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#rwby writing

Tysm for the prompt!! There were a few others too that I’ll get too eventually!! I think this one was destined to be angsty hehe. No real warnings here aside from canon character death and one instance of swearing. Also I’m tired so there’s probably some mistakes sorry. I hope you enjoy it!! This was so so fun <3

Tear me down (so I can feel)

Neo is used to feeling numb.

It’s a given really. She grew up on the streets, surrounded by people who looked right through her when she begged for help with pleading eyes. They never understood her, never bothered to even try. She was a ghost, floating through empty alleys as the world moved on without her. Her world was small and dark and cold but Neo had no will to care. Ghosts don’t need to feel. There is no need for emotions when you’ve been forgotten by the world. So Neo had lived in a deafening silence, allowing herself to grow numb and never caring for the consequences of it.

But then Roman came along and it was like someone had lit a candle’s flame to chase away the dark in her life.

She still remembers vividly the first time their eyes met. She was younger then, more naive perhaps, but she had seen something within Roman that she had never seen before. Roman saw something in her too, it had seemed, as he had held out his hand toward her with that signature smile and offered her something she could not refuse. Freedom. Not that she would have refused anyway. It didn’t matter how much or how little he could promise her, Roman saw her- really saw her- and in that moment, for just a small single second, Neo had felt something other than numb.

The time she spent with Roman was… interesting to say the least. They still spent a lot of their time on the streets but it was different than before. The alleys seemed warmer and brighter, and Neo moved though them with more of a skip in her step. She would bounce along, hanging on to Roman’s arm as he told her about the world. He spun stories of huntsmen and Grimm and the plans he had for the future.

Roman never wanted to be a huntsmen himself. There was no gratitude in his words when he spoke of them, no respect or admiration. He seemed more determined to better them; to prove power could come from somewhere other than destroying Grimm. He also seemed more sympathetic toward Grimm than most and Neo understood it well. There was something about the creatures cast in shadows that they could both relate to in a way that the huntsmen in their cushy academies could never understand.

He taught her about emotions too. They were hardest for her to understand. He showed her how to smile, pulling up her cheeks and holding the expression himself for as long as it took for her to copy. She never held the expression for very long. It was foreign and uncomfortable and seemed rather pointless when she didn’t even really understand joy. But she obliged for Roman’s sake because it made him smile back, and she knew that was good.

Time went by and the grew up. The novelty of youth began to wear off as ignorance fell away, leaving in its place the bitter taste of constant uncertainty. Neo never cared all that much though. She had Roman to lead her through the valleys of the unknown and she took his hand gladly and skipped along into the horizon.

Perhaps time had coached the muscles in her face into finding a smile a more natural position for she could no longer surpass a small grin creeping across her face at times. And though she still did not truly understand the true feeling of joy, it was no longer such a foreign thing.

The numbness worked away inside her though, ensuring that joy never outstayed its welcome.

More time passed; more things changed. Roman grew out his hair and Neo grew taller just a little tiny bit each day and everything was fine. Then a tall woman with dark hair and burning eyes and two teenagers trailing behind her appears and everything changes very suddenly.

Roman has a lot of talks with that talk lady. Neo isn’t invited to many of them. All she really knows about the tall lady is that her name is Cinder and her boss is interested in Roman for someone unbeknownst reason. She also learns the teenagers are called Emerald and Mercury and they seem rather uninterested in her. She is reminded of her time as ghost in the alleys and the numbness takes ahold. She decided she doesn’t like them much and leaves it at that.

The next few moths are a blur of missions and espionage and big Atlas robots. It’s fine mostly and although Neo doesn’t much trust Cinder and her uninviting sidekicks she cannot deny they bring good work.

Then one day they decide to burn a school to the ground and everything goes to absolute shit.

It’s not bad at first. It’s amazing actually. The fear, the chaos and the smell of burning that soars through the air. They hijak and airship. It’s rather levitating. But out of nowhere a cocky little huntress-to-be that’s been pestering them for months appears to spoil their fun.

They’ve fought her before. Never won but technically never lost either. But the little red menace always seemed to find them just as they were about to accomplish something big. Neo would almost think her smart- psychic even- if it weren’t for the fact she was clearly a pathological idiot with an obnoxious amount of self righteousness.

The battle on the airship should have been in the bag, and once finished Neo could return to the chaos she and Roman so desperately craved. Except she miscalculated, misinterpreted, missed something because suddenly she was falling to the ground, barely saved by her prized parcel.

Neo waits for Roman on the ground. Messages his scroll repeatedly and begs for an answer. It never comes. She waits there for days and nothing comes through and she knows what that means but she won’t let herself believe it.

Roman is dead. He has to be. It should be impossible and yet it is the most probable explanation. This fact alone tears her apart, eats away at her insides and burns her alive as she desperately tries to ignore it.

Roman is dead because of Ruby Rose and he ignorant meddling. Roman is dead because of Cinder Fall and her incompetence and failure to properly inform them of anything. Roman is dead and Neo loathes the loneliness she feels because of it. The one good thing in her life has been taken away. Her candle, her guiding hand has left her and she is a ghost once more.

Neo is used to feeling numb but now that feeling seems so foreign. There is something new deep inside her burning hot and desperate. It screams and twists angrily within as it begs for revenge.

