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caterpillarinacave 17 hours ago
Weiss: My future spouse must be intelligent, organized, successful and put together.
Ruby: *steps on a beetle and proceeds to drop to the ground apologizing to it* Weiss: That one. I want that one.
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keeeywiii 5 months ago
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kiki-draws-things 3 months ago
Tumblr media
This is based on that one penal from Mage and Demon Queen
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anika-art 18 days ago
I wanted to do this for a while now >u<
I love this ship so much 鉂勶笍馃尮鉂わ笍
I'm going to work on a slight nsfw, but I think I won't be able to post it here... if you wanna see it for me on Twitter, Instagram or DeviantArt! ^^/
Tumblr media
Hace ya in tiempo que quer铆a hacer esto >u<
C贸mo amo este ship 鉂勶笍馃尮鉂わ笍
Voy a trabajar en una versi贸n ligeramente nsfw, solo no estoy muy segura de poder publicarlo en Tumblr... si gustan verlo est茅n al tanto de cuentas ^^/
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razorblade180-heated 4 months ago
Yang:*claps hands* Let鈥檚 talk about Kinks.
Weiss:Or what we want for dinner?
Yang:Stop being a buzz kill. This a free space. Let鈥檚 get to learn a thing or two.
Ruby:People who like feet are a menace.
Blake:Pfft, that鈥檚 baby stuff. They鈥檙e valid.
Weiss:I鈥檇 leave.
Yang:If a mouth is on my toes then I鈥檓 going to cause an incident.
Blake:Y鈥檃ll are babies. I don鈥檛 even like feet but it鈥檚 whatever. We can normalize that.
Ruby:Never. They must know they are not the majority. If you walk into a sexual situation and assume feet are fair game鈥.
Ren:You have very strong feelings about this. Let鈥檚 be reasonable though.
Ruby:I am willing to let them live in peace if you give me another strange kink that鈥檚 obviously not grotesque.
Ren:*inhales* Furries.
Ren:The whole suit.
Jaune:Ruby I don鈥檛 want to put pressure on you but I might leave you if you pick wrong.
Ruby:Well let鈥檚 get your perspective. If I-
Jaune:Feet, every single time.
Ruby:Our relationship is strong, I was never going to pick furry.
Weiss:Both of you are weird enough for both.
Yang:I was trying to make this a safe space, not a kink shame discussion!
Nora:Well we gotta have the line established. Honestly I live my kink. Sleeping with a team member is hot.
Weiss:That counts!
Blake:It鈥檚 a fantasy. Your turn Weiss. Spill your secrets.
Ruby:Two people in this room already know!
Weiss:*red* Shut up, both of you!
Jaune:But I didn鈥檛 even-okay鈥
Yang:Safe environment.
Weiss:While I believe that, I just can鈥檛. It鈥檚鈥 lot to wrap my head around.
Everyone:(Definitely daddy issues)
Weiss:I鈥檒l choose my second one. I鈥ay or may not get particularly invested in giving oral. It鈥檚 so improper and just鈥 tad bit shameful. *blushing* I like it.
Ren:I鈥檓 boring. All I have is dirty talk.
Yang:Oooo that鈥檚 not boring. Hit us with a few favorites.
Nora:*red* Or don鈥檛.
Nora:Please be kind to me.
Ren:That can stay between us.
Ruby:Dirty talk is nice. So are restraints. Like cuffs.
Jaune:I do not control her interests! I am only a willing participant that helps create a safe space.
Weiss:That鈥檚 code for 鈥淚鈥檓 into the power鈥
Jaune:And you like giving up yours.
Weiss:*blushing* To the right person, or people.
Blake:Maybe your real kink is love?
Weiss:Shut your face!
Nora:Are we going to let Yang sneak by without any embarrassing truths?
Yang:Pfft, I鈥檓 not ashamed of my desires.
Ren:鈥.So say them.
Blake:I鈥檒l say them for you.
Yang:That鈥檚鈥mmm, *covers ears*
Blake:Butt stuff and mommy issues.
