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"I ought to ask something of you as well. If you could, would you prefer splashing around in a river with mermaids or flying through the sky with harpies?" (@sdavi-kitanni via main blog 💕)

“Thats… a peculiar one!”
Arm still wrapped around her miqo’te companion, Lareine seems to be lost in thoughts, drawing little circles and spirals on S’davi’s arm with her fingernail.
“As much as I love water… I think I would pick flying anyway. If that means flying with your very own wings!
I have traveled on an airhips and several flying steeds, but flying on your own… Thats an ultimate form of freedom, right?”

Lareine reaches out to the latch and pushes open the window. A gentle west wind brings in a lingering scent of the sea.

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Waking in darkness, a cool, damp sweat winding it’s way down her spine, S'davi slips into a robe and heads out for the coolness of night. The same dream that always wakes her, the Calamity. Her injured father, her pregnant mother, the long trek to Ul'dah, only to be rejected at the gates. Bodies and broken homes. Even with as much time had passed, it still clung to her memory. The beginning of a hard life, but rewarding, nonetheless.

Thanks much @lareine-kira

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10. describe yourself as if you were a storm. (Now this might be interesting! Also... *Huggsies!*)

Originally posted by weed-and-poetry

“A summer thunderstorm seems to suit me best. The hot, humid air, the loud rumbling sky, the cool rain on your bare skin.” With a soft smile, S’davi glances out the window. Clouds, white and unassuming, float by on a western breeze. “There’s something about it that reminds me of sparring with a good partner, or holding someone close on a warm summer evening.” To emphasize, she wraps her arms around the waist of her raven-haired companion, her cheek pressed against her arm. “There’s no sign of rain tonight, though.”

Thank you @lareine-kira ♥ it’s always a pleasure~

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