The numbness has subsided and now Neo is fuelled by rage.

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Title: A Time To Every Purpose
Chapter: 3/5
Fandom: RWBY
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
AO3 link

The other question in the back of her mind was now shifting from “Why aren’t you dead?”  towards “Were you dead?”

It was late afternoon before Soleil found them.

Iris kept on throwing herself at the overgrowth like some kind of avenging garden angel. “We might be here for a while,” she said.  "And we’ll get tired of gourd, and I - I need to stay busy.“

Which left Crystal with the job of talking to - not the thing, she couldn’t call him that anymore, she told herself.  The old man.  Their host.

He huddled on the floor of the cabin, never leaving that one spot in front of the door.  When Crystal hobbled over to sit nearby, right after breakfast,  he stared at her so piercingly that she flinched and dropped the canteen.  She barely managed to catch it before all the water spilled out.  If Iris had stopped to notice the clever little mechanism to hold the lid shut…oh well.   She squashed down annoyance with the swiftness of habit.  

When she looked back, he was huddled in a different shape than before, hugging his knees and watching the pile of shredded vines next to Iris grow ever larger.   Crystal made herself study him as she would any newly-met and potentially dangerous stranger:  frail and thin, even more skeletal than their father had been at the end.  Brown eyes that seemed clearer and more human in the morning light.  The unkempt hair and beard could’ve sheltered entire bird families.  This man wasn’t at all well, and yet…she knew the stench of sickbed and deathbed, and could make a guess about long imprisonment.    But there was only a faint musty smell here.  And remarkably little dirt.  In fact he was cleaner than half the men she’d known back home.  

Some lucky people had powers, she knew.  The settlement’s guardian warrior could call up a blue crackling shield around him in battle;  his "Semblance”, he called it.  But what power could explain these contradictions? 

She couldn’t ask “why aren’t you dead”, and she had to say something.  "Is it really all right for us to be here?“ Please don’t kill us in our sleep.

Without turning his head he rasped, "It is.  But why are you here?”

“The caravan we were with got attacked, and…we were really lucky.  I only hope my other sisters were too.”  She didn’t let her voice shake.

“Travel is dangerous, then,”  he mused, as though it wasn’t an obvious fact of life.   “Why have you chosen to risk it?”

They’d been asked the same thing a dozen times in the last week.  Crystal gave him the same answer she’d given Kane and the caravan traders. “The settlement wasn’t a safe place for us anymore with our parents gone.  We’re hoping the city will be better.”

She expected “Why not?”  but instead he said,  "And which city would this be?“

What? "The…city.  There’s only one. There’s only ever been one.”  Was he addled?  She stared at him,. trying to gauge if he was just mildly confused like gran, or worse.   Though he kept on placidly watching Iris, she was able to catch a glimpse of the expression on his face by leaning forward and pretending to stretch her hurt leg. 

He was smiling, just a little.  And then one bushy eyebrow quirked up - she’d been caught - and the intelligent amusement in that smile made her feel about five years old. 

“I need to practice walking,”  she said abruptly, and stood up so quickly that a jolt of pain ran down her leg.  Ignoring it, she limped across the yard.

“Iris.  Iris.”

“What?”  Her sister crawled out of a tangle of underbrush, knife in one hand, dirt-smudged and glowing with mid-project fervor.  "There’s a whole bunch of different plants surviving down here, herbs and vegetables.  I think vegetables.  Once I get the area clear, I should be able to replant the whole thing.  And we can take some seeds with us when we leave.“

Crystal mentally crossed the idea of leaving tomorrow off her list of options. Once her sister got invested in doing something,  she wouldn’t quit until she was satisfied or someone set it on fire.  (And she’d never forgiven those boys.)  Instead she said, "He’s really weird.”

“The bad kind of weird?”

“Probably not,” she admitted.  "But he’s watching us and thinking and…I don’t know how to explain it.“   It was ridiculous, but she had the strong sense of being a small creature studied by a larger one.   "He’s looking at us the way you’re looking at those plants.”  

“You want to switch places for a while?”  Iris asked with a noticeable lack of enthusiasm. 

There were thorns in that overgrowth, no doubt, and bugs and snails and old tough roots.  "Not really.“  Crystal sighed. "I’ll try again.  Maybe if I had something to do with my hands - Any good fiber-stuff in that pile?”

“Try the brown pods, they’ve got fluff in them.  Or the vines with the leaves like this.  I’ll start saving them for you.”  Iris bent to plunge back in, then paused. “And Crystal?”


“You analyze people like that all the time.  You’re just not used to someone doing it to you.”  Her grin was smug enough to call for hair-pulling retaliation, if they’d been safe at home.   “Now you know how the rest of us feel.”

When Crystal returned to the cabin’s front stoop it was with a pack full of plants.  The old man pretended to doze as she sorted out stems from seedpods.  At least she was pretty sure  he was pretending.   She poured more water from the canteen into his cup anyway. 

Strip the stems and set them aside for drying, roll the fluff between her hands until it formed a sticky rope.   The rhythms of the everyday chore soothed her mind.  As sturdy, off-white yarn coiled around her drop spindle,  the observing presence next to her began to feel more familiar.  Listening, silent, nonjudgmental.   Eventually, as though the warm sun was relaxing something in her throat, the words began to come out. 

