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#ryan love tag

on my last blog. the only discourse i ever got into was about trans fahc jack.

so. im gonna talk about trans jack. AND trans michael!!!

i don’t rly know where trans fahc michael came from for me, like my brain just decided. hm yes. he’s gonna have a nice dynamite binder (drawing to come). but regardless. he ended up joining the crew before transitioning and by the time he legally and medically started, the crew was pretty well established and had some good power. so, of course, he had geoff and gavin literally erase his deadname off the face of the fuckin earth and get him a false birth certificate. theyre a supportive crew, damnit!! no one even remembers his dead name at this point. he originally wanted to go stealth for personal comfort reasons, but he ended up being a little more on the ‘oh fuck yea i love my trans body fuck cishets’ side after a while (no one on the crew is cishet, this is the hill i will die on), so he was definitely on and off about top surgery until he realized binding could be a liability in hostile situations. comfortable lungs and ribs are pretty necessary when you’re running from the cops, and especially in a stolen jet where the air pressure gets fucky. ended up getting some cool tattoos over his scars but is shameless about them.

now. jack. she was 1000% stealth to everyone except geoff. besides being tall and a little deep voiced, there was no telling. until someone made a bad joke in the very early crew days and she put them in their fuckin place, outing herself in the process because she knew she could take any of them down anyways (being out changed nothing for her, really, everyone was already intimidated by her because she’s not afraid to kick ass with grace and style). however, after that, she leaned into the pride a little more too; and then A LOT more when michael started transitioning because he was pretty young at the time and she wanted to be a good example (it did work, despite michael pretending it was all himself. unyielding stubbornness is a wide accepted headcanon if not fully canon). she actually wasn’t fully transitioned physically, her and michael got their respective top surgeries in the same month. she always jokes about how geoff paid for her boobjob even though he’s gay because she’s just that charming (geoff is yet to dispute this). 

also, an additional not trans based headcanon: before the crew, ryan was a mercenary (i think everyone hcs this too), but it wasn’t actually making him enough money because san andreas has LA housing prices and it was too inconsistent for him to keep up with his bills. so he took up a dayjob; at a year-round discount halloween store. usually it’s goth teens working those places, so the 25 year old, 6′2, resting-death-stare man who was covered in very obvious knife and bullet wound scars, wearing a stupid little canvas vest ringing up peoples garbage costumes.. it was the most intimidatingly hilarious thing that’s ever happened. michael and geoff were the only ones who had lived in los santos their whole lives, so of course they’d been there. somewhere, deep in a closet, theres an old picture from a disposable camera that geoff took secretly because it was hilarious before he’d met ryan.

my favorite headcanons are ‘someone has a slightly embarrassing secret and only geoff knows it and he uses it against them (in a wholesome way, ‘ryan go make me a sandwich’ ‘what no’ ‘remember that picture i have of you at the halloween st-’ ‘OKAy okay fine’)

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someone i dont like was in my dream last night in the form of a minecraft avatar but thats okay because they didnt talk and the main part of my dream was cool as heck. Even though I hardly remember it. I just know it was cool.

It was really long, thats one thing. But also it was the first dream of the night so I literally dont know like 90% of it and im sad cause it seemed sick. There was this one part where the pirate ship from SLOTLT was on the loose cause it was a windy day i guess. Ryan and Duck were the only two nearby so they took action and Duck’s driver like tried to attatch the thing the boat was on to a rope?? Ryan went behind the ship to slow it down, Duck was in the front. Something happened and the boat like??? surged forward in Duck’s direction??? The points had to be switched fast because it was boutta drive him into some buffers, so he went on the other track and the boat smashed into the buffers and the whole thing fell into the sea. I dont know what happened after that, I think Skiff pulled up all worried cause he saw the whole thing.

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Concerning this blog going forward:

While I have slowly drifted from Roosterteeth, I will not forget the years I enjoyed, loved, and made friends over content in the early 2010’s through RT, the beginning of RWBY, Joel and Adam let’s plays, and especially Achievement Hunter. That being said, as we learn more about the atrocities of Ryan Haywood, I want you all to know I stand 100% with the victims and condemn every part of this monster of a man. While I am aware this is strictly a RWBY blog, I cannot ignore the hurt that this man has done knowing that not only was he a part of the parent company of RWBY itself, but actually voices a character in the beloved show. I will not be posting any more content of or about his voiced character, Professor Port, and I will be going through my blog to delete any posts I can find with the character. Ryan Haywood deserves no legacy other than the shit storm he has made for himself through destroying the lives and trust of the young women he manipulated, as well as his family and ex-coworkers.

Please, if you know of any conduct issues concerning not only Ryan, but any other individuals connected with Roosterteeth as a whole, please do as Jack and Michael said and contact Stay strong everyone, and be sure to be there for each other during this rough time.

