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#rwby v6

janurwby day 5: favorite semblance

I love weiss’ glyphs, it’s one of my fave semblances in the show 🥺💖

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Janurwby day 2: Favorite Soundtrack Song - Nevermore

also more of my favorites are Armed and Ready, War, I May Fall… but I had to choose Nevermore 

(Aand I was planning to do the day 1 also today but I ran out of time :/ gotta leave for tomorrow)

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In lieu of RWBY being on a mid season hiatus, here’s a vine redraw for volume 6:

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I wrote this drabble awhile ago and figured i’d share

If Blake had a tail and fangs + disaster lesbian Yang:

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Hello there! I hope all is well!!

Can I borrow a second of your time?

So, Volume 8 is happening! We’re all stressing out for so many reasons! Why not talk about the past for a little bit?

I know that there is quite a bit of debate around Ozpin’s whole situation, especially related to the information we found out in Volume 6. I have seen many different views and opinions regarding Oz, and that’s okay! I’m not one to really judge opinions when it comes to RWBY, because I understand that it is a rather large fandom with a lot of variety. There is always reasoning behind an opinion, and I am usually quite respectful of that.

Now, when it comes to Ozpin, I have a very strong opinion. I know that this opinion will most likely never change. That is, I am not in any way, shape, or form, angry at Ozpin. I’m not mad at him, and I can’t seem to find myself in a situation where I would be. (Except for the one time he took control of Oscar without consent, but I understand the reasoning behind it so I can justify it) The situation in Volume 6 Chapter 3 especially strikes me. I simply cannot be angry at him for what happened in his past. This is for many personal reasons. I won’t go too much into it right now, but let’s just say, I’ve been in an all too similar, almost exact situation as him. He is my favorite character, and a lot of it is because of how… Astonishingly similar… our stories are. Therefore, it is an extremely personal understanding that I have for him.

Moving on slightly from that, I realize how many people are angry at Ozpin. Which is okay, again, I’m not here to shoot anyone down for their opinions like Ironwood *cough Oscar cough Councilman Sleet cough cough* With that in mind, I have a slight request, if you will. Is there anyone out there who is angry at Ozpin willing to talk? I believe it would just help to see another’s perspective on the situation. I’ve always respected the opinion, but I’ve never fully understood why people are angry at him. I would like to understand, so that is the reason I ask you to please shoot me a message or an ask if you would like to talk!

(P.S. If you aren’t angry at Oz, like myself, or if you just want to talk about RWBY, don’t hesitate to shoot me an ask or message as well! I’m always up for talking about RWBY!)

Thank you so much for your time!

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hi it’s clove again

this is basically the show hilda (netflix) but i thought hilda would look cool with a recolored version of ruby rose’s (rwby) v6 outfit. also I remodeled hilda’s bangs after ruby’s v6 bangs lol

so idk i’m gonna tag it as rwby & hilda but i don’t think there’s much correlation between those fandoms so if you have no idea who the heck hilda is she’s a cool forest person with a deerfox. it’s a great show

(mostly posting this cuz we’re rly close to hilda s2′s release!!)   

((in case you’re wondering the png is titled hildabut_itsrwby))                                                       

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God fuck the statue scene gets me every fucking time no fucking stops jesus christ

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Y'all remember that scene in v6 where they’re all in the cart right after the Apathy and Maria says “And then there was nobody left” and then she throws the book and the book is labeled 8? Yeah I’m scared.

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sir…. please i had one thing and you’ve taken it from me……..

screencap redraw thing i started last spring, let simmer for a good year and polished out of the blue tonight!

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Bringing Back The Wizard AU Part 2

Ozpin’s response is flat and whispered. He barely looks at Oscar, eyes focused on the flickering candle. They sit in silence for a while, neither saying a word until

Why are you here?


Why are you here, Oscar?

For you.

Disbelief flickers in the wizard’s eyes before growing icy.

They sent you to bring me back?

No. They don’t know I’m here. Wanted to apologize.

What for? I’m the one who hid things. Who lied and-

I’m sorry for hurting you.

Ozpin freezes as the flame grows a bit brighter.


I’m sorry.

Oscar, you didn’t do anything wrong. You didn’t hurt me. I-

He is cut off by Oscar’s hug.

I missed you, Oz

…I missed you too, Oscar

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