“Mother was always passionate.  We loved that about her, and so did Father.  She would laugh with Soleil and play games with her in the yard while the other mothers were doing chores, because she said we needed fun more than a scrubbed floor.  And she and Russet would make up the most fantastic stories, epics really, and tell us a new chapter every evening.  Whenever any of us got in trouble with the teachers or the priests, she would go charging in to defend us - even if she knew we were wrong.

"When gran died, she took it hard.  But we knew she was going to, and we were all prepared. Father would sit with her and say, "What’s one good thing that happened today?” and keep asking questions until she could find something good.   Iris and I took over most of the chores so she could spend more time with Soleil.  Russet would tell stories from gran’s life, and repeat all the fairy tales she taught Mother when she was young.  And I kept asking her to help me practice meditation.  She would do it, every time, even though she knew it was just a ploy.  We got through the first year, and her grief eased.  

“When Father got sick, we tried to do the same thing.  We really tried.” Her voice shook with emphasis.  "He helped us plan out what to do, even as he got weaker and weaker.  But none of us deep down really believed he was going to die.  And then he did.“  Crystal spread out her hands, helplessly, seeing the callouses and small scabs on them.  "Life is cruel and we have to bend with it serenely, like a tree in the wind, that’s what the scripture says.  But Mother was like a tree blasted by lightning.

"She cried all the time, and she didn’t care that the neighbors could hear.  Even worse, she cried in public.  And she got so angry.   After the funeral she told the priests she’d prayed and prayed for her husband back, and asked them what point there was in faith if the gods wouldn’t listen to her.  They tried to tell her about the balance of life and how loss comes to everyone, but she insisted it was different for her.  It was injustice,  Father wasn’t old or weak,  it hadn’t been his time to go.  

"Everyone stopped talking to us by the second week.  It got hard to buy things at market.  We started to find tokens left at our door, black feathers, dishes of spoiled food.    The priests warned us to calm her down, and we tried, but she wouldn’t listen.  She just didn’t care anymore.

"And finally, a month after Father’s death to the day,  I came back from gathering in the woods and she was.”  Crystal swallowed. “She.”  Angrily, she wiped at her eyes - stupid tears - and then caught her breath in surprise. 

 A brown, gnarled hand was close to her arm, the long curving nails nearly but not quite touching her sleeve.  She looked up and met the old man’s eyes.  They held more sorrow than she’d ever seen in anyone: not an angry sadness like hers, but resigned and patient.   He nodded to her, once, and pulled back his hand.  That was all.  But her throat felt clearer.

“She was sitting in her chair and the cup was on the ground.  Her lips had green on them and I…just knew.   I held her hands and she smiled at me and said the moon, she knew how it broke now.   The Lady broke it when the Lord died, because the world would never be whole again.  Then she started vomiting and.  It was over by the time my sisters got home, at least. That’s a thing to be grateful for.”  Always find things to be grateful for. 

Crystal took a deep breath.  Almost done.  "When I brought the cup back to the senior priest he didn’t even try to deny it.  He told me they gave her a choice and she drank willingly to protect us.   That we should take comfort in knowing she cared about the safety of her family, if not her community.  And that he expected to see all four of us next week,right up front.  I smiled at him and promised.  We started planning our journey that night. “

If he’d said something sympathetic, she might have given in and sobbed.  If he’d said one word about negative emotions, she might’ve thrown the spindle at him.   But his words were thoughtful, measured, and once again not what she expected.

"Was it necessary? What they did to your mother?”

He said it like it was a genuine question, one he didn’t know the answer to, and that halted the “No” at her lips and made her actually consider. 

“I…want to say no.”  Her hands clenched in her skirt, and the neglected rope of fluff broke and smeared her palm.   “The Grimm attacked twice that month, and that’s pretty typical. But both times they came over the wall right next to our three-house.  We saw the claw marks. Our warrior said they headed right for us, and maybe he was told to say that.  But maybe not.”

“Only one warrior to protect all of you?”

“Well, yeah.  We - they’re a small settlement, just a hundred or so,  and he was the only one with a Semblance.   The other men stand guard, of course, and help with the small ones.  Anyone can do that.  Even Russet shot a bird-shaped one once, though we kept it a secret.  But true warriors aren’t born often, you know.  They say most of them choose to protect the city, that’s why it’s so much safer there. ”

“Do I?”  The look on his face was distant now,  as though he were fitting pieces into some invisible puzzle.  Did she look like that to other people?  "So the Grimm are a severe and constant danger, and your leaders chose to focus on suppressing the populace rather than bringing out their potential to fight back.“

The last thing she wanted to do was defend the priests, and yet she had to ask, "But what’s the alternative?  Ordinary people can’t fight those monsters, not the big ones.  And they home in on negative emotions.”  He hadn’t said it,  so she would.  "We’re putting you in danger by being here.   Even having this conversation is dangerous.  Why are you letting us stay? How have you not been attacked? “  Oh no, she hadn’t meant to blurt that last one out. 

Distant amusement.  "Those are large questions.  As a partial answer, I would say that "ordinary people” have more strength and potential than you were raised to believe.  As for myself, well.“   His head turned to take in the sky, the garden, the trees beyond.  "I suppose I haven’t felt much of anything in a very long time.”

