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馃幋 - Sukuna Headers - 馃幋
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Inspired by @tameshrimp !!!
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鍛寤绘垿 (Jujutsu Kaisen) wallpapers.
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this edit is solely dedicated to my dear friend @one-cherry
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behind the bars
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鈫 pairing: cellmate!sukuna x fem!reader x prison officer!toji
鈫 warnings: heavy breeding, tummy bulge, unprotected sex, age gap, threesome, enemies with benefits, slight fingering, spitting, two cocks in one hole, slight dubcon, creampie, mentions of pregnancy, pussy slapping, cum play, public sex (?), hatefucking if you squint, slight degradation, rough sex, size kink, cervix fucking, cum eating (?), mentions of rape, sukuna is a murderer so,,, double penetration, manhandling, name calling, mentions of cheating, just pure smut
鈫 wordcount: 4.2k
鈫 synopsis: whose stupid idea was it to put two horny fuckers in one cell
Tumblr media
"You're such a fucking filthy whore aren't you, little one?" his deep voice rumbles, as he grips your jaw in his hand, forcing your mouth to stay open. You squirm in his grasp as he spits into your mouth; the saliva hitting your tongue. "Fuck you" you let out in a chocked cry once you've swallowed, "Right back at ya' " he groans and roughly pulls you up by your hair, smashing his lips onto yours for another burning kiss. Your lips hungrily chased his as Sukuna pulls away and manhandles you onto your knees.
"Let me see these tits" he demands as he tucks up your black tank top from your body. You comply, raising your arms up to allow him to pull it off. A sinister smirk curling at his lips upon seeing you not wearing a bra, his eyes traveling from your collar bone down to your chest, delicate in the semi-darkness. He throws your top on the floor and cups your breasts.
"Fuck," he breathes as his thumbs rub across your nipples. You shiver from the cold air and the heat of his thumbs. "I jerked off thinking about these tits" he lowers himself to lick at a nipple and you鈥檙e whining for more. "Thought about pushing them together and fucking them like a pussy."聽He bites down on your nub, causing you to squeal and jump. He soothes the flesh with a suck from his lips and leisurely circling of his tongue. "Yeah you'd like that, wouldn't you?" he smirks, his ruby eyes boring into yours. "My little slut, hm? wants a killer to fuck her pretty tits." he coos, his words making your cunt ache.
You're trembling under his touch, pussy dripping wet, craving for more attention. Sukuna hums around your nipple before possessively switching to the other. Furrowing his eyebrows in light annoyance when he feels your hips squirm, desperate for friction where you need it most, kissing his teeth when he felt your knees slightly brush against his clothed dick. "Fuck, I hate you. You and your over exaggerated man ego." you hiss, fingers lightly scratching at the nape of his neck. You can feel it when Sukuna smirks against your skin, as he pulls your tits off with a pop, slowly raising his head just enough to whisper against the shell of your ear, "A little bold today, aren't you, brat?" he grins delightfully, his hot breath fans across your neck. "Makes me wonder where that confidence was last night."
Your clit twitched pathetically at his words, brief pictures of your quivering thighs clamped around Sukuna's hips as he nailed you hard and fast against the dirty prison bathroom wall, murmuring heated insults against each other's lips until you'd reached both of your highs.
You wish you could say it had been the first time, but it was far from it. You could've walked away had it not been for the smirk a few months ago. That little rise in the corner of his mouth as his dark eyes met your apathetic ones, picking at the bland food that was served the prisoners. That should've been your first warning. The second warning came right after dinner, when Sukuna traveled along behind you as your unit made their way back to their cells. His piercing gaze locked on how your hips beautifully swayed as you walked. His hand sneakily moving forward, shamelessly capturing your ass in his palm, giving it a firm squeeze. You remember prisoner 073, Sukuna's former cellmate asking you: "First time?" a knowing smirk masking his face. "Good luck falling asleep, that fucker won't keep it down for shit, sweetheart." Before you were given the opportunity to reply you got shoved into your cell, Sukuna joining right after. The sound of a belt unbuckling and a low groan meeting your ears as soon as the door shut closed. You couldn't help the way your pussy ached at the slick sounds coming from below you every night, the thought of him jerking his cock right under your bed making your pussy twitch uncomfortably, your fingers visibly fidgeting inside your panties.
It took only a short amount of time for you to come down towards Sukuna's sleeping figure, your aching cunt silently hovering above his lap, a raucous moan escaping your lips once you were seated on the outline of his fat cock. It's not lost on you when you felt his hand digging into the flesh of your ass, the feeling oh so familiar. His hand pushed your hips further down his clothed shaft, desperately grinding your bodies against one another. "This is a one time thing, got it?" you assert, humming against his swollen red lips, as Sukuna let out a huff, "We'll see 'bout that, brat."
Afterwards you'd move your wet panties back into place, pulling your pants up and crawl up your bed without another word. You tease each other, you fight, you fuck and then go on with your day as if nothing has happened. There was no need to pretend this thing between you is anything other than venting your frustrations.
You let out a gasp when you felt his hand slide down to grip your aching cunt. "Mmm, does my baby want some attention down here?" he murmured, and you shuddered at the feeling of his palm against your core. "P-Please.." you beg, making him raise an eyebrow, a malicious smirk forming on his lips. His dark gaze watched your breath hitch in your throat as he starts to rub his fingers against your inner thighs, drifting impossibly close to your cunt "Do you think you deserve it, doll? After being so mean to me earlier?"
"I'm sorry-" you gasp as you felt his finger hover above your pussy, "I didn't mean-" his finger dips and taps at your clit, feather light. "Want me to make an exception for you, hm?" you nod, letting out a drawn out moan as he harshly thrust two fingers into your swollen cunt, pulling out right after.
You almost let out a scream so loud, you were sure the other prisoners would've heard if it wasn't for Sukuna hastily shoving two fingers with his free hand into your mouth. "Oi, are you stupid? Want us to get caught and get separated, huh?" You shook your head, no. "You sure? Then what's this, sweetheart?" he inserted his thick fingers into you once more, feeling your pussy twitch under his grasp. "Want us to get caught, hm?" Sukuna hums, his long fingers thrusting into you. "Want these other fuckers to see your pathetic face when you choke around my cock, yeah? the way your cute little cunny squeezes a murderer's dick so good and so fucking tight, right? Yeah, you'd like that" a dark chuckle left his lips as he pulls out and delivers a harsh slap to your clit. You let out a muffled yelp, your walls clenching at the idea.
He then pressed your head onto the ground, your cheeks squished beneath the cold floor and his palm, as he positioned your body to lay flat on your stomach. As much as he liked the thought of having you go over the edge around his fingers, he liked having you cream on his dick a lot more.
Sukuna kneeled down, his bulge directly facing your aching cunt. pulling his throbbing cock free from the confines of his jeans. "Gonna ruin this cute little pussy" he grunts, a moan subconsciously spilling from your lips as the head of his cock rubs against your clit. He hisses at the wetness, loving the way it slicks up his dick with ease, his pre-cum sliding all over your pussy. You feel him hover above you, his naked chest pressing down on your back, effectively pinning you against the ground. His hips grind down against your ass, cock sliding between your cheeks smoothly before he pushes his dick into your tight heat in one go. The two of you cried out in unison at the feeling, him stretching you deliciously and the hot tightness of your walls enclosing around him. You were wet enough for him to easily sink in completely.
"Hey, look at that, I'm all in!" He chuckles, pulling back before quickly pushing back in, "It wasn't this easy before, hm?" The sound of his big breeder balls hitting your ass fills the room as you can hear the wetness of your cunt around him. "Fuck," he groans. "You're still so ridiculously tight" Gradually, Sukuna's thrusts slow to a gentle grind. His lips spread into a slow, devilish grin as he peers down at you, and you mewl softly at the hard twitch his cock gives where it鈥檚 cradled within your walls. "Gonna never make you want another cock inside you except mine." You knew, he didn't have to tell you. You'll most likely never want another man near you except him.
Despite all the crimes he has committed, you still let him fuck you stupid. His unforgivable actions being a slight reason why you got arrested in the first place. The rest was you to blame. Sukuna is without a doubt a powerful man with connections all around the globe, on a chessboard full of pawns, Ryoumen Sukuna plays the King every time. The police was truly beyond foolish for thinking that they've managed to finally trap him under the palm of their hands. To arrest him with such ease and so little trouble without assuming that he'd have a bunch of spies who work for him and can get him the fuck out. Their uniforms resembling those of the police officers working here. He was well aware of the fact that he could've escaped a long time ago and perhaps he decided against it because of you. The moment your tight walls wrapped around his fat cock and the way you barely even made it fit lit a light inside him that made him consider staying a little longer.
He has tortured people, fucked, raped, impregnated and murdered them. So why were you letting yourself get lost in the pure bliss of his huge cock penetrating you. Why was your cunt throbbing at the thought of him having so much control of everything, including you.
