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Tumblr media
back on my true form sukuna monster fucking agenda - too detailed for a ramble but too lazy to make it a fic, because i'm writing a ushi fic and bo fic that are correllated. i'll probably end up writing this into a actual fic because FDASJFHASKLHFAS OHMYFUCKINGGOD.
this is for my other sukuna girls - you know who you are and idk if you would be comfortable being tagged in this or not and i don't want to make you uncomfortable if you don't want to be tagged, so hopefully you see this fdahjafldkas. i'll make sure to reblog it a few times.
content warning: monster fucking; true form sukuna's massive size in general and the massive size of his two cocks; stomach mouth; collar and leash; female reader; tummy bulge; suspense of disbelief because of the size of the tummy bulge and the size of his cocks; anal play / rimming (female receiving) if i forgot anything im so sorry, im very feral rn i typed up the plot for this in a fucking frenzy last night
....... i've already stopped breathing just thinking about what i have to type now omg. this is gonna get SUPER chaotic bc i wanna fuck monster sukuna like so fucking bad. okay here we go...
Tumblr media
So... let's set the scene.
You're Sukuna's little angel. His little human pet. His little human pet who's been in his life for... both of you don't know how long now.
Time isn't real anymore now that you're with him and being treated like the princess you've always deserved to be treated as but also as the fuck toy you've always wanted to be treated as (it's just gonna get more feral from here, everybody)
So... being treated as Sukuna's tiny little fuck toy, it's obviously consensual. It took SUCH a damn long fucking time to take one of his cocks, let alone both at the same time, but you two got there with patience and time. Normally he would've just ruined another woman and gotten off on her tears, but you surprised him because you didn't cry - if anything, the only thing that was weeping was your tiny little cunt as you did your damndest to make them fit.
So Sukuna gets it in his head that like... he wants to have some fun with you and he wants to turn the tables a little bit. Because you've always been the submissive one, right? He's always the one in control because you said you aren't really comfortable domming - he's always got two hands places around your torso and keeping you steady as he uses you like a little human cocksleeve and being able to see the outline of the cock that's in the front protruding in your tummy as your little hands are wrapped around his own MASSIVE hands, and you're just moaning and gasping each time he moves you up and down slowly.
Anyways, you've always been the submissive one - but Sukuna wants to try something new. He wants YOU to be the dominant one this time.
And so he has a collar and leash made that's big enough for him - the leather of the collar is soft and worn and black and the leash is long and chained metal and he made sure it would be long enough for you to be able to pull on and it actually like... did something and made his head move instead of nothing at all.
So you're sitting on his lap on his throne (i guess a normal throne, dude, i'm not sitting on no spikey throne while i'm having sex, that's not fucking happening, i cant remember what his domain expansion looks like right now, im too horny, bear with me), just enjoying his company and you're both nude because he LOVES the skin on skin contact and he says he has a surprise for you.
And he's ALWAYS giving you surprises, so you're very excited and when he reaches over from the side and brings this GIANT leather collar and metal leash into his lap, you're just looking at it and then up at him and you're like "??????"
And he's like "I want you to put it on me, little pet."
and you're like oh no, oh no, i can't do this. i'm not the dominant one, i can't do this, why does he wanna do this
and he sees you've gotten WAY more shy than you usually do and you won't look at him so he brings a sharp nail to your chin and gently presses it under your chin to get you to look up at him, and he's like
"why are you so nervous, little one? you normally aren't like this."
and you're like "i've never done this before..."
and he's like "mmmm. do you want to try?"
of course you do. of course you fucking do. having the King of Curses on a leash and he's YOUR pet now? of course you do.
and you're like shyly nodding, so he picks up the collar and he leans down enough and helps you put it on him and then he settles back into his throne and he gives you the matching leather handle for the leash.
and he's like very softly and calmly, "what do you want from me, little pet?"
and you're just looking down at the handle, your eyes slowly drifting up to meet his and you're like
"a- a kiss. i want a kiss."
and he laughs low like, "mmmmhmmhm. you've got to bring me down there to you then."
so you timidly tug on the leash, but he wants to fuck with you a bit, so he doesn't move at all, and you start tugging on it harder and he's just smiling down at you.
and so you end up getting up with your knees digging into his thighs and he's looking down at you, still smirking
and you're like "i said... i want... a kiss."
and you yank with all your might to get his face closer to yours (they made the leash strong, but girl, you are not, so he indulges you and makes it look like you actually did something) and he leans down and he kisses the top of your head, his lips covering your forehead in the most gentle manner.
and you close your eyes and sigh dreamily because even though he's so big, he's always so gentle with you and takes his time with you.
and so he sits back and he's like "what else do you want?"
and you try to sit up a little better and try to get closer to him, wrapping some of the metal chain around your hand to have it go a little bit more in your favor, and you pull on the chain again and he's caught off guard and his face is close to yours now and his eyes are all wide.
and you're like "i want another one."
and his eyes soften and he obliges and he leans in and kisses you slowly, and you're whimpering into the kiss because GOD is he so fucking good at kissing and being a tease with them.
and he pulls away and he smiles against your lips
and he's like "you always taste so good, little pet."
and you look down and realize you got so lost in the kiss that you've been moving further into him and your cunt is pressed against his stomach now, the mouth on his stomach open and it's tongue gently lapping at the essence that's dripping down and onto your thighs.
and you start to get all shy again, and you're like "y- you can't do that!!" as you wiggle at his actions
and he mimics your shocked expression and tuts, "i can't? you didn't say i couldn't..."
and his stomach tongue moves it's way further up to your cunt and you whimper and tug on the leash as the tip of his tongue gently parts your dripping folds and you moan pathetically.
and one of his hands comes up behind you and grabs possessively at one of your cheeks and makes sure you stay there.
and you're grinding down onto his tongue and still holding on to the leash and he starts laughing low.
and he's like "i just want to make you feel good, little pet. is that so wrong of me?"
and another one of his hands grabs your other cheek and he starts moving you against his stomach tongue while he's got his third hand lounging against the arm of his throne and the fourth hand he's leaning his head against it, watching you rut pathetically against the mouth on his stomach.
and you're whimpering and moaning and looking up at him and his two monster cocks are already erect and weepy, because GOD the little twisted faces you make get him every time.
and through the hazy pleasure, you finally get yourself to say "n-no!! STOP!"
and he makes a little groan of disappointment because he doesn't want to, but you told him to, so he will.
and when his tongue licks up the last of the essence on your thighs and goes back into his stomach, you're breathing hard and huffing up at him and you're like "that wasn't fair!"
and you pull hard on the leash to get his face closer to yours but he's just grinning
and he's like...