Yang:Damnit I can still hear!
Weiss:*hugs Yang* Safe space. We get it.
Yang:This isn鈥檛 fun anymore! It feels like therapy!
Jaune:You think there鈥檚 a fine line between the two?
Ren:Perhaps the empowerment you feel started with-
Jaune:Please don鈥檛鈥
Ruby:For real. We can鈥檛 handle that.
Weiss:鈥 have a daddy kink.
Everyone:We know.
Weiss:You could at least act surprise! It took a lot a courage!
Yang:I鈥檓 proud of you Weiss! They just don鈥檛 understand! *hugging her*
Nora:Guess this really was therapy鈥
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hiskayaa 3 months ago
Tumblr media
White rose wip I might or might not finish;;;
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short-wooloo 3 months ago
Ruby and her Whiterose child enter the Bathroom
Whiterose child: "There it is, kill it!"
Ruby:聽鈥淪weetie a Spider has just as much a right to live as you or I...聽 Besides, its unlucky to kill it in the house鈥
Ruby reaches forward with some paper/magazines to carry the Spider away:聽鈥淗ello little fella, c鈥檓on sweetheart鈥
Spider begins rapidly crawling on the paper toward Ruby
Ruby, desparately movie the papers to try and keep the spider away:聽鈥淎AAH!鈥
Whiterose child: screams
Ruby (screaming):聽鈥淕O!聽GO!聽GO!鈥
the pair run out of the bathroom screaming and desperately trying to figure out what to do
Ruby, juggling the spider on the papers:聽鈥淥pen the Door!聽聽Open the Door!鈥
Whiterose child:聽鈥淔ront!?聽 Or Back!?聽 Or Sides!?鈥
Ruby:聽鈥淪ide!聽 No Back!聽 NO FRONT!鈥
Whiterose child opens front door just as Weiss is walking in with groceries
Ruby throws the spider out the front door
Whiterose child closes door
Ruby, realizing what just happened:聽鈥淥h my god did we just-鈥
Weiss on the other side of the door: screams in rage/horror
Whiterose child locks door:聽鈥淕o, she can only ground me, get your keys and go鈥
Whiterose child:聽鈥淕O!!!鈥
Ruby: scream and books it
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wolfcreations22 2 months ago
So, I鈥檝e never posted anything on here before so bear with me if I do this completely wrong. But for those of you who have read my 鈥淔ace My Fears鈥 RWBY fanfic series, you鈥檇 know that there is a sequel (coming soon 馃槈) in the works and the fabulous @akakumu43 actually went through the trouble of making their new outfits. I honestly can鈥檛 thank you enough 鉂わ笍. These are freaking beautiful and I love them so much!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And for the curious, you can also check out the series itself :).
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sirianhewigxiii 9 months ago
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rachetmath 10 months ago
Jaune vs Mercury
Mercury: None of you understand me. What I鈥檝e been through was hell. My father-
Jaune: Okay shut the f*** up.
Yang and the others are shocked that Jaune said something especially when someone is talking about their past.
Jaune: What?
Ren: Jaune he was-
Jaune: Nope. Listen, Mercury, bro-bro, if you hate your dad that much, why not use your skills to help people? Why are you doing any of this?
Mercury: Um.
Yang: Jaune, ch-
Jaune: Bitch, f*** you. You don鈥檛 know what it鈥檚 like. Listen, Mercury, I already have to deal with seven girls and three guys with issues. Those issues don鈥檛 even justify them as people.
Nora: Woah didn鈥檛 you-
Jaune: Cheated Beacon? Yeah, but is that a concern now?
Ren: He鈥榮 right. It really is minor at this point.
Jaune: Mercury, all I can say is this, you got Emerald. More importantly, if you join our team, you can do whatever the f*** you want. Just ask Emerald and Oscar.
Mercury: But how can-
Jaune: Again, Emerald or any woman or man, if you鈥檙e into that, just do right by them. Hell, if you have a kid just raise them better than how your dad raised you. Stop being in your daddy鈥檚 shadow.