"You're missing a few up there, doll" He hissed, your warm pussy clamping around his pulsing cock. "For letting me fuck you like this" He pulls out until his leaking tip was the only bit remaining inside before he harshly shoved his cock back in, watching the way your ass cheeks jiggle over the impact. "Hey-, d-don't do this" you gasp, feeling your release building, already so close from his incessant edging. "Oh? You want me to do it again? With pleasure, princess" "Wa-Wait, wait-" He pinned his hands above your own, pounding into you as a croaked whimper spilled from your lips, heaving Sukuna's name, your harsh gasps signaling your upcoming climax.
His free hand slips down in between your lower stomach and the ground, lifting your lower body up a bit, the change in angle has him fucking against your g-spot even harsher. With his hand firmly pressed against the bulge of your tummy, the feeling of his cock sliding in and out with ease becomes hard to miss. He's losing control, fucking into you at a pace you鈥檙e sure isn鈥檛 human.
"Wanna stuff you full of my cum" He wants you and only you. "Gonna breed this cute, tiny pussy. Hm? How does that sound, having you all nice and round for me." The idea is as orgasmic as his cock itself.聽The tightness in your core builds and builds, leaning on the edge of euphoria. "We'll leave this place, with my baby inside you." It feels intoxicating almost, feeling him thrust inside you and murmur such filth to you. You felt like you couldn't move, nor form a proper sentence, even if you tried. "Y-Yes, want you to put a baby in me," you moaned, his cock having your brain short-circuited in the best way possible. "Let it all out inside me" Sukuna smirks against your skin, lavishing the nape of your neck and your shoulders with kisses and little bites. "Sure thing" He continued his brutal pace, pounding into you even faster and harder. It felt like you were losing your mind, losing yourself on his cock. You were soaking his member, gushing and dripping down your thighs. The ring of cum that was forming around his dick becoming more and more visible with each thrust.
"Cum for me, doll. Make me a baby daddy" His possessive tone is the last thing you hear before the waves of orgasm pound over you. Your cunt clenches and flutters hard around his dick, as he鈥檚 moaning your name. You feel how tight you are, his cock stilling inside you as he reaches his own high, hot ropes of cum coating your walls.
"Fuck" Sukuna sighs, shallowly thrusting into your cunt, slowly riding out both of your highs, his softening cock remaining inside you.
"Are you two love-birds done?" Both of your heads snapped up upon recognizing the guard's voice behind the closed cell door. "Or are you still going at it like fucking rabbits in heat" The guard chuckled devilishly, to which you felt Sukuna's figure stiffen slightly, before sliding out of you with one hand on your asscheek to keep you spread open, murmuring quiet praise as your entrance clenches pathetically around nothing.
"Piss off, Toji" Sukuna slurs, as he sat up and tucked his dick back inside his pants, running his fingers through his hair. Confused, you propped your arms on your elbow, slightly turning towards a pissed looking Sukuna. "Yeah, that ain't gonna happen, bud" Your ears picked up a sound of a key jingling. "Have you already forgotten? You still owe me one, big time." Toji continued, "Haven't even heard a 'thanks' for preventing the judges to give you an additional 10 year special sentence back in court" Sukuna sighed and closed his eyes shut, his hand sliding down his face, rubbing his eyes in annoyance. "Not that it mattered, anyway" he muttered to himself, his hand slumping down into the pockets of his jeans, facing the metal door. "Yes I know, I'll transfer the cash to you in a bit. It'll need no longer than three days, so calm your fucking balls" Sukuna waved him off, eyebrows furrowing slightly as he took in how the lock on the door rotated, the sound of a heavy door opening following, revealing a smirking Toji.
"Though luck buddy, cause I ain't waiting that long," he gazed down at your naked figure, licking the scar on his lips when he witnessed how your body shivered, your nipples perking up as soon as the cold wind hit your skin. "I want it now" He demanded, closing the door behind him. Sukuna darkens, looming over him. "Cut the bullshit. You don't get to decide that. Remember who you're working for." Toji let a dark chuckle escape his lips. "I don't think you understand. I don't want money," your half-lidded eyes met his "I want her." Sukuna was quick to protest, but Toji interrupted to briefly explain. "Not forever, jeez. Just for the time being. Was kinda hoping she'll fuck some stress off of me" His hands came up, fidgeting on his belt. "Just one fuck" Sukuna stated, making your eyes widen as you sat up. "Just one fuck" Toji repeated assurely, kneeling on his knees, Sukuna following suit. Two dark eyes peering down at you like a hunter watching it's prey.
"Fuck, you have some nice tits" Toji groaned, as his rough hand cupped your breasts, squeezing the soft flesh in his palms, making you whine. His hand glided down your tummy and even further to your pussy that was drenched full of Sukuna's cum. You inhale deeply when you felt his thumb harshly rub against your clit, pushing some leaking cum back into your throbbing hole.
You then felt both of Sukuna's hands cup your tits, as he pushed your back onto his chest, giving Toji an even better view of your aching cunt. "What a cute little pussy" He uttered softly, your head falling back onto Sukuna's chest as you felt Toji's breath fan over your heat before his tongue was suddenly wiping up the length of your slit, collecting all your juices in his mouth. "Tastes sweet too" he then suddenly spits, observing as his saliva slides down your clit, your pussy clenching around nothing. "Seeing something like this really gets your boner raging, ya' know" Toji sat back up unbuckling his belt and lowered his boxers just enough for his ridiculously thick cock to spring free, one of his hands coming down to stroke his dick.
You clutched at Sukuna's hand that was busy messaging your tits, needing something to hold onto. Toji dived back into your cunt, his eyes were closed, moaning into your heat as he ate you out like you were his first meal in days. "Officer Fushiguro, c-can I.. can I suck you off?" You asked suddenly, causing him to halt in his movements gazing up at you through messy bangs and dark eyes.
"No" He growled, going back on sucking your clit. "Why?" You panted, arching your hips more into his invading tongue as he began to lap at your hole. "Cause we ain't got enough time, baby. Gotta fuck you before my shift ends" He pulled away with a groan, hand moving up from your thighs to your chin to force you to lower your head so he can finally kiss you on the lips. You feel Sukuna shift behind you as he slightly moved your hips to lift you higher on his lap, his back laying flat on the floor, taking you with him. His sudden movements causing to break the heated kiss between you and Toji.
"Go ahead, wanna see you make her belly bulge" Sukuna challenged, pulling your knees further up your chest. His other hand coming down to free his growing bulge once more.
Without another word, Toji crawled towards you, knees supporting his weight as he straightened up his back, the added height making him look even more intimidating. His pink cock briefly bumped against your thigh, smearing his pre-cum all over as he made a move to slide his dick up over your pussy, scooping what cum has leaked out of you up and pushes it back inside you. Feeling his fat tip curtly push inside your hole, pulling out in a matter of seconds, the gesture having you whining for more.
You then feel Sukuna's hardness lining up behind you, rubbing at your sodden folds to cover his length in your slick juices. "W-Wait, I can't- two won't fi-" "Yes you can" Sukuna cut you off. "We'll make it fit" Was the last thing you heard spilling from Toji's lips as he slides his cock into your spread heat, burying himself to the hilt in one fluid motion.聽Toji groans out loud鈥 stunned by the heat and wetness of your pussy and how tight it grips him.
Sukuna followed right after, pushing upward into the warmth and drippy mess of your cunt, fitting in besides Toji's so well. "Damn, its pretty snug in there" He continues to press forward, as deep inside you as he can go, dropping his head down to your chest.
Sukuna gasps as he gives himself and you a moment.聽His hands grip at your waist, one hand coming to rub the tender skin of your supple ass. "Fuck, you take us so well, princess" Sukuna mumbles against your ear, setting a pace, your ass meeting his hips and claps with each thrust. "You're so big" You whine, their cocks so big that even just one of them inside you is almost too much. They both rock into you, neither one moving too hard or too fast, slow and so good, like a slow roll of pleasure that keeps coming, mounting higher and higher with each pass of Toji's cock over your g-spot and each stroke of Sukuna deep inside you.
Under normal circumstances, you would have been embarrassed about how wound up you were, but with them, you couldn鈥檛 bring yourself to feel that way. Toji's hands pressed your legs even further into your chest, sandwiching you in between the two men, hammering their cocks deeper into your swelling cunt, the change in angle abusing your g-spot even more, as a feeling all so familiar began to coil in the pit of your stomach.
Both Sukuna and Toji jolt inside you, fucking you just a bit faster, as if they sensed your upcoming climax. The more they pressed your body together, you could feel them sinking in deeper and deeper. Your eyes roll back at the way Sukuna's cock pounds inside you, pressing so deep and upward with Toji relentlessly pumping into you, gripping your hips tight as he fucks you deep and senseless.
"God, you're so cute" Toji pants against your tits and you scowl at the term 'cute'. "S-Shut up, you cranky-old asshole" you spit, glaring at him through your lashes as Toji chuckles, slightly lifting his head, his dark eyes looming over yours. "You and that man under you..." He moves forward, grinding into you. "We're the same age, angel" You hiss when he delivers an extremely hard thrust into your pussy, forcing the tip of his cock to kiss your cervix deliciously. Sukuna laughs from below you, both men mocking the brat that has just revealed itself, instead of getting mad at it.
