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Something to remember about the Bees rn is that in-universe timing is funky. Hasnt it only been a couple of weeks in-universe since they killed Adam? I know Volume 8 only covers 2 days, but I can’t remember how long volume 7 was supposed to be. I don’t think it was more than a month. What seems like ages to us isn’t that long

And that’s not even mentioning how I’m pretty sure Volume 6 was only a week or two long…so after they had been separated for months in-universe after a super traumatic event, they’ve only been reunited (and facing even more super traumatic events) for I think 6-8 weeks max? Like I know everyone is impatient for them to be undeniably canon to shut up the homophobes in the FNDM but in-universe timelines are important to consider too

Comparing them to Jaune and Pyrrha being canon doesn’t make sense because as much as I love that ship and I love Pyrrha and desperately want some magic mumbo-jumbo to bring her back somehow, they’re a school ground romance whose biggest struggle was one half cheated his way into the school and she tried to keep him from getting caught, unless you count the Fall of Beacon stuff where she had to make some major decisions all by herself and only had a day to do so, but we know how that ended

Comparing them to Ren and Nora being canon doesn’t make sense because the longest Ren and Nora have ever been separated since they met as children is like 12 hours. They’ve gone through nearly all of their trauma together and never learned how to exist without each other

The Bees went through a ton of trauma together and have unpacked some of it, but they were also separated for a long time and are now relearning how to exist together which takes time

We know they’re canon. We’re not being queer baited. Slow burn romances don’t care about our timeline or how long it’s been for us. The important thing is how long it’s been for the characters in-universe and the fact that they’re facing some end-of-the-world nonsense as teenagers so they might be just a little distracted

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Yang pining after Blake as emojis:







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Cinder may be heading to take on Ruby! Emerald will be there and the betrayal-
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It’s Jinn. 

Neo eavesdropped on Hazel, Oscar and Emerald. She knows the password to the Lamp. She’s threatening to use the question and render the Lamp useless unless she gets her way. 

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let me put it into perspective: i dated a girl for almost a year and we hugged, cuddled, all the generic pda stuff… but we never kissed

why?? because kissing just wasn’t a part of our love language or how we showed physical affection for each other, despite how long we were together

some people need to understand that for a lot of people, kissing is not the ultimate display of love, not even close, they can showcase their love in other physical ways outside of kissing

that’s exactly what’s happening with blake and yang at this point in the show

they’ve had their feelings for each other explicitly stated both in canon and out by damn near everyone involved with the show, the fact that they haven’t touched lips yet does not in any way dictate how “canon” they are as a ship

love is shown in so many different ways, and blake and yang’s way of showing their love for each other doesn’t involve kissing, and that’s okay!!

it involves tender and intimate touches, forehead touches, overcoming trauma together, and promising to never leave each other’s side no matter where they might end up

stop trying to say that blake and yang’s relationship and feelings for each other are invalidated by the fact that they haven’t kissed yet

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So… uh… wow, what an episode huh?

Anyone else getting the urge to leap through the screen and beat the shit out of Ironwood?

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I don’t think their relationship can move forwards until Nora figures out who she is outside of Ren, and I don’t think that plotline has good chances of being resolved in this Volume. 

It’s going to be an ongoing thing, going forward. 

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Cinder is really stuck between a rock and a hard place there, because she can’t fight Ruby directly because the minute she shows up she’s gonna get laser beamed. But also she’s lacking in minions to do it for her. And Watts certainly isn’t going to be much help. 

But she is fucked if she doesn’t get that lamp back. 

So honestly, I’m more scared for Cinder. 

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crwby really baited me with two mysterious women only to reveal that they’re two deeply insecure individuals with trauma from childhood that still to this day affects how they behave, pretending to be someone else that they’re not.

and frankly, i feel a little bit called out.

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Yep. Though at this point, it would just go in one ear and out the other.

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They don’t, you’re right. 

It looks like it’s dissolving really slowly, due to it’s size and likely complex construction. 

I wouldn’t be surprised if Salem had a way of halting it’s death and continue it’s use. 

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Oh yeah, he’s not surviving the third time. This has established a clear rule of three, the third time’s the charm for Watts. 

Money’s on Penny. 

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Oh, she’s seen it and she’s pissed, and more than willing to join Qrow in the Kill James quest. 

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I mean, yeah. 

Even though we’ve once again failed to predict the method, everything I said about Winter being the only real option for Weiss’ villain still stands true. 

And like others have said, she’s not gonna defect as in “thinks Salem is Right, Actually”, but more that something’s gonna happen to align Winter and Salem’s goals. And likely she’ll be trading in an abusive foster dad for an abusive foster mom. 

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Good question, but I don’t have a satisfying answer for you. 

Some characters’ allusions are definitely a bit more vague that others. We can only hope to realize in time. 

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