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#rwby volume seven

Hi there! I know a lot of people who follow me are pretty much here for this fic alone and I just wanted to give a link for newcomers to use.

This is a whiterose and bumbleby fic (no pollination) set right after Vol 6 ends. It originally started as my predictions/theories for what would happen in Vol 7, and now it’s turned into something more like… “What would I do if I wrote Vol 7?” (And more of a fix-it fic for the clowns honking sadly in the rain)

I’ve kinda been floored since the most recent episode of RWBY, because a friend of mine (thank you D) pointed out that the petals/emotion flakes were…very similar to a concept I’d been playing with in AS since early 2019.

It’s not an exact thing, obviously, but it’s just…kinda really fucking cool that an image/concept I thought of a while ago might actually appear in the show. If I’m bein honest, I’m still fucking shaking over it. It’s just so exciting??

Anyway enough of me lmao Here’s chapter one if anyone’s interested in reading my weird little story, and thank you to everyone who’s already checked it out and left kudos/comments - I owe you all my life and I’m working on the next chapter as much as I can before the holidays hit us like a freight train LOL

Love y'all to bits, don’t forget to love each other!

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I’d like to think Salem would’ve wanted Ironwood to live so she could use him to control, or infiltrate, the remaining kingdoms easier. She decides to have a little visit and tries to bribe him to hand over the Staff(I left out the Lamp because I stopped watching RWBY early in volume 7). I just made up an OC to make this scene a bit more painful for him. 

This version of Ironwood is happily married to my OC and they had a baby girl together. Hope you’ll enjoy the angst! 


Balling his hands into fists, Ironwood stood his ground as the apparition of Salem glided toward him. She had her signature mocking smile but there may have also been a bit of gloating. Though he wanted to do nothing more than to strike the witch down, Ironwood was angry with the fear that held his body in place. Boiling, fuming anger and heartbreak.

He remembered the way his shared bedroom had its doors torn off to the side as if it was paper. Still remembered the long streaks of blood and claw marks on the walls, but what made the matter settle in was the absolute silence and the lack of bodies. Atlesian technology didn’t leave those types of marks and not even his Ace Ops were allowed to enter his private quarters.

It was all too obvious that Grimm were sent there. Along with his complete failure at the Fall of Beacon, now his missing wife and child have been added to the list of names he was unable to protect.

In combination with the pressure of saving Atlas, surviving Salem’s impending war, and losing the love of his life, Ironwood would inevitably fall. Despite knowing so, he chose to bear the weight of it. There was no other choice left. He may not have his family by his side, but when he joins them, he’ll make damn sure he did his best in their honor.

Salem stopped short of Ironwood’s desk, “I do reward those most useful to me. I have a gift to offer in turn for your cooperation in handing over the Staff of Creation. I’m sure you’ll love them.”

Turning her head to the side and giving a subtle nod, the doorknob of his office twisted. As the door opened slowly, Ironwood braced himself for whatever monster may crawl out to kill him. In that moment, it felt as if every second was only keeping him away from seeing his family again. But when he saw what—no, who— walked in, he was sure that this ‘gift’ was worse than being tortured to death by Grimm. Only a moment later, a woman stood by the door carrying a child swaddled in a blanket.

She looked just as beautiful as the day he first set eyes on her. The only difference was her glowing red pupils and black sclera—a matched set with Salem’s.  She smiled at him. A smile that he’d receive every time he came to bed early enough.

Her name spilled from his lips without effort, “Leanne.”


Her voice remained just as lovely. Her smile just as radiant and kind. Had she been able to keep her chocolate eyes, Ironwood would have believed she survived.

The bundle in her arms fussed, whining and twisting. Turning her head down, the woman cooed softly as she gently rocked the baby.

“Shh, it’s okay. It’s just daddy. There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

This was too much. To say that it was cruel would not begin to describe it.

There’s relief and horror in seeing his family again. They were no longer human, but they didn’t seem to be negatively affected. Could she really…are they truly his beloved wife and child? Are they not ghosts but living beings?

“Come with us, my love.”  Leanne beckoned. Her eyes never looked more pleading. So desperate for him to come to her. It took a lot to tempt James Ironwood to willingly participate in evil deeds. He was a man of honor, dignity, righteousness, and selflessness. It was only through meeting Leanne did Ironwood acknowledge—and submit—to his human flaws and urges.

Ironwood took one step, then paused. No matter how much he wanted to run and embrace them—to kiss them until they laughed—this just didn’t seem right. Before he could feel any more conflicted, Leanne moved toward him instead, minding her steps to walk fluidly as to not disturb the baby in her arms. She stood beside him so that he could see…small, chocolate orbs blinking up at him. Ironwood’s eyes grew wide as he felt his body grow cold.


