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8012_Reassuring Penny (1)
8013_Reassuring Penny (2)

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There’s a Ruby and Blake interaction that I really want to see, but I’m not quite sure how to articulate it. Basically…

Ruby said something way back in volume 1 that I think is still part of her mindset.

“You’re a leader now, Jaune. You’re not allowed to be a failure. …Because it’s not just about you anymore. You’ve got a team now, Jaune. We both do! And if we fail, we’ll just be bringing them down with us. We have to put our teammates first and ourselves second.”

That’s part of why Ruby doesn’t talk about everything that’s happened to her since volume 3. She always supports her team and buries her own problems so that they don’t bring her team down.

In a way, this parallels Blake’s arc. In volume 4, Blake has a conversation with Sun where she tells him this:

“Do you think I like being alone? Every day… every day I think about them! Ruby, Weiss, Yang… they were my friends! I loved them like I never thought I could love anybody. And I hope they hate me for leaving. …I made my choices and I’ll deal with the consequences because they belong to me.”

In both of these situations, Ruby and Blake thought of their issues as a burden. Ruby thought she wasn’t allowed to be a failure, and Blake thought that she had failed her team. A big difference was that Blake had Sun to talk her out of thinking that way.

“You can make your own choices, sure. But you don’t get to make ours. When your friends fight for you, it’s because we want to. So stop pushing us out!”

While I wouldn’t necessarily say that Ruby is actively pushing her team out, she has definitely been compartmentalizing, and hasn’t really talked about her trauma with anyone.

As of the volume 8 part 2 teaser, Ruby is more obviously having trouble dealing with everything that’s going on, finally saying that it’s “too much.” Basically, I really hope that Blake picks up on that, and helps Ruby learn what she did. That she doesn’t have to deal with her problems alone, and that her team will be there for her.

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Context: Maidens


(I know the first one is wrong af but I really wanted to use the template dlkqjlgejg let’s say Amber is momentarily a teen just for this to work)

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Jaune Arc and Death

So what I’m wondering is about Jaune Arc’s fate. We know that Ace ops will be planting a bomb on the whale. We know Cinder is on the whale right now. And we know Jaune is going into the whale to save Oscar. We also know Joan of Arc’s fate was being burned at the stake, the tale that Jaune Arc’s origin comes from. We know the there will probably be a ticking time bomb. And we know that Cinder’s maiden powers are fire.

So is Jaune going to die? I mean all these coming together make sense. Jaune has a self sacrificial nature in his desire to protect others that while less self destructive now more than likely still exists.

And he has a similarity to Pyrrha Nikos in that both their characters originated from legendary people who died tragic hero deaths. She was the only other major character to die and her similarities to him seem striking now.

I mean plot wise it make sense. He is not in any established relationship or a relationship that is about to happen. His growth has already happened. He’s now a man who as a character has completed his arc past his self destructive nature, through his grief over Pyrrha and now is true blooded huntsman.

And the structure of this season has by now been pointed out to have a lot of similarities to the first season. This feels all too eerie that these points are coming together. I mean just one would be a coincidence but the fact we have all these factors from the character, the plot of the season, the conflict, the villains and so much more coming together to this one point has me worried. It has me worried that Jaune Arc will follow in Pyrrha’s footsteps and like the Joan of Arc before him die a tragic death.

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The whale and Jaune

What I find interesting and i hope they take advantage of is we know now that Cinder is on the whale. We also know know Jaune’s team is leading a rescue mission into the whale. So I wonder if the two will meet. Will there be a fight? Will Jaune still seek vengeance? Will he be saved by his team or will he attempt to save them from Cinder? Will we see his growth from someone who was irrationally self destructive against Cinder to someone who calmly fights to utterly annihilate her. Maybe he puts aside his vengeance for the good of the team. I dont know. I just hope something comes of it.

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Start of War

I’m wondering with the massive risk in going into the giant whale Grimm that Yang, Jaune and Ren are taking I got a bit of a growing suspicion someone isnt going to make it back. I mean we got a rescue mission, a team planting a bomb, Salem and Cinder under one roof and a wounded Oscar. Its all a Powder keg just waiting to blow. I mean the character conflicts that can happen are boundless. Are some of Salems crew going to betray her for Oscar? Is Neo a wild card? Will Jaune be facing Cinder? Is Ace ops going in and if they go in are they going to meet Salem? Will someone stay behind to turn the bomb on like all those cliche tropes? How will this end? I have no idea. Maybe I’m wrong and my suspicions are unfounded. Maybe everyone makes it back safe and sound. Maybe they rescue Oscar with help from some of Salems crew. Maybe Ace ops drops the bomb off and it kills the whale. Maybe its a victory. I gotta feeling though that may be not the case.

