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Just shut up


Originally posted by llilacwine


Summary:Ryder x reader. You’re Puck’s little sister and you’re the same age as Jake and Ryder. You got the roll of Sandy in Glease and you and Ryder got closer.


“I auditioned for Sandy.” You say to Marley and Unique. “I went for Rizzo.” Unique says.

“Oh you would do amazing as Rizzo.” Marley says, “I agree.” You say.

“I heard Ryder went for Danny.” Unique says and wiggles her eyebrows.

“Oh come on. It’s not like that. Ryder and I are good friends, nothing more.” You say and roll your eyes.

“Yeah sure. Even your brother agrees with us.” Marley says. “He’s your boyfriend, he has to agree with everything you say otherwise you hit him over the head with a frying pan!” You say and you three walk into the choir room.

“You’re right, he does have to agree with me, but I won’t hit him over the head with a frying pan, I’ll hit him with a roller.” Marley says.

“She has done that before!” Jake says as you sit down, “what are you arguing about?”

“About how her and Ryder like each other.” Unique says. “Are they going out? I believe you owe me 20 bucks.” Tina says to Kitty.

“Guys stop me and Y/n aren’t together. We’re only friends.” Ryder says as he comes in and sits down next to you.



Why did that hurt?

“Final decisions have been made and the cast for McKinley High’s very first Glease are on the white board.” Finn says as he puts them on the board. Everyone rushes over to the white board.

“Y/n, you got Sandy!” Marley squeals. “Really?” You ask. “Look for yourself!” She says. You push through everyone and see your name next to Sandy.

“Oh my goodness!” You say excitingly. “Who did you get?” Jake asks as you sit back down. “I got Sandy!” You say. “Heyy that’s my little sis!” He says and your face drops.

“You’re 4 months older than me!” You say. “Still older.” Jake smirks. You roll your eyes.

“Congratulations to everyone on their rolls, practice starts tomorrow.” Finn says and then everyone stands up and walks out.

Before you head out you walk over to Finn, “Hey, can I come help out at the auto shop again?” You ask.

“Hey, yeah sure. Burt actually asked me to come ask if you could help him.” Finn says. “Cool, I’ll go tomorrow.” You say.

“Hey Burt.” You say as you walk into the auto shop. “Y/n! How’s it going?” Burt asks and gives you a hug.

“Going great, Finn said you needed help?” You ask. “Yeah, there’s a client that needs some fixing up on his Toyota. Now I dont trust these idiots with that car. It’s got some difficult jobs, and I know that you can do it.” Burt says.

“I’ll get right to it.” You say and head into the back and throw your back pack on the couch and grab your overalls from the back pack and you tie your hair up into a bun.

“Hey Y/n,” Finn says as you walk out of the bathroom. “Heyy Finn.” You say.

“Let me guess, Burt set you up with that Toyota?” He asks. “Yep, how’d you know?” You ask. “Ever since it came in Burt told us not to touch that car, said he was leaving it for a professional.”

“I’m not a professional, but I’ll thank him for the compliment.” You say. “Hey could we borrow the car? Ryder blew the greased lightning song today, said he wasn’t feeling like Danny Zuko.” Finn says.

“Sure, when is he coming?” You ask as the two of you walk towards the car.

“In an hour, plenty of time for you to get started.” Finn says.

“Yep, I’ll be checking it out first.” You say and you open the front. “Sure, I’ll see you in an hour, I told them Joe to bring us some drinks from Lima Bean, so you’ll be getting an iced mocha out of this.” Finn says and smiles. “Thanks.” You say.

“You’re lucky, we were able to get this car for just and hour so you can practice being Danny.” You hear Finn say, “Coffee!”

“Yeah, thanks man for agreeing. I appreciate it dude.” Ryder says and clearly doesn’t know it’s you.

You slide out from down under and his eyes widen, “No problem.” You smile. Mike throws you a towel and you wipe your hands.

You stand up, “Ryder you look like you’ve seen a ghost.” You say. “You didn’t tell me you were here and that you could fix a car.” Ryder says.

“Her fix a car? Dude, if it’s even possible, that’s and understatement.” Jake says.

“How far are you?” Finn asks.


“Well, the gear box practically fell to pieces when I took it out. So that means we’re going to have to get a new one, and then replace the clutch too. The radiator was also in pieces. Water pump was leaking everywhere. The cooling fan stopped working which caused the engine to overheat. Oil tank leaked. Then getting to the breaks, a total mess. There’s a shit ton of work to do.” You say.

You see Ryder’s eyes widen even further, “Okay, go take a break.” Finn says.

“You should’ve seen his face when I rolled out under that car. It was hilarious.” You say to Marley as the two of you walk into the choir room.

“Puck!” You say as you see your brother standing next to Finn. “Y/n!” Puck says and he wraps his arms around you hugging you tightly.

“Why are you here? I thought you were in Hollywood?” You ask, “Well I couldn’t miss my little sis playing Sandy Olsen in Grease.” He says.