No, no, no this can’t be. There was so much blood. It couldn’t have only belonged to Leanne.

“There’s no hope for me, James, but Salem is willing to give her a chance to live. Please, for our little girl, just hand over the relic.” Leanne’s eyes watered though it was difficult to tell with the black sclera, for it didn’t allow the tears to reflect light. Now Ironwood felt turmoil run fully rampant inside his head. He loved them both so much. He wanted both of them, but if his wife was begging him to save their only child…what could he do?

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hey, hey RWBY fandom? how- how do i cope with the sheer amount of heartbreak Vol. 7 Ep. 12 has cursed me with? Literally I can’t do this i got so…. I was so invested.

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I can’t believe this took me so long but Blake has THE ✨Bisexual✨ haircut! 🐝

(Why the fridge isn’t there a bi flag emoji)

21 notes

1-Ruby’s reaction to Penny was ridiculous. Ruby, who saw Pyrrha turn to ash and had no indication that Penny could be revived is just like, “Oh, Penny’ back that’s nice.” Then she’s more concerned with where they’re staying for the night than the fact that she’s alive. Wow.

I’m hoping if the manga continues, they tackle this scene better, or perhaps another adaptation. But so far in the manga they’ve done some nice work with the character dynamics and omitted some scenes in favor of having Team RWBY bond.

2-Oscar, Ironwood, and Ozpin. 

I wish this volume was spent with Ironwood confiding in oscar, perhaps training him, and being hopeful of the future because it would have added more weight to their fight at the end of the volume. 

3- Ace Ops. These are seasoned huntresses. Why would Team RWBY be able to beat them that quickly? The power scaling in this show, good grief…

4-Clover and Qrow. Introducing a character that negates Qrow’s semblance was a cool idea, especially after all the grie Qrow went through in VOl 4-6. We saw Qrow lose faith in Ozpin, address his alcoholism, learn to trust his nieces decisions…And then we introduced a character he could finally feel comfortable around and…killed him!? Awful, just awful.Youcould have at least waited a season of two, or just had Qrow fight Clover and side with the kids

5-Jaune. Can’t stand him, new hair or old hair. I don’t care. I was glad his role was diminished somewhat because he got way too much screen time before. He’s a secondary character.

6-Ren and Nora. It seems like a lot of Nora’s comments on Ironwood should have been coming from other characters, either Blake, Yand, or possibly Weiss. Ren somehow regressed physically and mentally in this season despite everything that happened in prior volumes. The tension felt forced here.

7-Robyn and the happy huntresses. Why is a vigilante allowed to run for office??? Even if she’s a huntress she breaks the law…Like she steals supplies. I wish we had more time to flesh out the characters of May, Fiona and Joanna…Like they could have been removed from the volume and nothing would be lost.

8-The Schnees. Willow was so disappointing. There’s something really lazy about having two alcoholic characters. Like WIllow would have been more interesting if she felt she couldn’t live up to the Schnee name and shifted responsibility to the scheming Jacque who then trapped her in the relationship. Imagine if she had been the winter maiden, unstable and kept inside for her own safety. This would have made Winter’s choice to inherit her power all the more interesting. Also…Whitley could literally be written out of the show. Like, he has no reason to exist, Jacques is right there.

9-The new outfit designs.

It’s cold. Their outfits make less sense for Atlas….Also Blake and Weiss’s hair is some yikes m8. The CHONK braid on Weiss’ head did not translate well into CG. I saw a screenshot with an update for Blake but  it came a bit late. 

Final thoughts: I think RT doesn’t give the animators enough time…or the writers for that matter. Instead on shoving out a volume every year maybe rework your writer room, discuss the future, bring in a few veterans  and look at what fans and critics are saying  before you write a new season.

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Thinking About Caroline Cordovin from RWBY

Her nationalist sentiments fro Atlas made it seem like she was a precursor to the way Weiss and Blake would be treated upon getting to Atlas…But then they get there and despite being a public figure, nobody notices Weiss running around. In universe she’s an heiress, a huntress, and a singer and no one says anything??? 

As for Blake, considering Weiss’s earlier statements about faunus, the existence of the white fang, and the way Cordovin reacts to seing Blake you would think that Atlas would have been hella racist but all we get is one offhand comment from a passerby in the street…Even if you think Mantle would have Faunus as a minority and therefore seen as often, you would think Blake would be treated differently up at the academy or better yet, the ace ops wouldn’t include a faunus….

