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#rwby volume 3

And how she didn’t get any lol. If ANY non team RWBY character, because the show is literally CALLED RWBY, was gonna get plot armor, it would’ve been Pyrrha. I’ve never seen a SINGLE person who didn’t like Pyrrha .-. And I’ve seen a lotta reaction videos lol. Like.. Have you? Genuinely NEVER seen someone not love seeing Pyrrha’s fights ._. And like even if they DIDN’T like her at first, for some reason, the CRDL fight usually wins’em over .-.

What I’m SAYING is Pyrrha, even now, is like… a MEGA fan favorite. The FNDM is still writing fix-it fanfics about her ._. And CRWBY knew that. CRWBY is in the FNDM too lol. They’ve said it before. CRWBY killed Pyrrha, the biggest fan favorite, to show that no one is safe. Pyrrha was killed to SHOW that Plot Armor is not a thing in this series.

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But on this blog we believe in Cinder outfit supremacy. ALL of her outfits are AMAZING


Like you have her classic outfit, iconic and instantly recognizable


I don’t even NEED to be a fashion gay to know that this dress is GORGEOUS


Even in a casual outfit she’s serving looks


Her volume 3 flashback outfit is pretty similar to her classic outfit but different enough to recognize that it is, in fact, a different outfit lol.


Edit again: I forgot this snatched red absolute FIT. Not an actual PART of the outfit, but look at that smirk. She knows she looks good 😊


She can even pull off just… a cloak lol.


And, last but not least, her outfits from her past. Just look at the first picture she looks so cute ^_^ you just wanna give her a hug :3 and the second one her outfits are usually dark colors, it’s cool to see her in pure white and still rock it 😗

Edit: I committed a CRIME not including her Atlas outfit ._.


I don’t even have to say anything just… look at it and absorb it.

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Now that I had a bit more time to digest it all, I’m going to honestly say that the Volume 3 finale of RWBY was too dark and sad for my taste.

And this is not meant to be an objective criticism of the series - it’s just my opinion and tastes differ, after all.

I’m not really sure why, either. Maybe I just prefer happy/hopeful endings. Maybe it’s because I’m going through a lot of stuff in real life right now, so I’m not that into media that depresses me even more. Or maybe it’s just because I’m a Loki fan who still remembers watching Infinity War in cinemas and seeing their favourite character get brutally murdered on screen.

But either way - Phyrra’s ending in particular was too dark for my taste. Not even just because she died, but because she died in such a horrible way without ever really getting to be happy. Because we spent the last few episodes watching her agonize over what to do with her life, only to have it all be for nothing because she won’t get to live that life. I get that it’s meant to be sad, but I don’t like it. I’m just really not into the whole Game-of-Thrones-esque “let’s make them fall in love with all these characters and then kill them” thing.

(Somehow Penny’s death didn’t get to me as much even though I like her even more that Phyrra. Maybe because I’m convinced she’s not actually dead. I mean come on, she’s a robot - I’m sure they can put her back together somehow.)

But yeah, between Penny’s death, Phyrra’s death, Ozpin’s ?? was that a death??, Yang loosing an arm, and that really uncomfortable fight between Blake and her abusive ex, this finale was, in my opinion, a bit overkill on the “make every character die or suffer” part. It was like hurt/comfort without the comfort.

That said, I do still enjoy the series overall and will continue it (my sister’s making me watch it, so I don’t have that much of a choice anyway, haha.) I just hope the series will be a bit less grimdark (get it? GRIMDARK?) in the future.


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So, I was going to make this whole cute post about how I’m currently watching RWBY for the first time and I really ship Bumbleby (a blonde jock and an angsty catgirl? come on, of course I’m into that), as well as Nuts and Dolts (so precious!), and White Rose (love me some good rivals to lovers)…

…but then I finished Volume 3 and that finale completely destroyed all of my emotions and then some. Just when I was about to say that the series had finally gotten really good, it also decided to get dark and sad AF really fast. Holy hell, I’ll need a bit of time to recover from that.

(Bumbleby fighting to protect each other and holding hands when they were both injured was like the only redeeming quality of those last episodes. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they were good - just also sad af.)

