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#rwby theory
anthurak · 3 hours ago
Tumblr media
Okay so I’ve never been a fan of the theory that Jaune is descended from Salem just because an emblem used by Salem’s family looks similar to the one on Crocea Mors. The logistics are fairly headscratching and it just doesn’t seem to fit Jaune’s ‘Everyman Hero’ character, particularly his character’s Jeanne D’Arc inspiration.
That being said, that emblem has been prominently displayed a number of times now and the similarity to the one on Crocea Mors is notable.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So here’s an alternative explanation that I believe makes a lot more sense and also fits the character Jaune has become MUCH better.
First, consider how Ozma seems to have made a habit of repurposing visual iconography from his first life and Old Humanity. It’s pretty obvious that the ‘King of Vale’ Oz designed Beacon Academy to look very similar to the castle of Salem’s family that she grew up in. Hell, I’d say there is a VERY good chance that Beacon and Vale as a whole rests on basically the exact same spot that Salem’s home once stood. So who’s to say King Oz didn’t also repurpose a number of crests and sigils that Salem’s family once used?
So here’s my theory: the emblem on Crocea Mors is not actually some ‘family crest’ of the Arc family. It is instead a sigil of the Lord that Jaune’s Great-Great-Grandfather served in the Great War; The King of Vale.
Tumblr media
Jaune’s Great-Great-Grandfather was a big war hero in the Great War. Specifically, I’m thinking he was part of an elite order of warriors who served as a personal guard to the King of Vale, and that emblem was a sigil granted to members of this order by the King himself. Heck, Jaune’s ancestor may have been the leader of such an order, or even a long-time retainer and guardian to the King.
Why an elite guardsman specifically? Well for one, when we look at Crocea Mors and how Jaune has generally wielded it, it is always the Shield, and with it the emblem, that is displayed more prominently.
And sure, the ‘greatsword’ modification Jaune makes to Crocea Mors during the Anima Arc does break this trend. But then again, that upgrade represents a gross perversion of Jaune’s fighting style. A representation of the self-destructive cycle Jaune’s grief over Pyrrha has driven him into in the form of Jaune abandoning all defense (self-preservation) in favor of offense (vengeance). Plus, the greatsword mod hides the emblem from view. Only when Crocea Mors is a Shield can the emblem be seen. Just look at the upgrades Jaune gets in the Mantle Arc after finally getting closure for his grief in Volume 6. The greatsword modification seems to have been ditched entirely and not only is Jaune using the Shield more than ever, the emblem even glows now!
Tumblr media
In short, Crocea Mors seems to be a Shield first and a sword second. A fitting weapon for a guardsman.
Finally, Jaune’s Great-Great-Grandfather being a loyal, trusted protector to a previous incarnation of Oz makes perfect sense when you think about it. After all, hasn’t that been exactly what Jaune has been doing for Oscar these past few volumes?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jaune has been protecting an incarnation of Oz, just as his grandfather before him.
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goldilocks-andthe-3boiz · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Blake will have a semblance upgrade where she splits herself into at least two separate beings that can function perfectly sosnsbsjsjslanskaajns
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aspoonofsugar · a month ago
Semblance of the Soul: Neopolitan
Tumblr media
In the Volume 9 Sneak Peek, Neo transforms into three of Ruby’s loved ones and attacks her:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Why does it happen? There are two reasons.
1) Three is Neopolitan’s number. She is known by three names (Trivia, Neopolitan and Vanille) and has three colors (brown, pink and white). This is not by chance since Neo’s backstory links this “three motif” to the Freudian id, ego and superego:
We are ruled by thirds. In fashion we compare no more than three colors. Our personalities are defined by the id, the ego and the super-ego- always warring vying for control. But our goal is harmony. Balance.
Roman Holiday, chapter 13
According to Freud, they are the three parts of the self. The id is where the person’s fear and wishes lie. It is a primitive and instinctive force. The superego is instead society’s expectations. It is where morality and ideals are. These two parts are balanced by the ego, that mediates between wishes and duties.
Neo’s story in Roman Holiday is her ego emerging through the conflict between her id and her superego. At the end of the novel, Neo becomes her own person... or so she thinks. Her spiral after Roman’s death shows that Neo is still far away from complete self-actualization and that she is currently unbalanced:
There was one thing To help escape the misery And now it's all disarrayed You took my whole life away You sent me back to nothing Now you'll pay
So, her internal search for an identity continues.
Ruby, as the protagonist of a coming of age story, is clearly in a similar situation. She is still growing and to properly do so, she must struggle with these three sides of the self as well. This leads us to point 2.
2) Neo is set up to be Ruby’s mirror:
Tumblr media
This is why Neo is the person Ruby meets while she is falling, their fight is shown through Ruby’s first person POV and Neo’s illusions highlight Ruby’s interiority and repressed feelings.
Neo is meant to be Ruby’s dark reflection, so that all the issues Ruby is burying come to the surface externalized through her.
In light of this, Neo’s glass imagery fits very well:
Tumblr media
This is one of many ways Overactive Imagination is meaningful for Neo’s character, her story in Roman Holiday and her role in the series.
Let’s see why and let’s discover how this semblance is deeply intertwined with the theme of identity and with the conflict between id and superego. Finally, let’s use it as a compass to find our way through the Looking Glass Neo really is!
Trivia hadn’t been so caught up in her own little world in a long while (...). Since she had used her Semblance for the first time to create a butterfly with one pink wing, one brown, with white spots all over- then sent it out her bedroom window and watched it flutter away until she lost sight of it and let it go.
Roman Holiday, chapter 11
Overactive Imagination lets Neo create physical illusions everybody can see and interact with. It is an ability that fits Neo for two reasons.
1) Neo’s semblance is an attempt at communication. It is a power that lets Neo materialize pieces of her mind, so parts of who she is. As a child, Neo (then known as Trivia)  is lonely because of her inability to speak and as a result she spends much time in her own head. She creates an imaginary friend (the original “Neopolitan”), games and a whole world, which is only hers. As time goes on, she becomes able to project this inner world outside.
The problem is that even if she does, others do not understand it. Her parents dislike her semblance and instead of seeing it as a gift and as a key to better understand their daughter, they forbid its use.
2) Overactive Imagination is also symbolic of Neo’s major flaw:
“N-E-O,” Mama read. “So your ‘friend’ broke the vase.” The weariness in her voice had nothing to do with the late hour.
“Don’t encourage her, Carmel,” Papa said. “It’s all in her head. Something she makes up to avoid responsibility.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 1
Jimmy is a bad father and a horrible person, but he is not completely off here. The novel shows many times that little Trivia blames her imaginary friend “Neopolitan” whenever she ends up in trouble. This happens for many reasons (some of which related to Jimmy and Carmel’s bad parenting), but blaming others for her own mistakes is a tendency Neo has and that has stuck with her in adulthood.