Mercury: Oh.
Jaune: I already had to save three relationships plus one. Three of them are Ruby鈥檚 and only one of them saved themselves. However, Penny I had kill. Rest her soul.
Ruby: Jaune I鈥檓 so-
Jaune: Just stop being an asshole.
Yang: Okay, Jaune, first off that was rude and he鈥檚 not going to change sides beca-
Mercury: Oh Emerald, I鈥榤 happy you鈥檙e alive.
Emerald: Oh Mercury.
Mercury and Emerald hug it out.
Jaune: You were saying.
Yang: 鈥 F*** off.
Jaune prepares to leave.
Ruby: Jaune um where are you going?
Jaune: To the store. I鈥檓 going to buy some flowers, wine, and chocolate and write a letter of apology.
Weiss: To who?
Jaune: Ms. Goodwitch. I hate to be that guy but if she had to deal with James, Qrow, and Ozpin鈥檚 issues while helping us then鈥 damn she鈥檚 the best teacher. Like damn, I can鈥檛 believe I鈥檓 saying this, but I know how she feels now. Shit.
Beacon Academy in Glynda鈥檚 Office
Oobleck: Ms. Goodwitch, sorry to intrude, but we have package for you.
Glynda: From who?
Oobleck: Mr. Arc.
Glynda: Bring it in.
Oobleck did so. He brought the package, gave it to Glynda, and left. Glynda opens it only to find her some chocolate, wine and safely covered purple flowers. She was almost stunned until she saw a envelope inside the flower. She opens it and states, 鈥淪orry for my bitching. I鈥檓 starting to realize how much you had to put up with. Please forgive me for all the things I鈥檝e done. I know I still have long ways to go. But I promise I will return stronger. The girls and Ren are fine as well. I鈥檓 trying to keep them alive as best I can. Thank you for my being my teacher and some level the mother I somewhat needed in my life. Love, your not so favorite student, Jaune Arc. (P.S: Sorry about Ironwood. My bad. Also semblance heals people.)鈥
Glynda: *tears falling from her eyes* I鈥檓 so glad their safe. But at the same time I鈥檓 worried. Okay, writing him back.
In Vacuo
Nora: Jaune. Ms. Goodwitch brought you something.
Jaune: What? Really?
Jaune opens a letter from Ms. Goodwitch. It states, 鈥淒ear, Jaune. I am glad that you and your friends are okay. After that broadcast I have no choice to assume you know about Salem. So I will say this. I鈥檓 sorry about Pyrrha. I know you were sad by her death. I knew we could have taken one of your friends away and I wished it never came to that conclusion. I want you to know I also knew that about your fake transcripts. I just made the choice not to say a word. After all you proven you had the guts and qualities of becoming a leader and hunter, with the right guidance of course. I hope to see you again. Make sure everyone is safe. And continue to be there for your team. As always. Love you. Love, Glynda Goodwitch.(P.S: Also keep team RWBY out of too much trouble.) 鈥
Jaune: *cry* I really miss her.
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red-like-roses 10 months ago
Weiss: What kind of music do you like?
ruby, trying to impress her: classical
Weiss: Wow, really? Who鈥檚 your favorite composer? :)
ruby: piano
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keeeywiii a year ago
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I鈥檓 living for white rose聽鉂勶笍馃尮
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kiki-draws-things a year ago
Tumblr media
She is trying ok!?!
Got the idea from @tupayapsina
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bearcat05 a year ago
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white rose
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razorblade180-heated 3 months ago
Aight let me start...
War of the Roses headcannon
How fun! Haven鈥檛 made an actual smut for them but I鈥檝e definitely thought about their dynamic. All three of them feel pretty affectionate to me but in varying ways. Jaune is the the kind to embrace and rest his head on them while Ruby is prone to steal kisses. Meanwhile Weiss also hugs and gives a silent look that practically begging for drawn out kisses.