You're almost weeping at how well they work your body.聽Your tits rub raw against Toji's clothed chest and he realizes that it's already past his shift, the risk of his colleague walking in to the sound of skin clapping and grunting increasing with each animalistic thrust. You鈥檙e trying hard not to spill fat tears of pleasure as the men continued their assault on your pussy.
Toji's hand sweeps down your belly, feeling the tip of his cock plunging in and out as tries hard not to think of what your babies might look like. The thought of breeding such a cute pussy like yours implanted deep inside the depths of his dark fantasy.
"Fuck, don't you dare cum inside her." Sukuna warned, as if he just read his mind, scowling at the grin that curled on Toji's lips, feeling the way Sukuna's cock twitches under the heat of his palm and you whimper seeing the soft rise of his cock against your belly "What a shame" Toji's pace fastened, nearing his release. "Would've loved a second mini me running out" his second? "You'd like that though, huh? being bred." Your walls tighten hearing the filthy words spilling from his lips.
"G-Gonna cum" You cry, as your eyes squeezed shut. "Yeah? Fuck, you鈥檙e gonna cum for me?" Sukuna growled, his dick ramming balls deep into your cunt. Toji continued fucking you in a rapid pace. "Toji.." Sukuna hissed, glaring at Toji who still hasn't made a move to pull out. His warning falls deaf on your ears as you鈥檙e cumming and pulsating around their thickness instantly. Everything went white, you were unable to feel anything except the overwhelming pleasure that took over your system.
Sukuna groaned, shooting his hot cum inside your abused walls for the second time this night. "Good fucking girl," Toji praises. "Your cunt is so good to me" The nickname has your walls clenching even tighter around his cock. At this rate, he's gonna end up creamping you.
He instantly began groaning as he pulls his cock free from the vice-grip of your cunt and jerks himself twice to completion, allowing his hot seed to splatter against the tender flesh of your tits where he鈥檚 left a clear hickey.
When you finally returned to earth, Sukuna was carefully pulling out of your still-spasming hole. His hot cum leaked out, being pushed onto your ass and down the floor by your clenching. Toji was a sweating, panting mess, you noticed as he got up from the ground, quickly stuffing his dripping cock back inside and zipping his pants up, right before you heard a muffled beep, followed by a metal door opening at the end of the hall. "Well, this is my cue to leave" Toji chuckled, bending down to press a quick peck on your lips. "We'll continue this someday" He winked at you and waved at Sukuna, who just mouthed an unbothered "Fuck off" as he sat up, pulling you with him.
You were still hazy, the orgasm nearly causing you to black out at its force as you watched Toji carefully walking out locking the door, leaving you and Sukuna alone in your cell again. Eavesdropping to the conversation Toji and the other man were having.
"Is everything alright? They didn't cause any trouble, did they?" The man asked, upon seeing Toji fidgeting with the keys in the lock. "Nah, thought I heard something, so I came for a quick check up" Toji lied, putting the keys back in his pockets. "And?"
"They were sleeping" He continued strolling down the corridor, his colleague catching a brief glance to your cell before hastily walking up towards Toji. "Ah, by the way, this might be random, but can you please convey my thanks to your wife for the pie she brought here last time? I might add, it was a very delicate one, too" He said, smiling politely when Toji dismissed him by waving his hand "Sure thing."
Beside you, Sukuna was chuckling silently, taking in your shocked expression. "You heard that, doll? A wife. You just fucked a married man" You turned towards him with a sigh. "And you let me."
Sukuna grinned in response, wrapping his arms around your figure. "Hell yeah I did."
漏 kyscaqe 鈳 all rights reserved
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really like these two
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*softly* fuck
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Miscellaneous jjk text posts I forgot I made months ago 馃拃
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鈥淣ice. That鈥檚 it. So this is when you start burning through your life! Now I see. Well, in that case... show me, Fushiguro Megumi!鈥
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to @jaegerists聽馃専 from your @animangasecretsanta聽santita聽馃巺馃巹馃巵
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been havin a rough couple of days so did some busts 2 shut my brain off :>
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Hello Kitty! Sukuna
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black magic [02]
Tumblr media Tumblr media
request. arranged marriage + enemies to lovers (sukuna is a simp and lowkey a housewife) + sukuna鈥檚 first time with his wife
cw. slight angst, insecurities, lots of making out, virginity loss, fingering, oral (f receiving), multiple orgasm, sukuna worships reader, spitting, cum eating, teasing! sukuna, face-off kamasutra position, soft dom! sukuna, unedited fic, pwp
song inspo. leave the door open (bruno mars)
note. i want a husband sukuna聽
part one | part two
Tumblr media
Sukuna gently takes your palm into his, soft and warm lips meeting your bruised knuckles that have seen years of hard work in exorcising curses like him. Uncanny that he showed so much affection to his enemy by nature, treating you with such care and tenderness that shouldn鈥檛 have been so possible for an evil creature like him. You鈥檙e supposed to love it, be grateful for it, yet his sweet gestures only irritate you, even more so when he retires to bed just like that without even so much sparing a glance your way.
You鈥檝e been married for a year now that you鈥檝e had enough of his confusing gestures towards you. One moment, he was showering you with love, regarding you like you were the light of his life before he鈥檚 walking away the next moment and pretending you don鈥檛 exist.
He was so infuriating. He would kiss you and hold you, but never touch you or be in the same room with you any longer than an hour. Even in bed, he鈥檚 always making sure his back is turned to you, peeling your arms off of him each time you attempt to cuddle him on times it got too cold. It hurts and dwells dangerously at the back of your mind 鈥 it would鈥檝e been better if he got angry at you and announced he despised you, but he never did 鈥 that his hot and cold nature bothered you more than anything else.
You鈥檝e eventually had enough that you just stopped caring. Barging in during his bath time, your nostrils flare upon seeing your husband so relaxed in the tub. Even after a year of marriage, he鈥檚 so unaffected and unaware by your need for him.
He really doesn鈥檛 care.
鈥淟ittle one,鈥 Sukuna blinks as he sits up from the tub, strong arms hanging off the edges of the bed. You admit; he really was beautiful and a desirable man that you couldn鈥檛 help it, couldn鈥檛 help but crave the one thing you knew you weren鈥檛 supposed to have. 鈥淲hat鈥檚 wrong?鈥
鈥淒o you not want me?鈥 you suddenly demand, tears already streaming down your face faster than you would like. Hell, you never wanted to cry in the first place. 鈥淎m I not desirable enough for you?鈥
Sukuna chuckles nervously.
Oh, great, now he鈥檚 nervous around you?
鈥淲hat are you going on about?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 act like I don鈥檛 know what you鈥檙e doing,鈥 you snap, 鈥淓very time we go to bed, you always put some distance between us and keep to your side of the bed. You push me away when I try to reach for you and you never touch me or kiss me on the lips. I-I understand this marriage was against your will, but I鈥檓 still your wife and I need you, okay?鈥 chest tightening uncomfortably, you place a hand over your poor, aching heart that is further crippled when Sukuna鈥檚 face falls. 鈥淚 just feel like...you鈥檙e sickened by me, like you cannot stand to be with me in the same room as me. It makes me feel like...it would鈥檝e been better if I wasn鈥檛 here.鈥
You don鈥檛 know what kind of response you鈥檙e expecting from him after your outburst, but definitely not him standing up to loom over you. You respectfully avert your eyes from the sinful image of water dripping down his defined body, but it鈥檚 too late and he鈥檚 too close already that you won鈥檛 be surprised if he can hear your heartbeat pumping frantically.
He was large and imposing, truly a terrifying sight right before you especially with his tattoos that trail and wrap all around his muscular thighs, yet you鈥檙e not nervous because he could hurt you.
Rather, you鈥檙e agitated because he鈥檚 so close, so within reach that if you step a little closer, you could easily find the warmth you鈥檝e been dreaming of for so long.
You鈥檙e frustrated because you want him though you shouldn鈥檛.
Just then, Sukuna caresses your cheek and pulls the both of you back in the tub with you above him, and him lazily grinning above you. You gasp, abashed, that your clothes were soaked to the brim and it stuck close to your damp skin until it took the shape of your silhouette. Sukuna, on the other hand, is completely unbothered as he eyes your pebbled nipples poking through the thin material of your nightgown and simply drags you forward on his thighs.
鈥淵ou really have no idea, do you?鈥 he whispers lowly, his long claws carefully tracing down the sides of your jaw. 鈥淢y innocent, little lamb...the reason I distance myself from you is because every waking day that you are right beside me, my self-restraint thins, and I鈥檓 not sure I can hold back a little longer from you taming me,鈥 Sukuna鈥檚 dark eyes brims with something unreadable as he holds your gaze. The look he wears is beyond intense that he takes your breath away, literally, and you鈥檙e left gaping at him silently. 鈥淚 push you away because I want you more than anything else, but I respect you and I don鈥檛 want to hurt you.鈥
鈥淵ou-you want me?鈥
鈥淐learly, little one, you鈥檙e inherently unaware of how captivating you are,鈥 Sukuna says as if if it鈥檚 the most obvious thing in the world, and you shiver at his words 鈥 or from the cold water, you don鈥檛 really know. 鈥淪top looking at me like you want me to kiss you. I may not stop once I get a taste of you. Like I said before 鈥 I won鈥檛 touch you unless you asked.鈥
You do remember him saying that from your first time together, but your head goes blank, and no words leave your lips even as you mouth nonsense.
