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Made some Monochrome Hugs for @snackles on twitter. And I thought you guys might like to see it too.

Monochrome Monday’s should resume after rwby volume 8 ends (manly because I won’t have to doge all the spoilers on here) 

With that being said. Stay safe, WEAR A MASK, and have a good day/night


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I kinda wish the things written in the ‘After the Fall’ book and in the RWBY mangas were animated separately as like their own mini series because, I mean, not everyone is going to pay attention to those. I myself can’t afford to buy them at the moment and believe me, it hurts that I can’t because I would like to show some support. In fact, it might even help to expand upon more on some of the characters for the show watchers only crowd. Like Weiss touching Blake’s ears in that one Manga would have been an awesome point of growth to see in the first few volumes or Ruby fighting Cardin and having her insecurities being known there would have been an awesome scene, too. I’d love to see it in action.

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✨This is what I’m been working on! ✨

I love how it turns out (but the background, I’m still not totally okay with it).

Friendly remainder that I have open commissions for those that are interested, PM if you want :)

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It’s 0 am on a Monday, I’m still traumatized and honestly I need a holiday so have a drawing now and I’ll post again in about 18 hoursish.


I went to my gallery to find what was next in my pile of premade draws to post and I found this funky thing I finished two weeks ago. It’s part of a series I’m three drawings into of mini comics based around Halsey songs. The second one will probably posted later today and the third, some time this week. Meanwhile I’m slowly working through my drawings list.

Ps, Winter and Weiss in their old outfits are the cutest things 🥺

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Rwby volume 8 spoilers

Here’s something I’ve thought about you know how in rwby the new Grimm, the hound, well I was thinking Salem created the Grimm in memory of her daughter. Remember when we got that flashback about Salem and Ozma and their family and one of their daughters was holding a Grimm looking dog. I’m not sure but I think it was the youngest, however after thinks about this I feel like Salem might be trying to bring her daughters back to life. I don’t know her actual plan is besides take over remnant, but I feel like she would use jin to tell her where that staff is (forgot the name) and use it to bring back her daughters.


Here’s the daughter I was referring to. You can see her holding that Grimm like dog or just a dog. However I still believe this has something to do with the new Grimm, the hound.

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The Schneenblings are NOT dealing with their abuse as well as we like to think.  

Winter left to join the military- specializing in a career where violence is an everyday occurrence. Her form of encouragement to her sister is to highlight her failures with negative connotations, and physically strikes Weiss once to get her to stop talking, instead of simply cutting her off. 

Weiss left to train at Beacon- again focusing on a violent career path (Yes, grimm are monsters but she’s still being trained to kill). She gets her way by using her name or threatening others with her skills, even going as far as to threaten her own brother when -as shown when Ruby does so- simply asking politely and explaining the situation would’ve worked. 

Whitley stayed with his father and allowed Jacques to mold him into the perfect heir for the company, he uses psychological manipulation (like his father) to get what he wants and reminds others of their issues when he feels threatened.

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My thoughts and theories for this episode!


I really like this Qrow and Robyn dynamic! I really like how she and Qrow had a moment where she told him how difficult it has been for her to form a connection with someone. I think they’re gonna be a powerful team when taking down Ironwood.


I also really liked how Robyn immediately told Qrow it wasn’t his fault. Although Qrow did play a part, Clover didn’t have to fight. Not to mention, I’ve rewatched the fight with Tyrian, Qrow, and Clover after they crashed in the airship multiple times. Im still confused as to why Clover was so adamant about fighting. Either way, they both had an opportunity to stop, Qrow was just reacting IMO. Maybe Clover chose to focus on Qrow instead of Tyrian during the fight because he thought of him as the more dangerous opponent? I’d love to hear some theories cause I really can’t understand.


So this here is starting to make me think that the Ace Ops are going to play a role with helping Robyn and Qrow take out Ironwood. Harriet is starting to question Ironwoods authority, what he says, and wether it’s all true. Marrow has been doing the same since Volume 7. I think that the Ace Ops at the very least are going to be the ones to provide Robyn and Qrow an escape from their cells. I think the confrontation part is where they will differ in how to handle Ironwood, depending on how the rest of the season and his choices play out.


I’m really enjoying how the sister dynamic is working with Ruby and Yang. They’re sisters. They love each other. This isn’t their first fight. Keep in mind too, I think this has barely been a day story wise. It’s not like it’s been a week. And already, Ruby had called Yang. She’s rightfully worried because she knows that Yang wouldn’t answer for no reason. I think Ruby knows it has nothing to do with their fight IMO. Also, it’s very cute that Blake is so worried and trying so hard to resolve the fight Yang and Ruby had. I definitely think that her worry is misplaced. Although I’m sure she is worried about Ruby and Yangs relationship, it’s not in jeopardy. I believe she is worried as all hell about Yang and wants to call her, but doesn’t know how to go about that, or if she should, with what went down with Ruby and Yang.


I’m glad that Yang was the one to kinda check and push Ren. I think someone needed to call him out on his bullshit. Ren is going through some shit. It’s never healthy to keep it bottled up. Yang knows this, has gone through this, and has grown from it. Ren is obviously going to need to deal with his trauma. But whether or not it’s gonna be time is another question.


I’m pretty sure this beating will somehow speed up the process of making Oscar and Ozpin into one mind. Either that or maybe Ozpin will take hold of Oscar when he’s getting beaten to keep Oscar sane.


I love Neo, she’s like “NOPE. Hot demon queen told you no, so it’s a no for me cause I wanna live.” Emerald coming in to save the day for Cinder. Can’t wait to see their dynamic again. I really hope Cinder treats her just as well as before now that they will put some distance between them and Salem. I hope Emerald can maybe change the tide for Cinder because I love a good redemption arc, but I don’t think that’s gonna happen.


Buzz buzz bitch and oblivious Jaune. Everything I didn’t know I wanted lol


On a more serious note though, I love how complicated all these characters are. Even though Yang has grown and evolved as a person, she is still very worried that Blake isn’t going to like her anymore. She still has these insecurities and abandonment issues. It will be interesting to see how the growth of her character handles her and Blake’s relationship within the next few episodes. Secretly hoping for an angsty phone call between them lol. I think her growth will show with a talk between Yang and Ren. Ren is loosing it, and I’m afraid that it’s going to cost him his life.


It’s most definitely probably some Grimm coming from underneath this. But I’m also an optimist and I really hope it’s somehow someone coming to rescue them. Like maybe the Happy Huntresses they left behind while helping Mantle and someone’s Mole Uncle? Haha probably too hopeful, but I’m excited either way!

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