Salem, they win by getting through to her. Her immortality isn’t the issue, it’s just there to reinforce the idea.

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I know you’re probably already thinking: “Dragon (that’s me), why the fuck are you saying this, of course Roman’s a natural redhead, why would we think otherwise?”

Well, my lovely reader, because of one important detail: Roman’s eyebrows are not red, they are BLACK.

(ye of weak constitution avert thy gaze from the image found below)


*GASP* not a SINGLE red hair in that perfectly trimmed eyebrow!

“but we don’t even know if dyeing hair is even a thing–” EXCEPT! in the RWBY anthology manga Ruby mentions dyeing her hair when asked why her hair is colored how it is; her red highlights are not natural and something she’s done herself. Setting up two crucial factors here: one, dyeing your hair is a thing, and two, multi-toned hair is not naturally occurring. MEANING that roman’s eyebrows cannot just happen to grow in an all-different color from his head hair

Neo is another character that has eyebrows visibly a different color than her hair, but her hair likely grows in brown with her eyebrows being brown in Chibi, or at the very least doesn’t naturally grow in tri-toned, as we know from the evidence above.

That being said, in RWBY Chibi, all the characters’ eyebrows are either the same color or a slightly darker version of their hair… except for Roman and Neo, again.


Roman’s eyebrows are not a darker version of his hair color. Why is this? BECAUSE ROMAN IS DYEING HIS HAIR. WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

Another character whose eyebrows don’t match their hair color is Jacques, the man the myth the legend. Jacques, who married into the Schnee family. A family that is known for their white hair. Jacques, who dyes his hair. Seeing the connections now?


the facts:
- hair dye is a thing that canonically exists in RWBY
- Roman’s eyebrows are NOT red, orange, or any similar color
- all other characters who have eyebrows that do not match their hair are dyeing their hair

What does this mean? ROMAN. IS. NOT. A. NATURAL. REDHEAD.
While this news may be grave, it is news nonetheless. Cover the eyes and ears of the youngins who may not be ready to process the absolute betrayal we’ve just witnessed this evening. Roman Torchwick is not the beloved true ginger we thought he was.

that being said, roman stans: attack

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idk how hot it is but thinking about it helps me recover after that scene


SO one more time the series emphasizes that the Crown is hidden in a different way that the other relics. 
At the same time, in the original Wizard of Oz princess Ozma as Tip didn’t know who he was, and only Glynda recognized her and could transform her back into the princess.

What if that part of the story (that was not used in the story of the knight Ozma in RWBY) will be used in the Glynda-is-Relic theory? But now Glynda doesn’t know what she is, but Ozma does and will tranform her to the Crown or to the spirit of the Crown?

…I want to see her face then.

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