The other question in the back of her mind was now shifting from “Why aren’t you dead?”  towards “Were you dead?” Crystal didn’t think it prudent to ask either one.  She picked fluff out of her skirt and returned to spinning, and they shared a a peaceable silence until Soleil came running up the path and leaped into her arms with a shriek of joy. 

“I’m so glad you’re both okay!  I ran and ran and then I tripped and this faunus found me,  Iris there are faunus out there and they’re so much friendlier than we were told, he was so tall and he had these cute deer ears that flicked back and forth and antlers, and…”   Soleil paused to gulp a huge breath.  She was perfectly capable of talking like a normal person, she’d done it at sermon and school, but her preferred conversational speed was full-tilt.  

“I want to hear more about this faunus, but get some food and drink in you first and let me check you over,” Crystal told her.  Three out of four. They were almost all safe, and Russet had the best chance of any of them.  Please, gods, I said I’d never pray again but please…

Soleil was in surprisingly good shape after two nights in the wilderness - some bruises, a torn and ragged fingernail, and a shallow scrape on her abdomen that someone had already cleaned and bandaged.   Crystal looked the neat work over with surprise. “The faunus did this?”  

“Yes.  His name was Chamois.”  Soleil sighed dreamily.  "We spent the night at his place, and he took me here in the morning,  he said his friends saw a fire and it was probably you.  I wanted him to meet you all, but he said no.“  Her shoulders drooped.   "I really liked him.”

Crystal and Iris exchanged a look. “When you say really liked…" 

"No, I swear, nothing like that!”  Soleil’s eyes were brimming pools of innocence.  "Just a little kissing.  Well, a lot of kissing. Mostly.“ 

The strange part-animal people weren’t  allowed in any settlement Crystal knew about, and she doubted the city would be any more welcoming.  And a human with a faunus child…she hoped the deer-man had been sensible as well as kind.  

"Well.”  Crystal sat back on her heels.   “We’ve been all right here so far,  so just stay put, okay?  No going to look for Russet or anyone else. There’s plenty to explore here.  And you can talk to…our host.”  She moved out of the way so that Soleil could see the cabin with its open door. 

Her flighty sister and the old man stared at each other.  And stared.  And stared, until Iris began nervously, “Sir, this is our sist-” She was interrupted by Soleil bursting into laughter.

“What is THAT?  He looks like a scarecrow covered with snow!" 

"Be respectful!”  Crystal hissed, but it was hopeless; Soleil was already making a beeline for him. She dropped to her knees and they stared at each other some more, closer up.

“Why do you look like that?”

“How else should I look?" 

"Most people cut their hair at some point,”  she informed him.  "And your clothes are falling apart.  Why are you sitting on the floor?  Were you out here all alone? Wasn’t it dangerous?“  Her eyes widened suddenly.  "Were you dead?”

Crystal put her face in her hands.  

“Not as far as I’m aware,”  he answered seriously, as though it was a perfectly reasonable question.  "If I was, how would I know?“

"Oh.”  She appeared to think about this for a moment, and then shrugged.  "What’s your name?“  
The prudent thing to do at this point would be to pull her sister back and start babbling apologies.  On the other hand, very few people could get angry at Soleil.  She was like summer sunshine personified.

But she didn’t think an answer would be forthcoming, and she was right.  "Hmm. Perhaps you could pick one for me.   And what is your name, young lady?”

Soleil got to her feet, brushed down her muddy skirt, and swept him a  curtsey.  "Soleil, good sir.  Soleil…of  the Vale!“  She twirled around in obvious pleasure at her own cleverness. "I am on a journey! And I am waiting for my sister.  You’ll like her, she tells the best stories.”

“I look forward to it, then,”  he told her.  "The Vale, then, is that where you are all from? You hail…from the Vale?“   Amusement bright in the brown eyes.  

"Yes!”  She beamed.  "You get it!  I mean, it’s just another word for valley, but it sounds much grander.  I think it should be our family name, when we get to the city.  Everyone says we’ll need one.  Now, show me around. I want to see everything!“ 

"I…”  For the first time, the old man looked slightly taken aback. “There isn’t much to see,  my dear.”

Subtlety was a foreign language to Soleil, but she was never cruel;  Crystal saw her glance at the tiny dilapidated cabin,  and then at the overgrown yard. “So?  You must have a favorite tree and places to sit, and a rock that looks like an animal or something.  And then we can play hide and seek, you’ve got the home advantage but I’m very good at it.”

He blinked at her, clearly nonplussed. “You want me to…join you outside?”

“Why not? You don’t stay in there all the time, do you?”

An awkward silence followed,  broken by another silvery peal of laughter.  "You DO! That’s ridiculous!  It’s so much nicer out here.  Come on. “  She held out a hand.  

He looked,  Crystal thought, even more ordinary when baffled.  She could hardly believe that yesterday she’d seen a cryptid instead of this gentle hermit.   Was it all due to familiarity? 

