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hey guys remember that one generator rex episode where they were in a space shuttle in space


and they were invaded by a virus that sabotaged their systems, ejected a crewmate into open space,


pretended to be a teammate while helping them fix colour-coded wires and get systems back online


and then turned out to be an imposter and tried to kill them all?


look i’m not saying generator rex played among us before among us was a thing BUT

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I type these as I watch; bonus points if you spot the scenes that made me hit caps lock don’t judge me for being a mess about Narsus.

  • you know what time it is, friends
  • time for you to be glad you don’t watch shows with Sammy because he’s gotta do commentary the whole time!
  • awaaaaaaay we go!

– i hope i find out how to spell Sindra this episode

– new theme music? i miss the old one, but i’m sure i’ll get used to this one. two more episodes and i’ll be like “yeah, this slaps”

– Scene 1: Battle Council, starring Kishward’s beard

– ah, it’s ‘Sindhura’, okay cool

– Prince Rajendra’s older brother is gonna be either a dutiful and steady leader or a Grade-A Egotistical Buttwipe. that’s just how stories go, i don’t make the rules

– oh yeah, way to stick it to your dad Rajendra, bringing home Arslan’s head will def make him respect you

– who needs King Angryfists for a dad when you’ve got Narsus and Daryun looking out for you

– I like that Narsus and Daryun never try to get Arslan to be “tough”. He’s kind, and they respect him for it.

Daryun: hey Narsus, we’re outnumbered 5 to 1, how are we not fucked?
Narsus: well, you see, i am very clever and they came into my house.
Narsus: …also, I intend to lie to them a lot and then throw them in a lake
Narsus: …also, I’m gonna aim you at their commander, that usually works

– Arslan apologizing politely to the captured Prince Rajendra while Narsus and Daryun look threatening behind him: perfect, A+ diplomacy

Rajendra: here, Arslan, drink with me
Farangis: I don’t think so, buddy, you can drink with me
Gieve, appearing out of the aether: yes, you can drink with us

– oh no, a drinking contest? also, did Gieve just give Rajendra a Look™? Arslan looks so uncomfortable with this plan

– Alfirid, don’t be rude.
– Elam! Don’t be rude.
– what the hell, you two. And what the hell, Narsus, honestly. I still want to know wtf the deal is with him and Alfirid.

– Predictably, Farangis can drink anyone under the table…and Gieve is already a hot fucking mess on the floor. It’s a good thing he doesn’t have a phone; he’s got too many options for exes to drunk-text.

Arslan: I wouldn’t be so barbaric as to threaten you, Prince Rajendra. How about an alliance?
Rajendra: Why should I?
Narsus: Because I said so. 
Rajendra: …okay

– Narsus doesn’t bother with threats; he just arranges the pieces and then informs you what you’re gonna do and god i’m so into it because i’m trash, where you do want me, daddy

– I’ll hand it to Prince Rajendra, he’s bright enough to be adaptable. I can see him turning into a solid ally.

– whooooaaa, the new end credits sequence is pretty. Not enough bedroom eyes from Narsus, though, so unfortunately I can’t endorse it

– Prince Gadhevi confirmed as a Grade-A Egotistical Buttwipe. Called it.

– hot green-eyes spy dude? oh? this gonna be good

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“Predicament” … so that’s what we’re calling it. Others would say something like … oh I don’t know, maybe wrongful imprisonment? But sure, let’s go with predicament.


And not that it’s any of my business but that sounds pretty rough. I mean, don’t they always look at the spouse first? More importantly, are there any leads as to where she is?

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S1 E14: Nightmare

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  • ANOTHER killer car? Already?
  • More prophetic dreams from Sam, and the first that he isn’t directly related to the Winchesters
  • Neighbor Lady really just spilling everything to a couple complete strangers in the middle of the night
  • Dean you didn’t even take off your bracelets…. that’s not church-approved
  • Max is creeeeepy right off the bat
  • That’s not. That’s not how people fix windows. What the fuck. Why would you line yourself up to be guillotined like that.
  • Yeah sure one solid kick is enough to break open an iron gate sure uh huh
  • Hell of an introduction to the other psychic kids really
  • Aww Sam is so excited about getting another piece of the big mystery, it hurts knowing what the endgame of this arc is
  • Wooo more powers for Sammy!
  • I’m trying not to read too much into things because this is supposed to be straight observation on my part but, fuck, the look on Dean’s face while Sam is talking about how John wasn’t too bad because he never beat them… fuck, dude, it really reads like John did beat Dean sometimes and Dean protected Sam from it.
  • “As long as I’m around, nothing bad’s gonna happen to you” -laughs in knowledge of future seasons-

“Nightmare” final thoughts: woof this episode gets heavy at the end… finally getting into the real meat of the demon mystery. Hm… I wonder if the yellow-eyed demon (does he get an actual name? I don’t remember) knew that Sam was Lucifer’s vessel when he picked him for his little experiment.

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