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A/N: sequel to (We Don’t Need Words) Let Your Body Talk featuring more rosenali smut. thanks to everyone who read/liked/reblogged that one and hopefully y’all like this one too

“Are you still coming over tonight?” she asks when Rosé meets her on the other side of the bar.

“Yeah. Hopefully cleanup won’t take too long.”

“I’ll be waiting,” Denali says, pulling Rosé in close for a kiss that practically makes her weak in the knees, and she really wants to make an excuse to leave early. There’s no place she’d rather be right now than in Denali’s bed. But she knows that there’s no way Jan and Lagoona would buy it.

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A/N: Using she/her pronouns as the RuGirls are in drag. Excuse the amount of Merlechelle here, using them for framing devices mostly.

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“excuse me he asked for no pickles”

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A/N: for this request: I feel like I’m the only one, but that scene with tina and elliott made me emotional. i‘d love to see some content of the two of them featuring Tenderness™ (because you weren’t alone)

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bitch 💖

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