Perhaps not. Certainly he looked a little more sturdy after vanishing into the shadows of the dark cabin and returning with an ancient floppy black hat. And his clothes, when he finally stepped across the threshold, proved to have no embarrassing gaps or holes despite being threadbare.   They stayed on his emaciated frame through the expedition to look at Iris’s garden progress, an interesting bug in the grass, and several flowers.  At that point Iris vetoed hide-and-seek in favor of preparing dinner, and he sank down on a rock with obvious relief. 

"Sorry about that,”  Crystal said to him in an undertone as she cut up onions and mushrooms.  Thanks to Iris’ digging, they had more variety tonight.  "My sister is a force of nature.  If she’s a bother, we can get her to back off.“  

The old man smiled.  "Not at all, she’s quite refreshing company.  Despite all you’ve endured she seems quite happy.”  The tone of his voice made it half a question. 

“Everyone has their way of coping.  Soleil has known since she was very small that unhappiness is bad.  So she is always happy, and does her best to make others happy.  No matter what.”  Crystal lowered her voice again.  "She’s completely sincere, and yet in a way it’s an act. We play along because we’re afraid of what will happen when it stops.“   

Words she’d held inside for a long time, with no one safe to say them to.  It felt good to hear them spoken aloud.  

The old man just nodded, but it was enough; she was understood.  "And yet,”  he said so softly she had to lean in to hear, “I am grateful for her performance.”

She let the tilt of her head ask the question. 

“I had forgotten the sound of laughter.”

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I finished my story!  Which means perhaps I should try posting it here again.  RWBY, though I think (hope) it can stand entirely on its own. 

AO3 link is here.

Falling off the cliff wasn’t the worst thing to happen to Crystal today.  Not even though her leg twisted painfully under her on landing, and she could tell as she lay gasping on the ground that more running wan’t going to happen any time soon.

Worst had been the screams at dawn, Russet’s terrified face, the sight of the caravan guard who’d flirted with her all week going down under a snarling Grimm twice his size.  Screams and the movement of dark shapes and blood - she would’ve died right there, frozen in place trying to understand, if Iris hadn’t thrust two backpacks into her hands and yelled move!

The four of them had run for hours.  Well, staggered after a while.  It had been stupid to stay on the road, she thought now, but the Grimm hadn’t followed them.  How far had they made it before the growling from the woods?  Ten klicks, maybe less?  It didn’t matter; Crystal had pushed Iris in one direction and run in the other and…and this was probably it.  One useless peasant girl ready to be eaten.

Keep reading

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One thing I’ve wanted to say that I think a lot of the people don’t understand in RWBY is that the writers aren’t directors. They don’t oversee the whole project. Once a script is written it’s handed to a director to oversee the rest of the project. Yes, the writers probably see parts of the final project but they aren’t in charge of it. If you look at the credits every episode has an episode director. Writing doesn’t always translate the same from writer to director and then director to animator. So next time something feels off animation wise don’t just rush to say “bad writing” the writer has power in shows like this but they aren’t all powerful

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Alright so my goal for this 1st writing challenge is Sunday as a deadline.

It’s rwby, weiss centric with a little Yang, Winter and Blake. I am struggling to find a way to include Ruby in physical ways so she might not be in it though I feel she would have a big role.It’s mostly schneesters and post battle of haven in which I give some people appreciating weiss schnee.

There might be hints of monochrome and elderburn but I’ll keep it subtle. The aim is to focus on people appreciating Weiss

I got most of the backbone ready and some exchanges (it’s a wee bit inspired by onefourthdork’s art) so I’m confident i’ll manage it in a week.

Another goal is catching up to this show so I can write this even better.

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Hey can i get a matchup? I am a pansexual female with long, wavy brown hair, hazel eyes and pale skin. I enjoy acting, reading, writing and videogames. I am quoet and awkward if i dont know u well. I sometimes come off as cold cuz of my immediate frosty sarcastic quips. I am blunt and stubborn. I have an incredibly dry, witty humor. I love daydreaming and just thinking i am always thinking resulting in minor insomnia. I dont like social gatherings or being around people unless i know them well.

from the description you’ve provided, i match you with…


Originally posted by soldieroflandb


it sounds strange; for someone as extroverted as he is, one would think he wouldn’t do well around those who don’t socialize well. he’s energetic, cheerful, can be loud, and is also incredibly unpredictable. it’s not exactly the ideal formula for someone as reserved as yourself. however, Sun isn’t just his more colorful traits.

your dry remarks and sarcastic tone are noted by him, but he doesn’t assume you’re that cold. being around his team and past individuals has conditioned him to many things, so nothing sassy will surprise him. perhaps it’s him being so hopeful, dismissive, or simply wanting to know more about you, but having rude or witty remarks thrown his way doesn’t necessarily deter him. 

video games are very entertaining for him, and he has quite the competitive spirit. he can be a bit of a sore loser, but it will only last for a few moments. he enjoys seeing you excited and very into the story of the game itself.he doesn’t want to disrupt you – well, until he sees something on the screen that might catch his eye. 

whatever novel your reading he’ll question you about that, too – if he knows of the subject material is of a different story – but he’ll do his best to ask questions as to what it’s about and what your favourite parts are. you aren’t well with social gatherings, and he sees this, so won’t always try to force you out of your comfort zone. at the same time, don’t be surprised if the bubbly Hunter tries to surprise you with a small night outing every now and again.

while he won’t be one to ignore your queues of wanting to be alone, he thinks it’s interesting, and will pry as to why you feel that way or if there are things he can do to help. he may appear as a rambunctious and short-sighted Faunus, but he does care for you deeply, and loves seeing you happy.