All three share pretty evenly and without fuss but it鈥檚 clear Jaune and Weiss love Ruby鈥檚 comfort and energy so she鈥檚 caught in the middle at times. Ruby is flirty with Weiss yet more of a tease with Jaune. He has the most restraint (which isn鈥檛 saying too a lot) and most conscious, as to not overstep boundaries. So Ruby likes sitting on him a lot, straddling, body touching, and other really close contact things to coax him into pouncing. She鈥檚 gotten pretty good at telling when he鈥檚 pent up.
Flirting with Weiss is more straightforward. Ruby will straight up take Weiss鈥檚 hand to kiss it and make Weiss a stuttering mess. It鈥檚 clear her partner is simply stubborn, but folds like a deck of cards because she鈥檚 probably been thinking about sex before Ruby or Jaune got into the mood.
Ruby has the second highest libido. Her brain is always thinking of something that sex doesn鈥檛 come to mind too much, but after like a week and half she鈥檒l definitely start feeling an itch without anyone鈥檚 influence. With Jaune she flips between top and bottom, he鈥檚 typically the person leading either way. Weiss is a different story. Ruby calls the shots. Maybe it鈥檚 because she鈥檚 the leader but it鈥檚 gratifying seeing Weiss be a complete mess and at her mercy. She always makes sure to comfort for after words, which only makes Weiss cuter because she鈥檚 embarrassed. Weiss only really gets payback of all three are in bed because Ruby can easily get caught up in Jaune鈥檚 pacing.
Jaune has the lowest libido of the three. He thanks the lack of privacy growing up and having so many sisters to teach him about boundaries that controlling urges and thoughts is pretty common. Having Ruby tease him is easily the most difficult thing in his life. It鈥檚 just odd to hear that someone wants him to get dirty, and he has two people saying it! Sleeping with Ruby is more drawn out between rounds and he gets flustered watching how sexy she gets for him. Jaune is quick to warm up to all the advances and Ruby really enjoys it once he let鈥檚 go of his inhibition. Any time he wants to top she鈥檒l gladly let him.
Sleeping with Weiss is more intense in its own right. Maybe it鈥檚 the old crush aspect or the way she silently looks at him with clear desire in her eyes, but Jaune cannot stop himself from wanting to make her scream. He tends to get rougher and a little less romantic than with Ruby. The rounds are shorter but there鈥檚 more of them. She calls him a brute and he can鈥檛 really deny that. Weiss just brings it out of him. He likes it though, because she鈥檚 clearly loving it and Ruby will hop on that bandwagon. The Reaper has even used some her playful teasing to spur him on with Weiss, then happily take her turn the moment they climax. Jaune ends up being even more assertive this way apparently.
Weiss is the horniest of the three and it upsets her every time it鈥檚 mentioned. Not having much physical stimulation growing up is really showing these days. Even their supportive touches make her a bit flustered. Weiss doesn鈥檛 try to openly ask for sex, but prolonged make out sessions and their advances almost always leads it. They tell her not to be embarrassed by it but she can鈥檛 help it! She can easily have sex three or four times within a week. Sometimes Ruby and Jaune focus on oral and their hands to get her off because they aren鈥檛 as pent up. It鈥檚 both flattering and the source of frustration for Weiss. Usually it鈥檚 Ruby that helps her out.
Weiss is a bottom, case closed. Doesn鈥檛 matter if it鈥檚 Jaune or Ruby, they鈥檙e on top and she鈥檚 melting. Being submissive and letting them control the flow just does it for her. Jaune thinks it鈥檚 because it鈥檚 one of the few times in her life she felt like she doesn鈥檛 have to fight for control in her life. She can willingly let others dictate and she鈥檒l feel completely comfortable. Weiss also loves the rougher and more vulgar sides of sex for similar reasons. It feels good not being proper. Ruby tends to touch her slowly and drag out the pleasure until Weiss can鈥檛 take it, making her whine. All the body kisses and dirty talk only makes it worse for the poor girl.