Sukuna taps your lips. 鈥淪peak, little one. You need to use your big girl words.鈥
鈥淜iss me,鈥 you vociferated in one breath, desperately clutching on your thighs. 鈥淧lease.鈥
For a moment, you think he鈥檚 going to push you away as his eyes narrow into suspicion, but soon he鈥檚 tugging at your collar to bring you down for a heated kiss. Sukuna is tugging your robes down until your collarbones are exposed, his tongue and lips leaving yours to leave marks and love bites all over the patch of skin instead. You tug at his hair as you crane your neck to the side, succumbing to the undeniable pleasure his warmth and greediness consumes you with.
Grinding down on his groin, you notice he鈥檚 already hard. Hard for you, and this realization makes you kiss him back hungrily as you whimper above him.
Sukuna is feverishly sucking on your tongue and pawing at your breasts the next instant before the spell is immediately broken just as it happened. For before you could reciprocate the same amount of eagerness he kissed you with, Sukuna is already sliding you off of him until you鈥檙e on the other side of the tub, left staring at him wordlessly with his lips red and swollen.
鈥淣ot today, little one. I think that鈥檚 enough.鈥
You hear your heart shatter into pieces. Pride; it was about the only thing you had, but it seemed even that had been taken away from you.
鈥淵ou really don鈥檛 want me.鈥
Your voice cracked as your eyes began to tear up.
鈥淣o, love, that鈥檚 not what I meant,鈥 he groans into his hands, 鈥淏elieve me, I鈥檇 spent enough nights sweaty and frustrated knowing I can鈥檛 ravish you and have those lush thighs around me already,鈥 waiting for him to continue, Sukuna sighs and holds you closer, though he could only caress your knee right now that you鈥檙e wary of getting hurt again. 鈥淭his is your first time, okay? I want to make it special for you 鈥 you鈥檙e not experiencing bliss with me if it happens impulsively with you barging in my bath.鈥
Something like hope lights up inside you.
鈥淵-you鈥檒l really do that for me?鈥
鈥淭ch, brat, don鈥檛 go all soft on me now. I wouldn鈥檛 suggest testing my patience even further,鈥 he playfully flicks your forehead when you tried to kiss him again, but Sukuna is already tilting his cheek to other side before you could. You would鈥檝e been heartbroken again that he鈥檚 refused you, but his words held more than reassurance 鈥 and so did his uncomfortably hard cock 鈥 that all previous insecurities vanished into thin air.
Sukuna grabs you by the waist to plant your feet on the ground outside the tub, carrying you as if you were nothing more than a ragdoll to him. 鈥淣ow go and get changed. I鈥檒l fuck you another time.鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 say it like that!鈥
鈥淢y deepest apologies, little one,鈥 he commented sarcastically with a roll of his eyes, though his smile turned genuinely warm the last minute. 鈥淚鈥檒l make love to you when you鈥檙e ready.鈥
Tumblr media
He must鈥檝e lied.
You鈥檙e annoyed because Sukuna is intentionally avoiding you and acting like you don鈥檛 exist. Pissed off, you go into a curse exorcising spree to get the King of Curses out of your mind, reminding yourself that he was vile like them and he didn鈥檛 deserve even a second of your time.
Although no matter how hard you tried, your mind still kept racing back to him even as you come back home, bloody and tired when you realize the temple is eerily quiet. Not a living soul could be found around, no servant fretted at your arrival and your husband most definitely did not lurk in the shadows like he usually did. The only sign the temple hadn鈥檛 been abandoned yet were the lines of candles trailing down the hall to your shared room with him, and you gasp as you see the petals decorating the bed and rose-scented candles lit everywhere.
Sukuna was nowhere to be seen.
But he was felt as he kisses your neck, his hands untying the knots of your yukata. You stiffen in reflex before relaxing as soon you recognize his scent. Behind you, Sukuna pauses, his lips still in the column of your neck.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e upset.鈥 He wasn鈥檛 asking; rather observing.
鈥淣ot anymore,鈥 you mumble in response, although you weren鈥檛 entirely convinced even as you come closer to the bed, your husband trailing behind with his pinky looped to yours. 鈥淒id you do all this for me?鈥
鈥淵es. Do you like it?鈥
鈥淚 love it, thank you,鈥 you hide your smile for him, not wanting him to see that it鈥檚 so easy to alleviate your anger to him. He has to earn your approval again, so you turn to him with a forced scowl and arms crossed against your chest. 鈥淏ut why were you ignoring me for days?鈥
You intended to look intimidating, but the King of Curses only laughed.
鈥淵ou look cute when you鈥檙e mad. Plus, it made you want me more than you already do, didn鈥檛 it?鈥 he chastised, the implications of his words making you pout in humiliation. Sukuna is quick to step closer to you, cupping your cheeks into his hand, and you hated how easily you leaned into his touch. Nevertheless, you turned away from him, using all your energy to muster your most serious 鈥業鈥檓 not bothered鈥 face.
鈥淎w, don鈥檛 be shy, it鈥檚 written all over your face, little one,鈥 he breathes on the shell of your ear, hands trailing down to lightly drape your clothes below your shoulders. Unable to hold it back, you end up shivering at his featherlike touches.
鈥淚t鈥檚 okay. I loved hearing your soft whimpers every time you touched yourself in the bath, thinking that I鈥檓 probably not around to hear, hm? You forget I sense everything,鈥 his laugh is mocking yet laced with lust, 鈥淔rom the frantic singing of your heart, the way you tense up a little when I鈥檓 around, or the way those beautiful legs of yours clench together each time my robe is a little loosened,鈥 Sukuna dips his nose right under your jaw where his tongue darts out to lick a flat stripe down your neck, and just like that, you鈥檙e breathlessly clutching on his white robes that are already unfastened. Damned tease.
鈥淓ven the smell of your arousal is enticing me to enrapture you right now, little one. I can practically hear the silent begging in that pretty little head of yours.鈥
You forgot how to breathe.
鈥淏-but I鈥檓 dirty, I just finished exorcising curses.鈥
鈥淲ould it be comedic if I said I am aroused at the thought my wife could easily end me right here and now?鈥 shaking your head at him, Sukuna smiles mysteriously. 鈥淏ut you won鈥檛, would you? You need me too much for that,鈥 he leans closer than he already was before, his lips just a breath away from yours. 鈥淭ell me, do you want me?鈥
鈥淵es,鈥 you whispered breathily, 鈥淧lease, Sukuna, touch me.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 my love to you.鈥
鈥淣ot Your Majesty?鈥
鈥淗mm, that is delightful to hear as well,鈥 he says, 鈥淏ut let鈥檚 our drop our titles. For now, whatever happens between us is intimately between man and wife. Now go clean up, little one. I鈥檒l be waiting for you once you鈥檙e ready.鈥
You waste no time into darting to the bath, scrubbing the blood and dirt on each nook and crevice of your body until you鈥檙e squeaky clean. You鈥檙e about to head back to bed when you quickly practice puckering your lips to make yourself look desirable, muttering hopefully flirty lines that would make your husband want you more before calling it quits from the embarrassment you caused upon yourself.
By the time you鈥檝e completely dried and moisturized yourself to absolute perfection that you鈥檙e confident of yourself, you find Sukuna emptily staring into the ceilings. 鈥淒one already? Someone鈥檚 eager.鈥
You roll your eyes at him. Why did you like him again?
鈥淪hut up and kiss me.鈥
鈥淕ladly, little one,鈥 he confides, patting his thighs to encourage you to climb onto him. Now that things were actually getting real and your endless dreams would soon become reality, your palms grow sweaty as you settle yourself onto his lap. 鈥淵ou tell me right away if I鈥檓 hurting you, you understand? One word and I鈥檒l stop; though I doubt you鈥檒l be in your right mind to want to stop once I鈥檝e had my way with you.鈥
You don鈥檛 really understand much of what he鈥檚 saying anymore.
He鈥檚 kissing you so slowly, so passionately and you鈥檙e both undressing each other that nothing but desire and lust clouds your thoughts in that moment. You鈥檙e drunk on the sweet taste of him, his natural musky scent beyond intoxicating for your mortal self to handle. Too lost in the bliss of finally being intimate with him, you don鈥檛 realize Sukuna has already pushed your towel down until it pools at your waists. His sharp intake of breath is the only thing that pulls you back to reality as he greedily takes in each beautiful curve and dip of your body.
His stare is so fervid that you grow shy and cover yourself, where Sukuna quickly grips your wrist as a warning. 鈥淣o. You do not hide yourself from me.鈥
鈥淭hen stop staring too much.鈥
鈥淚s it a sin to appreciate divine beauty?鈥 he tilts his head to the side and blinks at you innocently. 鈥淵ou are ethereal, my wife.鈥
Before you could be too flustered to respond, Sukuna fortunately saves you from the embarrassment by kissing you again, though it doesn鈥檛 last long before his mouth is trailing from your collarbone and down to your breasts. You mewl as Sukuna eagerly sucks on one breast, the other showered with attention from his rough, calloused palms. Meanwhile, you push his clothes away to expose his strong shoulders which you use as leverage because his ministrations make you feel like you鈥檙e losing control over your own body.