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pretty pretty please .... Ozpin headcanons 😞 I need more of my precious boy

of course! Ozpin is a very peculiar character that always keeps my interest. i personally love characters that make you think and challenges characters psychologically.

please be aware that this is an imagine, and this depiction of (former) Professor Ozpin is not Oscar. i am headcanoning what i perceive Ozpin to be as his own self, not shared with his current body, Oscar Pine.



  • Ozpin is an incredibly intelligent and articulate man who maintains a fairly stoic persona, both in the public eye and privacy of those he trusts most.

  • On his own, Ozpin displays a seemingly insurmountable amount of both aura and power, as a result of centuries long fighting and involvement with both Hunters, Huntresses, and higher forces. From this, he uses only a degree of his abilities when needed.

  • He remains humble, and does not boast of his expertise or abilities, simply due to the fact that he sees it as unnecessary.

  • Reserved in nature, Ozpin does not immediately reveal much of himself, his intentions, or relationships to others. He has been accused of talking in riddles, (which, is not entirely incorrect) though he withholds select information for what he perceives, as for the better.

  • Ozpin does not hold it against anyone if they do not trust him, as he himself is very hesitant on openly trusting an individual. However, due to his naturally withdrawn nature, he has many apprehensions on establishing relationships that he knows will not last.

  • He can appear as cold or calculating, due to him keeping such a solid and indifferent approach to not only his and other’s emotions, but most situations in general. He dissects situations as a whole, and picks apart which elements of a person or event that are easily able to be read.

  • The Hunter is incredibly perceptive, able to conclude certain situations before they even happen, or quickly deduce the outcome.

  • Ozpin is polite, even in the instance of being near someone he distrusts or is wary of, but is also straightforward. He feels no need to sugarcoat certain topics.

  • He is very willing to offer advice to those under his tutelage or among his fellow colleagues where applicable. At the same time, he will also be more passive or observatory if there is nothing left to say, or he feels he cannot connect with someone on a psychological level.


  • After being in countless relationships – some romantically, though most platonic – Ozpin isn’t the one to actively be searching for any forms of romantic connections with individuals. At this point in time, his main priority is to protect the many he has lost, and to defeat an ongoing threat that looms over the World of Remnant.

  • With his indifferent approach to many situations, he will initially seem as uncaring, or perhaps uninterested. Ozpin reads people fairly well for the most part, though this is not always the case for everyone. If one were to be infatuated with him openly, he would never leave them on, but keep them at such a distance where they would recognize he is not emotionally available at the time.

  • To say it would take time for him to warm to someone is an understatement. While on the surface he will remain pleasant, he is often patient, waiting to gather bits and pieces of information about them. Ozpin is not one for rash decisions, and analyzes individuals thoroughly, as best he can.

  • Certain people that capture his attention, however, he will have him perplexed. He has lived long enough to decipher whether it is a longing or lust (though he himself as a lower libido, all things considered) but will never act on it. Despite his rather intimidating yet enigmatic appearance, he does combat inner loneliness and conflicted feelings for others, though keeps a collected persona in regards to it.

  • Should he wish to pursue something with someone after a period of time, it will be on their terms, when they are able. Unfortunately, he is never as forthcoming as he was many years ago in regards to the subject of romance, for the amount of people he has outlived, and lost.

  • The former professor is extremely caring underneath his serious nature, and is not without a heart. It simply takes time and deep understanding.

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Could you do blake, yang and velvet's reaction to their s/o saying “maybe i dont feel like sharing you right now”

this was actually supposed to be a bit longer, but as i was writing, i didn’t save the originally file correctly, so had to go based on memory what i had originally wrote for each individual character! this would’ve been up earlier had i not been so careless, but i do hope you don’t mind the slight alteration to the prompt!


Lying against the cool green of Remnant, you inhaled deeply through your nostrils and exhaled with a large grin. Your eyes closed, you absorbed the comfortable feel of the night air and listened to the quiet lulls of nature. Timid cricket chirps resonated through your ears as you slowly repositioned yourself to sit up. Your eyes slowly made their way to a seemingly occupied Faunus who had her attention focused on her novel.

“Do you always come out at night to read?” you asked, glancing up to the splattered dots of white in the sky above.

At first, the Faunus didn’t reply, only scan her golden irises across the pages while you smiled at her. After turning a separate page, she raised her head and turned to you. “It’s not necessarily the night, just areas that are quiet enough for me to process the content of my books.”

“Ah, I see.” You nodded, groaning as you stretched out your limbs. She lowered her book, setting it aside her as she watched you stand up. “Your still going to meet with Sun later? It’s already kinda late.”

She hesitated, looking to the nearby fireflies before answering. “We have to try as hard as we can in order to help the people of Menagerie. We can’t force them, but the more people we can talk to… The more people that are willing to listen, perhaps we can have them see that not all Humans agree with us being second-class citizens.”

You nodded, following the trail of the luminescent bugs before kneeling in front of her. “I understand. But don’t you think it’s OK to stay here just a bit longer, Blake?”