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*sits up in bed drenched in sweat at 2am* The Hound got Penny’s scent from Emerald and Neo but now Ruby, Weiss, and Whitely are all covered in her Gamer Juice and about to go out to where the generator is “at the edge of the estate”

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8016_Proud of penny (1)
8017_Proud of Penny (2)
8018_Proud of Penny (3)

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People really need to stop throwing that phrase around when they don’t actually have any clue what they’re talking about.

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I just noticed the irony of Ruby’s “Penny’s the Winter Maiden, I’m sure she can hold her own for a little bit” in V8C3 while she was alone against the Ace Ops.

When she said that, she implied that Penny would be alright because of her Maiden powers, not because of the rest of her skillset or her weapon, even though Penny had never used her Maiden powers before… and she said this even though she’s a Silver-eyed warrior herself. Who just so happens to be struggling to master her powers.

Would anyone say “Ruby’s a silver-eyed warrior, I’m sure she can hold her own for a little bit”? No, because that’d be wrong. She would be able to fight because of her weapon, training and semblance.

I think Ruby may have forgotten Maria’s piece of advice in V6C8, which was not to rely on her Silver eyes heavily. “I owe my life to my training, and my Semblance. At the end of the day, those are still your most powerful tools”
If she tries to “save the day” later in V8 with her silver eyes only, it might backfire.

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8036_Time to go (1)
8037_Time to go (2)
8038_Time to go (3)

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8029_Overprotective Ruby (1)
8030_Overprotective Ruby (2)

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An absurd crack theory of something that could happen in V8, based on Chibi, for reasons you’ll understand while reading:

Penny will be snatched by the Hound and will end up trying to befriend it from the moment she notices the beast can talk and thus has a conscience. Somehow Oscar/Ozpin are here (maybe she’s going to be thrown in jail with them…?).

Based on RWBY chibi season 3, episode 13 where Penny tries to befriend a talking* Grimm (*it’s mute until the very end of the skit, it starts talking when everyone is gone) and is stopped by Ozpin. After several tries, she ends up giving up trying because they’re too different. Oh, and also she calls the Grimm “doggie” towards the end. Not like the Hound being a big dog/wolf has anything to do with this amirite…


All of Penny’s lines for this skit:

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You’re holding all the cards

Win the game, you’re soul in part

Tear the chains, your wings will end your Free Fall


Sketch of what was supposed to be a watercolor piece but I didn’t have the motivation so I just finished it using bic pens and a highlighter. Anyways here’s The Kids Aren’t Alright by The Offspring

(Tap for better quality)

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Grumpy Klein could destroy Salem. The only thing stopping him from destroying all of Remnant is Weiss and Whitley.

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So ever since the episode with Maria’s backstory, everyone’s been worrying about Ruby loosing an eye or two because of the whole silver eyes thing. But I have an alternative take:

The message behind that sequence is to give us an unambiguous example of ‘when a character has a power connected to their eyes, if they loose the use of their eyes, they loose the ability to use that power’. And it’s not just silver eyed warriors that have powers that come from their eyes - maidens do, too. 

I reckon it’s more likely that Cinder’s lowest point in her character arc will result in her loosing the other eye. Cinder’s whole character arc is about gaining power for the sake of having power (with the understanding that having power will keep her safe from being abused, though that’s not really working out well so far, is it?). And I think it’s fairly reasonable that as some point, she might get a second maiden’s power, though not really necessary for this theory to bear out, it would give her a little ‘win’ and a high point that would make her a terrifying threat for our protagonists. At that point, the only way to deal with her will be to either silver eye fry her or whip out Cinder’s other eye. 

Unless there’s some real development around Ruby’s control of the silver eyes, it’s going to be really anticlimactic for her to just whip out the light show to deal with Cinder (and then there’s a complete lack of tension against any other Grimm-based threats, even Salem might be vulnerable to a dose of silver eyes - narratively, I just can’t see Ruby fully mastering the ability until the last few episodes of the final season). 

So my guess is that Cinder will loose her other eye sometime after a ‘high’ point in her character arc and sometime before the Beacon relic is found. Why? 


The best way for this to be true, for Cinder to never be safe again, is for her to have the maiden power/s that Salem needs to get the relics but be completely unable to use them to get the relics. 

Now, for super specific, wishful thinking part of the prediction: I want Neo to do it simply for the foreshadowing of ‘One Thing’. “Kill for kill, eye for eye” and all that…plus I think she’d go in for 'no, I don’t want you to die, I want you to suffer’ as a means of revenge. You can argue that she’s not getting revenge for Roman’s death in and of itself, but revenge for the loss of that relationship, of the introduction of great uncertainty and loss in Neo’s life. Making Cinder that vulnerable, always on the run and without any allies would be a good way to give her an equivalent feeling and finally make good on that revenge. And lets face it, I don’t think the heroes would be allowed to be that cold. 

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Me: *searches stuff for my “Penny has a firefly allusion” crack theory, finds this*


“The color of light emitted by the luceferin molecule in fireflies can range from red to yellow to green”

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