Rolling your hips on his erect cock, Sukuna groans through your skin, squeezing your breast hard enough that you can鈥檛 take it anymore right after he tweaks your nipple. 鈥淟ove, please, I need you right now.鈥
鈥淧atience, little one,鈥 he reminds, 鈥淚 need to prepare you well.鈥
鈥淚鈥檝e been waiting for months, Sukuna, I鈥檓 sure I鈥檓 more than ready.鈥
鈥淓motionally, sure, but physically?鈥 he chuckles darkly, 鈥淟ittle one, do you not understand your nimble fingers cannot compare to my cock? I might hurt you if you鈥檙e not stretched out enough.鈥
鈥淭hen stop kissing me and start鈥斺 you鈥檙e cut off with a gasp, your nails sinking down harder into his skin the moment his fingers began to rub at your pussy. 鈥淵-your claws鈥斺
鈥淚 kept them for years, but I had to cut them just for you, little one. What do you have to say about that?鈥
鈥淭hank you,鈥 you offer with a breathy moan, head falling into his shoulder from the overwhelming yet welcomed intrusion. 鈥淥h, Sukuna, it鈥檚 too good, I can鈥檛.鈥
鈥淵es, you can,鈥 he bites the shell of your ear and tugs at the lobe, basically biting it between his teeth to distract you from another long and thick digit pushing past your walls. 鈥淥ne more?鈥
鈥淥-oh!鈥 his thumb has now joined the party by rubbing soothing circles on your clit, effortlessly pulling your lips aside with the rest of his digits to expose your sensitive bundles of nerves for him. Sukuna keeps his eyes on yours the whole time, watching and drinking in the face you make 鈥 pleasure written all over your features from the swollen lips, pupils blown wide, and desire pooling in swirls of curiosity and eagerness. It鈥檚 a face he never wants to forget; a face he wants to see more of that Sukuna eventually lays you down against the pillows, admiring how unreal you looked in that moment.
Hair splayed all over the pillow, legs spread wide open with his hands caressing your core, and a strong arm gripping his with small gasps accompanied by desperate calls for his name to do more, please you more 鈥 your words instantly translate into commands.
鈥淵ou are so beautiful,鈥 Sukuna praises rather angrily, 鈥淣ever forget that. Each inch of you, fuck, you are the most dangerous mortal, you know that?鈥
You don鈥檛 have time to react before he鈥檚 going down on you and spreads your legs apart, keeping them pinned down to the bed. The stretch hurts but he easily soothes your pain by massaging your inner thighs, crawling down to kiss your ankles, then licking all the way up to your knee where he stops for a second, only to happily be on your sopping cunt the next moment. He鈥檚 peppering barely there kisses to your inner thighs just on your outer lips, his breath warm and teasing on your heat.
It feels like he intends to ruin you tonight.
鈥淪ukuna, stop teasing!鈥
鈥淲hat do you want me to do, little one?鈥 he grins from between your legs, the vibrations of his chuckles resonating deep within your cunt that sporadically clenches right in front of his face that鈥檚 shamelessly imprinting your scent deep into his memory. 鈥淗ow can I make you feel good?鈥
鈥淵ou know how!鈥
鈥淵ou need to tell me so I know. I can鈥檛 read your mind.鈥
鈥淵our mouth...鈥
Sukuna鈥檚 smile grows wider the longer you struggle to find your words, but exactly how in the world could you say such vulgar things out loud? He is far more patient tonight than any other day, however, that Sukuna props himself to his elbows to peer up at you innocently. 鈥淲here do you want my mouth and what should I do with it?鈥
Swallowing the rest of your pride, you finally utter: 鈥淭-taste me...down there.鈥
鈥淗ere?鈥 he prods your clit, pulling a high-pitched gasp from you. Your husband鈥檚 smirk is nothing short of condescending just before he finally kisses your clit, sucking the bud into his mouth until you writhe before him. It takes minimal effort for someone of his strength to hold your legs in place, his grip just tight enough to be commanding. The thought of being completely in his mercy made your head spin in circles, your chest heaving up and down from the pleasure he was blessing yet torturing you with. 鈥淵ou鈥檙e so responsive, little one. I鈥檓 honoured I鈥檓 the one who gets to make you feel like this.鈥
鈥淢-more, please, I need more.鈥
You expect him to tease you further, but your husband must鈥檝e noticed that you鈥檙e too edged and decided to have pity on you. He doesn鈥檛 waste another second before he鈥檚 wrapping his lips around your pussy, treating it as if it were your own lips that always tasted like honey.
Sukuna is completely immersed in the act of pleasuring you with his tongue only, so much so that he鈥檚 silent aside from the little hums he lets out while you moan for him.
Unable to care about being too loud anymore (not that you needed to since Sukuna had made everyone go back home to give you both privacy) you find yourself throwing your head back, legs falling open wider to grant him deeper access to your most sensitive parts. Sukuna continues to massage your inner thighs and even drags the back of your knee to rest on his muscular back littered with battle scars and tattoos, the dark markings on his skin flexing with each movement. His eyes are closed and his nose is grazing against your swollen clit that had reddened already, your pussy lips opening up like a new world he had to explore, and explore he would.
Your hands find solace in his hair the shade of gentle sunsets that were often shared in lazy kisses and subtle touches, nails dragging across his scalp just enough to make your husband hiss right between your legs. Something begins to tighten in your belly as you grind your clit onto his face, too absorbed in the mind-numbing sensation of his tongue now poking against your entrance and the past barrier slowly blooming open to welcome him.
With shaking legs and a chest drenched in sweat, pebbled nipples further stimulated by the cold breeze drifting in from the windows, your eyes snap open as that rope snapped deep within your belly.
Your gaze shoots down below you to watch your husband ardently lapping your juices like a man starved. Now this wasn鈥檛 new to you 鈥 you鈥檝e heard enough about the King of Curses and his bloodlust. Whispers of his thirst and desire to slay entire towns and even feast on mortals鈥 souls was enough to keep you at bay when you were still a young sorcerer, for it was already a blatant warning that Sukuna would feed on anything and anyone, that his hunger was quite something that couldn鈥檛 be satiated.
But seeing him unhinged and a slave to pleasing you has never felt more erotic that you ride out your orgasm, toes curling and legs trembling every now and then from the aftershocks of your high.
Slowly, Sukuna darts out his tongue one last time just to leave a teasing touch to your clit before he鈥檚 crawling right above you again. The ceiling is obscured by his large frame hovering over you, arms trapped between your head and his gallant member poking just between your thighs. You end up shivering under him as your husband regards you 鈥 with affection, pride, curiosity 鈥 gentle in comparison to his true nature in caressing your cheek, both of you unbothered by the slick that meets your skin.
鈥淎re you okay?鈥 he breathes out, watching your fucked out smile bloom into a felicitous grin.
鈥淧erfect,鈥 you mumble, although rather shyly. You鈥檇 seen him naked before, but never hard, and never with the intention that soon you鈥檇 truly be connected 鈥 in heart, in body, in mind, and in soul. The thought makes your heart skip a beat, your eyelids growing hooded as Sukuna absentmindedly traces patterns on the curve of your hip. 鈥淪ukuna...you鈥檙e perfect.鈥
Your husband laughs, the sound of his glee contagious that you鈥檙e chuckling with him as well. 鈥淗ave you seen yourself, little one? I think I fall for you harder each day.鈥
His sudden confession brings about a silence in the room, but it wasn鈥檛 comfortable, and neither was it tense. If anything, it destroys any traces of previous hesitation and pent up anger that鈥檚 only been formed in the first place due to the fact he was Curse and you a sorcerer.
The nature of your relationship had been paradoxical to begin with, perhaps even beastly, but nothing was beastly about it now as you wrap an arm around his neck to bring him closer to you. And Sukuna was just that 鈥 the man, the Curse, the feared King whose simple mention of his name made mere mortals tremble 鈥 the same person that somehow understands your silence better than anyone. No words were needed when he could read your mind and knew his way around your heart a little too much, not once leaving his lips on yours as he sits on the edge of the bed and pulls you before him. Both of your skins are hot and flushed, yet you鈥檙e greedily touching and pulling at one another, his large palms clawing at your ass to pry your pussy lips open while you drag your nails down his chest.
He grunts into your mouth; the sound deep and masculine that it vibrates all the way down to your core. You gasp into his mouth 鈥 your breath immediately swallowed by his tongue that dances with yours 鈥 once you feel him slip inside.
The stretch is unlike anything you鈥檝e felt before.
You鈥檝e fought and exorcised countless of curses that pain was no stranger to you at this point, but never had you felt so...alien to a sensation both tragic and addicting. Pulling away to breathe air back into your lungs, your forehead knocks with Sukuna until your noses are brushing against the others, mouth hanging open as your walls struggle to accommodate him.