Neo creates fantasies and illusions she can hide behind, so that she does not have to face her shortcomings. Her inner world is incredibly rich, but it is also a convenient place where to hide.
So, at its root, Overactive Imagination is an active affirmation of Neo’s self, but it also shows how self-centered she deep down is. After all, it is an ability that turns Neo’s fantasies and so her vision of the world and personal narrative into reality and forces it on everybody else. It can be seen as an externalization of her interiority in both its potential and its flaws,
This is why Neo’s imaginary butterfly being brown, pink and white conveys something about Neo herself. She makes it as a child, when she is trapped in her own room, so it clearly represents her wish for freedom. However, why does she choose these three specific colors and what do they mean in her story as a whole?
It is easy to see where Neo takes inspiration for the pink and the brown:
“They were ashamed of her. Because she couldn’t speak. Because of her mismatched eyes. On the rare occasions that she did go out with them, they made her wear a brown contact lens over her pink eye.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 3
She has heterocromia with one eye pink and one eye brown. As a child, her parents have her mask her pink eye, so pink becomes a color associated with everything her parents disapprove and repress. This is why her imaginary friend “Neopolitan”, who embodies all Trivia’s forbidden wishes, is described as having pink hair and a pink dress, while Trivia herself has brown hair and a brown dress.
What about the white, though? As a color, white is mentioned here and there and appears in Neo’s clothing with the other two colors. However, it is never associated to anything specific. It is like a color that permeates Neo’s existence, but does not seem rooted in a specific issue.
At least, this is so until one remembers that Neo’s family name is Vanille and that vanille is the third flavor of the Neopolitan ice-cream and the one associated with the color white.
So, it becomes clear that Trivia is brown (chocolate), Neopolitan is pink (strawberry) and Vanille is white (vanille). All together they make the neopolitan ice-cream and Neo as a person. Just like ego, id and superego.
Let’s try and see which color represents which part!
1) Pink is the color associated with Neo’s wishes. Her imaginary friend is pink and who deep down little Trivia wants to be. “Neopolitan” is bold, brave and does what she wants without worrying of the consequences. She embodies all the parts Neo represses as a child out of fear and love for her parents. All of this suggests that pink is the color of Neo’s id.
2) White is a color associated with Neo’s family name, so with Neo’s parents. Because of this, it fits to link it to her superego. Her family sets up the expectations Neo must meet and these expectations are so high because of the Vanilles’ role in society.
3) This leaves brown as the color of Neo’s ego. Brown is Trivia’s color, so the color of the little girl, who tries to make her parents happy, but who also gets in trouble with her friend “Neopolitan”.
Do you agree with this choice? No? Well, as for now, just accept it as it is. It will become clearer by the end of the post.
Let’s now focus on the color pink and its link with the id. This connection seems supported also by Neo semblance having a pink effect. After all, what is a power that brings one’s interiority out, if not a mean to bring the id to the surface? Neo represses herself so much that at one point she needs to let things out somehow. The result of this necessity is her semblance.
So, Overactive Imagination is Neo’s id finding a way out. The result is both chaotic and wonderful. The id is neither good nor bad. It is a mix of repressed feelings and urges. This is pretty clear in “Neopolitan”, aka Trivia’s imaginary friend.
“Neopolitan” is violent and aggressive:
Neopolitan smiled and punched Cookie in the face. Neo’s hand shattered like glass, the impact rippling through her arm and breaking apart the rest of her body until the shards faded, along with the illusory crack on the ground.
But it wasn’t all an illusion. Cookie’s hand was over her nose, blood gushing from bewteen her fingers.
Roman Holiday, chapter 3
Still, she is also loyal and lovable:
“To her surprise and relief, someone caught her before she hit the ground. She opened her eyes and Neopolitan smirked before her form glitched and Trivia dropped through her briefly insubstantial arms to the ground. Neo covered her mouth in a silent laugh.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 7
She violently punches people, but also catches Trivia when she is falling. Similarly, Overactive Imagination can be used to create chaos at a dinner party:
“As Trivia marched through the middle of the party, she waved her hand and set flies buzzing around the musicians’ heads, sending the song they were playing wildly off-tune. A woman found an eyeball floating in her champagne flute and flung it away from her, drenching another guest and breaking the glass.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 3
But also to save its user’s life:
As she drifted down, she felt like Alyx falling through the world. Then she heard a tearing sound. She looked up and noticed the constellation of scorch marks in the paper as the wind and gravity began to rip it apart. She concentrated and patched it up with her Semblance, reinforcing the fragile paper, imagining it as a thin, light, durable film that absolutely would not shred and drop her twenty feet to the ground.
Roman Holiday, chapter 7 
So, we are back to the beginning. Neo’s inner world is both beautiful and dangerous, just like that of every person. However, Neo, as a child, is forced to repress hers, so her richness is underutilized and her flaws exacerbated.
Her hair shimmered as she flexed her Semblance to change her hair to pink
No, that’s too much  of the other girl!
She combed her fingers through the hair on the right side changing it back to brown, so it matched the color of her right eye.
She smiled.
Yes, she thought. There you are.
Roman Holiday, chapter 11
One of the applications of Overactive Imagination is transformation. Thanks to it, Neo can change her appearance as she wants.
Neo starts using this ability during her teenage years, as her semblance gets stronger and she feels more and more constricted under her Trivia persona. So, the ability to transform in others is used as a way to explore who Neo is and to feel a freedom she could not reach in other ways. For example, the first time Neo uses this ability in the novel is to run away from home masked as her private teacher.
At the same time, this ability also gives an additional meaning to Overactive Imagination, when it comes to its thematic link with the id vs superego conflict:
“She felt a sense of loss when she activated her Semblance to project an illusion of the clothing she’d worn into the store over her fun new outfit. The fake clothes felt more constricting than the physical ones, which she kicked under the bench in the dressing stall. She even found it harder to breathe. Neo put a hand on her shoulder and another over her heart until she calmed down.
The real her was under the illusion, like it always was. It was just starting to hurt too much to hide it.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 5
Neo’s semblance is born as a way for her id to come out, but as time goes on and she keeps being forced into a persona, it also becomes symbolic of her superego. She can never show her true self to others, so she projects an illusion. This is why an ability, which originally appears to materialize Neo’s inner truth, is so often used to lie and to trick others. In particular, it is used by Neo to navigate society, its rules and limitations:
“Was that real money?” he asked.
She shook her head.
“So it’s going to disappear eventually?”
She nodded.
“As soon as she puts it in the register?”