(Also, if you leave even the slightest spoiler about anything after Volume 3 on this, I will block you so fast.)

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That was one heck of a season finale

(Spoilers for RWBY vol.3 under cut)

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My love, my darling, my DEAREST Cinder. I love her to bits as I’ve said many times :3……… But she does not need, want, or deserve a redemption arc 😊 Like she just…… doesn’t. I mean… I would be tentatively optimistic if they DID try to go that route. It’d depend on how they do it. Because she’s just not a good person. She’s a rotten person actually. But one of the reasons I DO love her is BECAUSE she’s such a rotten bitch and just owns it ^_^ Like she’s manipulator, a liar, and a murderer. And like… Horrible qualities, qualities shared with a character that I hate named Adam Taurus, but the difference between Cinder and Adam is how they act.

I could get more into that but not right now 😗. So anyway as your local Cinder Stan I’ll go on record as saying Cinder deserves e v e r y t h i n g coming to her and more 😊. Every defeat, every blast of silver eyes or Maiden powers, she deserves it. Cinder isn’t like say the always mentioned king of redemption arcs Zuko from ATLA. SIMILAR to Zuko, we DO get scenes of Cinder when she isn’t on her mission(s). But the difference between Zuko’s scenes and Cinder’s, is Zuko’s scenes endear us to him. We see that Zuko is actually an awkward dork. We got REASONS for why he does the things he does. They may not excuse his actions, but they shed light on why he’s doing them.

But Cinder… we STILL don’t know her backstory before she met Salem. And every scene with her has us just… hate her more .-. Cinder doesn’t deserve a


moment because she hasn’t earned it ._. If Cinder showed her face in front of RWBYJNR she would IMMEDIATELY get killed .-. So… As a lover of this wonderful bitch named Cinder…. kill her ☺️ I mean I don’t WANT her to die. But she deserves to

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do y’all remember in v3 when we learned weiss could summon and everyone immediately turned to angst, drawing and writing fics about her having to kill R_BY and being able to summon them?

that shit was wild

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listen right no song from any rwby volume soundtrack has ever gone harder than divide from vol3 debate me on this if u want but ur wrong. why the fuck do the villains in everything get the best songs. rasputin got in the dark of the night salem gets divide, a banger for the ages. “these children you mislead, you’ll watch them all bleed” are u KIDDING that’s so fuckin raw

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Never miss a beat!
My dearest cat girl.. I’m sorry Blake, but at the beginning Neon was my favourite.

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From idols …


to equals …


… to enemies.


“We all have to carve out our own way”

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Tysm for the prompt!! There were a few others too that I’ll get too eventually!! I think this one was destined to be angsty hehe. No real warnings here aside from canon character death and one instance of swearing. Also I’m tired so there’s probably some mistakes sorry. I hope you enjoy it!! This was so so fun <3

Tear me down (so I can feel)

Neo is used to feeling numb.

It’s a given really. She grew up on the streets, surrounded by people who looked right through her when she begged for help with pleading eyes. They never understood her, never bothered to even try. She was a ghost, floating through empty alleys as the world moved on without her. Her world was small and dark and cold but Neo had no will to care. Ghosts don’t need to feel. There is no need for emotions when you’ve been forgotten by the world. So Neo had lived in a deafening silence, allowing herself to grow numb and never caring for the consequences of it.

But then Roman came along and it was like someone had lit a candle’s flame to chase away the dark in her life.

She still remembers vividly the first time their eyes met. She was younger then, more naive perhaps, but she had seen something within Roman that she had never seen before. Roman saw something in her too, it had seemed, as he had held out his hand toward her with that signature smile and offered her something she could not refuse. Freedom. Not that she would have refused anyway. It didn’t matter how much or how little he could promise her, Roman saw her- really saw her- and in that moment, for just a small single second, Neo had felt something other than numb.

The time she spent with Roman was… interesting to say the least. They still spent a lot of their time on the streets but it was different than before. The alleys seemed warmer and brighter, and Neo moved though them with more of a skip in her step. She would bounce along, hanging on to Roman’s arm as he told her about the world. He spun stories of huntsmen and Grimm and the plans he had for the future.