"no, little pet. what's not fair is those cute little faces you always make. you could drive a man to start wars over a woman like you."
and his hand gently strokes your cheek and he laughs when you gasp when his tongue peeks out again for just a moment and places a long stripe up your cunt.
and you tell him you're turning around now and he's kind of sad he doesn't get to see your face anymore, but he'll manage.
and so you're resting on your knees again and you're face to face with his two monster cocks now, and he moans low because your sopping little cunt is pressed right up against the base of his cock
and your clit is DYING for attention so you start rocking back and forth a little bit and whimpering at the sensations, and you're watching his cocks drool precum out the tips and you're practically salivating
and usually you want him inside you, but not this time, because you both would be feeling good and you want him to suffer this time
and so you turn over your shoulder and very timidly you're like "you're-- you're not allowed to come..."
and he laughs low again, one of his hands curling around your waist as you continue to rut against the base of his first cock.
and his cocks throb in protest of not being touched, the heads all red and swollen as you continue to bounce yourself against the base of him.
and you start getting so turned on by watching his precum spill down out the heads and down the sides of his cocks that you're bouncing and sitting up a little straighter now
and he takes this opportunity to lightly scratch his nails against your lower back and across your cheeks, making you cry out because he knows you're sensitive there and he's only trying to help.
and so you're arching your back and sitting up even a little bit more, just like he thought you would.
and one of his hands cups possessively at your bottom and you feel lips from his hand placing gentle kisses across your cheeks and you start bouncing faster
and you're tugging on the leash to get him to come closer to you and he leans down and whispers to you, he's like
"does that feel good? i just want my little pet to feel good...i just want to make her come..."
and you let out a sharp cry when you feel the tongue from his hand press deeper into your ass and his tongue is gently prodding at your hole now, gently licking it and you start grinding against him faster... and faster...
and you feel the tension start to build in your tummy and you're whimpering his name all broken and pathetically and choking on moans as you're desperate now to come...
and you're tugging hard on the leash and he is just hovering over you as he pulls his hand away and brings it to the other side of your waist, and he starts to take over and he picks you up and starts rubbing your little cunt against his cock
and he moans so loud because this is the first contact he's had the whole time and he just starts moving your little weepy cunt up and down against his cock and using you for his own pleasure
and groans and whimpers and moans and cries of each other's names fill the thick, heavy sex-scented air and you start moaning to him that you're going to come
and he groans low and deep in his chest as he feels your little body shake below him and he's trying to guide you through your own orgasm but he's coming too and it's oozing out slowly and thicky from both heads and down the length of his cocks and he still keeps moving you against his first cock so his cum is making a mess and making your cunt and your thighs all slippery and sticky and white....
and he knows your body, he knows when it's reaches it's limits because you're sobbing and shaking in his hands and he chokes on a moan as he slides you against his cock one last time before he sets you down into his lap
and you both have the most lazy, satisfied smiles on your faces as you cuddle into him, cum everywhere and you're both breathing hard and trying to calm your racing hearts...
monster sukuna, the monster that you are.
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Kiss number 23 with Sukuna?
Angsty kisses with Sukuna? And here I thought people were only in it for the smut haha.
Pairing: Ryomen Sukuna x Reader
Tags: angst, hurt/comfort, blood and injury, worried Sukuna
Word count: 0.5k
A/N: Speaking of Sukuna smut is there anything specific you people wanna see with him?
Tumblr media
23. life-or-death kisses
"You fucking idiot, what in the damn world possessed you to jump in front of that attack huh?!" Sukuna keeps one hand firmly pressed on the bloody hole at your side while he races through the rainy forest.
You try to reply yet the only thing that comes out of your mouth is a painful, bloody groan, blood dripping further down your chin.
"Shit!" Sukuna grits his teeth together, "It's almost time. Where are those Sorcerer idiots at?"
Sukuna runs with all his might, feeling his strength leaving second by second. After that seems like hours for you, but was probably a few minutes you feel yourself being sat down against the cold, wet wall of a cave.
"It's not the best but at least you're out of the rain." He drapes Yuuji's jacket over you while still keeping the pressure on your wound. His forehead presses against yours. "You're burning up."
A painful smirk stretches across your lips as you desperately try to focus your blurry vision of Sukuna's face, "Never thought I'd see you so worried about an insignificant puny human like me." You gave to force every word out, each feeling like it's tearing a whole in your throat.
"Stop talking. You're wasting the little energy you have left." There's a panic in his voice that you never thought you'd hear from him. He's teases you plenty in the past but he was never as serious as he is now. He runs his hand through his damp hair and lets out a heavy sight, "Yuuji's gonna be on my ass for this one but... fuck I'm not about to let you die. It might feel weird but bare with it, its for your own good."
"What do you..." He cuts his hand, drinking up his blood into his mouth and cups your face. You blink rapidly, catching on what he means to do. With a shaky hand you push him away, "You... don't need to do that. I may kill me faster."
Sukuna furrows his brows, his eyes looking deep into yours. He moves closer while taking your hand in his bloody one pressing his lips roughly against yours, pushing until you open your mouth for him and taste copper on your tongue.
You're instantly hit by a burst of pain. A muffled, pained scream leaves your mouth as Sukuna's other hand cups your face, trying to soothe you.
When he pulls away both your lips are covered with blood, "You're strong." He presses his forehead against yours again, "There's a reason I like you so much, my pretty littler Sorcerer." His words echo in your ears as your head starts to spin, eyes struggling to stay open, "Sleep. I won't be here when you wake up but... make sure to heal up quickly so you can thank me for this." His wink is the last thing you see before unconsciousness takes hold.
Upon regaining consciousness you find yourself in a hospital bed, your whole body hurting like hell. Well at least you're alive.
A deep blush spreads across your face and neck as you remember why you're still alive. Sukuna's hand on your cheek, his lips pressed firmly and roughly against yours, the taste of blood, the feeling of his tongue intertwining with yours.
"Idiot." This was not how you wanted your first kiss with Sukuna to go. The next time you see him you will punch him in the face, yell at him, and then kiss him again.
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poe-daydreams · a day ago
Lullaby for the Past
Tumblr media
Office au Sukuna x fem!reader
Synopsis; Reincarnated as a human, Ryomen Sukuna - the former king of curses - is now just a perpetually tired office worker living in a world free of curses. His dreams are haunted by visions of his past life, despite not actually retaining any of these memories himself. These nightmares have surrounded him since childhood and nothing he does seems to do any help, so he’s given up and has learned to live with the restless nights, the lack of sleep and the moodiness. That is, until a series of unexpected incidents occur with the newly transferred employee - Y/N.