Her ears lowered for just a moment before she saw you hovering over her. “I’m not leaving right away, I promised you I’d share the time evenly between you and Sun.”

You narrowed your eyes before hovering over her with a playful smirk. You placed your hands on your hips as she wore a quizzical expression. “Well… Maybe I don’t feel like sharing you right now.”

“Come again?” She blinked, her ears standing upright before she found herself being hugged to the ground with a hearty laugh.


A loud scream escaped you as you connected fists with the blonde, sending large amounts of gravel and earth into the air with every consecutive blow. Cracking her neck, your sparring partner dodged blasts you sent towards her, bright red energy beams escaping the palms of your hands as her crimson eyes examined your shots. Cautiously the fighter watched your movement, a soft chuckle coming from her as she held a solid stance.

“You have to try harder than that,” she commented, digging the heel of her boot into the ground as the both of you slowly circled one another on the makeshift battleground, “you’re not even landing direct shots.” “The same can be said for you, Yang,” you remarked, clenching your fists, “or are you afraid to hurt me?”

“Don’t give yourself too much credit,” she retorted, smirking as you dashed towards her. “I can whoop your butt in my sleep.”

The two of you made direct eye contact as you closed the distance towards her. The brawler pulled her arm back, ready to not only counter your charge but also double the power she’d receive, but paused as your figure vanished. Yang blinked as you seemed to disappear and reappear next to her at an odd angle. Swiftly she spun around, performing a roundhouse kick that would’ve connected had you not preemptively jumped and sent more energy blasts towards her.

Crossing her arms in an “x” formation, she blocked the beams you charged at her, and flipped backwards. Looking around the area for you, the Huntress grinned. Steam slowly came from the ends of her gauntlets as she remained alert. Momentarily you had escaped her sight, something she both enjoyed and disliked, but knew all too well.“This ol’ trick again? Please.”

Yang pounded her fists together, following quickly by punching the ground and erupting a slab of earth that hovered just before her. In a swift motion, she through the slab against a particular area of the field, making you appear, and forced to confront her. Once again you both were matching your kicks and punches, causing more damage to the area around the longer your sparring took place.

“This isn’t going to end any time soon, will it?” You questioned, huffing.

“Oh, it will, especially when you’re on the ground.” She pressed into you, making you temporarily lose your footing as you clashed with her once more. “Losing your breath already?”

“Huh. I sure hope you don’t have anything planned after this, ‘cause I don’t feel like sharing you right now. You’re too fun.” An excited you charged another energy shot, as Yang in turn prepared a blast from her gauntlet, aiming directly at you. You wouldn’t comment on it, but you watched as her cheeks became a shade of deep cerise.


Velvet’s disposition always captivated you; whether if it was in privacy, in public, or on the battlefield amongst your fellow Hunters, the Faunus carried herself in such a way that was admirable. Her dedication to her friends, how she concerned herself with others, but also stood up for herself when it came to; it was endearing. The way her lips curled upward as she smiled, her genuine laughs if there was a clever joke, and how rosy pink her cheeks became if she were flustered; Velvet had many traits you found not only adorable, but heartwarming.

“Have you seen my camera?” Her soft voice seemed to snap you out of your deep thought of your partner as she turned to you. “I was going to take a few photos of me and Yatsuhashi today before we start training.”

“Oh, I… I have it right here,” you raised your hand, waving her weapon slightly towards her, “I was just looking at it while you were getting ready to leave.”

The Rabbit nodded, adjusting her sleeves as she studied herself in the mirror. Her hair rested on her shoulders as she flexed her hand and moved her fingers a bit, “OK, good. I’ll be gone for a few hours, but I promise to call you once we’re finished.”

You pursed your lips while you steadied your grip on the camera. “Don’t think you train a bit too much? I mean, you and your team are exceptional fighters… Surely you deserve some time off. After all–”

The brunette walked over to you and held up her pointer finger, causing you to abandon your thought. “It’s been awhile since I’ve been able to train with Yatsu. Plus, there are certain techniques he can help me with that I keep falling short on.”

She smiled sweetly at you, making your cheeks warm up a bit. Clearing your throat, you quickly followed her statement, “Well, do you think he’d mind if I tagged along?”

Velvet sat down next to you, blinking before placing her hand on your leg. “Hm… I don’t think he’d mind, Yatsuhashi is a very nice person. Though, I’m not sure if Coco or Fox will pop up, they tend to do that at times. …But this is a first; what made you want to tag along? Normally you are with your team, not so much as minding when I–”

“Because maybe I don’t feel like sharing you right now.” You interrupted, staring deeply into her chocolate pools and causing an immediate flustered expression from her. Her cheeks were a deep scarlet, and she froze as you moved slightly closer to her. “I just… We haven’t seen one another in awhile and… I want to spend more time with you. Just you.”

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Knightshade: "Are you afraid because of Adam?"

“Are you afraid because of Adam?”

She tightened her grip on his hand when she heard that name, looking straight ahead into the chaos unfolding before them.

„I was once afraid, but I refuse to be any longer. He can hurt me all he wants, but he crossed a line by hurting my best friend.“

Jaune’s eyes softened as he looked at her, pulling Blake into his arms because she was shaking like a leaf.

