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#rwby volume 8 spoilers

Random RG sketch I found from 2 am, number 1: 🌹🌲❤️💚


Let 👏🏻 them 👏🏻 go 👏🏻 f e r a l 👏🏻

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Surprise! We got two episodes ready to watch. Its still ridiculously late, but whatever.

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So. We finally got this out and edited. I mean its a month late but its out.

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We’ve got Blake reacting to an offscreen vacuum cleaner, Weiss using her Air Keyboard (patent pending), Ruby’s a tablecloth, Nora’s holding her and Ren’s imaginary baby from the future, and Penny’s watching whatever the robot equivalent of a cute cat video is (idk maybe a Roomba playing in the snow or something).

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Thanks! RWBY is my special interest and it’s fun to get to talk about it.

I love so many of the characters that it’s hard to choose a favorite, so I’ll just list some of my favorites and what draws me to them

  • Penny- our robot girl is amazing and I’m fretting about her future. She’s very autistic coded which is a soft spot for me. Her narrative of finding independence after being controlled and sheltered definitely speaks to me. Plus, she’s adorable
  • Ruby- this girl has seen some shit but still sees hope and beauty in the world. She fights for the good in humanity, even when it’s easier to see evil. She knows pain and loss but uses it fuel her drive to create good
  • Weiss- she definitely went from least favorite early on to one of my favorites. This Life Is Mine is far too relatable, as is much of her story arc. Seeing her fight back against and triumph against her abusive father hits hard.

And for some characters i love but don’t have much to say about at the moment: Qrow, Ren, Oscar, and Maria

Thanks for the ask!

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“Wonder how long it’ll be before Hazel comes back,” Oscar muttered to nothing. The bruised, broken boy was outstretched and hanging about five feet up, facing the ground. One Grimm hook wrapped around each limb, with one more around his torso. Each time he breathed, it reminded him of his broken ribs and burned chest. Everything just hurt. Not to mention that Oscar couldn’t feel his hands or feet anymore.

The dim light from the fake skylight still showed over him, giving him no indication of how much time had passed. His shadow was like a stain on the unforgiving ground. There was no sound other than the creaking of the whale and Oscar’s personal comments–it was eery. Not to mention the inside of the whale smelled faintly of rotten guts and tar. Oscar already fought down nausea with each punch to the gut Hazel threw, and the stench certainly didn’t help.

Salem had already started her attack, so he doubted he’d be seeing much of her. Though he guessed that Hazel hadn’t told her the password for that very reason.

I trust you, Oscar, Ozpin said, I really do. But perhaps it was too premature–

“No,” Oscar coughed and shook his head. He felt blood trickle out his mouth and heard it faintly splatter on the ground. Fantastic. “He’ll do it. He has to.” The boy sighed and hung his head. “I need to have something to hope for.” The comment hardly came out as a whisper. With Atlas and Mantle in shambles, Oscar had long since stopped hoping for rescue. His friends had much bigger problems to worry about than him. He hoped they were smart enough to figure out that Salem wouldn’t kill him; killing him now would be a detriment to her plans.

Oscar would just suffer for an undisclosed amount of time.

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MOOD!!!!!!!!! LARGE EMOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy klein is back. short king ive missed him so so much. hes going to adopt so many more children. im so happy he’s meeting my favs, ruby and penny. even if penny’s a little bit of a corpse rn. it’ll be okay. he’ll. he’ll fix her <3 god i love klein. your opinion is so right beehaw

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Didn’t post to Tumblr in forever so here’s a doodle from a while back when ep7 came out

The man is feeling many things

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The Tyrian/Mercury dynamic for Vacuo is easy to meme and is honestly hilarious, but it’s also important to note that it’s gonna be hell for Mercury’s mental state.

Like, Tyrian seems to delight in calling out Mercury’s thoughts in particular, and would very much enjoy hunting him down and killing him. A “partnership” between them will likely turn manipulative and abusive, with Tyrian deliberately pushing Mercury’s buttons in an effort to make him squirm, taunt him about losing Emerald, and in general being an alll around bully. We see it in how Tyrian guides Merc to the plane in a fake buddy-buddy way.

Mercury has spent his entire life in a life of violence, and now he is being strongarmed and bullied by the personification of violence for violence’s sake. And if he wants to get past that somehow, he is going to have to overcome Tyrian, a man who he can’t even touch even after training without a semblance, after killing his own abusive father. I don’t think he can do it alone, but I think he can and will ultimately make the decision to stand up for himself and try to leave that life behind

Either way, Emerald’s surviving and defecting this volume and I am fairly confident she’ll be coming for him. Here’s to hoping they can both make it out

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I don’t normally analyze lyrics too deeply–or rather I do and I just never make posts about it lmao–but I think about the theme to V8 a lot. 

“Sometimes it’s worth it all to risk the fall, and fight for every life.”

At first I thought this implied that Atlas is (potentially) going to fall. This could still be true by the end of the season, but I thought more about “fight for every life” a bit more and Ruby’s actions the past few episodes. Ruby is learning; the gravity of the situation and their actions that lead to it are hitting her and she’s trying to learn and grow from them.

“Sometimes it’s worth it all to risk the fall” is like saying that failure is necessary for growth; don’t let failure stop you. At the moment, Ruby wants to fight for everyone. Sides and who was right and wrong are no longer important–never were important–while both Mantle and Atlas are in jeopardy. It might be impossible to save Atlas itself, maybe it’s impossible to save everyone, but they can damn well try. The people are what matter; not the kingdom.

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