Tumblr media
13. He Resides Within
Word Count: 3k
8AM in the morning, Y/N got off the phone after calling in sick for work. She might’ve overexerted herself from the abrupt exercising. There were numerous aches rippling throughout her body, and a fever was currently boiling her blood, making it difficult for her to think straight.
“Maybe I should just stay home. With you,” Sukuna clicked his tongue as he helped her down to her place, and then into her bed. Over the course of a few days, she’d been spending her nights at his apartment. Even in the duration of her illness, she felt a bit embarrassed about her home being in the mess that it was, due to how she hadn’t been bothering with the clean up.
“Absolutely not,” Y/N weakly chuckled as he rested her blanket over her body. “The office would get too busy if both you and I were missing.” He gave her a smile that let her know he agreed with her, but also showed concern.
“What about medicine? Should I quickly get some right now?” “I’m pretty sure I have enough in my cabinet,” she told him, shaking her head. Sukuna sat beside her on the bed for a few moments, not wanting to leave her side.
“You should get going. This is my chance to sleep in for once.” He gave a short laugh and nodded, pressing a kiss onto her hand afterwards. “I’ll be back.”
He closed her window blinds for her, and then began walking out the door. When she called out his name again in the split second before he could close her door, he stopped in his tracks. There was a little pause before she spoke again.
“Drive safely.” “Of course. Don’t worry about me.”
Sukuna checked and rechecked the clock on the wall, again and again. Was the day always this long? God, why did time have to go so slowly, on a day like this? Looking at your empty seat beside him made him sigh and grit his teeth. He wanted to abandon the office and just rush home.
It was one of those days in the office; where his back seemed to hurt no matter what position he sat in, his clothes stuck onto him in an uncomfortable way, and that constant, loitering feeling of restlessness seeping into his actions - whether it was in the form of him bouncing his leg, tapping his foot, or fiddling with something in his hand.
The others whispered to each other, pointing out his obvious shift in mood just from her absence at work.
“Sukuna, you’re… how do I say this…you’re hard to read, but easy to read at the same time.” His spoon stopped midair as he made a face of displeasure towards Suzuki. “What’re you trying to say?” Sukuna asked, looking clearly unamused. “Nothing, sir.” The rest of the group held in their laughter, for fear of death.
They’d insisted he ate with them in the cafeteria, as he usually always ate lunch alone with Y/N during breaks. Now, food doesn’t taste the same without her. Ugh, he thinks, that sounded corny as shit.
As soon as he’d finished his meal, Sukuna stood up from his chair and rushed to return his tray after saying his thanks towards his coworkers. Perhaps if he could finish work fast enough, he’d be able to get off a little earlier than usual. With that in mind, Sukuna went forth to his desk to continue his tasks for the day as he held a little hope in being let off a little earlier.
Back at home, Y/N had woken up from her extra hours of sleep, but was still delirious from her fever. A throbbing feeling rippled through her head and this made even going to the toilet seem like a farfetched journey. She missed him already. She wished he was here to nag her to take her medicine. Looking at the clock, she saw that it was already 1pm. Y/N had taken her medicine in the morning without really eating much, and she’s about to do the same for lunch, too. It’s too bothersome.
And it’s always in times like these, where the house feels so cluttered and messy. Strewn clothes on the floor, books she’d discontinued reading at some point being everywhere except in the shelves where they belong, and some visible strands of her own hair being on the ground. Vacuuming was her least favourite house chore.
When everything feels this unorganised and unsightly, Y/N can’t help but feel like she has to quit. It’s all too much. And she didn’t feel like doing anything. She felt her eyes closing up again.
Oh, well. She thought to herself. I’ll just go back to sleep. I’ll sleep, and if I’m lucky, maybe the feeling will go away, she childishly hoped.
And she drifted in and out of consciousness, for the next couple of hours.
Y/N’s mind remained dormant, but rather than in a peaceful way, it felt more like it was stuck limply writhing in the mud - slow, and difficult to move. It clung to her skin, and clumped up in her hair. Her blanket felt hot and heavy.
In the far distance, there seemed to be a distinct noise ringing in the background. Somebody was beginning to slowly drag her out of this mess. The ringing of that same noise was becoming more deafening, and Y/N opened up her eyes halfway.
…Who’s there? So noisy.
She closed her eyes again.
“Y/N, it’s me. Open up.” She perked up when she heard that voice. She must’ve stood up too fast, because after the first few steps towards the door, she collapsed onto the floor with a loud thud. He must’ve heard it too, because he quickly grew concerned.
“Hey! You good?” Sukuna asked, frantically trying the door handle. Hissing, she rubbed at her sore knees and stood back up again to open up for him. Once that damn door was out of the way, Sukuna looked her up and down for any sustained injuries before pulling her into his arms, not minding her dishevelled hair and sweaty skin.
“My bad. I forgot to take your keys with me this morning,” he apologised, patting the back of her head. “Your fever still hasn’t gone down. Did you fall over on your way here?” “Yeah,” she croaked out, chuckling weakly, embarrassed to admit so. He didn’t seem to find it too funny, and instead immediately guided her back to bed.
Sukuna asked her where the medicine cabinet was, and once he was back, he slapped a cold compression onto her forehead. “I checked the sink and bin. You didn’t eat anything while I was gone, doll?” When Y/N shook her head, he sighed and lightly pinched at her cheek. “Hold on. Let me whip up something quick.” When he stood up to leave again, she caught him by the hand, and told him she wanted to be on the sofa.
“I wanna be somewhere where I can hear you moving around better.”
So now Y/N was laying on the sofa, watching her favourite comfort film while she listened to the sounds of Sukuna working in her kitchen. When he said quick, he must’ve really meant it because not long after, she was getting called to the table for her first meal of the day.
“It’s not much. Just egg rice porridge,” Sukuna told her, placing the steaming bowl before her. “Careful, it’s hot.”
Y/N thought she wouldn’t have the appetite to eat, but seeing and smelling this changed her mind entirely. She thanked him as he took a seat before her and put a spoonful of the porridge to her lips - only to retract immediately from the scorching heat.
She chuckled as Sukuna gave her a look that meant told you so, as he took the spoon from her and started to lightly blow on it. Perhaps being sick wasn’t so bad if it meant that your boyfriend would take care of you like this. She smiled and nodded when he asked her if it was good.
Once he’d finished the dishes, he came back to her on the sofa, where she promptly stood up with the blanket around her shoulders.
“What’s up?” he asked. “You first,” she gestured, “I wanna lay on top.” Sukuna grinned and went ahead to lie down on the spot that was still warm from her body heat. Y/N then climbed on top of him, ear against his chest.
“Feeling comfortable?” he said - fixing the blanket to properly cover her. “Very,” she replied, having a content smile on her face as she closed her eyes - listening to the beats of his heart, along with the noises of the film playing in the background.