Neopolitan put her finer on her nose.
Roman Holiday, chapter 14
However, Neo’s ability to shapeshift should not be seen only as a way for her to project many superficial masks she discards as she pleases. As a matter of fact, deeper lasting changes happen when it comes to Neo’s identity in her formative years. Interestingly, they start with destruction:
“As the old saying went, “You can’t put the moon back together”. At times you had to destroy something to make something even better in its place. When Mama had shattered Neopolitan in front of their burning house, Trivia finally understood that she had been broken all along. Losing her friend was Trivia’s first step toward putting herself back together and embracing her true, best self.
There was only one thing she could do now: Pick up the pieces and use them to make something new. So she tuned out her classmates and Lady Beat’s voice and began stitching the cut fabric together. Rather than focus on repairing her uniform, she decided to get creative and make a new outfit: the kind of thing Neopolitan would wear. It had to be bold. It had to be eye-catching. It had to provide freedom of movement.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 11
When Carmel slaps her imaginary friend destroying it, Neo finally understands that “Neopolitan” is only a part of Trivia. As a result, she is not able to materialize her friend anymore. This is because the illusion of Neopolitan as her own person and as someone different from Trivia is broken and can’t be put back together. However, this does not mean Neopolitan stops existing. She, in a sense, becomes even more real because Trivia accepts “her friend” as a part of who she is.
The same happens with Neo’s uniform being destroyed by her classmates. The uniform is a symbol of the superego. It is part of society’s expectations and how students of Lady Browning’s Preparatory Academy for Girls are meant to be seen by others. So, Neo choosing to change her clothes, so that her real personality can emerge is part of her finding a new inner quilibrium.
And what is this new inner equilibrium?
It is a new balance where Neo’s id slowly, but steadily starts to emerge more and to take control:
“She had given Neo’s name because her own would have been giving away too much information, but in a way it was an even more personal thing to share. When she heard Roman say it aloud, it felt right.
It felt real.
It felt like her.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 13
She leaves her Trivia name behind and embraces her Neo persona. Initially, she does so to hide who she is from Torchwick, but as time goes on, she starts feeling more herself as Neo, than as Trivia.
The same happens with Neo and Torchwick’s friendship. Their relationship starts as a ruse by both parties. They are just trying to use each other, but as time passes, they grow fond of each other and start considering the other a friend. However, even if the feelings are genuine, their partnership keeps being an illusion because built on a lie.
In particular, Neo mistakenly believes that she can keep walking on a fine line where she plays both Lady Beat and Torchwick. This duality is well conveyed by Hush, Neo’s new weapon.
Hush is a parasol that can be used as a shield and with a blade inside. It is the perfect weapon for a student of an Academy that superficially teaches girls how to be ladies and secretely trains spies. It combines the elegance of an accessory with the lethality of a weapon.
At the same time, Hush is clearly complementary to Melodic Cudgel. The former is a silent blade, while the latter is a flashy and noisy gun. The former is Neo’s message to the world to shut up. The latter is Roman’s enjoyment of the pain of others that sounds like a melody. So, Hush is perfect for the partner in crime of Roman Torchwick.
It is a weapon that fits both Lady Beat’s spy and Roman’s friend. The point is that Neo can’t keep being both. She can’t keep being Trivia Vanille and Neopolitan. She must choose.
She realizes it once again when the illusion she is living in breaks down. Because of her actions, Roman is caught and she has to finally overcome her flaw:
“She hadn’t meant it to happen, but Roman had been caught because of her. And she wasn’t going to hide from her responsibilities any more. He was basically the only thing that mattered to her in the whole world right now, and she wasn’t going to lose him, too.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 20
She has to accept the consequences of her actions and to fix them. It is through this process that she can finally make a true friend and to turn her partnership with Torchwick into something real.
This choice and transformation is conveyed through Neo’s color scheme changing its meaning throughout the story. Pink becomes the color of Neo’s ego, of her soul, as symbolized by her aura itself being pink:
Tumblr media
The brown becomes instead the color associated with her superego and with what society expects from her. After all, it is the color of her mother (Carmel) and of Lady Beat (Beatrix Browning). It represents who they expect her to become.
What about the white? Once again this color is the most difficult to pintpoint in Neo’s story. However, it is definately still there:
“She untied the string and peeled off the brown paper. Inside was a pink cardboard box. (...) She lifted the lid off the box and rummaged around in the pink and white tissue paper before she found what was inside. Her eyes went round like saucers and she hoped up and down. Then she pulled out a parasol.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 16
In this scene, Neo finds Hush, so she symbolically finds herself in a package, which is superficially brown and reveals itself as pink and white inside. What does it mean? Why is the white, which is linked to Neo’s surname, shoved deeper inside Neo’s self?
“He caught a lock of her hair and showed it to her. It was white. “This is new. It suits you,” he said.
Why would she have done that with her Semblance?”
Roman Holiday, chapter 26
Overactive Imagination symbolizes both Neo’s id and her superego and, their constant conflict and changing relationship throughout Roman Holiday. By the end of the novel, the line between illusion and reality has become much more blurried than what initially thought possible:
“Roman shook his head. “Show them who you really are.”
Neo changed back into herself, but swapper her school uniform for her favourite suite. Roman handed her her parasol.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 22
When Neo goes home, she introduces herself to her parents as a mix of reality and illusions. This is because that is who she has deep down always been. Neopolitan might have been a fantasy, but this does not mean she isn’t real in her own way and now Carmel and Jimmy have to face her and completely fail to do so.
Neo’s parents are defeated because they are unable to distinguish illusion from reality and how much illusions say about reality itself:
“She looked at the painting on the wall with a wistful expression. With Neo out of commission, it had reverted back to its original state - an idealized portrait of a family for a woman who had lost touch with reality.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 23
“Neo held up a match and ignited it with her thumbnail. He froze. She smiled and tossed it toward the box of Dust. As he dove to catch it, she whirled around and fled the room for the last time in her life. She slammed the door on him and leaned against it, breathing heavily. (...) She relaxed her Semblance, making the illusory match fade.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 24
Carmel lives in the fantasy of a perfect family, when the Vanilles are nothing, but the illusion of a family and Carmel herself and Jimmy are serving two different criminal organizations and tricking each other.
Jimmy is so unable to see through Neo’s illusions that he does not even realize when his daughter turns into her child self. He thinks she has just changed her hair. This is because he is completely unable to understand Neo, so he either sees her as the sweet child he can command or as a witch that ruins his life. Because of this inability to see the truth, he fittingly is trapped because he tries to catch an imaginary match.
In the end, Trivia Vanille’s whole family is killed and her house is destroyed. From this destruction a new self is born:
“As far as she was concerned, Trivia Vanille was buried under that mess, too. Neopolitan was the sole survivor.”
