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and even though he is very annoying I can only wonder how Whitley feels in all of this… His father is in jail, they’ve lost all of the house staff, his mother locked herself in her room drinking, and his sisters are off effectively living their own lives. He’s a young boy in an empty, distant and abusive household and there is a chance with the loss of reputation, they could effectively lose their wealth and be homeless. He’s probably trying to cope cause he has no one to rely on

I feel like I may have answered part of this without realizing this was the rest of it, but oh well. 

When it comes to Whitley, I don’t want to make it seem like I don’t understand how he may be feeling. He was just as abused as Weiss or Winter, and he’s still only 14. My hope is that this gives Whitley and Weiss and opportunity to talk, but it really depends on how long they’re going to spend in the mansion, and if Whitley really does just stay in his room the whole time. 

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Megalodon is also a possibility, yeah, for the exact reasons you specify. Putting a Grimm Shark poster in a earlier episode is exactly the sort of jokey foreshadowing they’d do. Remember the movie posters in Argus?

Especially since the fault in the opening does actually lead to water. 

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Honest, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Grimm in the Cracks was a Tyrannosaurus. 

All Atlas’ unique Grimm have been prehistoric (Mammoth, Smilodons, the Ptersaur/Raptor cross that is the Teryx, even the Centinels are based on the Arthropleura of late Carboniferous/early Permian era), and whatever’s down there is probably gonna be huge

So, in concept, we’re looking for something big, threatening, and prehistoric. 

T.Rex both fits the bill, and is basically the Dinosaur. 

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It’s not going to be the Sulfur Fish, for two reasons:

One, this is clearly a plot point. CRWBY wouldn’t leave a plot point up to a fan contest.

Two, it’s too early in the Volume. The contest winner was only announced in July. That’s what, a four months ago, in work from home conditions, for a major Grimm appearance? Nah. 

Expect the Sulfur Fish near the end of the Volume, somewhere in January. Probably in a group shot, among many different Grimm. 

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This was honestly one of the most fascinating moments from last episode to me. It wasn’t something I’d considered regarding Robyn’s Semblance, but it makes a lot of sense and adds some depth to her character.

We can piece together that she probably grew up fairly alone, and certainly wasn’t always a popular public figure like she is now, and that she used to blame her Semblance for those problems like Qrow does. Not only does this set up for her to help Qrow achieve the same self-acceptance she now has herself, but it made me wonder if the loneliness Robyn describes here might have been part of what motivated her to go into politics.

Maybe since she had trouble connecting with people individually due to her Semblance, she became an activist as a way to help those she cared about while still distancing herself from them to avoid getting pushed away. In that case I can imagine that the other Happy Huntresses were probably some of the first people not to be put off by her ability, and forming a genuine bond with them led her to accept her Semblance and no longer blame it for everything.

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