that--funny--feeling · 2 days ago
Crows did really say "Yes, this is Shadow&bone, not Six of crows, but we steal the show anyway like the thieves we are".
And S2 hasn't even aired!
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letsgofortacos · 2 days ago
father and son
Tumblr media
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oatm3al-c00kies · a day ago
i’m going to go absolutely fucking feral when kaz brekker getting beat up by the dregs and him beating the shit out of them in return comes to life onscreen-
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darklesmylove · 2 days ago
me watching the crows finally all together in season two of shadow and bone:
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tessasclockworkangel · 2 days ago
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goose777 · 2 days ago
but Dani’s hashtag?? “Bacaww Bacaww Bitches” that is some nina shit right there 
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no mourners, no funerals.
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genya-ruination-safin · 2 days ago
New photos!
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I honestly can't believe this is real, I love the crows so much and they mean the world to me. Seeing them all together makes me so happy. DJEDNDKSMSNDEMJLM
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kayjustvibes · a day ago
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i’m dead i’m dying omg unfollow me bc this is gonna be the only thing i talk about ever look at them omg omg dead
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gvlimvtivs · 2 days ago
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todays mood
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peanuts-and-pickles · 8 hours ago
Why kaz brekker is the best™:
- he cares (sometimes) 
- wears suits just to mock the rich people who actually wear suits
-broke his leg ROBBING A BANK (at age 14)
-so he got a cane specifically made to brake bones (he will whack you-be warned)
-is obsessed with crows
-supports women
-doesnt like to be touched so back the fuck up please
-in his free time he practices slight of hand tricks
- is cooler than you™
- dead inside
-maybe has some unresolved trauma, who knows
- had a brother (had) 
- wears gloves 24/7
- doesnt like water- something about the trauma again idk
- takes down brothels for his girlfriend
- bought said girlfriend a ship
-clawed someone’s eye out once 
- cause the guy stabbed his girlfriend 
-if he likes you- good your still alive. If not- too late. Ur dead. Goodbye
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that--funny--feeling · a day ago
Tumblr media
Let me introduce you
Julian "Is there a little place for me too?" Kostov
Danielle "Crows supremacy 😈" Galligan
Freddy "Spread the love" Carter
Calahan "Black heart is my symbol now" Skogman
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The Dregs
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kingdomsofshadows · 2 days ago
After so long without content I'm losing it!
Our Six Of Crows!
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jesper, reading a flyer: "attention required"
jesper: well i require attention too, but you dont see ME posting flyers all over ketterdam about it
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tessasclockworkangel · 2 days ago
MY ruthless criminals, MY six of crows
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sunsetgrisha · 2 days ago
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iliveiloveiwrite · 9 hours ago
OMG! Congratulations on 5.7k followers, you deserve each one of them and many more! 🎉
Could I ask for prompt 8 (fluff) with General Kirigan, please? Thank you!
To Be Better || General Kirigan
Fluff 8: “You make me a better person.”
word count: 694
a/n: ahhh thank you so much, and thank you for taking part!!
The evening’s entertainment had begun in earnest; the aerial silk performers eliciting gasps and applause from the audience as the fire breather’s leave their spectators in shock and awe as flames swirl around them. It was to be a truly magnificent night, if only it could be enjoyed by everyone in attendance.
You had arrived on the arm of General Kirigan; his black kefta offsetting the purple of your materialki robes perfectly. It was no surprise to anyone in attendance tonight who you accompanied and why. Kirigan made no secret of his affection for you, though he didn’t necessarily bring attention to it in public. It was well known across the courts of the Little Palace and the main palace that Kirigan had found his match, and he would do what he could to keep you safe and to keep you his.
Upon arriving, Kirigan had smiled at you apologetically, citing that he would have to speak to official after official over the recent events across the fold. Waving a dismissive hand and offering him a peaceful smile, you sent him on his way, knowing all the while you would miss him but found such events to be a particular drain at parties.
As you wander around the expansive room, you find yourself enthralled by the performers. An illusionist has taken centre stage, wooing the audience with her tricks of the light, adjusting it slightly so the velvet of her dress shifts colours from slate grey to dove grey. The change is palpable, capturing the audience all at once as she smiles coquettishly at them, offering them another trick from her wide catalogue.
You pause in your exploration as you spy the officials Kirigan mentioned he would have to speak to. With no Kirigan in sight, you find yourself on a mission to find the man who had so readily stolen your heart and was yet to return it.
His black kefta melts seamlessly into the night, but you knew that he would have made his way outside if things became too much inside. He stands with his back to the door, though you know he knows you’ve found him. Kirigan continues to stare across the great expanse of grass between the Little Palace and the main palace, letting the cool night air cool him down.
“I wondered where you had wandered off to,” You murmur, joining Kirigan at the balcony, resting your hands on the cold metal of the railing. “You’re missing the party.”
“I’m missing nothing so long as I have you.”
“Flatterer,” You tease, leaning into him.
“You make me a better person,” Kirigan whispers into the night. The words punctuated by the white puffs of the cold air; the words swirling around until fading into the dark of the night where they would be remembered by the two of you and the stars that were witness.
His arms find you in the dark, wrapping around you, pulling your back into his chest as his chin rests on your shoulder. “I didn’t think I would find someone that makes me want to be a better person, but I have and now I want to do all that I can to make sure I can keep it.”
“I have no plans to go anywhere,” You remind him, letting him know that you would always be by his side no matter what.
“I’m glad of that,” Kirigan murmurs, his arms tightening around you as he pauses his words to press a feather-light kiss to the exposed skin of your neck – his favourite place to kiss. “I don’t know what I would do without you.”
“Survive,” You tease, “Just like you did before.”
“I was barely a man before,” Kirigan scoffs. “Without you, I am nothing. You are in everything that I do. I hear your voice before every decision that needs to be made, I crave your kiss when I should really be meeting with officials. I spend more time at my desk missing you than I do doing any actual work.”
“You love me, Kirigan.”
“I think I do,” He states, “I must do.”
“I love you too.”
“I know you do.”
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faheyshendriks · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
True wealth is the friends we make along the way… I’m talking of Milo, of course.
Reblogs are appreciated but do not repost.
Tap/click for better quality.
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calicoture · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
no saint ever watched over me, not like you have.
redbubble prints | ig | twt
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