„And you’re going to kill him?“

„I will do whatever is necessary.“

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"Our kids would have crimson eyes, so let's get started." Qrow x Emerald

I’ve actually stopped accepting these but this prompt is too good to pass up on. And for clarification, she’s about 25/26 in this at the least.

“Our kids would have crimson eyes, so let’s get started.”

“Look, I’m flattered, truly, even if that pickup line is practically asking me to run away screaming, but one, I don’t mess with bratty little thieves, especially not when they’ve just stolen my wallet, and two, I don’t know how to phrase this but you’re a little young, kid. Isn’t it past your bedtime?”

Emerald rolled her eyes from up above him, poising on one of the few sturdy-looking roof beams this abandoned house had to offer and dangling his wallet just out of reach.

“I’m hardly a child anymore and you of all people should know that, seeing as I watched you charm other women my age without hesitation.”

“So you’re a stalker now, too?”

“Just doing what my profession asks of me. So what about it, stranger, ready for a night of fun or no?”

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Ship: Blake Belladonna/Roman Torchwick
Wordcount: 1,582

She should know by now that bad habits always come at a price.

Notes: Canon-divergent AU set approximately five years after Team RWBY’s graduation, Roman is alive, Angst
Warning: Nsfw language (no explicit smut though)

Read it on AO3!

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Your eyes flutter open at the sound of a muffled shriek. You bolt upright, your aura instantly activating, but you can’t see any movement even though your eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the room.

It’s cold- your breath mists in front of you as you release the gulp of air you’ve been holding since you woke up.

The shriek. Again. You turn your head over to the bunks where Ruby, Weiss, Blake, and Yang are sleeping. All are still, except Weiss. She’s wrapped up in a mess of covers, shaking. The faint glimmer of sweat glistens on her brow, even though the room is still relatively chilled.

You roll your warm bedding back, stowing the blade in your hand under your pillow. Trying not to wake the other girls, you sit on the edge of your girlfriend’s bed as she continues to toss and turn.

“Weiss…” You place a hand on your shoulder, gently willing the nightmare away.

In her sleep, she speaks a single word that makes your blood curdle. “No!”

“Weiss!” You gently squeeze her shoulder and shake her at the same time.

She gasps, jolting up and grabbing your arm. Her knuckles are instantly white, a death grip against your upper bicep. She’s panting- eyes wide open and scanning everywhere for some threat that isn’t there.

“Shh… It’s okay.” You try to make your voice as soft and soothing as possible.

Weiss closes her eyes, and falls into you. You struggle for a moment to catch her weight, both of your arms encircling her. All of her skin is damp with sweat, the tips of her long white hair sticking to her back.

“Just relax… It’s okay… I’m here…”

Weiss’s hand comes up to your chest, searching for a moment before she finds your heartbeat, and presses against it, feeling its slow and steady beat. You feel the tension fade out of her muscles when she finds it, and anchors herself to it.

“I’ve got you…” You close your eyes, too, gently swaying with her as she just  focuses on your warmth and your pulse.

Before long, her hand slips down your chest again, indicating that she’s fallen completely asleep once again. Gingerly, you lay her back down and pull her sheets up and over her.

“Sweet dreams, Weiss Schnee…”

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Hey everyone!! this days I’ll try and finish the requestI got! (they are 4, but I’m slow and I having an hard time ;-;)
Sooooo, any writing ideas are welcome!!
(and if you want to send me headcanons about rwby characters and ships, you’ll make me the happies man alive!!!)
Yeah, submit me stuff!!!

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RWBY vol. 2 had objectively bad writing, prove me wrong.

Bad organization. Confusing prioritization. Conflicting themes. Awful characterization. Nonexistent consistency.

It was poorly written. Vol 3 is much better, but that does not redeem vol 2.

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Ruby sits on her boyfriend’s, Jaune, lap. The blonde boy has his chin resting on Ruby’s head. The two leaders have had a long day, and this time by themselves is much needed.

“I love it when we get to have some time alone. We haven’t had any in a long time.” Ruby says.

“I know. After running around, going on missions, and all this school work, some peace and quite is nice.” Jaune tells Ruby.

The younger leader smiles. She tilts her head back so that she can kiss Jaune under his chin. “I wish we can have more moments like these.”

“If there is nothing going on this weekend, want to go out? How about Saturday, so long as we don’t get a lot of homework.”

“I would like that very much. We can do what ever we want on Saturday. I’m sure we can spent all, if not most, of the day together.”

“Then it is a date.” Jaune gives Ruby a kiss on her lips. He places his chin back on Ruby’s head, yawning as he does so.

“Getting sleeping?” Ruby asks.

“A bit. It’s nice out. I’m sure a small nap won’t kill me.”

“I could use one also.” Ruby closes her eyes. Jaune follows Ruby, closing his blue eyes, and the two leader fall asleep together.

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lol two part answer here, because yamfog started as a one-shot throwaway, believe it or not. So the scene that got me to write the ‘one-shot’ was their meeting scene, where Blake skis away backwards and Yang is like, wow! how is she so hot???? even in ski gear??? because that delighted me as a concept.

But the scene I wanted to write that had me continuing it is the one where Blake ties Yang’s hands behind her back with her ski strap. hfkjsahdl. I wish I had a more profound answer for you, but…. that’s how it goes sometimes. 

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