鈥淥h, oh god,鈥 you mewl above him, eyes wide open as you witness each inch of his cock disappearing from the motion of you swallowing his length whole. He was big; terrifyingly so, and you shake with fear that you wouldn鈥檛 be able to take him or that he might rip you apart. 鈥淪u-Sukuna鈥斺
鈥淵ou鈥檙e fine,鈥 he reassures by pulling your cheeks back to him, your delicate face trapped between his rough hands. Although his eyes are dark with lust, there鈥檚 a tenderness behind them that placates you. 鈥淵ou can tell me to stop if it hurts. Do you want me to stop?鈥
There鈥檚 no lie or hesitation behind your voice. Sukuna watches your face carefully to detect any sign of discomfort, but you want this, want him, and the pleasure combined with the tolerable sting only makes you desire him even more. The mere fact that there had to be pain and sacrifice, that you had to place your whole trust in him before you could truly succumb to the pleasure and love that created light and hope in this world was enough for you to want to keep going.
鈥淚鈥檓 okay,鈥 you tell him, and Sukuna wipes away the frown on your face with the pads of his fingers.
He allows you to go at your own pace until you鈥檙e completely seated on his cock, the heated member throbbing so hard inside you that you think he鈥檚 poking and prodding right deep into a place where you could hold him close the most.
It鈥檚 too much and too good that for once, you let your walls crash down as you bury yourself in his shoulder. Sukuna holds you closer by pulling you right into his chest, large arms wrapped around your frame while your breasts tease the rugged and taut muscles of his body. Even the slightest movement of you adjusting yourself on his lap makes his cock graze against your bumpy walls that you鈥檙e both moaning left and right. As you struggle to make sense of the sensations bursting within you, Sukuna鈥檚 self restraint hangs dangerously by a piece of thread. You can tell by how he鈥檚 cupping your ass and lifting your body up effortlessly before he slides you back down on his thick pole, that single, simple gesture repeated over and over again along with him bringing his hips back up to meet your warmth sending a scorching heat all over your body.
鈥淟ove, that鈥檚, fuck,鈥 you curse incoherently, and upon hearing a profanity leave your otherwise innocent lips makes something snap inside your husband.
Sukuna is gripping onto your hips for dear life as he bounces you up and down on his cock, tilting his head back just to scrutinize your connected bodies. A thick ring of white cream surrounds the base of his cock until it slides down on his veiny cock, sounds of skin slapping against skin and the loud squelching of your pussy even more beautiful than the screams mortals have moments right before their death in his hands. But Sukuna be damned 鈥 you felt too good that this might as well have been his death.
鈥淵ou feel so fucking good,鈥 he praises through gritted teeth, easily manhandling you and throwing you back on the bed where he鈥檚 on you in a second. 鈥淟ook at you, little one, taking my huge cock so well. It鈥檚 like you鈥檙e made just for me 鈥 you want to be with me, don鈥檛 you? I would please you, fuck you good every day, yes, fuck!鈥
Sukuna ended up hitting a spot that equated to uncharted territory, causing you to tighten around him with a sharp cry. 鈥淥h, right there, right there!鈥 you rub your clit for further stimulation, moaning louder when he hoists both your legs on his chest.
He presses your legs and hugs his around his arms, flipping it to the side until your feet are right beside his ears. Sukuna has gone completely feral 鈥 his pace and drive animalistic, growling like a predator consuming his prey before he softens, kissing your ankles just as he grips your legs to make them squish together. The sudden lack of space makes your pussy tighter and more sensitive for him that you鈥檙e fisting the sheets right beside you, too fucked out to even form a coherent sentence. You鈥檙e babbling mindlessly on how good he鈥檚 making you feel, completely limp and motionless under him from how deep he鈥檚 hitting.
鈥淧lease, please, please鈥斺 you cry out, reaching out just seconds away from your orgasm with the need to touch him. Sukuna gives in and lets go of your legs until they fall at your side, stretching you out further from when he leans forward to capture your lips in a kiss.
He鈥檚 caressing your cheeks and swipes a thumb over your tears, quite nearly folding your half. His balls are slapping against your ass the harder he thrusts inside you, but his hips are stuttering and he鈥檚 panting right beside your ear that you can tell he鈥檚 close. It prompts you to wiggle under him to wrap your legs around his waist, bringing him closer and clutching his scalp just to have him impossibly close, because even thinking about letting him go sounds too painful, especially now that he鈥檚 claimed you as his just as you鈥檝e marked him yours.
鈥淚 worship you,鈥 he blurts out with a few final thrusts that has you crumbling under him in a silent scream, your focus completely on his dark, passionate eyes as you came. Sukuna then laces his fingers through yours while he pumps himself inside you, your walls milking him of everything he鈥檚 got. 鈥淵ou are divine, my wife, you have bewitched me for eternity.鈥
鈥淪ukuna,鈥 you call out weakly, and he鈥檚 quick to litter kisses all over your face from your whimpers. 鈥淪ukuna-I-I鈥斺
鈥淪hh, I know, I know,鈥 Sukuna places a finger on your lips, letting you calm down from that earth shattering orgasm he just gave you. He pulls his spent dick out a minute later and scoops up your cum that鈥檚 spilling out from your pussy lips, his gaze never leaving yours the whole while he sucks his fingers inside his mouth. He鈥檚 so dirty and erotic that you鈥檙e clenching around nothing once more, but he shakes his head with a low chuckle as if he can sense you want more. Sukuna kisses you just to transfer the cum mixed with spit right onto your tongue, gripping your jaw when your eyes widen at him. 鈥淪wallow it, little one. That鈥檚 just a taste of what I could give to you.鈥
You don鈥檛 know what pulled you to actually swallow it 鈥 it tastes bitter and even a little salty, though it had a bittersweet tinge of scent to it that you don鈥檛 mind, especially not when Sukuna just stares at you like you鈥檙e most his prized possession.
Sukuna is right by your side the next moment. He鈥檚 tamed the next moment, pure comfort and bliss from the way he鈥檚 tenderly running his fingers up and down the sides of your body like he鈥檚 memorizing the feel of you around him. You both don鈥檛 say anything as you place your cheek right above his chest, arms locked on his chest in a desperate cling, but neither does he want you to let go. Sukuna threads his fingers on your hair before you feel his lips caress the crown of your head, mumbling sweet nothings right as you鈥檙e welcoming sleep.
Until he taps your breast.
鈥淟ittle one?鈥
鈥淲e never had our honeymoon, do we?鈥 he queries, and you twist your head to face him as your brows draw together in thought.
鈥淣o, I don鈥檛 think we did. I pushed you away from me on our first night together, remember?鈥
Sukuna鈥檚 eyes shone with mischief. 鈥淗ow could I forget? You tried to kill me right after our wedding,鈥 both of you share a laugh at the memory, though there were no more harsh feelings or contempt shared, only love, and love only. Sukuna softens under your gaze as your chuckles tinker down to a giggle, your finger teasingly drawing circles on his chest as you bite your lip. And like always, Sukuna knows you just a little too well. 鈥淚 know that look. What is it that you want, little one?鈥
鈥淢e?鈥 he repeats with a dark chuckle that sends heat right down to your womanhood. 鈥淵ou already have me, little one, your wish has been granted a long time ago.鈥
Your face burns. 鈥淚 mean, I want you. Again. One more.鈥
鈥淥ne more?鈥
鈥淥r maybe a lot more,鈥 you pipe up, but Sukuna鈥檚 smirk is growing more and more devious that your former tenacity soon dwindles down into meekness. 鈥淥-only if you want to. You must be tired.鈥
鈥淟ittle one, I鈥檓 the King of Curses, did you really think I would be tired from fucking my sweet little wife?鈥 At his words, Sukuna tilts your chin until you鈥檙e left with no choice but to be held captive under his lust. He leans down to teasingly bite your bottom lip, and you鈥檙e already breathing hard as you feel his hands begin to trail down to your core that鈥檚 more than eager to take him all over again. 鈥淟ike I said, I worship you, and I鈥檓 nothing but a bewitched man who would gladly fuck his wife as long as she asks.鈥
Safe to say, you couldn鈥檛 exorcise curses for quite some time.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
鈾 掳 鉁 R y o u m e n 聽S u k u n a 鉁 掳 鈾
鈥淩youmen Sukuna, with four arms and two faces, is a demon of legend. The truth is he was a human who actually existed, but that was over a thousand years ago. In the Golden Age of Jujutsu, Jujutsu聽Sorcerers had sharped their skills against him, but were ultimately defeated.聽鈥
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Tumblr media
Volume 14
The Shibuya Incident
- Judgement of Right and Wrong -
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Where can I buy one of these chairs?