“I would’ve killed you if you did.” You say. “I know that’s why I came.” Puck says and smiles.

“Alright everyone, sit down. We have some discussing to do for tonight.” Finn says.

You sit down next to Ryder, “hey best fwen” you say and smile at him, thanks to Glease the two of you hung out more and had gotten really close.

“Hey best fwen.” Ryder says and puts an arm around your shoulder making you blush.

“And they say they aren’t dating.” You hear Blaine say behind you making you roll your eyes.

“They aren’t going to stop you know.” Ryder whispers as he sees you roll your eyes. “What should we do then? Its irritating me.” You whisper back.

“Let’s give them what they want.” Ryder whispers, you head snaps to him and you realise how close you two were and you blush. “What?” You ask, whispering.

“Well, I mean if you want to. We could go on a date, but only if you want. You could say no-” before Ryder could go on rambling you plant a kiss on his cheek making him shut up and blush.

“Just shut up and pick me up at 7 tonight.” You say.

“You guys saw that right?” Kitty asks loudly. Everyone turns around to face her.

“What?” Finn asks. “Y/n just kissed Ryder.” She says. Everyone gasps and turn to you two. “What are you talking about?” You asks saying it cool.

“You just kissed him on the cheek!” Kitty says. “No she didn’t.” Ryder says catching on. “Ugh, Kitty stop getting our hopes up.” Blaine says.

“Guys, come on. Me and Ryder are just friends.” You say. “Whatever you two want to believe.” Finn says.

“You’re supposed to stop this.” Ryder says. “What? It’s true!” Finn says.

“I’m leaving.” You say and stand up. “Yeah okay fine I’ll stop, but you can still leave. Times up.”

You look yourself in the mirror (up top). “Where do you think you’re going?” Puck asks coming into your room.

“Just on a date.” You say. “With who?” Jake asks coming in. “What are you doing here?” You ask. “My mom came to talk shit about dad, mostly.” He says.

“It doesn’t matter with who.” You say. “Y/n! Ryder is here!” You mom yells. You sigh. “Okay queue teasing.” You say and turn around and see them both gone.

You run down the stairs almost tripping a few times and see them both at the bottom towering over Ryder. “Guys, stop.” You say and pull them away from Ryder.

“We’re just making sure he knows what’s going to happen if he hurts you.” Puck says. “Dont scare him off.” You say.

“Dont worry, I’m not intimidated.” Ryder says. You smile, “Good.” You say. “These are for you.” He says and hands you bouquet of your favourite flowers.

“Thank you, how’d you know they were my favourite?” You ask. “I’m very observant. Besides you’ve told me only a few million times.” He says and you giggle

“Let’s get going.” You say and grab his hand and drag him out before your brothers could say anything else.

After Breadstix, you and Ryder ended up in the park and you are holding hands and just strolling around not saying anything.

“Hey Y/n?” Ryder suddenly speaks up. “Mhmm?” You hum in response. “Will you be my girlfriend?” He asks making you stop dead in your tracks.

“You dont have to say yes, I know this is the first date, but I really, like really like you and-” you crash your lips onto his.

“Just shut up and let me say yes.” You say when you pull away. Ryder smiles and pulls you in for another kiss, but it was cut off by the sprinklers coming on.

“Oh goodness!” You say and the two of you run out of the park. Once you’re out you two burst out laughing.

“Thanks for tonight, it was fun.” Ryder says as the two of you reach your front porch. “It was really fun you’re right.” You say.

“So do I get a goodnight kiss?” Ryder asks and pulls you closer and places his hands on your waist. “Depends.” You say and wrap your arms around his neck.

“On what?” He asks smiling. “Nothing.” You say and giggle. Ryder places his lips on yours and pulls you even closer deepening the kiss.

You two pull away and smile at each other. “Are we going to tell anyone?” Ryder asks. “Let’s keep them hanging. I mean they have been going on about us ever since you joined glee club, now that we’re together we can tease them.” You say.

“Yeah, that’s a good idea. Let’s just hope your brothers don’t beat me up.” He says. “I’ll make sure they don’t.” You say and smile.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Ryder says. “Okay, bye” you say and give him another quick peck before going into the house.

You close the door and turn around to see your brothers. “Soo you and Ryder?” Jake smirks. “I swear, if you two idiot tell anyone I’ll make sure neither of you will be able to go to the Glease show.” You threaten.

Their eyes widen and they gulp. “Understood?” You ask, “Yep understood.” “Yes ma'am” they both quickly say.

“Hey,” Marley says to you as she approaches you at your locker. “Hey, what’s up?” You ask. “Not much, Jake is taking me out this Friday.” She says. “Oh really? That’s cool.” You say and close your locker.

“Yeah, to Breadstix. Not as if there’s any other place.” Marley says. You chuckle and the two of you make your way to the choir room.

“Alright everyone sit down. We need to go through the costume… stuff. Who does the costumes?” Finn asks. “I do it. Okay, everyone listen up the pink ladies come here we need to go through our jacket sizes. Sandy and Danny you two are okay and the other boys you have to come here as well. The rest of you are okay.” Tina says and everyone stands up and heads over to Mr. Schue’s office.