Roman Holiday, chapter 26
But then, why is it specifically the color white the one that pops up unconsciously as the last symbolic evidence of Neo’s new found individuality? Why is it the color of Neo’s family?
There are two reasons for it.
1) Neo is implied to be repressing her feelings over he family’s death:
Lil Miss might have been the one to pull the trigger, but Neo had pointed her guns at her father. And Mama...
Roman Holiday, chapter 26
She rationalizes her parents’ deaths, but the phrase being cut shows she still feels pain, especially over Carmel. The white appearing in her hair might symbolize the girl’s grief and how her family is still deep down a part of her.
2) The Vanille color becoming the color of the id nicely completes Trivia’s transformation in Neopolitan and tells us who Neopolitan really is.
Neopolitan is a creature of the id. She is a person who chooses to repress society values and her sense of morality and to live following only her wishes:
She just wanted to do whatever she wanted. And for the moment, what she wanted was to help Roman set the world on fire.
Roman Holiday, chapter 26
So, she chooses to be an unfiltered, chaotic, living id.
This is Neo’s new found balance at the end of the novel and the person she has chosen to become. This is also the woman we meet in the main series.
In conclusion, Overactive Imagination is an ability that has something surprising to say about what identity truly is. Specifically, it says that identity is nothing, but an illusion and yet, it is something very real.
A person’s identity is not a unit, but is made of different parts. Some visible only to the person. Others experienced only by others. And yet, all these parts are real. Identity is also not static, but changes with time to the point that the person of tomorrow might be completely different from the person of yesterday. Finally, identity can shatter and needs to be rebuilt.
All these attributes are attributes of Neo’s illusions, which are the result of multi-faced fragments coming together, let her transform and shatter like glass:
Tumblr media
Right now in the series, Neo is clearly going through an identity crisis. Like the other times, this one too starts with destruction and specifically with Roman’s death.
This loss has Neo completely out of balance and this is shown since her return in volume 6.
She initially seems like her old self, perfectly in control:
Tumblr media
However, the illusion is quick to break:
Tumblr media
Neo is broken and just like her hair turns white while she is grieving her family, she is now wearing Roman’s hat to express her pain.
When it comes to this, it is interesting that she loses the white in her hair after joining Cinder:
Tumblr media
It is as if she loses her balance also symbolically. She forgets her superego and completely gives in to her id, to her thirst for revenge. As a result, she does not care about herself, others or the whole world anymore.
Oscar:  I thought the idea of falling through Remnant into a new world was exciting. I never understood why she was so sad when she finally made it back home. But now it makes more sense.
Ozpin: She wasn’t the same girl anymore.
Ozpin: I was recently reminded of an old fairy tale. A young girl flees the consequences of a choice, to a magical place. But, having never learned from her initial failure, she only succeeds in spreading it.
The Girl Who Fell Through the World is mentioned by both Oscar and Ozpin, but they give the story an opposite spin.
On one hand Oscar describes the protagonist as a young girl who loses her innocence because of the hardships she meets in her journey. On the other hand Ozpin talks of Alyx as a person who runs away from her responsibilities in an imaginary world.
These two interpretations of the same story have clearly to do with Oscar and Ozpin themselves. Still, giving the ending of volume 8, it is clear that Alyx’s story is meant to be meaningful also for other characters. Specifically, these two readings of Alyx can be applied respectively to Ruby and Neo.
On one hand Ruby is an optimistic child, who tries to act as an adult and has her hope constantly challenged. On the other hand Neo is an adult that acts as a child and selfishly blames others for her own mistakes. She runs into her own mind and narrative to avoid facing her loss.
They are both Alyx and both have fallen through the world because out of balance. However, they are so for opposite reasons.
Ruby is out of balance because she has been repressing her negative feelings since Beacon fell. She is worried about others’ expectations and is scared she will let people down:
Ruby: I don't know...I don't know anything... What do I tell Jaune and his team when we don't even have a plan? Qrow's out drinking, Ozpin hasn't come back and even if he did, I don't know if I could trust him. And there's always Jinn, but... we only have one more question we can ask her. I feel like I'm letting everyone down...
Maria: You know, you don't give yourself enough credit.
Ruby: Oh... Thanks.
Maria: That wasn't a compliment.
Neo instead doesn’t care about the pain and damage she has been pushing on others because she is too caught up in her own grief and sorrow. This makes her selfish and dangerous.
In other words, the conflict between superego and ego that has characterized Neo’s inner evolution in her formative years is back, but it is now externalized through the Ruby (superego) and Neo (id).
Let’s see how it solves itself and how the new self that emerges from this destruction will be for both characters!
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maxiemumdamage · 9 months ago
Willing to bet my own soul that Emerald uses her semblance to disguise someone as Penny. Probably Ruby, since she’s got the mannerisms down pat and knows the dynamic she’s got with Ironwood.
Turning Penny over just isn’t an option. She can’t open the Vault if she wants to. But letting Mantle die isn’t an option either, so the kids will have to find another solution.
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strqyr · 10 days ago
to jump deeper into the "what if the crown is not at beacon?" idea:
when qrow arrives to haven with team rnjr, he immediately notes the lack of staff and then proceeds to call out lionheart on leaving the lamp – which was very much secured within the school – unprotected.
yet, was that not what ozpin did when beacon was attacked, sending glynda and qrow to defend vale instead? qrow gets one "but" in (which could have been about amber, anyway), but neither of the two disagree further when ozpin tells them to get there "now".
why send two of his closest allies to defend vale, if the crown is currently at high risk at beacon?
unless... the crown is not there, and ozpin believed beacon to be lost anyway, so it would make more sense to defend the line and make sure the grimm don't take over the kingdom as a whole... and perhaps, get closer to patch, where the crown might actually reside.
let salem take control of beacon and keep looking and wasting time; she's not going to find the crown there, anyway.
it would also give an additional reasoning why team strq settled down on patch and why tai and qrow are/were teachers at signal rather than beacon, where they would be – supposedly – closer to the crown to protect it if there was ever a need to do so.
it also gives tai a reason to stay on patch, rather than go adventuring across remnant with everyone else. he's certainly part of the inner circle – whenever qrow and raven talk about this stuff, they include him as well – and by ozpin words, there's "no shame in abstaining, only in retreat." with how tai is being treated by others in the know, it doesn't seem like he abstained in the first place, but he hasn't retreated either, meaning that he likely has different kind of orders that allow him to stay home.
and before anyone comes in and says "but tai's just tending to his flowers, he's not protecting the relic!!"
he's not going to be literally standing guard 24/7 wherever the crown is hidden. that would defeat the whole purpose of keeping it hidden and making it seem like it's still at beacon.
right now, salem might be thinking "damn, looking for this relic at beacon is taking forever, surely it's here since that's how it goes with the other relics... unless it's not. hey, what's that fourth person from ozpin's super special team doing currently, he's been kind of low profile lately? gardening?! yeah, he's not doing anything suspicious, back to looking around beacon it is, then."
and that's exactly how ozpin wants to keep it.