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angelamajiki 3 months ago
mafia au sukuna where he doesn鈥檛 tell his wife what he does and forbids his men as well bcus he thinks she鈥檚 too precious. somehow she finds out and leaves him. only for him to find, kidnap and 鈥渞e-educate鈥 her. re-education meaning 1) she learns how his love for her is set permanently to unhealthily obsessive and 2) she is tied face down, ass up to a king sized bed and he eats her holes until her legs give out. and you know yandere, breeding kink, mommy/daddy kink. all the good stuff
cw: kidnapping, noncon, mentions of torture and suicide, mentions of forced pregnancies
a/n: baes take this while i attempt to finish this kinktober fic </3
mmm making me think of his wife trying to surprise him one day when he鈥檚 at work and stumbles upon something鈥nsavory at his place of business. did she mean to find her husband and his 鈥渃o-worker鈥 mahito in the midst of the torture of a young man who happened to be late with his payments? of course not. did that make it any better? of course not.
the lunch you made him was all but forgotten when you dropped it and was already running out of the room before it hit the ground. sukuna knew this day would come eventually, but to have to see you witness his work done by his own hands enraged him. you weren鈥檛 supposed to fear him like his men or clients do. whatever fool let you slip past them and into his office would pay dearly once he鈥檚 caught you.
poor thing, so fragile and frightened even days after your accidental encounter. he wasn鈥檛 surprised at the emptiness of his home when he came rushing in. all of your belongings were just as you'd left them the morning of, but the house was cold without your cooking and lounging about. he knows you must be terrified to return to him, but he's determined to show you there was nothing to fear when you were in his arms.
finding you at such a dingy place disgusted him, mostly because he couldn't stand the sight of you not being absolutely spoiled by him. it was a smart move to check into a motel with cash and a fake name, but not smart enough to trick him. he tried to be apologetic and comforting when he forced you into his car, shushing your crying and begging with kisses, containing your thrashing with a suffocating embrace. thankfully, you tired yourself out before arriving back at home.
and he certainly wasn鈥檛 expected a warm welcome when you awoke back in your bed with nothing but his shirt and restraints on your body. it wasn鈥檛 like he wanted to gag you, but he knew your crying would just interrupt the talk he would need to have with you. the cat was already out of the bag, so there was no need to beat around the bush.
he tried to be good to you, he really did. shielding you from his true desires and line of work was only going to make you happier with him, but you had to go and mess it up. but it鈥檚 okay, he's not mad. really! it just means he gets to show you just how deeply he loves you. he鈥檇 kill himself before ever thinking about raising a hand to you, but your family and what few friends he鈥檚 been so generous in letting you keep? who's to say they wouldn鈥檛 get caught in the crossfire if you decided to run away again.
see, can't he be good for you? making you moan and cry out so sweetly for him. sure these hands have killed countless people, but for you, he wants them to bring you endless adoration and pleasure. nursing on your pretty little clit until you were writhing and shaking left him satisfied knowing just how well he understood your body, understood you and your needs.
鈥渓ook at you, pretty girl. your body does well to remember who owns this spoiled cunt.鈥
maybe this all started because you were feeling lonely while he was busy being the breadwinner. that's okay, sweetheart, he's more than happy to give you a family to keep you company when he's not around <3
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blackgrlficsnthings 3 months ago
JJK +watching their SO go feral
Their reaction to seeing you at your absolute most unhinged
Warnings: Blood, gore, violence
Gojo Satoru
You were faced with impossible odds. You knew this was by design. Sending you alone to handle a special grade curse? The higher ups meant for you to die. And why would they want that you dead? To break Satoru. You stared at the gaping maw of the curse in front of you.
鈥淲ould you like to know a secret,鈥 you coo as you pick yourself up from the ground. The taste of rust and salt clings heavily to your tongue. Every breath hurts like hell. Your body is screaming for you to stop, to roll over and die already but you can鈥檛. You don鈥檛 have it in you to just give up, not when that means leaving Satoru alone, not when that means being weak. 鈥淚鈥檓 not really a grade one you know?鈥 You wipe your face with your sleeve and drop your weapon, 鈥淪atoru鈥檚 going to be upset I showed my hand like this but I think he鈥檒l forgive me.鈥
The smile you give the special grade curse makes it pause looking into your dark eyes trying to understand the sudden exponential increase in cursed energy is nearly crushing. 鈥淐ursed technique open: Abyss. Cursed technique open: Rift鈥
Gojo felt the shift in energy miles away. He glared at the old man in front of him in contempt. He鈥檇 been called into an urgent meeting. The entire time he was sitting with Youshinobu he couldn鈥檛 understand the point of the visit. Now he did, it was to get you alone.
鈥淵ou should be careful of the enemies you make, Gojo. It can hurt the people you love.鈥 Youshinobu says cryptically. Gojo doesn鈥檛 even bother responding he鈥檚 teleporting to you as fast as he can.
Imagine Gojo鈥檚 surprise as he hears you laughing maniacally. The sheer weight of cursed energy in the building you were on top of could bring a lesser curse user to their knees. It鈥檚 all you and he knows it. He鈥檚 always told you to keep a lid on your power, without the protection of a powerful clan the higher ups would do everything they could to bend you to their will.
He makes it up to the roof to see you open up a black hole in the middle of the curse鈥檚 chest. Your laughter echoes in the night as the thing looks at you with wide fearful eyes. And for a moment Gojo can鈥檛 move. He鈥檚 always sensed your power, never seen it in action. The pure destruction your capable of is awe inspiring. He can see your face through the hole in the curse. Your covered in blood and guts but the bright white of your smile is easily apparent.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e weak,鈥 you cackle going to the curse and seizing its head, 鈥渋f you鈥檇 lasted a little longer I was going to show you domain expansion. But you don鈥檛 deserve it,鈥 you spit in its face and as it tried to attack you with the last of its strength you ripped it apart with a simple phrase, eyes going black as you spoke, 鈥淐ursed technique: Black hole.鈥
That just left you and Gojo. He was still frozen as he watched you shake your hands free of the blood and guts. You let your head lull back and you smoothed your hair out of your face smiling up into the moonlight. And you laugh again.
Gojo calls out for you then, running over to wrap his arms around you. He knows what that power feels like while it鈥檚 still coursing through your veins. You鈥檙e so much his opposite that the two of you are two sides of the same coin. The abyss is much like infinity. If infinity is everything and nothing then the abyss is nothing and everything. Black is the absorption of all color and white is the rejection of it all. He knows what it feels like.
鈥淟ook at me,鈥 he coaxes as he pulls his blindfold off. You open your eyes to see his impossibly blue eyes staring into your impossibly black ones, 鈥淐ome back to me.鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 here,鈥 you breathe, 鈥淚鈥檓 here.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 kind of hot watching you go off like that,鈥 he teases holding your face in his hands. He presses his forehead against yours before kissing you, not minding the taste of your blood in your mouth or the way he was ruining his clothes with blood by holding you so close.
He likes knowing he鈥檚 met his match. He鈥檚 found an equally strong sorcerer and they鈥檙e just as crazy, just as reckless, and he has never been more in love.
Nanami Kento
Yes, Nanami asked you to look after the first years. They were children they needed protection, but you weren鈥檛 going to sit back and watch this curse kill your husband. It would just move on and hurt you and the kids any way.
The only thing that can push you to the edge of humanity is being faced with the possibility of losing your husband. The two of you are so in love that you feel like two halves of a whole. You can鈥檛 go on without him. You don鈥檛 want to.
Seeing your husband bloody and tired, fighting against more curses than he had any hope of winning was too much for you. The kids have been through hell already and you鈥檙e so afraid for these kids and your husband. Then Nanami turns and tells you to take the kids and run. And you snap. You鈥檙e not leaving him behind. You square your shoulders and take a deep breath
鈥淵ou kids get out of here,鈥 you say softly without turning to look at them. You hear them gasp.
The moment you step away from the kids, Yuji grabs your wrist begging you to run like Nanami asked. As far as the kids know you鈥檙e just their sweet sensei. They don鈥檛 even fully understand your cursed technique. They know that Gojo described you as an amplifier with a large area of effect. They know that Gojo always says the two of you are matched well together and together you鈥檙e nearly unbeatable.
鈥淚 asked you to run!鈥 Nanami grits out at you when he notices you running towards him.
鈥淚t鈥檚 til death do us part right? I don鈥檛 wanna part yet鈥 You respond, 鈥渄omain expansion.鈥
The kids realize what you鈥檝e done not because you explain it but because they can feel it. If Nanami is a sniper, going for one particular weak point at a time, you鈥檙e a carpet bomb. A rolling wave of devastation, it鈥檚 sloppy and dangerous if there was any other choice you wouldn鈥檛 risk it but as it stands there鈥檚 no other choice. The kids understand why you asked them to leave. They may be collateral if they don鈥檛 move
You and Nanami fight in tandem. You make it impossible for the curses to fend off Nanami with every blow you deal. Both of you are more in your element than you鈥檝e ever been. It鈥檚 like watching a dance the two of you circling each target and neatly dodging every attack.
It鈥檚 as terrifying as it is beautiful. And the kids can鈥檛 help but be grateful they鈥檙e not on the receiving end of the smack down the two of you are administering.
At the end of it all you鈥檙e dead tired. Opening your domain is extremely inefficient energy wise. You collapse with the domain but Nanami catches you.
鈥淒ammit, Y/N, you pushed yourself too far!鈥 He scolds watching you wretch up blood. He holds you close to him kissing your temple, grateful that the two of you are still together.
鈥淎s long鈥 as long as everyone鈥檚 safe,鈥 you croak.
Nanami is bad off as well but he won鈥檛 leave you and it鈥檚 fine he won鈥檛 have to. Yuji scoops you up and hurried out of the building with you to get you help.
Ryoumen Sukuna
It鈥檚 the least cute meet-cute in the world but the moment he sees you in action he has to have you. He really only respects power and watching you slaughter a whole village of people, curse users and all, is more than enough power to catch his eye.
