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#rwby v8

Amity! A return to the adventures of RWB? With no Penny sadly. I doubt we’ll get so many visual puns again but who knows, maybe they’ll make friends with Whitley or at least have a cordial chat with him without killing each other. I have no idea, so let’s do this!

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Has anyone else noticed that Harriet has a black eye in the Midseason trailer?

If Winter or Marrow did that then HELL YEA

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Me becoming a Nordic Winter shipper was not something I expected when I started to watch Volume 8.

I never thought about Nora and Weiss together before, but now, they’re all that’s in my mind.

Like, I know it won’t be canon – not that something like The Actual Story Of The Show has ever stopped me from shipping before – they’re dynamic is so sweet and surprisingly layered too. I love them!


I read a whole fic just about whatever is going through Weiss’ head while she nurses Nora.

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We all knew Penny was gonna get taken over. But goodness, this trailer dropped a lot on us. Hoping to see a lot more action from Ruby’s group, especially when they’re up against the Hound and Cinder.

Going back to Penny for a second, I’m working on my own adaptation of Volume 8 and was discussing with a friend about Penny. He ended up bringing up how Penny is like the ‘Vision’ of RWBY. By which he meant Vision from the Marvel movies.

And I echo this. To the point where I have one, truly heart-wrenching question to ask: What if Penny manages to break free of Watts’ control for a moment… and asks Ruby to destroy her?

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Okay I noticed something in the recent RWBY V8 trailer that I wanna point out (other than hacked Penny).


It’s this guy. Notice how, through a kind of tube, he’s taking in some bright green liquid and spewing it out? Well, who else has green stuff like this in them?


What if this guy (who I think is the Hound, as he’s able to change form to possibly look like this), is taking in Penny’s blood, the blood of the winter maiden, to spew back onto Ruby and company?

Just a thought.

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If I don’t watch it, then that trailer doesn’t exist.

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From what I’ve seen and what we know from the events of last episode all I can say is I have fear.

Penny is definitely hacked…this will probably play a part somehwere with Watts, I don’t know how she will get fixed or if even if she will this volume but…I hope she will be fine (I don’t want to see her go again 😭)

Yang and co are in THAT WHALE and Winter and the Ace Ops seem to be going inside with a HUGE BOMB so…let’s hope they will be fine too… (remember Blake screams at one point in this volume…)

Seems like Qrow and Robyn might be out of there finally, I missed them in action ngl, maybe they will go find Ruby and co and the Happy Huntresses (I have this theory where maybe it’s the Happy Huntresses who got them out..I don’t see who else would right now…or maybe Grimm battle explosions)

Salem and co…seems like Salem is angry at Oscar, one of the theories I’m hearing is that Hazel uses the last question of the lamp so Salem finds it empty and tbh I’m thinking the same thing. But the rest like Cinder…she will definitely be at the chase of Penny for the maiden powers so might we get a final maiden showdown again but with Penny’s current condition…I have double fear

And there’s Ironwood…who still is stubbornly refusing to go with Ruby’s plan and only wants to save Atlas…I don’t know what more bad luck can he go through, Atlas is already being annihilated by Grimms

Tl;dr : This is gonna be a wild party with many different pov and who knows how many more tragic events…I just can’t wait to see this madness plus we have only like this night and another day before it hits 2 days (as already the sun has set for the 1st day) and we still have 6 episodes so…this is gonna be long

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salem tries to jab out oscars eyes out or..,.,.

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So I know we’re all freaking the hell out over Penny getting hacked, but I feel there is one major wrinkle in the whole ‘Ruby and co. is forced to fight her possible future girlfriend’ theory that we’ve been overlooking.


Penny is nowhere near any kind of top fighting shape at the moment, regardless of whatever repairs Klein has managed. This is doubly the case when you consider that we KNOW that Penny can’t use Maiden powers while hacked.

It could be that for all the horror of seeing Penny’s free-will getting subverted and turned into a quite apropos ‘puppet’ on strings, this could very well represent the bad guys making a fatal miscalculation in trying to hack Penny at a time when it doesn’t actually gain them anything.

If its Watts doing the hack, then this would be an ironic little parallel to how Cinder has screwed things up in the past. And if it’s Ironwood? Well I think it’s pretty clear that the REAL reason Jimmy has a metal foot is because he just can’t stop shooting himself in it, so I can’t see that turning out good for him either.

And there is a third option as well: We know that Watts has always been one for simple and easy solutions to problems; see Haven. What if this ISN’T Watts about to send Penny on some rampage, rather he’s simply proxying into Penny to figure out where she is?

Let’s face it; this would NOT be the first time we’ve completely misread a situation based on a single ominous screenshot.


Remember how this turned out?

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So RT posted this on the RWBY Facebook page and…



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