Though, there was a rather strange feeling lurking inside of her as she drifted away into a nap. Every thump she heard was drawing her subconscious closer and closer to an ambiguous location in the far distance.
Once she opened up her eyes again, Y/N saw that she was surrounded by the colour red.
He looks down at her with expressionless eyes, from atop his throne that has vastly shrunken in size over the years. Tattoos are inked onto his face, and what he dons is an old kimono. Even so, judging by the pink hair and the familiar crimson eyes - he was unmistakably Sukuna.
“Sukuna? What are you doing up there?” she asked, looking up past the strange bones that made up his seat.
‘Sukuna’ remained silent for a long minute, before he opened his mouth to speak.
“I should be asking that question. What are you doing here?” He’d always thought that he was no longer able to bring anybody else in here. Not after taking up this new life of his. She squinted her eyes at him, and an awkward silence pours over them for a moment. The weird thing about dreams is that no matter how bizarre things may be, you don’t seem to question them as much as you’d do in real life.
“You’re… not the same. You’re not the Sukuna that I know.” “Great observation. You’re one sharp woman,” he muttered sarcastically. “Are you the one causing his nightmares?” Y/N glared at him. “I’d be correct if I said yes, but I also wouldn’t be wrong if I said no.”
The hell is that supposed to mean? She thought to herself.
“Well either way, I’m going to beat your ass. Do you know how much he’s suffered because of you?” Sukuna scoffed at her and followed it up with a cocky smirk. “Feel free. Why don’t you try climbing up here?” he mocked her.
This was one terrible dream. Her house slippers definitely weren’t suited for climbing a hill of skulls. He peered down at her with amusement, not moving an inch to help her out. She was nearly there, anyway. On the last step towards him however, Y/N’s foot slipped and she was on the verge of tumbling back down to square one. He darted his hand out to grab her by the wrist, with a sigh.
“Just how did I end up falling for someone like you anyway?” he asked haughtily as he placed her on his lap, sitting back down. “What do you mean? So you’re the same person after all?” His eyebrows furrowed with indignance and he clicked his tongue in disapproval.
“You wouldn’t understand even if I told you.” ‘Sukuna’ held her tighter and stopped her from thrashing around so much. “It’s been a while since I felt the movement of another’s body.”
She sensed how strong he was, just by the way he rendered her immobile.
“...I heard you were a four-armed beast. I don’t seem to see your extra limbs.” “That’s old news. I’ve weakened significantly.” He looked around at his narrowed domain - well, only a fragment of what it used to be. And now, even this won’t last much longer.
Something relatively sad seemed to enter the atmosphere between them, as he continued to look away from her. Even his sullen face looked the same. ‘Sukuna’ feels like someone who has rather limited time, fleeting.
“Will his dreams stop once you go away?” Y/N questioned him. “Who knows. I’m not making myself see those memories purposefully.” “You keep referring to him as if he’s the same person as you.” “I’ve gotten rather soft, haven’t I? Well, either way, he’s merely but another variation of me.” ‘Sukuna’ looked at her with a more softened gaze.
“That's why I can’t raise my hand against you. His affection still flows through me.”
She stared at him wordlessly - before relaxing in his arms and resting her head against him. He looked at her quizzically, raising an eyebrow.
“What’s with the changed attitude?” “I promised… that I’d embrace every part of him.” “Is that so? How sweet of you.” “I’m not sure if I like this version of you though,” she said with a grimace. He only grunted in response and leaned back into his throne.
“...Wait, you didn’t witness it? Aren’t you always watching from here?” “Like I said. I’ve grown weak. I only see glimpses of my new life…For the most part, I’m stuck here doing nothing.”
She stared at him without shame, with big expressionless eyes. He took the time to try and decipher the gaze, but she looked away at the last second.
“Must be boring. And lonely.” He merely scoffed at her again. “Perhaps. But I’ll be disappearing soon. You’d like that, wouldn’t you?” “...I never said such a thing,” she pouted. He let out a ‘hmph’ that sounded something like a mixture of both doubt and ridicule. His expression then softened for a moment, before he asked his next question.
“Tell me, woman. Am I happy out there?”
It was an odd question to come out of someone like him. He didn’t look like he was looking forward to her answer at all.
“I…can’t say for sure? I’d like to think so,” she hesitantly replied. “Not to brag, but…you certainly seem a lot happier when I’m around.” “You are quite amusing,” he said, tugging at her nose. “Though I don’t understand how my happiness can stem from anyone other than myself.” He was used to being self centred and cold. Cold, despite the flames that he could create with his hands. Though, that was a long time ago.
“The ‘you’ out there understands perfectly well,” she replied quietly. A long silence is lodged between them.
“Anyway, when can I go back again?” “That’s not really up to me to decide. You’re the one that barged in here.” Y/N looked up and around the area, looking for any emergency exits of any sort, but to no avail.
“What should I even say when I get back? That I met the past version of you? And talked to him?” she suddenly brought up. “There’s no need,” ‘Sukuna’ told her, “I’ll be withholding your memories of me here. You’ll forget when you wake up. And you’ll only remember me when you’re in my domain.”
“That seems a little unnecessary. Why is it like that?” she asked curiously, crossing her arms. “Use that little brain of yours. You think I’ll- he will be happy, knowing that all his dreams were real?” Whether a person clings to their past, or the past clings to them - it is taboo, either way.
An expression of realisation ran through her face, going sullen as she uncrossed her arms before him. And then Y/N felt slightly uncomfortable at the reminder that she was currently in the lap of a murderer. She dared not ask him about that, however.
“Looks like time’s up.” He looked a little irritated and disappointed. Before she could open her mouth again, Y/N was already back on the sofa in her living room. ‘Sukuna’, now alone once again, leaned back against the throne in his small, empty kingdom.
“My bad. Didn’t mean to wake you,” Sukuna told her, watching as she slowly rose from his chest, rubbing at her eyes. “It’s alright. How long was I out for?” “About an hour. How’re you feeling?” “Much better.”
He placed a hand onto her forehead and roughly compared the heat of his palm with her forehead.
“Your temperature’s gone down, but you’re still a bit warm.”
He got up from the sofa and put the blanket over Y/N’s legs, telling her that he’d get her some water to drink. And then, despite some protests from her end, Sukuna cleaned her place up a bit - picking up strayed clothes and tossing them into the laundry basket, and then vacuuming the area. She felt a little apologetic, but also refreshed at how less cluttered her living room felt.
“Hey, what’s this box? Do I push it back in?” She turned around to see Sukuna gesturing towards the box from her storage closet, and a small panic ensued within her.
“Oh, please do… Um, I need to sort that out myself later on.” Sukuna nodded and then pushed it back in using his foot, before closing the closet fully. It had gone over her head completely. She didn’t even care about the things in that box anymore.