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sapphic-yang · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Is next volume going to be them traveling to other worlds????
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himbothy-rwby · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
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remnant-roses · 9 months ago
Ok but listen hear me out
Ren and Nora are about to be reunited and we’re all hoping their shaky relationship will improve now that Ren has #Found Himself during their time apart, right?
But here’s the thing. Nora didn’t find herself.
Yes, her moment busting through the door was a Certified Badass Moment, but it wasn’t a moment of self-discovery, which she had just admitted she knew she needed - it was a moment of pure self-destructiveness, spurred on by her belief that the only thing she has to offer the world is her strength.
Consider what she muttered in her comatose state - “Now what am I good for?” Without her strength, without Ren, she believes she is nothing. Nora is not okay right now, physically or mentally.
What I would love to see now - even though, by God, it will hurt - is for Ren - who had also been struggling with feelings of not knowing who he is without Nora, of being afraid to change their friendship into something else - to rush to Nora’s side, fully ready to upgrade their relationship from ‘friend’ to ‘lover.’ BUT for Nora to now be the one with reservations, because she still hasn’t found who she is without Ren.
Nora spent her whole life waiting for Ren to wake up and smell the ginger. Narratively, I think it will be satisfying to see that come full circle - for Ren now having to be the one who waits until she’s ready, to pine for her until she’s found the things that make Nora *Nora.*
Who’s with me angst crew
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anthurak · 3 months ago
So I may be pointing out an obvious point here, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this point brought up anywhere else.
Anyway, something I think RWBY does that really sets it apart from so many other YA fiction is the fact that the Huntsmen Academies are NOT actually ‘Magic High Schools’.
Think about it; the standard enrollment age for the Academies seems to be 17, as was the case for all of our central character other then Ruby, who was specifically bumped up two years. And with what we know about how people study at the academies for four years before graduating, that means the age-range of Academy students is actually 17-21.
Those are NOT high-school ages.
If anything, it’s the Combat Schools like Signal, Pharos and Sanctum that are the ‘Magic High-Schools’ of Remnant. The Huntsmen Academies? Those actually seem far more analogous to Universities. In short, our central characters are not actually the equivalent of ‘High-School students’. They’re College students.
This also ties into a point I’ve brought up in other posts. That one of the things that makes Team RWBY unique as protagonists is that they are actually much further along in their personal development as characters when we meet them. They essentially start the series at a higher level then most protagonists. 
It’s why we never see Team RWBY having to go through any sort of ‘training arc’. They already FINISHED their training arcs before the show even started!
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hadesisqueer · 8 months ago
Okay so.
Hear me out.
I'm not crazy, I swear.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Because of this whole conversation they had, I have a new theory that might end up with me just being a clown, but I have to say it: Penny isn't the only allusion to Pinnochio in the show. Winter is Pinnochio too.
Winter is a girl who, in a different sense than Penny, has struggled with her identity and finding herself. She thinks of herself as a machine and just now, when she turned against Ironwood and listened to her heart, that's when she becomes “a real girl”. Winter has also struggled with doing what is right, whereas Penny didn't. There's also the fact that the whale from the fairy tale was in the story and the one who got near it was Winter, not Penny, but that's more on the nose.
Winter is the part of Pinnochio that makes mistakes, that struggles to find the difference between what's right and what's wrong. The part of Pinnochio that needs guidance. In the fairy tale, Pinnochio had a guide. Someone who helped him see what's right and what's wrong. A conscience: Jiminy Cricket.
Now, we never got a Jiminy Cricket in this show. Which leads me to this, and the fact that many of us believe that Penny is still alive, at least inside Winter.
Tumblr media
If her soul really is with Winter, if there really is a part of her inside Winter (somewhat like the Ozcarnations or the forbidden Pyre Theory)... Then Penny would be Pinnochio, yes, but also Winter's Jiminy Cricket, trying to guide her and help her.
This wouldn't be the first time characters have multiple allusions or share them with another character (see: Yang being Goldilocks and also sharing both Beauty and the Beast allusions with Blake). I will most likely end up being a clown but hey a girl can hope.
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tsundere-bellwether · a year ago
The grimm is a person that was turned into a monster, and that person is Summer Rose. Here’s my evidence.
Formerly a person:
It has near-human intelligence if not full human. It knew to break its target’s aura before the rest of the team could stop it, and use Oscar as a shield as a strategic choice.
It can understand language and speak it, seemingly with some struggle.
We’ve already seen that it’s possible for someone to turn into a monstrous grimm. Cinder is on the way there if she doesn’t get rid of that arm.
Formerly Summer Rose:
Summer is never stated to be outright dead. Only missing and disappeared. Last volume Salem confirmed she’s responsible for that, and it’s entirely possible she chose to do something else to Summer rather than kill her.
The eyes. The grimm doesn’t have eyes. You better bet Salem would cut out Summer’s silver eyes to prevent her from stopping the transformation.
Similarly, other grimm fear this one as if they know it’s different. As if they know it once hunted them and possessed a power to kill them.
If this theory is true, Ruby and her family are in for hell when they find out...
Credit to @mwpriddypinkie for starting this theory.
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greenteaandtattoos · 2 months ago
The topic of Ruby's eyes sparking in V7 came up last night in a conversation and I thought I'd share my theory on it, because compared to what we know, this was an anomaly. It doesn't really line up with anything Qrow or Maria have said about silver eyes and their power.
Tumblr media
She was emotional, yes, but there wasn't anyone needing protection, Salem wasn't really there, so what triggered her eyes? Well, my theory takes a more psychological: herself.
Her eyes activated in an attempt to preserve Ruby's own life.
I understand that you're probably confused, so let me explain.
While Ruby wasn't in immediate physical danger, she was in mental agony. Her entire life was just twisted in front of her eyes, literally, once the memory of Summer surfaced. Her magic recognized this and activated this in an attempt to save Ruby from the danger of further pain.
"But didn't Ruby already assume that Salem had something to do with Summer's disappearance, after their talk with Qrow in V4?"
Ah, well, you see my friend, denial is a powerful thing. We've seen that Ruby has been in denial before; denial about how heroes don't always win, denial that she's hurting herself by always put herself last, denial about her own emotions and issues.
So, instead, she compartmentalizes them as a coping mechanism so that she can help other people instead of acknowledging her own personal feelings and problems.