Roman never wanted to be a huntsmen himself. There was no gratitude in his words when he spoke of them, no respect or admiration. He seemed more determined to better them; to prove power could come from somewhere other than destroying Grimm. He also seemed more sympathetic toward Grimm than most and Neo understood it well. There was something about the creatures cast in shadows that they could both relate to in a way that the huntsmen in their cushy academies could never understand.

He taught her about emotions too. They were hardest for her to understand. He showed her how to smile, pulling up her cheeks and holding the expression himself for as long as it took for her to copy. She never held the expression for very long. It was foreign and uncomfortable and seemed rather pointless when she didn’t even really understand joy. But she obliged for Roman’s sake because it made him smile back, and she knew that was good.

Time went by and the grew up. The novelty of youth began to wear off as ignorance fell away, leaving in its place the bitter taste of constant uncertainty. Neo never cared all that much though. She had Roman to lead her through the valleys of the unknown and she took his hand gladly and skipped along into the horizon.

Perhaps time had coached the muscles in her face into finding a smile a more natural position for she could no longer surpass a small grin creeping across her face at times. And though she still did not truly understand the true feeling of joy, it was no longer such a foreign thing.

The numbness worked away inside her though, ensuring that joy never outstayed its welcome.

More time passed; more things changed. Roman grew out his hair and Neo grew taller just a little tiny bit each day and everything was fine. Then a tall woman with dark hair and burning eyes and two teenagers trailing behind her appears and everything changes very suddenly.

Roman has a lot of talks with that talk lady. Neo isn’t invited to many of them. All she really knows about the tall lady is that her name is Cinder and her boss is interested in Roman for someone unbeknownst reason. She also learns the teenagers are called Emerald and Mercury and they seem rather uninterested in her. She is reminded of her time as ghost in the alleys and the numbness takes ahold. She decided she doesn’t like them much and leaves it at that.

The next few moths are a blur of missions and espionage and big Atlas robots. It’s fine mostly and although Neo doesn’t much trust Cinder and her uninviting sidekicks she cannot deny they bring good work.

Then one day they decide to burn a school to the ground and everything goes to absolute shit.

It’s not bad at first. It’s amazing actually. The fear, the chaos and the smell of burning that soars through the air. They hijak and airship. It’s rather levitating. But out of nowhere a cocky little huntress-to-be that’s been pestering them for months appears to spoil their fun.

They’ve fought her before. Never won but technically never lost either. But the little red menace always seemed to find them just as they were about to accomplish something big. Neo would almost think her smart- psychic even- if it weren’t for the fact she was clearly a pathological idiot with an obnoxious amount of self righteousness.

The battle on the airship should have been in the bag, and once finished Neo could return to the chaos she and Roman so desperately craved. Except she miscalculated, misinterpreted, missed something because suddenly she was falling to the ground, barely saved by her prized parcel.

Neo waits for Roman on the ground. Messages his scroll repeatedly and begs for an answer. It never comes. She waits there for days and nothing comes through and she knows what that means but she won’t let herself believe it.

Roman is dead. He has to be. It should be impossible and yet it is the most probable explanation. This fact alone tears her apart, eats away at her insides and burns her alive as she desperately tries to ignore it.

Roman is dead because of Ruby Rose and he ignorant meddling. Roman is dead because of Cinder Fall and her incompetence and failure to properly inform them of anything. Roman is dead and Neo loathes the loneliness she feels because of it. The one good thing in her life has been taken away. Her candle, her guiding hand has left her and she is a ghost once more.

Neo is used to feeling numb but now that feeling seems so foreign. There is something new deep inside her burning hot and desperate. It screams and twists angrily within as it begs for revenge.

The numbness has subsided and now Neo is fuelled by rage.

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RWBY Chapters Tier


If you guys have any questions or just want me to expand on why I think this way about a episode let me know :D

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I just finished up volume 3 of RWBY and I am absolutely fucking shook. Like, I think I need to read some Hordak fanfic to calm my ass so I can go to sleep. Ima watch volume 4 though. Cuz I’m bad for my health.

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Wow, the animation really does get better with each volume, doesn’t it. On volume 3 now, and it’s so much better than where it started.

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