Later on, after the relaxing evening, Y/N fell asleep in his arms that night.
The box - which had been filled with objects and memories that belonged to her ex-lover - was soon disposed of, truly marking the end of her ties to her past relationship. Those memories had already gotten dull and dusty the moment she committed to the current love of her life.
She gazed at Sukuna with a smile, mesmerised, the morning she had fully recovered from her flu.
“How lovely you are.”
He seemed confused from the abrupt compliment, but his ears still turned a little pink. She hugged him as tight as ever.
Notes; my goodness, i apologise for being so late lmao been a while, so this chapter may be a little confusing(?) because the end kinda stems off from a previous chapter thank you for being so patient, im thinking of finishing this fic up soon so please look forward to it (tho it will probably take a while for me to write)
Tagging; @kyscaqe @smallhybridart @masked-angel @nanamin-3 @khaetiin​ @ryomnska​ @sageandberries-png​ @melancholycoachpotato​ @pyschopotatomeme​
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absolutely OBSESSED with the fact that sukuna is essentially the hot popular girl that kenjaku and his gang of ultra powerful evil ancestral sorcerers want to befriend, but he’s like “no thanks i wanna hang out with the reclusive 15 year old emo boy who listens to weezer and looks like a sea urchin”
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tandais · 16 hours ago
sub sukuna + dom reader
an: well god damn i already got 100 followers? tysm you guys i really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart 💗🤘🏾
cw: cumming untouched the first time. overstim. sounding. dacryphilia. ice play + nipple play. masochism. subspace mentions. spanking. unedited. a little long.
Tumblr media
A demigod named Sukuna. A demon. He was always the one to manipulate, trick, and lie. This divine person had the power to obtain anything he desired with a snap of his finger. Whatever he desired, including women and wealth, he obtained. Everyone was terrified of him and was foolish enough to worship him. 
One person, however—you—turned everything around on him. Everyone was trembling in anticipation of your next order as a result of your commanding presence and firm voice. Words would flow from your mouth like a melodic sound that people enjoyed hearing. You also hypnotized Sukuna. 
Yes, if he so desired, he could kill you right away. He simply couldn't. You stood out from the crowd because you constantly presented a positive image of yourself, to him. He wanted to see you break, get upset. So, he devised some things to push your buttons. 
You did tell him not to touch himself for the entire week that you were away because you were going on a business trip. You would give him a call every night to see how he was doing. Guttural groans are escaping from Sukuna’s mouth as he strokes his cock and decides to touch himself every time you two talk on the phone. 
Sukuna appreciated the fact that you didn’t seem happy. He merely wanted to enjoy watching you become upset. Perhaps you’ll finally concede and give him back some control. Or perhaps you’ll make him pay for his misdeeds. Sukuna finds the second option much more appealing.
Keeping the house neat was the second instruction you gave him. Once you got home from your trip, you didn't want to see a strip of clothing on the floor. Sukuna would make fun of you and never clean the house, making sure it was as filthy as possible. 
“I'm looking forward to their return, heh.” Crossing his four arms across his massive chest, Sukuna murmurs to himself. What was the third rule again? The first and second rules have been broken. Oh, right. The third rule was that he was always to address you as (preferred title). 
Calling you by your name while on call made you furious, but you never showed it expressively. Sukuna didn’t like you how you could pull off a poker face so well. You always seemed unbothered, it was really getting under Sukuna’s skin.
Tumblr media
Shit! You’re coming home today. Sukuna’s basically shaking right now, to finally be able to see your angered expression. Oh, how that would make his cock twitch in his sweats. He was waiting on the couch for you, watching TV.
Was he really watching TV? Not exactly. Sukuna’s too centered on your return. Deep down, he really has missed you. Your scent, your touch, the way you domina—
“Welcome home, (Name).” Sukuna said with a sly smirk, knowing that you’re probably super agitated and tired right now. But, does that matter at the moment? No. He wants you to get angry, to take it out on him. Walking into the living room, you pass right by it just as quick.
You’re pissed. Livid. Every single word for angry. The whole entire house is messy, he’s been calling you by your name, and Sukuna’s been touching himself? Enough is enough. “Sukuna, c’mere.”
God, your voice. Sukuna thought to himself, tent already apparent in his pants. He is harshly yanked onto the bed as soon as he enters the bedroom. You take his sweatpants off. He hears you mutter to yourself, “Not wearin’ any underwear, huh?,” and his ears immediately start to warm up. 
Sukuna whimpers in shame as he raises his ass in the air. You give him a hard slap, immediately turning his behind red. “Agh! You seem to be upset,”Sukuna chuckles, his eyes welling up with tears. It's impossible not to roll your eyes at him.
"Every time I slap your ass, count to 20," Another solid hit to his ass, smack! Sukuna groans out, his body tingling immediately. It's exhilarating how quickly pain transforms into pleasure. 
“Two– haah!”
Sukuna's thinking becomes increasingly cloudy with each strike until the twentieth one. He is currently incapable of speaking at all. As you watch, Sukuna's cock starts to quiver and leak as a result of your attack. You may have given him a little bruises on his ass, but he deserves it. 
“Up.” Sukuna tries to get out of bed on your order. His huge brown eyes are hidden by gorgeous pink eyelashes as he glances up at you while panting and stumbling into a chair. They are so glossy, it makes you throb. Actual tears streaming down his cheeks are what you want to witness.
You want Sukuna's legs to be open, but they are closed. You take hold of his knees, pry them apart, and force him to manspread. Sukuna makes an effort to resist this by exerting strength to make moving his leg more difficult.
“Keep them open, Sukuna. I’m not playin’.” you spat, looking directly into his eyes, making sure he gets the gist. He slowly opens his legs, revealing his fat, drooling cock. It’s already got pre beading at the tip. 
You smirk and go out to the kitchen, grabbing several ice cubes from the freezer. Heading back to the bedroom, you go into the closet, grabbing something out of your “special” box. A thin metal rod with little bumps and ridges. 
Walking back over to Sukuna, you place an ice cube in your mouth. Clashing your lips onto his, you both exchange the ice cube in between your mouths. The hot but cold ice cube melted, dissolving into your tongue. 
You pull away and grab his face, examining the panting man in front of you. It’s so funny how he can become so powerless by you doing such small things. “What’re you gonna do with that metal thing?” you chuckle at his state, all curious and giddy.
Taking another ice cube into your hand, you place it onto his nipple. Sukuna’s whole body jerks up, the new sensation making him whimper. “Nghh—haah.. what is this?” The cold liquid dripping down onto his pink buds, causing them to harden quickly. 