Tumblr media
She willingly but subconsciously focuses on shouldering the burdens of other people so she doesn't have to face her own.
Tumblr media
Ruby had a lot going on in V4, with Qrow getting poisoned, learning an ancient witch could control grimm, the Nuck. It's easy to imagine that she was able to simply push any thought of Summer's possible fate to the back of her mind.
But Salem was right there, in front of her, and here she was, giving away the fact that Summer engaged Salem at some point, and lost.
She could no longer escape the truth. She could no longer block out the whispers in the back of her mind. She could no longer continue to imagine Summer as she once did.
Her entire perspective of Summer, her mother, her hero, her entire reason for fighting, was just turned upside down. That had to cause sudden and extraordinary mental anguish, which her silver eyes perceived as a threat and reacted.
But since there was no physical threat, they couldn't work properly.
Her memory of Summer in V6 when she used her eyes on the Leviathan prooooooobably didn't help, seeing as that memory was likely the first that Ruby has had of Summer in a long time.
And now, suddenly, that memory is being corrupted or pushed aside by this new memory, a darker memory. A memory that is forcing her to see the truth.
Tumblr media
Her eyes react to emotion and to grimm, and Ruby was hit was a sudden deluge of painful, negative emotion, and her eyes activated accordingly in an attempt of self-preservation, perceiving the cause of the emotional response to be an immediate threat to Ruby.
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fandompariah · 8 days ago
Okay so everyone who's watched both RWBY and Arcane is comparing Cait and Vi to Blake and Yang because obviously..... But.
This shot from the "Enemy" Music Video of young/Act 01 Vi shadowboxing and showing off honestly made me think of Ilia, specifically a younger Ilia growing up in Mantle before she went to the school in Atlas.
Tumblr media
Ilia "I broke their teeth" Amitola was definitely someone's Vi.
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maxiemumdamage · 9 months ago
See, the fact that Ruby is now convinced backup won’t show just makes me so sure it will. And that it could come by the end of the season. We already know Ghira is calling in the Menagerie Militia, but they’ve got friends in Vacuo too. It’s probably a day or two of travel if you’ve got a ship, which means it can happen any minute now.
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strqyr · 8 months ago
the theory that the characters who picked up the relics in emerald forest are going to retrieve the actual relics in the same order may have been debunked, but the theory that the members of team rwby are going to pick the relic associated with the kingdom they played as in the board game still lives on.
yang played as mistral and she retrieved the lamp. ruby played as atlas and she was the one who first picked up the staff. if they follow this path, then weiss will retrieve the sword and blake the crown.
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fallinglikemagic · 8 months ago
Penny Polendina alludes to Astro Boy - and how this allusion foreshadows Penny’s eventual resurrection
Some of you may remember my first post in which I compared Penny and Astro Boy, with a specific focus on the version of Astro from the 2009 3D animated film (if not, you can read it here, but I'll be repeating everything stated there anyway). In the month or two since I first made that post, more and more parallels have start to pop up, with one of those parallels matching one of our most popular theories and foreshadowing Penny's upcoming resurrection.
In order to write this, I went through and watched the entire film, taking notes as I went. I'm not going to include every single detail that I noticed, only the things that seem the most relevant and can be put together in a single post in a comprehensive manner. Believe me when I say that I've thought about this a lot, and the sheer amount of parallels and connections (and the fact that I'm not the only one to notice these connections) has lead me to believe that this has been done intentionally. 
With that being said, I'm only going to focus on the Astro Boy film from 2009 - the Astro Boy franchise is massive, going back to the first manga coming out in 1952 with a few different adaptations and reboots with different versions of the story, and I just don't have the time to go through all of those. As such, I'm going to be focusing on the movie, due to the fact that it has the highest amount of parallels to both Penny specifically, and RWBY as a whole.
So, let's get into this.
Metro City and the Surface - Atlas and Mantle
One of the reasons I've decided to focus on the film in particular is due to the nature of the film's setting. Astro Boy (2009) takes place in two locations - Metro City, and the Surface.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
According to the opening of the film, Metro City was created when the people who would become the founders of the city noticed the world changing for the worse, and responded by taking part of the land and lifting it into the sky, creating a floating city - the opening voiceover refers to it as "an oasis, a floating paradise". Everybody else is left behind on what is referred to as the Surface, left to fend for themselves while the people of Metro City largely ignore their existence.
Tumblr media
The parallels to Atlas and Mantle are crystal clear. Atlas and Metro City are both set up as a beautiful city above the clouds, meant to serve as an inspiration for the rest of the world. In reality, it's a place where the rich and privileged can live in comfort while shunning the poor. Meanwhile, down in Mantle/on the Surface, people are suffering and struggling to get by. Additionally, both 'surface' and 'mantle' are words that are associated with the ground.
The Blue Core (and the Red Core) - Penny's soul and Maiden powers.
Another concept that is (as far as my research shows at least) unique to the film is the Blue Core and the Red Core.
Tumblr media
The Blue Core is a small sphere that is filled with pure positive energy, referred to as Blue Core Energy. It was created by Dr. Elefun, made from the fragments of a star that no longer exists - meaning that the Blue Core is all that's left, and cannot be recreated. This is reminiscent of how Pietro has no more aura left to spare, and thus is unable to give any more of his soul to Penny like he did the first time she died. In this allusion, the Blue Core is representative of Penny's soul and the power of the Winter Maiden.
When the Blue Core was created, there was also a byproduct - the Red Core. Essentially, it's the same thing as the Blue Core, but with negative energy instead of positive. If the Blue Core and the Red Core make contact, they both die - this is relevant later.
You could compare the Red Core to Watts’ virus, due to the way that it causes a robot to have red eyes and that it coming into contact with the Blue Core destroys them both.
Character Parallels
Before I get into this properly, I wanna give a quick side note. While Astro matches up to Penny perfectly, things get a little bit messier with the others in that we have a case of characters taking on multiple roles. However, this is far from unheard of in RWBY - let's not forget about how Blake represents both Belle and the Beast, Yang is sometimes the Beast to Blake's Belle, and Adam is an amalgamation of every antagonistic force in Beauty and the Beast. It's far from uncommon for a character to allude to multiple characters from the same allusion, or vice versa, which is what we see with some of the characters in this allusion as well.
Astro - Penny Polendina
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Unsurprisingly, Astro himself is our parallel to Penny.
After the death of his son Toby, Dr. Tenma rebuilds his son as a robot, using the Blue Core as his energy source. The Blue Core is stated to be unpredictable, and it's this that makes Astro who he is, what makes him unique from every other robot. As stated earlier, the Blue Core represents Penny's soul (and the Winter Maiden powers that are attached to it). When the Blue Core dies - and Astro dies with it - and Dr. Elefun is asked if he can be rebuilt, the answer is 'no' because the Core was unique and can't be remade - just like Penny's soul.
