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Yikes, It just occurred to me that Robyn woke up from a plane crash with a possible concussion, only to find herself surrounded by Atlesian cops soldiers. Like this is moments after Clover told her: “Only Qrow is under arrest” and “Don’t make me arrest you too”. While she did take offensive actions with Clover on the plane, there still was no order of arrest sent out for her. Let’s be honest though she probably wasn’t sursprised (Neither was I).

Man Volume 7 really screamed A.C.A.B

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Episodes one and two of RWBY Volume 7 are a bit odd in retrospect. Not bad, just oddly structured. We start off the Volume where we left off. Most of the episode is fine with them touching down and exploring the Mantle streets and meeting Pietro. The grimm attack is a nice splash of action in an otherwise slow-paced episode. Then Penny makes her return.

It feels like it should be a climactic moment, and it is, but placing it in the first episode makes it somewhat sudden. She has a lovely reunion with Ruby then flies off.

Seconds later the Ace Ops attack and arrest them, introducing us to new characters in nearly the same way we reintroduced Penny, except this time the targets are the heroes instead of grimm. They’re arrested and shipped off to Atlas. Penny shows up right away in episode two, whatever task she had to leave for taken care of off-screen.

So it seems like the writers had to reintroduce Penny but then immediately write her out for twenty minutes so they could have the Ace Ops show up and do their thing without her interfering. Then after that plot point is taken care of, she’s back with the group as if she never left. The sequence of events is kind of awkward because of this.

Now, I know why it’s like this . Episode 1 was supposed to be the finale of Volume 6 and end with Penny’s return. That would have given the audience a break between the two scenes. I think it’s better that they didn’t go with that plan, but the consequence is an oddly structured pair of episodes.

I’m not sure if there’s a better way to keep the momentum of Penny’s return while leaving in the Ace Ops arrest. Maybe she’s there while it happens and, although conflicted, leads the prisoner transport up to Atlas? Show Ironwood’s control over our beloved android girl while hinting that she’s not all pleased with him? I’m not sure if that’s a better solution, but it’s an idea.

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There comes a time in all forms of media consumption where you are so utterly bewildered by an event taking place, that there are so many things wrong with it, that you don’t have words and you simply laugh.

When I saw this sequence for the first time, I wish I had recorded it. I burst out laughing, struggling to compose myself, and I was fundamentally blown away at what in the world I was seeing. And the kicker? I wasn’t even entirely sure of why.

It’s like so many issues cascade on your brain at once; you are overwhelmed, and you couldn’t possibly pass it out in the amount of time you have left before something utterly ridiculous happens on top of what you just saw.

So that’s why we have videos like the one you are listening to now; to have a moment to think, to collect information and lay out what happened. Because… what the fuck?

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Finally got a request for Whitley so now my dysfunctional Schnee collection is complete!

Requests are still open but if I get more Schnees i might have to keep it as a sketch. this style is very dependent on color theory and practice. I really need to plan out the background color to make up for the Schnee’s limited color pallet.

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i just realized that penny says “itll be just like beacon!” But in v3 she got torn apart and in v7 she was made ‘whole’ by the maiden powers affirming she was a real girl,,,, y’all……

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