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Hold up.

If they’re taking down anything with Ryan in it, does that also mean the AH the musical video? The thing which Jack spend over a year on making and producing and creating and getting it all together? The thing that highlighted every member (not just you know who) and we loved about? The thing which he got Jeremy to make his own song for? All that work that Jack loved and was proud of gets taken down……

…….Anyone got a punching bag I can borrow?

Ad mentium: Since people are saying that some content will stay if he’s too ingrained and some will be edited, my hope is that AH the musical is merely edited to take out you know who and not deleted. However my feelings still stand: Jack worked so long and hard on that as an Extra Life promise and to see any of it have to get cut, all the time he put into helping make the songs, edit them, record, then do the MV? It’s still shitty what RH did.

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Kenny Ortega making sure to have one sweet non threatening white boy who is probably a little bi and loves the hell out of his girlfriend, and one very gay and probably very weird but also not threatening white boy who just Really Loves bright colors in every franchise, and also Booboo Stewart is there somewhere being offensively handsome and also a little gay

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i had a tag for each of the ah guys and ive gone through and deleted a lot of stuff from the ryan one cause i dont feel comfortable having a bunch of posts talking about how hot he is given the current situation

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@lildreamysoul tagged me to name my 10 favorite characters and oh lord where do I start

10. Star Platinum (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)


Originally posted by nanjou

9. Ryan (asdfmovie)


Originally posted by nannibastard

8. Giovanni Potage (Epithet Erased)


7. Eridan Ampora (Homestuck)


Originally posted by richtextadventures

6. Tensei Iida (My Hero Academia)


5. Agent Washington (Red vs Blue)


Originally posted by agentcaito-moved

4. Haida (Aggretsuko)


Originally posted by a-little-ray-of-fantasy

3. Adam Taurus (RWBY)


Originally posted by euterpeus

2. Edd, Matt, Tom, and Tord (Eddsworld) (Yes I know I’m cheating but I just can’t pick one)


1. David (Camp Camp)


Originally posted by whattheheckisatazelwurm

And now I tag @proxypunch @nougatships @hopelessromanticfostuff @tashtoosh @maybetoday4 @strawberryrosewood @karmenofchaos @kingpattillo @lydiaselfships @rain-selfships @abbacchios-amore

And ofc anyone who sees this and wants to do it 💚

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things you said at 1 am (Elodie & Ollie) @gothamrains

Everyone in the house, except Elodie, is sleeping. It’s one in the morning and Elodie is sitting at the kitchen table, drinking some chamomile tea, as pop music plays quietly. She’s always had issues with sleeping, so this is nothing new. Usually, she’ll sit here for hours, instead of in her room, and will contemplate her day or her week without anyone to bother her. Her friends are asleep by then, and her family tends to fall asleep early (minus ma, who tends to work in her study during these hours). So when she hears someone knock at her glass, screen door, and sees Ollie there, her green eyes widen in surprise. 

“What are you doing here so late?” she asks him, once he’s indoors. She scurries him inside, doesn’t even try to hide the noise since her mother trusts her enough to have boys in the house and be alone with them. “I thought you’d be in bed by now.” She gives him a swift kiss before she places her index and middle finger against her lips, almost as though she could feel it again. 

Ollie takes a seat at the table, moves his arm out, takes her tea, and takes a sip of it. “I knew you’d be awake. You always text me around this time. Thought you could use the company.” He gives her a huge charming smile that reaches his eyes and she can’t help but to smile back. 

“Thank you for that, but you didn’t have to go through the trouble. You live fifteen minutes away.” She says to him, taking a seat in front of him, finding it amusing that he’d drink her tea without asking. Then, she reaches her hand out to take  his, and he holds hers in return. 

He holds her hand. “Fifteen minutes is nothing if I get to see you for even five minutes.”

She waves down at the ground with her free hand and bashfully looks down at the table. “Hush, you’re going to kill me if you keep talking like that.”

“You’ve already killed me with how good you look in those Lilo and Stitch pajamas,” he teases, laughing a little after. 

Ellie rolls her eyes. As a freshman in college, she shouldn’t be wearing these pajamas but she doesn’t give a shit. They’re cute. “They’re really sexy aren’t they?” she muses back. 

“Very.” He winks at her, then rubs his thumb against the back of her hand. “But really, I just wanted to come and keep you company for a short while. I hope you don’t mind.”

She takes the tea from him and gulps down two big gulps. “I don’t mind at all. If you want, we can put on a movie in the living room and talk. I can even make popcorn, and like, some tea for you, so like, you don’t steal mine.”

He picks up her hand and kisses it. “Sounds like a plan, boss.” 

“Alright, then let go of mind hand so I can get everything ready.” He does let go after that, and immediately she wishes he hadn’t. 

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