While Astro appears perfectly human on the surface, he's fitted with as much self-defence technology as Tenma could fit in him. The most iconic of these upgrades (and the only one that's consistent across every single version of Astro throughout the franchise) is the rocket boots. He even flies in a very similar way to Penny - pay attention to the posing, especially with the legs.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
When Astro starts making friends with humans on the Surface, he conceals the fact that he's a robot, afraid of what they'll think of him when they learn he's not human. This matches up to Penny initially hiding the fact that she's not human, seeing herself as 'not a real girl'.
Tumblr media
Astro has two father figures - Dr. Elefun and Dr. Tenma. Similarly, Penny has two father figures - Pietro and Ironwood.
Tumblr media
During the climax of the film, Metro City starts to fall out of the sky and back down to the Surface. This is a parallel to two seperate moments in RWBY. The most obvious one is when Atlas is falling onto Mantle after the Staff of Creation is used. However, I think this scene more closely resembles the scene from Amity in which Amity Tower begins to fall.
When Astro sees that Metro City is falling, he immediately flies in to hold it up, despite the incredible strain it puts on him. This is a direct parallel to how Penny flew in to hold up Amity Tower.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Astro pushes himself to the limit when he holds up Metro City, to the point where the flames from his boots burn so brightly that they turn blue - oh hey, doesn't that look familiar?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Astro also demonstrates self-sacrificial tendencies at a few points in the film. When he's captured in order to have his Blue Core taken out and placed into another robot, he simply accepts it, saying that "I think maybe this is what's supposed to happen...this is my destiny". This becomes a lot more interesting when you remember that the Blue Core is representative of Penny's soul and Maiden powers. Astro giving himself up to President Stone (the film's main antagonist who later ends up in a sort of 'fusion' with the Red Core) so that Stone can use the Blue Core could be a reference to the virus making Penny want to give herself up to Ironwood so that he can use her soul to open the vault - especially if we believe that the Red Core is connected to the virus in some way.
Near the end of the film, in the fight against the fusion of President Stone and a giant robot containing the Red Core (it's a long story, I'll get to it later in the post), Astro makes the decision to sacrifice his own life in order to destroy both the Red Core and the Blue Core, saying “this is what I was created for” and saving the lives of everybody else in the process. I doubt I need to explain how "choosing to die in order to protect other people" relates back to Penny in Volume 8.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
At the end of the film, and in the rest of the Astro Boy franchise as a whole, Astro takes it upon himself to be the protector of Metro City (and technically the Surface, but since Metro City has fallen, they're not exactly seperate locations anymore...). 'Robotic guardian of a city who's seen as a hero by the people' - you don't get much more obvious of a connection to the Protector of Mantle than that.
Additional details that may not be intentional but I still noticed anyway;
- Dr. Elefun describes as Astro by saying "That robot had more humanity than most of us". At this point, there's been many moments that affirm Penny's humanity - "You have an aura, Penny. A soul. That's who you are - our friend. Not a machine", "Her soul is who she is", the fact that she was able to receive the Maiden powers, all of these moments affirm that Penny has always been just as human as anybody else. This is also contrasted against Ironwood (and, for a while, Winter), who act more machine than human.
- Astro is actually rather heavily trans-coded. Penny is also trans-coded, but this is mostly likely a coincidence that happened as a result of the inherent transness of robots
- Elefun tells Astro that he's "not actually an entirely ordinary boy", which is reminiscent of Ruby describing Penny as "she's...not your typical girl."
- The shape of Penny's bow (the way that it sticks out more on one side while the other side is more vertical) looks similar to the shape of Astro's hair (this one was pointed out to me by @cosmokyrin​ when I mentioned this theory in the Frosen Steel server)
Dr. Elefun - Pietro Polendina
Dr. Elefun is one of Metro City's top scientists, and one of Astro's father figures. He is soft-spoken and gentle, a dreamer but a genius. In terms of personality alone, he's a pretty good match with Pietro. He's also the one who created the Blue Core, which draws a direct parallel to Pietro creating Penny's soul from part of his.
Dr. Elefun is the first person to truly see Astro as who he truly is. Dr. Tenma expects Astro to be a replacement for Toby, and is disappointed when he isn't. Similarly, everybody else sees Astro as a robot just like any other at first - an advanced robot, but nothing more than a robot. But Dr. Elefun gives him genuine praise, and encourages Astro to live his life and find his place in the world, just like how Pietro tells Penny that he wants to see her live her life.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's also worth noting that in most other versions of Astro Boy, Elefun takes the role of Astro's primary caregiver after Dr. Tenma no longer wants him.
President Stone - James Ironwood
President Stone is the current political leader of Metro City. For the entire film, his entire focus is on combat and military strength, and on multiple occasions he actively expresses his intention to start a war with the Surface. He believes that the best way to get re-elected is with a show of military force and violence.
Tumblr media
His primary goal throughout the film is to have Astro destroyed in order to retrieve the Blue Core and use it for his own gain. This is a direct parallel to Ironwood's goal in Volume 8 - to hunt down Penny and have her use her Maiden power to open the vault, and destroy herself.
Stone wants to use the Blue Core in order to power a specialised combat robot, ironically called the Peacekeeper. When Astro continues to escape his clutches, he decides to use the Red Core to power the Peacekeeper instead, but it doesn't completely go as planned. The Peacekeeper is equipped with what the film calls 'adaptive technology' - it's capable of absorbing anything it makes contact with into its own body.
And I do mean anything
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
After Stone is absorbed by the Peacekeeper, he's in full control of it - essentially the Peacekeeper is nothing more than a metal outer shell. President Stone has become a fusion of man and machine.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Dr. Tenma - both Pietro Polendina AND James Ironwood (a bit more Pietro than Ironwood but it's worth acknowledging both)
You might notice that while Elefun and Stone do have plenty of references to Pietro and Ironwood respectively, there are gaps where they don't cover every aspect of these characters and/or their dynamic with Penny. This is where Dr. Tenma comes in.
Dr. Tenma is Astro's dad, and the one who built him. He originally created Astro as a sort of 'replacement' for his biological son Toby after he died, giving Astro all of Toby's memories (more on this later). Naturally, this is a very clear connection to Pietro.
