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#rwby volume 7

You guys remember Oz’s badass speech in the V7 finale… How he talked about every character. But what I’ve been thinking is he’s also talking about himself.

I mean….

Oz underestimated fear. He was afraid, he’s only human but he never realised the tole it would take. What it would lead him to do and how much he’d fall.

Oz was afraid of letting everyone down, because they were counting on him. He was a leader when he never wanted to be, guiding those in his inner circle… he’s trying to save the world with everyone looking to him for answers he doesn’t have.

Oz was afraid of failing, because of the pressure and he was facing. If he failed… It would be over. Everything he’d fought for.

Oz was afraid of growing close to people because he’d been betrayed countless times. And if Salem’s any indication… people around him didn’t exactly live very long.

And now he’s asking everyone…

Will they ever forgive me?

Will they recognise me?

Will they understand why he did what he did?

Or will they see him as the villian that he feels he is, should he be be feared? Is he the hero…?

And its their choice to make… Sooner or later..

But, everything he’s listing. All the fears he’s addressing, they’ve all come to pass in his case with the revaluations of the Lost Fable.

Oz let everyone down

Oz failed them

Oz grew close to them

Oz doesn’t think they’ll forgive him because why should they?

Oz isn’t the person they knew, how can they recognise him?

And no one’s ever understood him…

If they see him as the villian… Wats he to do…?

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Sorry, I’m feeling really groggy today. I’m going to take today off and get back to RWBY bright and early tomorrow.

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It doesn’t exist…….. Thank you for your time :3

Okay but seriously if CRWBY were giving characters plot armor, don’t you think Pyrrha would still be alive? Don’t you think Yang would still have her arm and miraculously overpower Adam in volume 3? Don’t you think Weiss wouldn’t have had her first ever solo victory, not counting the Boarbatusk that was a training exercise, in volume SEVEN ._.

Like a character genuinely growing enough to overpower someone stronger than them… isn’t plot armor. It’s just….. Plot .-. Yang and Blake vs Adam, one of my favorite fights in the series, Not plot armor. Just growth between Yang and Blake. RWBY vs Ace Ops, my actual favorite fight currently, not plot armor. Ace Ops aren’t a good team. Period

In conclusion: … Please stop >_>

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Tyrian: So how’s this to going to end up boys? (maniacally laughing)

Qrow looks at Clover as he looks back at him and he said

Qrow: I go this way, and you go that way.

Clover nods agreeing to him and the two looks at the smiling Tyrian

and then two punch Tyrian simultaneously from left and right side at the same knocking him out and falls on the ground and then Clover handcuff him and then Qrow and Clover makes a high five to each other while Robyn Hill also still unconscious 

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Not to mention the lyrics that are playing during that part…


I’d be… so down for Nuts and Dolts canon, you have no idea.

SO MUCH BETTER than the possibility of Rose Garden!

Give Ruby a cute robot girlfriend! Instead of the reincarnation of her school’s principal!

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Tyrion did what he does best: killing people!

Well, that was quite a pair of episodes! Sorry my commentary got a little off on the second episode… My brain just did a weird thing and I couldn’t really focus all that well. Maybe I’m just tired?

Penny’s back, Ironwood is juggling between decent and dangerous, and Watt’s is already in control. You’d think hacking randomly while walking down town would garner Watts attention, but then again it is Mantle.

Also, Ruby chose to lie. I really don’t look forward to that coming back to bite her…

It’s good to be back! ^^

Anyways, in case you didn’t read the End of 2020 update post, we’re doing batch liveblogs now! Meaning there’s more RWBY tomorrow after lunch! Look forward to it! ^^

Thanks for joining me! I love you! <333

(Click here for Day 44!)

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….Are you serious? How did they make that level of oversight?

Gog, this is like how some hackers will like, hack your thermostat or your wifi connected oven just so you’d have a platform to hack into other devices.

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You mean Tyrion is walking around on the street right now? That guy sticks out like a sore thumb!

I mean this plan makes sense for you, but it makes less sense for him…

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Hello Watt…

Knew you had to be slinking around somewhere.

Looks like you’re in Mantle? I guess that’s where you’re hiding.

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Oh yeah, Ruby still has yet to have time to process Penny being back from the dead after she’s been mourning her for so long.

Everything is happening way too fast.

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Now she’s lying by omission.

I mean, Ozpin technically said that, but it was a lie.

Oh gog, this is making me nervous.

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