But nah. Cordovin’ sentiments aren’t carried over to Atlas. She’s just one random nazi lady.

Volume 7 would have been cooler if Blake and Weiss had to work together to take down Jacques. Blake could even organize the local White Fang, or work with the Happy Huntresses…Who could have all been faunus as a juxtaposition to the military presence and racism present in Atlas…

But no.

4 notes

Came up with a neo volume 7 redesign!

I may edit actual screenshots of her in the show with this outfit later on, like I did the rwby girls

135 notes

I remember seeing the volume 7 intro for the first time, I absolutely lost my shit when Penny appeared

9 notes

I theorized a long time ago that Penny would be rebuilt, and since she said she wanted to stay at beacon, she would replace the P in JNPR since Pyrrha died. Afterwards, for awhile, I thought Oscar would take Pyrrha’s place. However, Oscar would more likely take Oscar’s place.

But, if Penny lives, this really wouldn’t line up with my other theory of the four maidens. I theorized:

Ruby: Spring Maiden(Rose petals symbolic of blooming in the spring)

Yang: Summer Maiden(Hothead, fiery and yellow like the sun)

Blake: Fall Maiden(her trailer was clearly set in the fall, just look at the scenery. And I don’t know how to describe it, she just acts like the season)

Weiss: Winter Maiden(I really don’t have to explain)

So if Penny is the winter maiden now, then only one of my theories can come to fruition. Either Penny keeps the maiden powers and joins JNPR, or Penny dies for good and the powers are passed on to Weiss, for all of team RWBY to have the maiden powers. Yeah, of course Weiss can just not have the powers, but that would be stupid

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vine zeki headers, ace operatives. like and reblog if using.
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clover ebi, ace operatives. like and reblog if using. do not tag as fairgame or use content for fairgame.
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it is ironwood’s sleepover and he gets to decide what children to shoot

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This is an appreciation post for RWBY’s music.

I haven’t watched The Enemy of Trust enough to match the score with whatever was on screen, but I love that I can still tell which characters are on screen just by the leitmotifs playing.

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Idk why the fandom thinks the staff of creation will be used to resurrect anybody. The god of light said resurrection isn’t creation so why do people think the staff could resurrect?

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As a Huntsman, I am sworn to protect helpless damsels! UHN! Were you offended by ‘damsels’, or 'helpless’?

-the huntsman from the train

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Ok, Fear. Its like an old friend saying hello to me, that is how i feel about this song. 

I think that everyone can feel identified by this song in one point or another in their lives. Personally, this song speaks to me in such a way because In my life I have let good things go because of fear. I am a true believer that fear can play with you in more ways than wt we ever believe to be possible. 

In the time and place that we are here in 2020 fear has taken over a lot of the things that we see and do. The Pandemic has been a great example of this since it has us fearing on the most basic of needs and that is of being with people in close proximity or wanting to leave our homes. 

But aside from that fear has been responsible of great changes and devastating wars. Fear, has the ability to be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time.

As humans we have this fight and flight response that is very much triggered by fear, and in my opinion one of the greatest shown of this in the series is Weiss and Winter. I know many would go and say that Ironwood and Oscar/Oz but that is not really shown, we see paranoia consume Ironwood because of his fear. But with Weiss and Winter its at the core to whom they are, actually this falls for all of the Schnee family. Winter was introduced as a powerful character with control over her abilities and all yet Weiss was shown as someone who still had many things to learn. As the series goes, Weiss is getting stronger but Winter is still Top tier. But, it is in Atlas where you start to see that is actually Weiss who is stronger. You can see it in the way that Winter hides from their father while Weiss confronts him. Its Winter who looses her composure with their father and its Weiss who is actively looking and brings him down a peg. The way that Winter does not fight for herself but follows says a LOT about her. Yes she might of come to terms with what Ironwood wanted and the maiden but when she lost that she got angry and used that to hide. While Weiss understood and tried but to no avail.

I started out not liking Weiss. Because of how her character was presented at first I sided a lot with similar views of how Blake views the Schnees at first. It was when Winter was introduced that I realized that there could be a bit more than what we were showed.

Anyhow, (this got long) the song is a great way to have as the ending song of Vol 7 as it was a complete flip of the coin with Trust Love as the Intro song. 

In all the Soundtrack really brings out the choices we all have to face in one way of another in our lives, to its basics we have Love and to its complicated we have Fear. If we trust in Love things will work out but if we ever gave into fear than things will never work out. 

Thank you for reading! 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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