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helloooo i’m back with another rp call bc i’m bored in quarantine and need fandom interaction to keep me entertained

i’m looking for a devilman rp partner who writes akira!! I enjoy writing ryo so i would like to take him please, but any if any other characters become involved i wouldn’t mind taking or giving depending on who you like/write! bonus points if you also write jun bc i adore ran with my whole heart. (i love ryokira but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a shippy rp! i don’t mind either)

i’m semi-lit/lit, so if you are too that’s great!! (lowkey could co-write fanfic this way too if you’re up for it!) i’m familiar with every canon except the amon ova (but that’ll change soon) and am currently working through dvmn saga. i use discord to rp with!

i ask that you be at least 18 or older—not for nsfw purposes; i just don’t want to rp with minors, i’m sorry!

dm me on here if you’re interested 🤍✨

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