Additionally, Dr. Tenma uses the Blue Core - a completely unique, one-of-a-kind technological marvel - in order to power a single small robot that's intended to be nothing more than a replacement for his son, saying "I can't lose him again!". In this moment, Dr. Tenma is so focused on not losing his child that he doesn't acknowledge the big picture.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
However, once Dr. Tenma realises that Astro isn't a perfect replica of Toby, but rather his own person, Tenma discards him, not caring if Astro gets destroyed or not. Similarly, when Penny stopped doing what Ironwood wanted her to do, Ironwood stopped caring about her as anything more than a container for the Maiden powers and is perfectly willing to let her die once the vault is opened.
Luckily, Dr. Tenma does have a change of heart, deciding that while Astro isn't Toby, he's still his son. Near the end of the film, Astro is very injured, and Dr. Tenma encourages him to get far away from the danger. However, Astro refuses to back down, instead choosing to sacrifice his life in order to stop President Stone, despite Dr. Tenma begging him not to go. Here, we have yet another parallel to this moment in Amity.
Tumblr media
Bonus (aka characters that aren't perfect allusions, but connections do exist)
When Astro ends up on the Surface, he's taken in by a man who calls himself Hamegg. Hamegg ends up being a jerk, and while his personality and actions in the film don't particularly match up with any characters in RWBY, his backstory is a perfect match to Watts - a head scientist in Metro City who was shunned and fired for reasons unknown (Hamegg claims that they were 'intimated by his ideas and talent', but this was when he was trying to impress Astro and he lies a lot anyway, so this could be a complete lie).
Tumblr media
On the Surface, Astro befriends four human kids (Cora, Zane, Sludge and Widget) and their robotic dog, Trashcan. While the personalities don't really match up (though Cora, Astro's closest friend, does bear a visual resemblance to Ruby), the idea of a 4-person group + a dog could be a parallel to Team RWBY and Zwei.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Zog is a very old, very large robot that had been 'dead' for several years until Astro found him and revived him by giving him some of his Blue Core Energy. Zog is our allusion to Winter - Astro giving Zog some of his Blue Core energy is a parallel to Penny giving Winter the Maiden powers. Additionally, in The Final Word, Winter explicitly calls herself a machine. While this does have significance on it's own, it could also be a nod to this allusion. That being said, the main connection between Winter and Zog (and possibly the most important part of this post) is based on events that have yet to happen in RWBY canon, and so I'm saving that part for the end of the post.
Tumblr media
Story Parallels 
Toby's Death
Toby Tenma, Dr. Tenma's biological son, was very similar to Astro in terms of personality (with some key differences), as well as having a strong physical resemblance.
When the Blue Core and the Red Core were first being shown off to President Stone, Toby was accidentally locked behind a sealed off barrier, trapped with the Peacekeeper containing the Red Core. Toby was killed in a blast that completely disintegrated him, leaving nothing but a hat containing a single strand of hair.
This hair is important, because Dr. Tenma used this hair in order to extract Toby's DNA and memories, which he was then able to implant into Astro in order to make him resemble Toby.
This scene is most likely a parallel to Penny's first death in the Vytal Festival. In her first death, Penny's body was destroyed, but her core remained intact. Her core, which contained all of her memories, was the key piece in properly putting her back together without erasing who she used to be. The strand of hair containing Toby's DNA is representative of Penny's core containing her memories.
Additionally, there's the fact that when Toby was rebuilt as Astro, he was given various upgrades to allow him to better hold his own in a fight, with the most obvious behind the ability to fly via rocket boots. Penny received similar upgrades when she was rebuilt as well.
It's worth acknowledging that Toby's death could potentially parallel the moment that Ambrosius separated Penny from her robotic body, with the strand of hair instead being her soul, separated from her dying body and then disintegrating. However, due to the timeline and order of events, I think that Toby's death is more likely to be a parallel to Penny's first death, and her separation from her robot body is instead a parallel to the next scene I'm about to mention.
Momentary Death
When Astro is captured by President Stone and taken back to Metro City, Dr. Tenma actually does remove the Blue Core from his body, which does cause Astro to temporarily die.
Tumblr media
Luckily, it only takes a few moments for Dr. Tenma to change his mind and return the Blue Core to Astro, reviving him.
Astro's 'soul' was removed from his body, causing that robotic body to die, even though in the end Astro does survive it. This is reminiscent of Ambrosius removing Penny's soul from her robotic body, letting that body die, while Penny survives.
Tumblr media
I briefly went over Zog earlier, but I wanna go into more in-depth about him, because the parallels between Winter and Zog and the implications of said parallels are the main reason I ultimately decided to make this post.
As I said earlier, Zog is a very old, broken down robot that nobody has been able to revive in years. When Astro finds him, he brings him back to life by giving him some of his Blue Core Energy. Astro essentially gives Zog some of his lifeforce, a part of his soul.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Winter was on the verge of death at Ironwood's hands, but Penny was able to save her by giving her the Maiden powers, and her soul with them.
Tumblr media
However, Zog doesn't keep all of the Blue Core Energy Astro gave him all to himself...
As I've mentioned a few times in this post, Astro does die - and I mean properly die, not a death that lasted 2 minutes at the most and had no consequences. Astro sacrifices himself and his Blue Core dies, all in attempts to protect the people of Metro City/the Surface and his friends. Dr. Elefun says that he can't be rebuilt because his Blue Core, his soul, was unique.
Tumblr media
But then, Zog comes around. Zog, who is holding onto what is a part of Astro's soul - the only surviving part of Astro's soul. Zog returns some of the Blue Core Energy to Astro, which brings Astro back to life.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So, to recap: Astro gives a part of his lifeforce, part of his soul, to Zog. When Astro dies, Zog gives some of that soul back to Astro in order to revive him.
If you've been looking at the theories regarding Penny and Winter recently, this will sound VERY familiar. While the specifics vary, the essentials of the most popular theory is that Penny transferred her soul to Winter to hold on to along with the Maiden powers, and that somehow, Winter will return that soul to Penny in one way or another (either by putting her into another robotic body, or just somehow extracting her soul and letting it form it's own body again). The fact that this movie has these exact events occurring makes this seem more and more like the most likely route.
If Penny really is an intentional allusion to Astro Boy - which, based on the sheer length of this post, seems pretty damn likely - then the film practically spells it out for us. Winter will give part of her aura, the part that Penny gave her, in order to bring Penny back to life.
thank you for coming to my ted talk
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femininetea · 8 months ago
"It starts...
Tumblr media
with the unexpected loss
Tumblr media
of something dear"
Tumblr media
The warmth
Tumblr media
That comforted and cradled
Tumblr media
Just dissappears
Tumblr media
And in it's place there's nothing
Tumblr media
Just an endless empty hole
Tumblr media
The light that showed the way is gone
Tumblr media
And darkness takes control
Bitterness and anger
Are quick to fill the void
The path to isolation
Is littered with the dreams that lay destroyed
The Path to Isolation
Tumblr media
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