Ryder sits down next to you and you smile at him which he returns.

“Hey beautiful.” He whispers in your ear. “Hey there handsome.” You whisper back in his ear.

“How about a kiss?” Ryder asks. “Hey, there are eyes here.” You say. “My point exactly.” He says. You roll your eyes and plant a kiss on his cheek.

“You-” Ryder was cut off by Unique and Blaine, “Oh my god!” They both squeal.

Everyone turns to them, “what now?” Finn asks. “Y/n kissed Ryder on the cheek!” Unique fan girls. “I told you!” Kitty yells.

“Guys! Calm down!” Puck starts, “they’re-” Jake then interrupts him, “NOT together.”

“Nice acting man.” Sam says, “they’re totally together!”

Ryder looks at you, “There goes our plan.” He says. “Yep, well we tried.” You say and giggle.

“Jake you’re bad at acting.” You say and turn to him.

“Wait so you two are dating?” Joe asks. You say nothing and just smile.

“Oh my god!” You hear a lot of people scream, along with a few, “you owe me 20!”

You intertwine your fingers with Ryder’s and smile at him. He smiles back at you and gives you a peck on the lips.

“Alright no doing THAT in front of your brothers.” Puck says making everyone laugh.

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I false-started yet another chapter soooo here are the scraps of a chapter 8 that no longer exists 😂

“You’re not coming back.”

The brush snagged and flew out of Elsa’s hands as Kjekk whirled around in fright—and narrowly missed whipping Yelana across the face with his tail.

Unfazed, Yelana blew aside strands of silvery hair that had been disturbed, and fixed Kjekk with a flat look. “Doavki,” she stated.

Kjekk whinnied indignantly, but Yelana’s arched eyebrow had him retreating behind Elsa and hiding his face in her hair.

Elsa raised a hand to calm him. “Of course I’ll come back, Yelana.”

“Not anytime soon.”

“Pardon me?”

Ryder walked past with a bundle of firewood. “She means you’re banished.”

“What?” Elsa was alarmed.

“That’s what Yelana told him when she actually banished him,” Honeymaren explained. “He found a herd of untamed reindeer when he was ten years old and thought they would adopt him. They didn’t, unfortunately. I had to go out in the dead of night to fetch him.”

“She makes it sound all heroic and selfless,” Ryder told Elsa, “but it’s only because Yelana told her she was also banished until she brought me back. She made me cry, you see; that’s why I ran away.”

“I didn’t make you cry. I literally stepped out of the hut for ten seconds and you started bawling.”

“Yeah, because you wouldn’t let me go with you!”

“You followed me everywhere back then! A girl needs her space.”

“I gave it to you—I went looking for a new family!”

“And I banished both of you to teach you how to get along,” Yelana cut in dryly. “Do you need a refresher?”

The siblings gulped.

Ryder immediately dropped his firewood and threw his arms around Honeymaren. “You are the best big sister in the whole wide world and I love you more than… hmm… probably not reindeers but, err… I love you more than…”

“Happy endings?”

Three pairs of eyes landed on Elsa. She sheepishly tipped her head against Kjekk’s.

“Let me guess,” Honeymaren said, prying Ryder off of her. “Anna as a kid?”

Elsa smiled. “And as an adult, every now and then. With occasional variations.”

“Come on, Yelana,” Ryder protested, throwing up his hands. “Maren and I will always look like mortal enemies if you’re comparing us to that.

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Character sheet for some of my ocs

  • Zhora

Age: 25

Height 168cm

Sexuality: bisexual

Mbti: ESFP

Zodiac: aries

Likes: pink, glitter, puppies, guns and parties

  • Ryder

Age: 23

Height: 176cm

Sexuality: lesbian

Mbti: ISTP

Zodiac: scorpion

Likes: night motorbike tours, smoking, dogs and boxe

  • Scarlett

Age: 26

Height: 172cm

Sexuality: probably bisexual


Zodiac: libra

Likes: ??? still working on her lol

Random facts: Zhora’s ex bestfriend

(will update soon)

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Gay fanfic

Few sentences.

PAW Patrol

Ryder: Did you try to break anything while I was away.

Harold: No, just lazed around.

Chase: Harold don’t lie, you were whining non stop about how Ryder wasn’t home and how much you wanted to kiss him senseless when he got home.

Harold: Ok.., maybe I missed you.

Ryder: ……

Harold: Ok, I missed you alot more than I think.

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Elsa: If you’re gonna die today what would be your last words?

Anna: I wish I ate more chocolate.

Kristoff: I should’ve hoarded more carrots.

Honeymaren: I love you Elsa.

Everyone: *openly staring at Honeymaren

Ryder smirking and nudging Maren: Did you just, confess??

Honeymaren blushing and realizing what she just said: N-No!

Elsa frowning adorably:

Honeymaren: Uh, yes?.. No, uhm..

Elsa about to cry: 😢


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