Shit, now they’re real sensitive. Sukuna’s cock twitches as you focus on his nipples, placing one into your mouth while having an ice cube on the other. It’s all making his head spin. 
Waves of pleasure flow onto Sukuna’s body, making it hard to focus on the objective to defy you. His hips buck up once again, trying to find something to grind back up on. He moans when his cock just slightly hits the fabric of your shirt.
Who knew the Sukuna could be dumbed down to this sensitive little drooling whore? “Look atcha, gettin’ all riled up over your nipples being sucked.” Sukuna tries to hide his face into his hands, honestly regretting what he did. He watches as your mouth twists into a sadistic smile, biting his nipples making Sukuna yelp.
“Eugh! Wait.. It- anhh! hurts..” Pretty clear globs are running down his rosy cheeks, oh god, it’s really turning you on now. But, you can’t give in, since he wanted to break the rules this is what he gets.
His fat cock bobs, balls tightening up as he watches you play with his nipples. The cold cube makes him quiver in your hold and the fact that you’re flicking his nipples while doing so?? Bliss. Sukuna’s eyes start to roll back, revealing more of the whites of his eyes.
“Don’t you dare cum, Sukuna.” you say while still playing with his nipples. How could he not when you’re making him feel so good? Oh well, he’s going to do so. His mouth is wide open, drool slipping past his lips. “Haaah! I’m cumming!!”
Sukuna’s cock spurts out white, hot cum. It lands on his stomach and on your shirt. Now, you’re really mad. Your eyebrow cocks up, “Didn’t I just tell you not to cum?” Sukuna looks down at the floor shamefully. He’s now just noticing how intimidating you are. 
Taking his cock into your hands, he hisses at your hand on it. You reach and grab the sounding rod, lining it up with the hole on his tip. Noticing that Sukuna’s breath was getting faster, you caress his beefy thigh. “Relax, ‘s gonna feel uncomfortable for a bit but you’ll get used to it.”
He nods silently, he’s usually saying a snarky remark, now he can listen? Slowly placing the rod near his urethra. Inserting it into him, Sukuna let’s out a shaky sigh. You stop for a second to check up on him.
Giving you a sign to proceed, you keep on pushing in the metal rod. The bumpy edges of the sounding rod make him gasp, hips lifting up. You can tell that the pleasure is already kicking in. “Feels.. nghh.. weird..” 
The sting of overstimulation catches him, making him arch his back so prettily, buff back flexing as he does so.
“So pretty,” you whisper under your breath, watching as his cock throbs in your hold. His balls slightly drop and tighten back up every time you push in the rod.
God, the feeling is so intoxicating. The burn turns into pleasure throughout his whole member. “Hnghh.. good..” Sukuna’s tears have started again, cheeks that were stained are getting rehydrated. His brown eyes cross, eyebrows furrowing as you slowly spin the metal around.
Sukuna can’t even comprehend what’s going on, tiny little whimpers and soft moans escape his swollen dark lips. 
Pushing the sounding tube back in, it kept on hitting sensitive nerves making his thighs tremble.
You watch as Sukuna falls apart, his eyes half lidded as he looks at you with a muddy mind. It feels too good, it’s about to make him cum. Hips bucking up, but you cautiously place them back down, making sure that he doesn’t get hurt.
“Oh fuck— a-ah! I’m a-about to cum! Take it out!” Sukuna mewls, looking at you with such desperate eyes. You giggle and keep the rod in his urethra. Sukuna throws his head back, sweat rolling down his neck.
Sukuna grabs onto the ledge of the chair tightly, knuckles becoming white. He feels like he’s about to explode, breathing becoming uneasy. With one swift pull you take the rod out.
White. The one thing Sukuna can see is white, he can’t tell what’s going on but he feels blissed out, likes he’s floating. He hears you from a distance calling his name. “Sukuna! Sukuna? You okay?” you ask worriedly.
He blinks slowly and looks at you, his vision blurry. “I’m sorry..” Sukuna says quietly, slumping into the seat. You pat his head and start to play with his short pink locks. Guess I’ll wait until he comes back down. You thought in your head.
“Wanna go take a bubble bath, Sukuna?”
Tumblr media
longest shit i’ve ever written bruh. 1.8k 😭😭. thank u guys again for 100 followers. hope i can reach 200 soon! 💕🙏🏾
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azzehkarla · a day ago
Tumblr media
A lot of women want to be madly loved by a monster.
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animupiglett · 2 days ago
Master Ryomen Sukuna and His Pet
TW: Mentions of blood, poor treatment, dismemberment, murder, Submission, Domination, Masochism & Sadism. Read at your own risk 😂 I wanted to try something different. I'm concerned about my mental health 🤐 It's not as polished as I'd like, but the foundation is there. Getting his personality 'right' was the biggest struggle. Had fun with this though.
“Master Sukuna,” you say as you crawl toward him on your hands and knees, “I’ve taken care of the woman that you had in the holding cell beneath the castle.” Sukuna looks down at you from the top of the bed, “Did you enjoy yourself? Did she scream in agony as you took her apart?” You sit on your knees, blood dripping from your hands, and splattered all over the chain that wrapped around your neck, breast and thighs. They were constricting you so tightly that it left deep marks in your skin. Your nipples were perked and you were awaiting his praise. “Yes Master. I even left a blood puddle for you how you like.” He smirks at you, “You’re taking this pet role awfully serious. You understand that you’ve slaughtered another human being?” You nod, keeping your hands on your lap, restraining from touching yourself. If Sukuna caught you pleasuring yourself, you’d be reprimanded by him and starved for his touch. You were being a good little pet, just to feel his harsh embrace.
“You look as though you’re waiting for something?” You blush, nodding. “I guess you have been a decent pet lately. What it is it that you wish to have?” You softly whimper, “Your touch, Master.” He lays across the bed with one of his arms propping his face up as he eye’s you in your upright position as commanded. Your hands and knees, scuffed with carpet burns and bloodied from crawling everywhere. “You’d like me to please you?” You shake your head, “I’d rather please you, Master Sukuna.” He chuckles sadistically, “You’re a rather smart pet. Always knowing exactly what to say, it’s rather astounding. I’ll strike a deal with you, if you can successfully arouse me, I will allow you to please me.” You quiver happily, showing restraint from showing emotion. “You are dismissed. You have 4 minutes. You may walk.”