To be fair you have your reasons. The clan in charge had been nothing but cruel to you and once you honed your cursed technique and consumed a cursed object or two, you were ready to do something long overdue.
Sukuna planned on dealing with the clan of sorcerers but when he walked in and saw you put your hand through a sorcerers chest, rip out his heart and take a bite out of it鈥 well he didn鈥檛 believe in love at first sight but it made a pretty picture. The view of perfectly white fangs surrounded by plump beautiful lips as you smiled should have been a painting.
You were drenched in blood when you were done and as you walked down the road out of the village Sukuna stood in front of you.
鈥淟ook at you, little one. Aren鈥檛 you a horrible sight?鈥
You鈥檇 cocked your head to the side looking him over he watched you realize who he was with a smug smile. 鈥淜ing of Curses, have you come to kill me?鈥
鈥淜ill you? I鈥檝e come to thank you. I鈥檇 been meaning to get rid of these insects. You did it for me. You鈥檙e a natural killer, little one. I could use someone like you.鈥
鈥淢y business here was personal. I have no desire to kill for you,鈥 you say in a flat voice.
However even though he lets you go, he keeps an eye in you. He likes you. And he only likes you more as you gain a reputation for being almost as ruthless as him. He does test you, wondering if you mean to surpass him but he quickly realize you only wish for mortals to leave you alone. So the next time you meet he assures you that with him, no one would ever be so bold as to approach you.
It鈥檚 a deal you can鈥檛 pass up.
Fushiguro Toji
You鈥檙e not a curse user. You鈥檙e just a killer. To be honest. No amount of sentimentality can push you over the edge but someone fucking with your money? That鈥檒l do it.
His hand was on his gun, ready to get you your money the moment the person who hired you told you to walk away or die. Every gun in the place was pointed at the two of you. The odds were still in his favor, he figured. The last thing he expected was for you to pull out a detonator.
鈥淚 knew you鈥檇 try to play games. So here鈥檚 the deal, you are going to give me $50,000 now for trying me and if you don鈥檛 deliver I鈥檒l kill everyone in this goddamn room.鈥 You smile sweetly holding the remote up gingerly.
Toji鈥檚 eyes went wide because what the fuck did you mean by everyone???
鈥淵ou鈥檙e bluffing,鈥 the man said. Your smile only widened.
鈥淥h I was hoping you鈥檇 say that.鈥 You pressed the button, Toji gasped, shocked that you did it so carelessly. The building shook as an explosion went off, blowing up the west wing of the extensive mansion.
鈥淗oly shit. Are you out of your damn mind?鈥 Toji complains staring at you incredulously only to see you leaning into the man who owed you money. Toji points his gun at you, unwilling to die because you aren鈥檛 getting your money. You lock eyes with Toji as you speak in the man鈥檚 ear. 鈥淭ime is ticking. My trigger finger鈥檚 getting itchy.
鈥淕et- get the money!鈥 The man yelled to his goons. You waited until they brought you a briefcase of money then you pulled your gun.
鈥淧leasure doing business, bitch.鈥 And then toji watches you put a bullet right between that fucker鈥檚 eyes and all he can think is 鈥淲ow what a woman?鈥
He catches glimpses of you as the two of you mow through the guards trying to retaliate for killing their boss. Every time he sees blood spray across your face as your shoot someone close range he can鈥檛 help but be more enamored.
Even better when you run out of bullets you start using your gun as a bludgeon. Your having far too much fun, grinning as red paints your face, all while beating some guy so bad even his mother won鈥檛 recognize him. It鈥檚 incredibly hot to see.
The two of you meet outside after it all. You encourage him to move far away from the building. And when you two finally stop he grabs you by the throat to kiss you rough and sloppy.Mid-kiss you press the detonator, and he jumps and turns as the place explodes.
鈥淵ou crazy bitch,鈥 he breathes before kissing you again
Itadori Yuji
Sukuna has taken over and he鈥檚 threatening your friends. He鈥檚 already ripped out your boyfriend鈥檚 heart. As far as you鈥檙e concerned, you have nothing to lose. You can鈥檛 bear to lose Yuji. You told Megumi to run with Nobara and get her help. You鈥檙e the only thing standing in between Sukuna and your friends. Staring at this menace wearing your boyfriend鈥檚 face makes you physically ill, knowing he could switch out with Yuji at any moment if you used your regular attacks makes you feel even sicker. And so you know what you have to do. You just hope it doesn鈥檛 kill you.
鈥淎w, are you going to cry? You鈥檙e not even going to fight? You should know, that little idiot is losing his mind, begging me not to hurt you.鈥 Sukuna taunts as he comes near you watching as you just stare at him with wide eyes.
鈥淗e can hear everything happening?鈥 You ask.
鈥淓very scream, every bone I snap-鈥
鈥淚m sorry Yuuji. I hope I鈥檓 gonna end this鈥 I-I love you,鈥 You breathe and the moment Sukuna is within arms length you put your hand in the hole where Yuji鈥檚 heart should be. It鈥檚 a blood technique that Shoko has warned you about using but you have no choice. If you are going to lose your boyfriend then you are not going to lose your friends too. 鈥淐ursed blood technique: empath.鈥
Sukuna is affronted, he felt you touch his soul. He鈥檚 so offended by the action he doesn鈥檛 even think before he moves to maim you. But the nature of your cursed technique was so that everything that was done to you fell upon the attacker ten fold. He slashed threw your middle. Blood poured from you abdomen but Sukuna fell to his knees as his body threatened to tear in two.
He looked at you with wide eyes, equal amounts of fear and intrigue. You lie on the floor bleeding out until Sukuna used his reverse curse energy to heal and you healed too. You鈥檇 forced him to heel Yuji. With one touch you鈥檇 ensured that whatever happened to you would cause soul deep damage to him. You explained this much to him, therefore doubling the effects. And so you threw yourself at him again.
You know you don鈥檛 have a chance at beating Sukuna, but you鈥檙e hoping someone will come help. Or maybe Yuji can regain control if Sukuna is weakened. While you can鈥檛 be physically killed this way the sheer amount of cursed energy your wielding is too much for you to sustain.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e going to be an interesting opponent,鈥 he smiled as he held you by the throat, 鈥淲e鈥檒l meet again.鈥
He switched back with Yuji while still holding you aloft by the throat. Yuji let you go immediately but had to lunge forward to catch you as your legs gave out underneath you. You were spent.
When you鈥檙e getting help from Shoko, Yuji is right there with you and only once you鈥檙e feeling good again will he mention that Sukuna was a little afraid of you. You were making him suffer more than he was willing to endure.
Fushiguro Megumi
You鈥檙e on your own. Walking into the hospital was a mistake. You wound up in a curse鈥檚 domain. It was time to sink or swim and the only thing you could think to do was open up your own domain. It wasn鈥檛 something you were sure you could do but if you didn鈥檛, you were going to die.
鈥淒omain expansion: Threads of fate,鈥 you breathe you can feel the resistance of cursed energy from the curse鈥檚 domain fighting against your own but you push past it gritting your teeth and willing your energy to be stronger
From the outside Megumi is running towards you. The demon dogs have sniffed you out and he鈥檚 following them. When he comes across the bubble of a curse鈥檚 domain, his heart drops. The demon dogs stop, scratching at the boundary. He knows you鈥檙e in there.
Just when he thinks all hope is lost the bubble burst, cursed energy splintering like crystal shards. He uses his arms to protect his face. He is not prepared for what he sees
You stand across from the curse your own domain sprawling out like webs of threads under foot. You let out a surprised, slightly manic laugh because you鈥檙e not dead. And sure the domain is piss poor and half formed- a mess of half strung red thread- but you鈥檙e alive.
鈥淔uck! It鈥檚 shit work but it鈥檒l do in a pinch!鈥 You cackle before pulling out your scissors.
Megumi watches with equal amount of horror and awe as you use your cursed technique to tear this curse apart at the seams. It鈥檚 messy and the thing goes down fighting but you win and the threads dissipate leaving you lying in the middle of all the carnage, tired as hell.
Megumi goes to you then, 鈥淎re you alright?鈥 And you flick him in the forehead for asking such a stupid question. You are literally bleeding out. 鈥淩ight, stupid question. Come on, we have to get out of here.鈥
He picks you up to carry you out but he can鈥檛 stop thinking about how his sweet little girlfriend really just took on a curse like that by herself. He understood that your cursed technique made it easy for you to snip apart your opponent.
He does tell Gojo that you managed to over power a curse鈥檚 domain and open your own which is something he regrets almost immediately because Gojo is immediately pestering you about it while you鈥檙e trying to recover from getting your ass beat.
鈥淵ou鈥檙e my new star pupil!鈥 Gojo cheers, 鈥渟ensei鈥檚 so proud of you!鈥 You give him a weak smile just to be kind and Megumi is already telling him to leave you alone so that you can recover.
Megumi鈥檚 glad you鈥檙e okay, and he takes this as motivation to get stronger to protect the people he loves.
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Tumblr media
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I present to you: the main characters
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pick ur poison 馃崿馃嵀
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