Jaune is a little different. Things aren鈥檛 slow and Weiss would sooner call it fucking than just sex. Ruby is bad enough, but having Jaune, a person twice her size, pinning her down is a stronger rush. A single hand can hold both her wrist and the weight difference is staggering. She might as well be a pillow with how easily he can move her. All that with the fact she鈥檚 aware of how much Jaune loves her makes Weiss feel helpless in every way. He can do as he pleases, yet he still always makes sure she鈥檚 okay. How could she not love it!? The two of them get pretty heated up and Weiss never feels like it鈥檚 enough if she isn鈥檛 sweaty by the end. Ruby jokes it sounds like she鈥檚 dying sometimes and Weiss will answer 鈥淕ood, we鈥檙e doing it right then.鈥 Her and Jaune cuddle the longest after sex. If they stay together like that too long though then one of them is bound to get the bright idea to go again.
When it comes to all three in bed, Weiss will end up caught in the middle for better or for worse. With the way they mess with her together, she highly doubts she鈥檚 the horniest of the three. Ruby is typically kissing her and getting Weiss to do whatever she wants while Jaune is behind Weiss, making her fall apart even more while satisfying himself. Though Ruby has to think about how much she鈥檒l put Weiss through. Jaune has been in the middle of making Ruby a complete mess and Weiss will take that opportunity to do the same things Ruby made her do. It鈥檚 the only real time Ruby becomes her typical flustered self and does whatever Weiss wants without much thought. Most of there threesomes are one of them walking in on the other two and joining. Ruby won鈥檛 pass an opportunity to mess with both and Weiss always gets 鈥減ersuaded鈥 to join in. Jaune has tried stepping out of the room before but if they want him, he鈥檚 not getting away from super speed and a woman who can block the door with the wave of a hand. By no means his he complaining, but having two horny people look at you while you鈥檙e still holding a coffee is a scary thing. Cases like these are when the two girls take a break from each other and focus on getting Jaune to give in to their wiles. All three actually get embarrassed when they鈥檙e focusing on him. Jaune is processing two beautiful women on him while Ruby and Weiss are getting flustered watching each other spoil and get off on using Jaune.
Most of their interests overlap. They all like biting. Ruby likes restraints and sometimes blindfolds while Weiss is fine trying those. She prefers seeing Ruby鈥檚 face but in Jaune鈥檚 case she wishes that he鈥檇 actually not witness her in such a state, so a blindfold actually helps her, until Ruby mention how Jaune is still looking at her鈥
If all three have sex together then they鈥檙e all getting tired and going to sleep. Ruby or Jaune might get up to bring water for everyone but they鈥檙e definitely coming back to pass out. I鈥檇 imagine they all have separate rooms but all the beds are big enough, and they try their best not to have sex in the living room. However, Ruby will always try something on the couch with Jaune and somehow the kitchen has become a reoccurring spot for Jaune and Weiss. Ruby would complain, but her and Weiss hold the shower and it鈥檚 hot water hostage, and that isn鈥檛 about to change. She has to accept midnight snacks don鈥檛 happen sometimes. As long as things get cleaned afterwards it鈥檚 fine.
That鈥檚 about it. I should probably write a threesome eventually since I鈥檝e clearly thought about it. I don鈥檛 know. If I have the time.
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hiskayaa a year ago
Tumblr media
Angsty Newspaper
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short-wooloo a year ago
Ruby: "I'm Gonna Touch Your Schnoobs!"
Weiss: "You're Going To What My What!?"
Ruby: "touch your Schnoobs"
Weiss: "What the hell are "Schnoobs"?"
Ruby: "Schnee boobs"
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luminoushane 10 months ago
Ruby: Babe, babe-
Weiss, waking up: What?
Ruby: Oh you're awake, um, so anyways... While we were sleeping you pushed my leg off you and I was wondering do yOU STILL LOVE ME???? 馃挃馃挃
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sirianhewigxiii 9 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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red-like-roses a year ago
looking 4 ur tsundere
Tumblr media
looking 4 ur sunshine
Tumblr media
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