You quickly rise to your feet, and look around his castle for something that he might find arousing. You didn’t know where he kept his torture toys, and he never opened up about what kind of things he’d liked. Then, as you stood there touching yourself secretly, you thought “What would a 1000-year-old murderous, cannibalistic curse enjoy?" Then it hit you. You walked down the steps to the dungeon where you’d disembodied plenty of people beforehand, and stand in the puddle of blood you’d left previously. You get on your hands and knees, and roll around in it. Your entire body was covered. You swiftly walk back up the stairs and wait by the door for Sukuna to summon you. “You may enter.” You come into the room slowly, displaying your body. Sukuna’s dark sadistic smile grows from ear to ear, and he laughs, “That’s wonderful! I love what you’ve done with yourself! You always go to great lengths for me.” There was a silence before his tone grew dark, “Unfortunately, no one wants a dirty pet.” Your heart shatters, you thought you’d finally pleased your master.
“Come forward. You deserve punishment.” You walk toward him slowly, then he yanks your chains, causing you to yelp, then grabs your ass with his lower left arm as his top right arm tugs on your nipple. You whimper as he takes his tongue and licks the blood off your neck and face, before sliding his tongue into your mouth and kissing you. “Except me… I love blood ridden pets.” He takes his lower right arm and stimulates himself as his fourth arm rubs your clit. You moan form the stimulation, and offer yourself to him in full. The hand grabbing your ass, tightens your chains, causing your breasts to be squeezed further. You scream into his mouth painfully, and he smiles sinisterly. He pulls back from you and pushes you onto the bed with great force as you try to catch your breath. Your nipples were perked, and he took his time making sure he cleaned them off with his tongue. He had you completely pinned with all four of his arms as he left bite marks all over you.
He licks lower until he gets to your slit, then sticks his tongue into you before slowly dragging it upwards to your clit, swirling in circles around it before nibbling. “Ryomen!~~” you scream in pleasure as you cover his face in slick. He shoots you a deathly stare, “I don’t remember asking you to speak.” Two of his hands hold your hips in place, the third went on your throat, squeezing tightly, and the fourth went on your clit, “Are you ready to breed, pet?” You yelp submissively, “Yes Master!” He cackles, “You’re such a good creature! I could just Eat. You. UP.” He said terrifyingly as he puts his massive cock to your small entrance. You squirm, petrified of what would become of your cunt, but utterly excited about the attention. Without warning, he thrusts himself into you as you scream, his claws dig into your hips, his mouth curled into a corrupt smile as he watches your face churn into a sick pleasure smile, tongue hanging out of your mouth, salivating and begging for more despite being split by his massive length. Sukuna writhed in pleasure from your chaotic cries. He takes his thumb off your clit, the other hand off your hip, then fondles your breasts, pinching and twisting tour nipples simultaneously as he demanded your essence. “Bathe me in your pleasure, pet.” You hyperventilate, doing as he commanded with pleasure. His harsh thrusts send your cum up his stomach and onto his chest as he releases in you, filling you up. As your belly gets warm, you let out a final guttural moan.
“Very good. I think that’s enough for you, don’t you think?” You nod slowly. Your body scratched and tattered as you lay there smiling, soaking in pleasurable pain. You couldn’t wait until he gave you the pleasure to please him again.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Current Jujutsu Kaisen KEY ANIMATION Volumes 0-2
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freyzrc · 23 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
prepping some extra stickies for upcoming cons!
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mochi60123 · a day ago
Tumblr media
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toji-bunny-girl · 2 months ago
𝐒𝐦𝐮𝐭 𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤𝐬
⇀ under 17 not allowed
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Gojo Satoru
Dry humping
What happens after the hours long session
Doggy style
Fingering you <333
Toji Fushiguro
When the kids are gone
Tummy bulging
Getou Suguru
Making you cry out on his finger
While your playlist plays in the background
The intimacy <3
*sigh* him <3
(not porn)
Sukuna Ryomen
His personal slut who he fucks whenever, wherever he wants
That choke <3
Pounding into your needy cunt
Make your king feel good
Nanami Kento
Playing with his pussy
Taking his cock like a good girl
Right after work
Fushiguro Megumi
Milking him
Fingering his pretty, pretty girl
In the laundry room
"I know, I know"
Itadori Yuuji
Ramming into you
Soft moment
Starting your morning with cock
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Tumblr media
Itadori Twins
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gojosattoru · 25 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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colorstheory · a month ago
Tumblr media
for @yuujispinkhair
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azzehkarla · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
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seishirousnagi · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
The King of Curses
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kinbari14 · 3 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*UPDATE* All current Jujutsu Kaisen manga Volumes 0-19
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russic · 4 months ago
Ryomen Sukuna Boyfriend Headcanons
Warning: 18+ Below Cut 
Requested By: @jeagershots 
       Other requests can be placed here. If you wish to be tagged, do not write an anonymous request.  
       All likes, comments, and reblogs are appreciated. People who love my work make my heart flutter. I appreciate you all. ♡
Consider yourself lucky; you’re dating Ryomen Sukuna. 
(I’m warning you), Address Sukuna’s attitude like a grain of salt. 
A few years ago, you admitted your feelings to Sukuna. Originally, he denied your approach claiming, “I’m only going to break your heart and your back.” 
You took the curse’s warning lightly. After years of being together, Sukuna has yet to break your heart (not your back). 
Everyone who knows Sukuna questions your relationship. 
They ask, “Are you okay? Do you need me to call someone?” 
Though Sukuna has a poor attitude towards other people, he treats you like a princess. 
(Spell it out with me). O.V.E.R.P.R.O.T.E.C.T.I.V.E. If you’re apart, Sukuna tracks your location on Life 360 or SnapMaps. 
“I have to make sure you’re safe. Your dumb ass causes too much trouble.” 
Lowkey SIMP. 
If you ask for anything, Sukuna will pretend it is a big deal. However, he would do anything for you. 
The first time you asked Sukuna to grab you a coffee from Starbucks, he complained. Now, you don’t ask anymore. Sukuna comes home with your order and a dark roast for himself. 
(Yes, he has memorized your order). 
Jealous should be Sukuna’s middle name. 
Do not speak to Gojo. (I repeat - DO NOT SPEAK TO GOJO). If Sukuna sees you talking to Gojo, he will refuse to talk to you. He will respond, “Why don’t you go to talk to your new boyfriend?” 
Sukuna’s other friends will tease him by flirting with you. When they see you at parties, they comment on your appearance. Within seconds, Sukuna is glaring at them. 
Enjoys talking shit on EVERYONE. If you have gossip, Sukuna is listening. 
Despite Sukuna’s hard attitude, his closet is surprisingly colorful. Expect to see a ton of pink, purple, and white articles of clothing.
Always wears hoodies, flannels, and sweatpants.
He LOVES seeing you wear his hoodies. Sukuna will act annoyed saying, “Stop stealing my shit.” But don’t let him fool you; he loves it.” 
Black nail polish permanently resides within your house. 
Sukuna LOVES dressing in suits for important occasions; (what a stunning sight).
Expect him to become 10x cockier in a suit. 
Wear PINK. He loves it. 
Sukuna ADORES tattoos.
During a road trip, you and Sukuna spontaneously decided to get matching tattoos. Sukuna tattooed your name on the side of his ring finger. You tattooed Sukuna’s name on your hip. 
Sukuna smokes. If you do not like cigarette smoke, he will vape from his Box Mod. His favorite flavor is strawberries and cream. 
Sukuna perfected vape tricks (he looks hot as hell destroying his body). Sukuna loves pulling your lips together and exchanging smoke. Watching smoke slowly escape your mouth does something to him. 
Sukuna does not enjoy public displays of affection. Instead, he performs acts of possession. 
He pulls you to his chest if you’re too far away.  
He slips his hand into your jean pockets. 
He drapes his coat over your shoulders if you’re cold. 
CONSTANTLY smacking your ass. (Watch yourself girl); Sukuna has a wicked swing. 
Enjoys publicly embarrassing you (teasingly). If you’re blushing, Sukuna will pinch your cheeks. 
This happens all the time when Sukuna walks around the house half-naked. If he catches you staring at his body, he will say, “Enjoying the view, sweet cheeks?” 
LOVES when you trace his tattoos with your fingertips.
If you’re occupied reading or scrolling through your phone, Sukuna will remove his shirt and lay on your lap. This is Sukuna’s way of indirectly asking you to trace his tattoos. 
Covers your eyes if you’re watching horror films together. He’s used to gore, but he shields you from violence. 
Enjoys watching you lose your temper; it turns him on. 
Once a man approached Sukuna claiming, “Are you going to calm your woman down?” Sukuna shook his head stating, “Nope. Ask me that again and you’re next.”
Sukuna has DEEP CONVERSATIONS before bed. 
Once you’re in bed, you and Sukuna will engage in intense conversations while he plays with your hair. You’ll talk about anything and everything: the future, viewpoints, feelings, and favorite foods. 
These moments make your heart flutter. 
Everything must be perfect. 
“You deserve perfection. Thats why you’re with me.” 
Though Sukuna (lowkey) bullies you, he acknowledges that he’s lucky to have someone as wonderful as you. Seeing love and adoration pour from his eyes assures you that he’s happy. 
And you are too. 
(Oh, girl); You are in for it.
The sheer SIZE of this man in INCREDIBLE. He’s nine inches and thick. He’s a shower; not a grower. 
“Kuna, I don’t think you’ll fit.” 
“I’ll make it fit, baby.” 
Sorry ladies, if you enjoy being praised; find someone else. Sukuna degrades you in the bedroom. 
“Be a good whore and let me fuck you however I like.” 
“You look so pitiful squirming on my cock.” 
Originally, you two were friends with benefits. Sukuna’s bedroom abilities were too good to disregard. Even when you weren’t in a relationship; you were at his house every night. 
Due to his loud (and honest) mouth, everyone knew you were fucking. 
Pulls you closer by tugging on your necklace or belt. 
When Sukuna comes home from work horny, he will end the conversation immediately. 
You’ll ask, “Welcome home, baby. How was your day?” 
He answers, “Hey babe, my day was fine. I think you need to sit on my cock now.” 
You need to invest in more turtlenecks. Your entire body gets decorated in hickeys, scratches, welts, and bite marks. 
Sukuna is the man who plays with panties. He enjoys sniffing them or shoving them in your mouth before rearranging your guts. 
Thigh Riding is common. Sukuna’s never too busy for you; however, he loves watching you use his other body parts to cum. 
The sheer STAMINA within Sukuna’s body is AMAZING. He never runs out of energy. Sukuna only stops because he takes pity on your cum-filled incoherent body after the seventh round. 
Sukuna acknowledges he’s a terrible person, and he isn’t afraid to admit it. The concept of you, a sweet woman with a bright future, being fucked by him makes his heart race. 
Sukuna loves having his cock sucked. 
He enjoys dangling your head off of the side of the bed and brutally fucking your throat raw. Eventually, you’ll beg him to stop his assault on your throat. 
“Such bad manners; didn’t your mom teach you not to speak with your mouth full?” 
Spitting is never an option. You’re swallowing. 
Do not bend over in front of Sukuna if you don’t expect to be brutally fucked.
If you’re leaning on a desk, expect your underwear to be pulled aside as Sukuna’s tongue invades your body. 
“It’s almost like you’re begging to be fucked.”
Sukuna’s not scared to be caught. Often, he purposely tries to be caught, especially by your parents. 
If you’re in public, Sukuna forces your legs open and places his hand where you need it the most. One of his many mouths pleasures you as you’re forced to act as if nothing is wrong. 
“Now, don’t squirm. I’m sure your father wouldn’t like to know his daughter’s a fucking whore for her boyfriend’s hands.” Sukuna says as your parents sit across from you. 
Spanking. If you’re being a brat, expect to be punished. 
“Next time you want to act up, think about what will happen.” 
Sukuna has a weakness for wax play. He loves watching your body react to hot wax as he’s dripping it on the most sensitive parts of your body. 
Before I continue - Apologize to your cervix. Now. 
Your cervix will HATE you and Sukuna. 
Night after night of brutally fucking your cervix, you can nearly hear your body scream in pain. 
COCKWARMING. Sukuna buries his dick inside your cunt to tease you. 
“I don’t think I want to move quite yet.” 
Threesomes and orgies are a NO GO. Sukuna is too possessive to share your body with other people. However, he often imagines the fantasy of commanding others to pleasure you correctly. 
But he would have to kill them after. 
If Sukuna comes home angry, you’re in for a rude awakening. He uses your pussy to release all of his frustrations. 
Sukuna LOVES period sex. Every month, Sukuna makes the extra effort to assure you both are having period sex each day you’re bleeding. 
Shed some tears while you’re riding his cock. 
I dare you. 
Takes photographs while you’re having sex. 
Sukuna’s favorite photo is the stomach bulge he must recreate each time he fucks you. 
I’m not claiming your pleasure doesn’t matter, but Sukuna uses your cunt until he is cumming. Yes, you’re needs are important, but he doesn’t stop his brutal assault until HE IS FINISHED. 
Sukuna LOVES cumming in your mouth. He purposely pulls out of your soaking pussy to force his dick inside of your mouth. 
“Are you ready to taste yourself, whore?” 
Sukuna’s aftercare is great! He’s a clean person who assures his woman is taken care of. After cuddling, Sukuna will fetch a warm rag and new clothes for you. 
Once Sukuna cleans your body, he kisses you and mutters: 
“I’m not one to praise, but no one can take me as well as you do, baby.” 
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mcki · 8 months ago
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jujutsu kaisen once said
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Tumblr media
Based off this bonus page
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